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April 25, 2024 is an e-commerce tool that can track sales, find winning products, create product descriptions and analyze competitors. Luca Valori, a mentor and entrepreneur, made the software. It is licensed by Ecom Data Solutions, founded by Aditya Raj. It is designed for dropshipping and e-commerce business owners.

The reviews on are mostly negative. It has a 2.6 rating on Trustpilot and 1.4 stars on ScamAdviser. Customers complained about the outdated datasets, mismanaged credit use and poor customer service.

According to Doofinder, between 2019 and 2023, ecommerce sites went from 9.6 million to 26.5 million. But Failory’s research showed 8 out of 10 ecommerce businesses fail. So, there is a huge competition and low success rate. Using AI increased revenues to 15% as per Zipdo. However, AI use also exposes business to data privacy risks. Amazon, a large retail company, faced a $877 million fine in 2021 for breach of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Luxembourg.

In this review, you’ll learn its pros and cons, its features and what you’ll get when you subscribe to it. We’ll also go over its creator, its licensee and the team handling its website. You’ll also learn another online business idea for you this 2024. Review: Pros And Cons


Weekly Product List: A list of 40 winning products are released every Monday, 12 noon EST.

Seamless Integration: can be seamlessly integrated to ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, Amazon and eBay.


Doesn’t Track IG Ads: If your main customers are on Instagram, this software is not for you.

Negative Reviews: The few reviews you’ll find online are mostly negative.Clients complained about’s unresponsive customer service.

Suspicious Recent Blog Posts: The latest blog posts from their site are about online casino sites and applications. Affiliate Program: has an affiliate program so the Youtube shorts and TikTok videos endorsing the tools can be biased.

Price Start Plan costs $30, Premium Plan costs $97 and Pro Plan costs $497.

Refund Policy doesn’t offer refunds. You can ask for a refund within 24 hours of purchase, and provide detailed reasons.

Origin was launched on July 26, 2023.Reputation:

Reputation has a negative reputation with negative reviews on popular review sites.

How Can Help You Sell and Convert More?

  • Tracking ads: can track ads on Google, TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest. It’ll provide data on which ad is performing so entrepreneurs can adjust their financial plans.

    Reddit user fathom53 said doing attribution of ads by hand won’t work and advised to scale on the platform with better KPI. So,’s ad tracking for different platforms in one place is a useful feature.
  • Creating content: creates product descriptions, product pages and ads.’s AI Content Creation will optimize your content for search results. However, this AI creation tool is only available at Premium and Pro subscription.
  • Finding winning products: lists 40 products weekly on your portfolio. The products are from’s database. It also has Niche Scraper for identifying trends and profitable niche for dropshipping.
  • Collecting data: has ROAS, cost per acquisition and profit calculator. Its Roach Tracker, and Niche Scraper all provide data that ecommerce owners can use to scale.

What is Used for? is used for identifying winning products, improving content creation and analyzing ad performance. It can also be used to track key metrics like customer acquisition cost, profit and return on ad spend (ROAS). is best for dropshipping stores, especially private labels.

What is Pricing Details?

  • Start: This subscription tier will give you 2000 credits and access to tracking ads on TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest. It also comes with ROAS and customer acquisition cost calculator. Start tier has a niche scraper and product radar. It is marketed as $1 per day so it costs $30 per month.
  • Premium: Premium tier will give you access to everything in the Start tier with AI-driven content creation, winning products and ad creation. Premium members also have 24/7 support and access to Ecom Capital. Ecom Capital is an ecommerce course by Luca Valori. This tier costs $97 per month.
  • Pro: The Pro tier will give you access to everything in Premium, an account manager and a turbo chat. Pro subscription costs $497.  

What Are the Features of

  • Product Discovery -’s product discovery uses deep learning algorithms to find winning products. Deep learning algorithms create artificial neural networks (ANNs) of data. uses this to find products that have high potential with minimal competition.
  • Roach Track - The Roach Track feature shows a store’s real-time products and revenue data. You can track competitor stores using Roach Track too. This feature can help entrepreneurs avoid low-selling products and adapt winning strategies.

What Are Tools?

  • Sales Tracking - Sale Tracking tool provides key performance indicators like products sold and generated revenue per hour in the Product Database section. These collected raw data are downloadable as PDF files.’s Sales Tracking can also track other Shopify stores.
  • Ads Analysis - Ads Analysis can track advertisements on Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok. It can collect data on engagements, CTRs and conversion. Ads Analysis also provides insight on ad targeting and copywriting so entrepreneurs can adjust their advertising campaigns.
  • AI Content Creation - AI Content Creation by automatically generates product descriptions and titles. This tool also produces images and videos for advertisements.
  • AI Winning Product - Winning Products drop 40 product suggestions every Monday, 12pm EST. The product discovery tool analyzes the database and decides the product suggestions based on engagements, sales, trends and product demand.

Who is for? is for ecommerce business owners, digital marketers, small and midsize enterprises, and online retailers. Specific tools like AI Winning Product is beneficial for product managers. AI Content Creation is useful for copywriters and SEO specialists. features like niche scraper and product radar is handy for market researchers. Review on Trustpilot has a poor rating of 2.6 on Trustpilot. All 4 reviews have 1 star rating. Stephan Voigt from Germany and Kurt from Spain have the same comment about the outdated information from August 2023. Although their date of experience is different. 

ArdentC from Saudi Arabia said there is a lack of actual AI service. Trustpilot user, g van s, from Netherlands complained about using the available credit from the software accidentally. He asked for a refund, but the “customer service sucks.” Both said they canceled their subscription and still got charged. All reviews complaints about the platform's customer service. VS Other AI eCommerce Tools





Product discovery
Sales tracking

Content creation
Niche scraper



Content creation

Image generation
Data analysis


Upon request

Pricing automation

Pricing analysis
Data monitoring


Tailored price

Product discovery

Visual search
Merchandise tagging

Attribution AI

Book a call

Sales tracking

Integration to other adobe solutions services

Is Worth It? is worth it if you’re looking for an all-in-one tool for product research, AI-driven content creation and data mining. All of these ecommerce essentials under one platform can save entrepreneurs time and effort.

Michelle Bali, a brand manager and marketing expert at Shopify, endorses the use of AI in online businesses. She emphasized how it improves efficiency since it can handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks. AI use in online businesses continues to rise through the years. According to Absolunet, the top 28% of ecommerce companies already use AI in their operations.

However, if you value peer reviews, your target audience is on Instagram or you’re looking to personalize the customer’s journey through chatbots, may not be for you. It doesn’t track Instagram ads even though Statista’s report showed 5 out of 10 social media shoppers purchase on Instagram. And doesn’t offer chatbots which business owners can use for customer service.

FAQs About

Can help you discover products that sell well? can help you discover products that sell well using deep learning algorithms. AI Winning Products are based on trends and history of selling well.

Does help you make attractive product descriptions and visuals? helps you make attractive product descriptions and visuals using its AI Content Creation tool. The AI Content Creation tool can create optimized content for search results.

How does evaluate your ad performance to increase sales? evaluates your ad performance to increase sales by social media analysis. It tracks your advertisements on Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok. provides data on your KPIs like CTR, conversion, engagements.

Can assist you in staying competitive? can assist you in staying competitive through its Store Tracking feature. It can track the store’s order per hour, generated revenue and product listing in real-time.

Who is the Owner of

The owner of is Ecom Data Solutions. It’s a company providing ecommerce services established in 2010 by Aditya Raj. Although there is not much information about them and their service. Aditya Raj lives in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

Who is the Creator of was created by Luca Valori and launched on July 26, 2023. It was co-founded with Gaetano Grosso. Luca Valori is a mentor and entrepreneur born in Luxembourg. He’s also the founder of the e-learning platform for ecommerce and real estate, Valori International. 

Luca Valori is an official Shopify partner and a 2-time winner of 2 Comma Club Award from ClickFunnels. Luca lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Meanwhile, Gaetano Grosso is a tech entrepreneur. He has a bachelor's degree in managerial economics at Tor Vergata University of Rome in Lazio, Rome.’s website is managed by Great Value Solutions Limited. It is a business and domestic software development company in Kilburn High Road, London, United Kingdom.

Are Ecommerce Automation and AI Tools Important in 2024?

Ecommerce automation and AI tools are important in 2024 because the market demand grows with the technology. In fact, Oberlo reported 62% of customers share personal information with AI to have better brand experience. Amazon’s AI, Alexa, proves that point since 35% of Amazon’s total sales is because of its personalized recommendation to customers.

According to Brent W. Peterson, speaker, entrepreneur and Magento Master, the use of AI for personalized product recommendation and customer service is the future of ecommerce. He called it the "Ecommerce Revolution."

Brent W. Peterson


AI in ecommerce is changing the game,

from personalized product recommendations

to chatbots for customer service.

The future is here!

#AI #EcommerceRevolution

9:07 PM · Mar 14, 2024

X (formerly Twitter) user Shams, a former employee of Google and Paypal from Dallas, Texas, supported this AI revolution in ecommerce. He predicts that in 5 years, there will be "smarter recommendations, seamless operation, and superior customer service."



5 years down the line - smarter recommendations, seamless operations,

and superior customer service. AI in eCommerce is more than a trend, 

it's a revolution.

11:00 PM · Apr 3, 2024

Why Local Lead Gen Biz Outshines eCommerce Business?

Local lead gen biz outshines eCommerce business for its passive income, scalability and higher success rates. The biggest problem with ecommerce is high competition. You’ll be competing against 26.5 million ecommerce sites worldwide. To stand a chance, you’ll need to do ads to find your audience, or employ SEO techniques to rank organically. But ads are expensive because you’re bidding for a space in the platform against other ecommerce businesses. You’ll also have to find products and reputable suppliers. All the while maintaining your website because, according to CNBC, customers won’t wait for 5 seconds if your website lags.

With local lead gen, you’re building a website for a service that people are already searching for. These are niche services like plumbing, electrician or heating and cooling mechanics. So you’re competing on a local level against 15 to 30 companies only. You can start a local lead gen with a startup cost of $500 and rank your website on top of the search results. From there, you can rent it to local businesses and watch the passive income from the comfort of your home.

The tree care site I created in 2015 still earns me $2k passive income per month. And because there are 50+ niche services, you can recreate the process and rent out more websites. Local lead gen biz has a 35% chance of success and it increases the more websites you own. All the websites I own today generate me $52k monthly. So, local lead gen is a less competitive, passive and scalable online business in 2024.

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