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Robby Blanchard’s $100 per Day Formula (Spark by ClickBank) 11+ Facts

June 30, 2023

Robby Blanchard’s Spark by ClickBank Course (1)

Robby Blanchard’s $100 per day formula …

Is it worth your time? Is ClickBank affiliate marketing legit?

Here’s everything you need to know before buying in.


Why Even Take This Course?

There's a million courses out there.

Here's exactly who will benefit from Robby Blanchard's $100 per Day Formula course.

Take Robby Blanchard's course if you: 

I would not recommend this course to someone who already has their own ClickBank affiliate business.


This “200” level course is extremely basic, and really only useful for beginners.

If you're further along, you won't find much value in this course.

But, if the above list sounds like you, you might be in the right place.

So now, let's look at cost.

How Much is Robby Blanchard’s Course?


How Much is Robby Blanchard’s Course?

This is surprisingly a very loaded question.

But in short, the Robby Blanchard’s course costs $497

Here's why this cost doesn't impress me...

This Cost is Confusing…


This Cost is Confusing…

For that amount, you get all this:

what you get for $497

But, this Robby Blanchard’s $100 per Day Formula is just one part of a larger whole.

In other words, this isn’t really a stand alone course.

And, it’s not exactly clear what else you have to buy to take advantage of the rest of the Spark database.

What do I mean?

Well, there’s the Campfire community.

But, that’s $7/month. 

I don’t know if buying this course gets you access to that community or not.

I don’t know if that’s the same as the “Spark online community”.

It’s just not presented clearly.

And, there are other courses, but they’re all at an additional cost.

At this point, Spark by ClickBank seems like a money pit to me. 

One that you don’t want to fall down.

Here’s one person’s review of the platform:

Spark by clickbank review

They added that the trainings are too generic, and don’t give real depth.

Before diving more specifically into Robby Blanchard's $100 per day formula, let's learn about the man himself.

Robby Blanchard: Is He Legit?


Robby Blanchard: Is He Legit?

Robby Blanchard is the creator of Commission Hero.

This is a massive course with over 50 videos. 

In 2019, he was the top affiliate for ClickBank. 

(This came from him winning a month-long contest to see who could generate the most commissions.)

robby blanchard
I think it’s worth mentioning, too, that there are plenty of Robby Blanchard complaints out there.

For instance, there is an entire Facebook group-

and website-

dedicated to debunking Commission Hero.

Unfortunately, both are full of unhappy customers.

commission hero scam website

But, that’s Robby’s other big course.

Maybe this short Spark course is better.

Let’s explore the results that Robby Blanchard shares.

Robby Blanchard’s Results: Are They Legit?


Robby Blanchard’s Results: Are They Legit?

Robby shares a lot of successful results, but rarely his true profit:


However, his followers are keen:

facebook reviews of profits

Here’s an example.

At one point in Robby Blanchard’s $100 per Day Formula course, he shows this ad spend:

ad spend

He says he can’t remember exactly what the sales were for this product, but he thinks it was around $600,000. 

He declares that this was a great money maker, and moves on without showing proof.

I would love to see the actual numbers behind these claims, but I guess you have to take his word for it.

Let’s look into the other content of Robby Blanchard’s Sparks course now.

 This Course is High Quality, but There was One HUGE Problem


This Course is High Quality, But There was One HUGE Problem

Robby teases his $100/day formula throughout this course.

What is this formula?

I’ve gone through a lot of affiliate marketing courses, and…

…to be honest, his secrets weren’t anything I haven’t seen before.

His strategy, which consists of...

  • Using ClickBank to get links
  • Using Facebook ads to generate traffic
  • Directing traffic to a landing page for sales

 is one I’ve seen all over other trainings…

…and YouTube.

Here’s the HUGE problem with this $497 training.

A quick visit to Robby’s YouTube channel got me right to almost identical content …for free.

Just see for yourself here, here, and here:

Honestly, I wasn’t able to find much content in the course that wasn’t covered in these YouTube videos.

Which is pretty upsetting when you just spent $497 on a course.

This may prompt you to seek out a refund.

Scroll to find out if you can get one.

So, Is There a Refund?


So, Is There a Refund?

Thankfully, yes.


If you don’t seek a refund, the videos won’t expire, either. 

You can keep the course materials and use them forever.

Next, let’s talk about the useful information inside these course materials that you might want to use. 

Best Info From Robby Blanchard’s $100 per Day Formula Course


Best Info From Robby Blanchard’s $100 per Day Formula Course

1. You'll LOVE the Course Length

This course is the perfect length for someone just getting started.

Each section comes in bite sized chunks, easily digestible after work or during a lunch break.


2. But... You Won't Love the Information Inside...

Honestly, you won't.

The entire first module is basically telling you to sign up for ClickBank and get a Facebook account.

If you are already here, you already know this and can do it on your own.

The second module just goes through the ClickBank marketplace...

... while Robby gives his opinion on choosing the best products to sell.

The last video in the final module is just a plug for Commission Hero.

This means a giant ad was included in the price.

3. His Secret to Success…

Facebook advertising.

And... this isn't really a secret. 

The fact is many affiliate marketers use Facebook ads for the same reasons.

4. Don’t Go Off Your Emotions

Robby does encourage his followers to not change their plans according to emotions.

Rather, look at metrics like CTR and CPM.

Then, make timely and well thought out decisions.

5. What Are Lookalike Audiences?

Robby gets his target audience for Facebook ads from the customer list of the product he is selling.

He uploads a list that looks like this:

lookalike audiences

And Facebook finds similar people to send his ads to.

6. Does Facebook Think You're Legit?

He also encourages you to make your Facebook business page look as legit as possible.

This includes adding multiple blog posts and other shareables, a phone number, an email address, and more.

He wants you to do this before running any ads…

...which means you’ll put in a lot of work before you’re bringing in any money whatsoever.

This is smoothed over in the course, but creating all of this would be very difficult.

7. Here's the Most Interesting Part of the Course...

This was the most unique section I found within this Robby Blanchard Spark by ClickBank course.

He goes through some writing processes and gives tips on how to create effective copy.

For instance, on your Facebook ad copy, you shouldn’t use “you”, “your”, or make any big claims.

However, you can be more lax on your landing page. Here’s an example of his writing:

ad training

Not my favorite, but it was neat to see how he writes his ad copy.

8. Quizzes: The Key to Success?

One of Robby’s big strategies is to create a quiz on his landing page.

This quiz builds off of the curiosity you create in your Facebook ad, and eventually takes the visitor to a VSL, or video sales letter.

9. VSLs... or Big Sell for the Big Course?

Robby doesn’t go into how to create a VSL or really add any other insights into a strategy here.

At this point in the course...

I was curious if the more technical things were being left out, in order to get people to buy Commission Hero.

There’s a lot more information about affiliate marketing out there. 

But, is it for you?

Let’s find out exactly how ClickBank Affiliate Marketing can make you money.

Here’s Exactly How ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Makes Money


Here’s Exactly How ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Makes Money

So, how does ClickBank affiliate marketing make you money?

It seems simple.

  • First, find a link to a product to sell in ClickBank.
  • Create a landing page for that product.
  • Use Facebook ads to generate traffic to that landing page.

You get paid a percentage for every sale that comes through your link.

There's some really awesome things here...

... but there's some bad, too.

Let's break this down.

Pros and Cons of the Affiliate Marketing Business Model…


Pros and Cons of the Affiliate Marketing Business Model…

Here’s what’s great about this biz model, and what’s not so great.

Pros & Cons of Affiliate Marketing

  • You won’t have to worry about stocking inventory.
  • It’s all online, and you won’t have to work with others to make money.
  • ClickBank is a legit business, and will pay you what you are owed.
  • You don’t have to create a new product.
  • You don’t have to manage an email list.
  • You’ll spend a ton of time monitoring ads.
  • If you follow Robby’s advice, you’ll spend a lot of time creating blog posts for your Facebook page.
  • This really isn’t passive income.
  • You’ll have to put a lot of money in, to make any money at all.
  • And, as Robby puts it, you'll keep spending money if you’re finding success.
  • There is a TON of competition- and so, you’ll be fighting a worldwide market.
  • It might take you 6-12 months to see results.
  • You’ll end up keeping only about 5% of sales to yourself, after paying ads and other expenses.
lead generation


The Alternative to Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of alternatives to affiliate marketing when it comes to making money online. 

And I’ve tried many of them.

In the end, I’ve really found that lead generation is where it’s at.


If you try lead generation:

  • You will begin by creating a site.
  • Then, you’ll rank that site organically onto Google’s front page.
  • Finally, you’ll provide the leads to small businesses.
  • Those businesses pay you for your leads.

Once a site is ranked, you don’t have to touch it...

...making this a great source of passive income.

In fact, this site has made me $750/month for years…

Limo Lead Generation Website

…and I’ve barely had todo anything with it since it ranked.

And I’m not the only one. 

Here are just some of the results our community

(of 6900 students!)

have shared:

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an affiliate marketing course, look elsewhere

And, if you’re looking for the best way to make passive income online…

…try lead generation.

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