Mike Schmidt’s ReviewPro Launchpad Review (Will the Course Help You Get More Clients?)

November 23, 2023

ReviewPro Launchpad by Mike Schmidt is a 6-section training course that will teach you how to make money online by offering reputation management services to local businesses. The course also comes with lifetime access to resell ReviewLead. ReviewPro Launchpad is for marketing agencies, business owners, digital marketers, and freelancers looking to make money online in the reputation management sector. It claims that it can help businesses get five-star reviews.  

Managing online reputation is a crucial way to meet customers' demands. TripAdvisor's 2018 study with market research company Ipsos MORI confirms that 97% of businesses see online reputation management as an essential part of the business. This is why people hire an online reputation manager who Glassdoor says makes $65,367 annually on average. ZipRecruiter also says the hourly rate of jobs in online reputation management salary is $20 in the US.

But while you help companies gather insights into their market performance through a client review, you can't control their service quality. This factor could affect your income, as inadequate services won't stay in the market for the long term. Also, showing only good reviews doesn't always turn into sales. A study conducted in 2017 by Maslowska, Malthouse, and Bernritter shows that buyers are less likely to choose products with a rating of 4.7 to 5.0 compared to those within the 4.2 to 4.7 ratings.

This ReviewPro Launchpad review will cover how the course can help you get more clients. I'll discuss its pros and cons, what you get with it, and Mike Schmidt's claims. You'll also learn how online reviews help businesses attract more clients and decide if this online reviews training course is a great course for you. 

ReviewPro Launchpad Review: Pros and Cons


ReviewPro Launchpad training course offers a self-paced program.

You'll get access to their ReviewPro Launchpad Mastermind Community for 24/7 support. 

Purchasing the course offers lifetime access to resources and a reselling license of an online reputation management software.

The business involves providing value to local businesses. 


Learning about the software can be too technical and overwhelming. 

The free webinar seems outdated and shows results from 2019. 

It's difficult to find the latest reviews of the program. 

You don’t have control over the quality of service that your client provides, so your success also relies on finding potentially reputable brands.


ReviewPro Launchpad costs $1,497. You can also choose 2 payments of $797.

Refund Policy

ReviewPro Launchpad offers 30-day money-back guarantee.


There is no available info on when the ReviewPro course was founded. But the ReviewPro Facebook group started on August 11, 2017.


Mike Schmidt has 2.2K followers on Facebook, 1,801 on Instagram, and 66 on LinkedIn. His company, Agency Coach, has 934 subscribers on YouTube.


ReviewPro Launchpad’s online reputation is good based on the member’s testimonials. The course has 1,500 students. Mike Schmidt’s Anchor Wave is rated 4.2 stars by Better Business Bureau. However, no reviews are available for ReviewPro Launchpad on Quora, Trustpilot, and Reddit as of this writing.

Will ReviewPro Launchpad Help You Get More Clients?

Yes, ReviewPro Launchpad will help you get more clients if you already have a business. The course offers a license for selling review software to automate reputation management. Here are some ways it can help:

  1. The program includes all the essential steps for identifying potential clients, crafting compelling pitches, and closing deals. A local business owner who completed the ReviewPro Launchpad got their first client within a week and has been getting clients steadily since then.

  2. ReviewPro Launchpad teaches you what to include in a review, how to format a review, and how to submit reviews to different websites. This ensures that visitors to your website get a positive impression of your business. 

  3. It gives you tools for expanding your reach through essential strategies in running reports and identifying areas for improvement. The program provides a detailed process for tracking client reviews, analyzing potential enhancements, and creating reports for your clients.

  4. It builds your capacity for generating referrals to other services using the value ladder. A marketing company or any business can find strategies to build client relationships and identify referral opportunities.

What Is Reviewpro Launchpad?

ReviewPro Launchpad is a program designed to help people start and grow a successful online review business. It targets various audiences, including struggling freelancers, successful digital marketers, or those who want a career shift from a traditional 9-5 job.

The program teaches participants how to make the most accessible sale using software for online reputation management. Specifically, it teaches you how to write positive reviews that attract customers and run reports to identify online reputation improvement and generate revenue. Helping businesses improve their reputation opens other opportunities where you could refer them to your other services.

What Do You Get With ReviewPro Launchpad?

You get a lifetime full access to the 6-section training course, proposal  templates, and PDF downloadable materials with ReviewPro Launchpad. ReviewPro Launchpad will show you how to use a reputation management software called ReviewLeads and help your clients improve customer experience. Once you enroll, you'll also get lifetime reseller's access to ReviewLeads. You can access your account in their member area. The login page link will lead you to members.agencycoach.com.

Here's a breakdown of the 6 sections:

  • Section 1 - Getting Setup for Success. Mike Schmidt introduces you to the reviews and reputation management business in this section. He will also show you how to find customers who need your service and support.
  • Section 2 - Attracting Review & Reputation Clients. Learn how to attract clients in the second part of the training. Mike will also provide email templates you could use in generating leads.
  • Section 3 - Selling the Service. After learning about getting leads, the next step is to know strategies to make successful sales. Mike Schmidt says this section will show you ways of helping clients decide to buy the service. The section also discusses who to target and how to find high-paying customers. 
  • Section 4 - Case Studies. These include reusable case studies that you could present to prospective clients to help them get insight into how reviews can improve their business. 
  • Section 5 - Setting Up the Software. This is a step-by-step process of setting up the software for review. It will show you how to set up monitoring, widgets, website integrations, and review acquisition. 
  • Section 6 - Maintaining Clients. The last section will show you how to be a practical review manager. Mike will also give his 10-minute monthly management checklist, which he uses to manage client reviews. You’ll also learn about the value ladder - a strategy to offer your other services to the client. 

The course comes with several bonuses, including templates for prospect generation and review attraction. You'll get a client tracking sheet, review monitor contract, and access to Facebook group for daily coaching. 

What is ReviewLead?

ReviewLead is a review software that you will use on the ReviewPro Launchpad. ReviewLead automates the review and helps you check if there are any new reviews. A unique feature of this software is that once a customer shares a positive review, they can pick which platform to post it on, such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Citysearch, Better Business Bureau, Yahoo!, and Insider Pages. 

But if they choose to leave a negative feedback, the review will be sent as an email to your client company, allowing them to take action on it. 

Who Is ReviewPro Launchpad For?

ReviewPro Launchpad is for freelancers, business owners, digital marketers, side hustlers, and those looking for a new way to earn money online. ReviewPro Launchpad is a program that can help those seeking to jumpstart and grow a profitable online review business. Writing online reviews is a great business skill to have and will be most beneficial for: 

  1. Online entrepreneurs and freelancers. ReviewPro Launchpad helps entrepreneurs start an online review business with a large pool of potential clients and opportunities for success. The course teaches everything you need to know, including how to generate and manage reviews, market your service, and land clients. 
  2. Marketing agencies and digital marketers. ReviewPro Launchpad teaches marketing agencies to integrate online review management into their campaigns and strategies. Specializing in online reviews can help marketers elevate their clients’ businesses and strengthen proof of business quality. 
  3. Business owners. ReviewPro Launchpad can help a business owner build the credibility of his business by managing positive online reviews. For instance, a hotel business that relies on guest feedback can improve sales, customer loyalty, and search engine ranking.   

Are ReviewPro Launchpad Students Getting Results?

Yes, ReviewPro Launchpad students are getting results based on available online testimonials. The course has empowered them with a game changer for online reputation management, and students have consistently reported increased sales, improved customer loyalty, and a better understanding of customers’ needs. 

Here are some of the ReviewPro Launchpad review from students:

Janette Torres, President of Towers Marketing Group, attended a webinar on ReviewPro, which echoed the importance of an online reputation for businesses. The webinar taught her a system for companies to do review management efficiently and offer it to clients. Within a week, she got her first deal and consistently got clients. Janette said the return on her investment is 10x.

Matthew Kelly, an entrepreneur, says the ReviewPro Launchpad software is easy to follow, well-put-together, and simple to understand. He used the software to collect reviews for his tutoring service and found it very effective. He also used the software to offer other services to existing clients. 

Matt Steele, a marketer from Alabama, United States, says that he has expanded his strategy from Facebook ads to online reviews and that ReviewPro Launchpad has helped to attract clients. Matt said the training provided him with a great business asset that his marketing agency could additionally offer.

Who Is Mike Schmidt?

Mike Schmidt is a marketing agency owner who created ReviewPro Launchpad. Mike is from Tucson, Arizona, United States. In 2003, he founded Agency Coach, where he serves as its owner. He specializes in marketing, sales, lead generation, product innovation, and team growth. 

After graduating from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, in 2003, 22-year-old Mike founded Anchor Wave Internet Solutions. The Better Business Bureau has accredited Anchor Wave since November 16, 2006. Mike shared that he would earn his first million in 2009.

In 2008, Mike Schmidt met Anthony Rivera, his future business partner. Mike and AJ established Agency Mastermind in 2017. The company rebranded as Agency Coach in 2019.

What is Agency Coach?

Agency Coach is a company that offers coaching and training for digital agencies and entrepreneurs to help them build a profitable agency. Agency Coach leverages its experience from the 20-year-old digital marketing agency, Anchor Wave, that Mike Schmidt founded in 2003. Anchor Wave serves as the laboratory to test the assets they offer clients through the Agency Coach. 

Agency Coach's services include:

  • Consulting and coaching: Agency owners can develop and implement growth strategies with the help of Agency Coach. Action points include developing a clear vision for the agency, identifying target markets, and developing marketing and sales strategies. 
  • Training and education: Agency Coach gives you a variety of training and education programs on various topics. They cover online review management, lead generation, and agency management.
  • Access to tools and resources: Agency Coach gives tools and resources, including templates, checklists, software, and other valuable materials, to help agencies streamline operations and improve efficiency. 

What Other Services Does Agency Coach Offer?

The other services that Agency Coach offers are Agency Coach Ignite, Digital Agency Momentum Kit, and Agency Coach Mastermind. These services give entrepreneurs the tools and action items to accelerate their growth. 

  • Agency Coach Ignite is a free class for digital service providers who want to take action to effectively gain target clientele. It provides a comprehensive guide to getting new clients within 30 days.
  • Digital Agency Momentum Kit is a downloadable free tool that includes the exact strategies, processes, and training that Agency Coach uses in its multi-million dollar-per-year web design and digital marketing business. It contains templates, samples, checklists, and software to help digital agencies streamline their operations and grow their businesses.
  • Agency Coach Mastermind is a by application only group coaching program. It provides digital agency owners one-on-one and group support from Agency Coach experts to help them create time and financial freedom in their agencies.
  • Agency Lead Funnel Kit provides entrepreneurs with tools for lead generation that offer a predictable system for getting more leads for your agency. Agency Lead Funnel Kit costs $27. 

Mike Schmidt’s Claims

Mike Schmidt claims that through this review management business model, he could live his authentic life. He says it has allowed him to travel, create income on demand, and live stress free. He adds that it is easy to make sales. In his Online Reviews Agency free webinar, he shows a spreadsheet on how he made $45,250 in his first 3 months using this one service. 

Mike Schmidt’s Claims DEBUNKED

Earning $45,250 in three months from an online review business is possible when you are an established digital agency owner like Mike Schmidt. His Anchor Wave company is 20 years old, meaning he has built his name and has several clients. If you check out his presentation, you’ll notice they have dozens of clients, helping him reach $45,250 in earnings. 

Mike offers an online review business along with his other services. So, he has multiple income streams. Aside from his online review business, he’s an expert on content marketing, web design, lead management, and coaching. 

So, creating income on demand is not that easy when you only have the online review business to offer. Plus, getting started in a review management business model would take much effort. Online reviews business involves the use of reputation management software. It is a valuable tool, but if you are not into tech, it may take time to learn how to use it. Yes, you can pay a reputation manager to handle it for you, but you should consider the additional expenses you need to pay monthly.

In addition, displaying only five-star reviews or good reviews of a brand is not always good. In 2017, Maslowska, Malthouse, and Bernritter conducted a study showing that buyers are less likely to choose products with a rating of 4.7 to 5.0 compared to those within the 4.2 to 4.7 ratings. The study titled "Too Good to be True: The Role of Online Reviews' Features in Probability to Buy" was cited by Spiegel Research Center and Power Reviews in their research called "How Online Reviews Influence Sales | Evidence of the Power of Online Reviews to Shape Customer Behavior." So when you only display positive reviews, the market might think it's "too good to be true," and they buy other products with more authentic reviews.

What Is an Online Review Business?

An online review business is a service provider that allows users to submit feedback on products, services, and other enterprises. It plays a significant role in maintaining a brand or company’s online reputation. Businesses implementing the online review business model use reputation management software that automates the gathering of reviews and monitoring of real-time customer feedback for a company. The online review business offers the services of an online reputation manager, making it easier to control brand reputation.

How Can Online Reviews Help Businesses?

Online reviews can help businesses‌ by:

  • Boosting credibility. BrightLocal’s 2024 Local Consumer Review Survey shows that 98% of people read online reviews. The same survey shows that 76% of consumers would “regularly” check the reviews when looking for a local business. That’s why companies displaying online reviews can boost their credibility.
  • Building customer trust and relationships. Online reviews build customer trust and relationships because they are social proof that the brand is reliable. Reviews that show detailed accounts from real people help prospective clients make informed decisions. 
  • Improving SEO. Reviews also generate long-tail keywords. When prospective customers search for online reviews, brands with reviews are ranked higher when they contain the related keywords that the customer is looking for. Search engines also favor pages with unique and fresh content, so your page authority is increased when a review is added. 
  • Marketing for free. When people leave feedback, it becomes easier to attract new clients. Reviews, good or bad, can affect other people’s opinions. So when others see more online reviews, you can grow your audience and business. 

Is an Online Review Business Profitable?

Yes, an online review business is profitable for those who already have an existing business. Based on Mike Schmidt’s presentation, the software costs only $35 monthly, which is $420 annually. But you can price the service for $3,000 per area plus a $500 installation fee. The target profit would then be $3,080 or about $256 monthly.

Mike proposes to use the online review business model to introduce your other services. When you already have an existing business, chances are you have identified clients to whom you can sell the online review service. If you don’t have other products to offer, making significant money consistently through online reviews might be challenging. You would need to find many clients to reach your target income. 

Local Lead Generation Is More Sustainable Than Online Review Businesses

Online review business can be profitable because it leverages the awareness of companies on the importance of online reputation management. However, local lead generation is more sustainable. The major problem with the online review business is that you don't control the quality of service your client offers. Yes, the reviews can help them improve. But that is their obligation. 

The client must also understand the importance of engaging with customers, responding to reviews, and resolving issues. In this business model, you can only assist the brand or your client track reviews. You rely on their business, so your income diminishes when they are out of business, and your payment becomes unpredictable.

In addition, customers are now more aware of fake reviews and are looking for more authentic reviews. Software that only shows good reviews online may not be helpful for a brand. People look for authenticity. In 2014, a PowerReviews study discovered that 82% of buyers look for negative reviews. So, when using reputation management software in your online review business, you need one to bring out this authenticity. 

With local lead generation, you build and rank a website using Google's organic traffic. You then have local businesses rent your website. When that business is out, you can still rent your website to another local company, making it more sustainable in the long term. 

Local lead generation

I have earned $2,000 monthly from this tree care site since 2015, monitoring nothing. If you want a business that doesn't require constant feedback monitoring or making upsells to clients, check out local lead generation. You can earn a predictable income, which you can scale as much as you want.

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