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Robby Blanchard’s Spark Course Review: $100 per Day Formula on ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

March 7, 2024

Robby Blanchard’s Spark course, $100 per Day Formula, is a ClickBank affiliate marketing course that teaches beginners how to start an affiliate marketing business and run Facebook ads. This program is partnered with ClickBank under their Spark educational platform. ClickBank affiliate marketing is a highly risky investment with a low conversion rate of 1% to 5% and a rising cost of ads.

I couldn't find any reviews on Robby Blanchard's Spark course. His Commission Hero course has a mixed reputation. Students praise the Robby Blanchard's program for being easy to understand and follow while complaints stem from outdated and overpriced content.

In this Robby Blanchard’s Spark course review, you will learn all about ClickBank affiliate marketing, Robby's $100 per Day Formula, and what you will learn with this course. You will also discover who Robby Blanchard is and his journey to become a successful affiliate marketer.


Robby Blanchard's $100 per Day Formula Spark Course is officially partnered and released under the renowned ClickBank network.

The training is great for beginners who want to start as soon as possible.

Robby Blanchard, recognized as a leading ClickBank top affiliate marketer, brings his expertise to this course.


The $497 price tag for Robby Blanchard's Spark Course is considered high compared to the content provided in the training.

The training only teaches how to do affiliate marketing with ClickBank and Facebook ads.

Robby Blanchard's Spark Course lacks training in essential organic marketing strategies like SEO and content marketing.


Robby Blanchard's $100 per Day Formula Spark Course costs $497.

Refund Policy

Robby Blanchard's $100 per Day Formula Spark Course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.




Robby Blanchard's programs have a mixed reputation.

What Is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing?

ClickBank affiliate marketing is a strategy that centers on the promotion of affiliate offers exclusively from ClickBank. ClickBank offers over 50,000 affiliate programs available across 200+ countries. Only digital products are allowed on ClickBank, such as eBooks, software, courses, and memberships.ClickBank is also known for having offers with higher commission rates, up to up to 75%, compared to other affiliate networks. Many affiliate marketers prefer using ClickBank because of the convenience of promoting digital-only products and using ClickBank to manage the commission payouts for multiple affiliate programs. 

How Does Robby Blanchard’s Spark Course Help You Make Money?

Robby Blanchard’s Spark Course helps you make money by giving you the exact strategy of partnering with high-converting affiliate programs on ClickBank and promoting them on Facebook. The $100 per Day Formula is an “accelerated program” designed to teach beginners how to make their first $100 day on ClickBank. Robby will also give you his secret to running profitable Facebook ad campaigns, reducing the risks of losing money on ineffective paid ads.

What Will You Learn From Robby Blanchard’s Spark Course?

In Robby Blanchard’s Spark course, you will learn the step-by-step process of setting up your Facebook ad account and how to find the right affiliate programs on ClickBank and which ones to avoid You will learn how to set up your first Facebook ad campaign and when to shut down a campaign to prevent you from losing money. Also included in the masterclass are the following lessons.

  • Dialing Up Your Facebook Traffic 101: What metrics to measure and how to measure them.
  • Understand Your Ad Copy: Why your ad copy is the most overlooked and important aspect of advertising.
  • Scaling Past $100 per Day: How to know which Facebook ad campaigns are ready to scale and how to give them bigger budgets.

Who Is Robby Blanchard’s Spark Course For?

  • Beginners to affiliate marketing who want to learn the fundamentals of how to start and grow an affiliate business.
  • Experienced affiliate marketers who want to start promoting ClickBank affiliate programs.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to diversify their income stream by adding ClickBank affiliate marketing into their existing businesses.

Is Robby Blanchard’s Spark Course Worth It?

Robby Blanchard’s Spark Course is worth it if you are a beginner who wants a fast-track course on how to do ClickBank affiliate marketing and run Facebook ad campaigns. However, for the price, you're better off taking cheaper beginner courses or specialized programs.

Key Points

1. You'll LOVE the Course Length

This course is the perfect length for someone just getting started.

Each section comes in bite sized chunks, easily digestible after work or during a lunch break.


2. But... You Won't Love the Information Inside...

Honestly, you won't.

The entire first module is basically telling you to sign up for ClickBank and get a Facebook account.

If you are already here, you already know this and can do it on your own.

The second module just goes through the ClickBank marketplace...

... while Robby gives his opinion on choosing the best products to sell.

The last video in the final module is just a plug for Commission Hero.

This means a giant ad was included in the price.

3. His Secret to Success…

Facebook advertising.

And... this isn't really a secret. 

The fact is many affiliate marketers use Facebook ads for the same reasons.

4. Don’t Go Off Your Emotions

Robby does encourage his followers to not change their plans according to emotions.

Rather, look at metrics like CTR and CPM.

Then, make timely and well thought out decisions.

5. What Are Lookalike Audiences?

Robby gets his target audience for Facebook ads from the customer list of the product he is selling.

He uploads a list that looks like this:

lookalike audiences

And Facebook finds similar people to send his ads to.

6. Does Facebook Think You're Legit?

He also encourages you to make your Facebook business page look as legit as possible.

This includes adding multiple blog posts and other shareables, a phone number, an email address, and more.

He wants you to do this before running any ads…

...which means you’ll put in a lot of work before you’re bringing in any money whatsoever.

This is smoothed over in the course, but creating all of this would be very difficult.

7. Here's the Most Interesting Part of the Course...

This was the most unique section I found within this Robby Blanchard Spark by ClickBank course.

He goes through some writing processes and gives tips on how to create effective copy.

For instance, on your Facebook ad copy, you shouldn’t use “you”, “your”, or make any big claims.

However, you can be more lax on your landing page. Here’s an example of his writing:

ad training

Not my favorite, but it was neat to see how he writes his ad copy.

8. Quizzes: The Key to Success?

One of Robby’s big strategies is to create a quiz on his landing page.

This quiz builds off of the curiosity you create in your Facebook ad, and eventually takes the visitor to a VSL, or video sales letter.

9. VSLs... or Big Sell for the Big Course?

Robby doesn’t go into how to create a VSL or really add any other insights into a strategy here.

At this point in the course...

I was curious if the more technical things were being left out, in order to get people to buy Commission Hero.

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard is a top affiliate marketer, digital marketer, and creator of Commission Hero from Acton, Massachusetts. Reports state that he earns $30,000 to $50,000 a day on ClickBank. Robby started affiliate marketing and digital marketing in 2017. In 2019, he won the ClickBank Affiliate Contest and received the title of ClickBank Affiliate of the Year. His company Blanchard Media ran Facebook, Native and YouTube ads for businesses.

Graduating with a master’s degree in business administration from Fitchburg State University, Robby ran his gym business, CrossFit Reach, but had difficulty because of his lack of online marketing knowledge. This is when he learned about Facebook ads to promote his business and got interested in making money online. Robby became a full-time affiliate marketer in 2022. He also launched his Comission Hero course in 2019.

Are Robby Blanchard’s Results Legit?

While Robby Blanchard frequently showcases successful ClickBank campaigns, detailed financial disclosures of true profit margins are scarce.


However, his followers are keen:

facebook reviews of profits

At one point in Robby Blanchard’s $100 per Day Formula course, he shows this ad spend:

ad spend

He says he can’t remember exactly what the sales were for this product, but he thinks it was around $600,000. He declares that this was a great moneymaker, and moves on without showing proof.

How Robby Blanchard Earned His Top Clickbank Affiliate Marketer Award

Robby's First Steps

Robby's first business was a CrossFit gym called CrossFit Reach. He discovered affiliate marketing and tried it out. Being in the fitness industry, His first online product was a jump rope skill program for CrossFitters called "Dominate Your Double Unders." It was his first product on ClickBank. Since then, he promoted more products on ClickBank using Facebook ads for traffic. 

Robby's Strategy

Robby's approach was mainly using Facebook ads to promote different products like Todd Lamb's Flat Belly Fix, Power Efficiency, and Bruce Krahn's Lean Belly Breakthrough. He didn't use email marketing, just Facebook ads. He realized he was better at being an affiliate than selling his own products. This success in affiliate marketing led him to start his own agency. He also mentioned how important it is to choose products that sell well and are profitable. 

The Challenges Robby Encountered

Robby faced challenges such as mental blocks and difficulties with Facebook ads. He also dealt with problems like Facebook shutting down his accounts and keeping up with changes in the rules. Robby talked about his own experiences to show how important it is to keep going despite failures and to learn from them. 

Tips for Beginners

Beginner's Strategy: Robby recommends that affiliate marketing beginners concentrate on one offer they trust and work hard on it.

Focus and Depth: He emphasizes not frequently changing offers, but instead deeply focusing on one.

Mentorship Importance: He advises beginners to hire coaches to learn faster and avoid mistakes.

Motivation Factor: Robby also highlights the value of having freedom and controlling your own schedule as key motivations.

What's not mentioned in the interview: Robby did not mention how long it took him to set up his business and start making money. He also did not mention how much he spent to get his first few commissions, especially on Facebook ads. 

Is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Worth It in 2024?

ClickBank affiliate marketing is worth it in 2024 as a source of extra income. It is a great way to supplement your income. However, I would not recommend ClickBank affiliate marketing as a full-time job to be the primary source of your income. It is a high risk unsustainable business model that has a low success rate. With the rising cost of ads and the average conversion rate of 1% to 5%. You have a higher chance of losing money that making a profit. The following are some pros and cons of affiliate marketing.


You won’t have to worry about stocking inventory.

It’s all online, and you won’t have to work with others to make money.

ClickBank is a legit business and will pay you what you are owed.

You don’t have to create a new product.


You’ll spend a ton of time monitoring ads.

If you follow Robby’s advice, you’ll spend a lot of time creating blog posts for your Facebook page.

You’ll have to put a lot of money in, to make any money at all. As Robby puts it, you'll keep spending money if you’re finding success.

There is a TON of competition- and so, you’ll be fighting in a worldwide market.

You’ll end up keeping only about 5% of sales to yourself, after paying ads and other expenses.

You’ll have to put a lot of money in, to make any money at all. As Robby puts it, you'll keep spending money if you’re finding success.

Create Low-Risk Sustainable Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation, characterized by its low-risk and sustainable business model, generates stable passive income through the effective 'rank and rent' SEO method. You rank a website on Google using free SEO tactics which will then generate organic leads. Local businesses will then rent your site to benefit from the leads they receive. As digital real estate, it creates monthly passive income that is sustainable in the long-term. You don't have to run any ads or do any marketing, which significantly lowers the risk of this business.

Compared to affiliate marketing where you compete in saturated markets, you only need to outrank a handful of sites with local lead generation. With affiliate marketing, you have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars a month in ads. You only earn a commission whenever you make a sale. With local lead generation, It costs as low as $500 in initial investment to start and as low as $30 a month to maintain. You can earn $500 to $2,500 a month in predictable income.

Scaling a local lead generation is as simple as repeating the process of rank and rent. You can have as many lead generation sites as you want, making your earning potential virtually limitless. These qualities make local lead generation my number 1 business model for creating time and financial freedom.

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