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Rudy Mawer Review: Scam? (Revealing his marketing masterclass)

December 16, 2021

Will the ROI Machines courses help you to become as successful as Rudy Mawer?

If you go the ROI Machines website, you might be surprised to see that Rudy is not punting his courses. Instead, ROI Machines are being punted as a marketing agency, offering their services to your business. 

They offer:
  • High-level marketing strategies
  • Funnel development, design & deployment
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube ads
  • High-level copywriting & email marketing
  • Tech builds and integrations (such as messenger bots)

So where do the courses come in? 

Well, I guess they're aimed at start-ups who don't have the marketing budget to hire Rudy's team of "Navy S.E.A.L.S". 

Who is Rudy Mawer?

Rudy started out in the health space, primarily as a holistic health coach, nutritionist and sports scientist. Over the years he has pivoted towards marketing, given his immense success in his programs and their reach globally.

The health programs are still purchased and utilized by thousands of people every month. It’s still a large part of Rudy and his mission to inspire and educate millions of people.

You’ll find Rudy featured in….

  • Men’s Health Magazine
  • Forbes Magazine
  • The Huffington Post
  • Oxygen
  • Muscle Strength
  • Quest Nutrition
  • Flex Magazine
  • Dozens of YouTube channels

He successfully established and grew his business worth $3 multi-million from the ground up.

He is also an investment adviser & counts many reputed individuals as his clients. His list of clients include Olympic Athletes, Celebs, 9-Figure Business Men, and Movie Stars.

Rudy Mawer has reportedly helped generate more than $100 million in combined revenues for his clients. That's crazy, right? Based on that, he is definitely a successful marketer.

Additionally, Rudy has received recognition for his efforts in entrepreneurial circles. This can be best demonstrated by the fact that he was voted as a Top 20 Entrepreneur By Yahoo Financev & is recognized as one of the Top 5 Facebook Ads & Funnel Experts in the world.

In addition, he is also Tai Lopez’s business partner. - The fact that Rudy is partnered with Tai gives me more confidence in ROI Machines as I respect and admire Tai Lopez.

So, now that Rudi's background creds have been listed, let's get to the review of ROI Machines & Rudy's 30 Day Challenge. 

But first, a little about your course reviewer (Me)...

Hi! My name is Ippei...

Similar to Rudy, I make an online living with digital marketing. I started out in 2014 when I began my lead generation business. (FYI, I've had an SMMA as well, but not anymore. More on that later...)

Lead Gen has taught me the value of SEO and other digital marketing methods. 

Because I have several very profitable internet businesses, I believe that I am uniquely qualified to review these Social Media Marketing Agency courses. I have spent over $100k on Facebooks Ads alone, so I have the background to offer an informed opinion. 

I've also done Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping/Ecommerce, and I've run a  Digital Agency, so I feel I'm uniquely  qualified to review this course.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not an affiliate of ANY of the courses or programs I review. I do NOT get any money for doing my reviews and they are purely my honest opinion. 

What to expect in the 30 DAY CHALLENGE from Rudy Mawer:

As a master marketer, Rudy obviously knows  how to sell his products. With the Corona pandemic in the back of everyone's minds and more and more people forced to work from home, Rudy highlights his success during this time.

Rudy says that he has already earned more than $224,948 in one week in 2020 while working from home. Now he wants to share his experience and guidance with you so you can start earning money while at home as well.

How the 30 Day Challenge works

Once you subscribe, you will join Rudy’s private group of expert marketers for the next 30 days.

As part of that team, you will learn how to launch a new offer, build a new funnel, and scale with Facebook ads.

In the duration of 30 days, Rudy and his team will provide you with daily training, guidance, and supervision.

On top of that, you will gain access to ten of Rudy’s best million-dollar funnels you can legally use for your own project. He will also show you how to attract and keep high-paying clients.

He split the Challenge into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Offer & Funnel Creation.
  • Phase 2: Launch Ads.
  • Phase 3: Optimize & Scale.

Here’s an in-depth look at the content of each phase:

30 Day Challenge Course Details

Phase 1: Offer & Funnel Creation

  • Day 1: Perfecting Your Offer
  • Day 2: Your Perfect Avatar Plan
  • Day 3: Your 10x Product Stack
  • Day 4: 10 Elements Of A High Converting Sales Page
  • Day 5: How To Double Initial Sales With Upsells
  • Day 6: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 7: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 8: Backend Email Automations
  • Day 9: Cart / Order Bump to Double Sales!
  • Day 10: Exit Pop That Made Me $75,000
  • Phase 2: Launch Ads

  • Day 11: Facebook Creative Masterclass (I’ll Give You My Top 20 ads out of 2000)
  • Day 12: Facebook CBO Management
  • Day 13: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 14: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 15: Facebook Audience Scale & Tricks
  • Day 16: IG Story Ads to Half Costs
  • Day 17: Monitoring & Optimize Your Ads
  • Day 18: Advanced Facebook Bidding Strategies
  • Day 19: Rudy’s Omnipresence Re-Targeting System
  • Phase 3: Optimize & Scale

  • Day 21: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 22: 10x Facebook Scale Methods
  • Day 23: Ecom Quiz Funnels To Generate Unlimited Leads/Sales!
  • Day 24: Million $ Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Day 25: Boosting AOV + LTV to Scale
  • Day 26: SMS Text Message Secrets
  • Day 27: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 28: Live Q/A Support / Personal Help
  • Day 29: Scaling Beyond 30 Days
  • Day 30: Secret 100 Million $ Guest Speaker Celebrity
  • After 30 days, if you follow the Challenge exactly, you will have a new funnel live, be running ads, and, if everything comes together well, be well on your way to scale as you’ve never scaled before.

    On top of that, you’ll get access to a behind-the-scenes look at how Rudy scales his businesses fast with FB Ads.

    In conclusion, the 30-Day Challenge is a cheap ($30 one-time) invitation to purchase exclusive VIP Full-Service Growth Package with Rudy and his ROI Machines team of experts.

    You can even book a call with one of the coaches from the team to assemble more plans and strategies for your business.

    For $30, it seems like a steal! But, if you were willing to spend some time surfing the internet, you will find all of these tips for free. The question is: How much is your time worth to you? 

    Personally, I'd spend the $30...

    What are the ROI Machines Products?

    In this section of the ROI Machines review, we’re going to take a bird's-eye view at the other products that are available on the platform.

    They include Messenger Bots, Creating Viral Video Ads, How to Write Ad Copy that Sells, Copywriting Sales Scripts that Convert, Building 7-Figure Funnels, How to get 100k email subscribers, and How to go to 1,000 sales in 10 weeks.

    Who is ROI Machines For?

    ROI Machines programs and features are for digital marketers and online business owners. Rudy offers services that could benefit:

    • Big and small digital business owners
    • Facebook marketers of all levels
    • Social Media marketers of all kinds
    • Affiliate marketers of all levels
    • eCommerce business owners
    • Bloggers and website owners

    His courses are all developed for the business owner who wants to learn how to do his own marketing, rather than getting a digital agency to do it for him. 

    Messenger Bot Mastery

    The course curriculum:

  • Intro video
  • Download my best Messenger Bots into your Business (pdf)
  • Everything you need to know before you create your first bot (video)
  • What messenger bot should you use for your business (video)
  • Messenger bots to generate high ticket leads (video)
  • Messenger Bots to sell physical products (video)
  • How to create your first messenger bot ad in minutes (video)
  • Bonus – How to Create High converting  Ads (Part 1) (video)
  • How to grow your Facebook Group to 10,000 + members (video)
  • 2x your Revenue with follow-up – 80%+ Open Rates for Sequences (video)
  • How to use Zapier to collect emails & phone Numbers (pdf)
  • Messenger Bots To sell digital Products (pdf)
  • The Best 5-day Bot Sequence (pdf)
  • Chatbots have been around in some form for decades, and currently they exist on webpages, in apps, on social media—you name it.

    Basically, a chatbot is a piece of automated messaging software that uses AI to converse with people.

    Bots are programmed to understand questions, provide answers, and execute tasks. From a customer’s perspective, they’re a friendly and accessible time-saver….i.o.w Rather than opening an app (let alone having to download one), making a phone call (that’s so 2019), running a search, or loading a webpage, your customer can just type a message, like they would to a friend.

    Because Messenger bots are interactive, you can use them to customize what you share with people. This should also avoid you spamming people, in the hope they’ll eventually gravitate towards purchasing something from you…

    Rudi teaches you what bots to choose, according to which function they have to fulfill. The course also shows you how to create your own bots & how to deploy them.

    Viral Video Mini Course

    The course curriculum includes:

    • Module 1: Designing your Viral Video Strategy
    • Module 2: How to Tell a story that Resonates
    • Module 3: Crafting the perfect Call to Action
    • Module 4: Starting out & scaling your Video Production
    • Module 5: My Secret Video Distribution Hacks
    • Module 6: The difference Between Platforms
    • Module 7: Bonus – Viral Video Product Checklist

    So just in case you thought you’d do this course & bam you’ve gone viral… Yeah it’s not that simple… or easy.

    Viral Video’s don’t just pop into existence from some magical universe – although that would’ve been really nice come to think of it… Some people get lucky but that’s really a very tiny percentage.

    In order to send your videos viral you’ll need planning… AND a lot of A/B Testing… (I know this from experience. And it's funny that Rudi doesn't mention anything about TESTING your video ads...)

    During this course, Rudy’s team will teach you what you need to be planning, what content you should put in & how to write a gripping story that will hook the potential viewers.

    You will be given loads of tips & some hacks…& different platforms will be discussed - which is great as video ad guidelines differ from FB to Instagram for instance.

    Ad Copy Masterclass

    The course curriculum includes:

    • Mastering the Platform – Facebook Psychology 101
    • Launch Checklist to write high converting Ad Copy in 10 minutes!
    • Fill in the Blank script you can use for any copy going forward
    • Buyer Personas Cheatsheet
    • Writing out your personas
    • Creating Ads to skip the sales page
    • Bonus – High converting ad swipes

    What is a conversion ad?

    An action that's counted when someone interacts with your ad (for example, clicks a text ad or views a video ad) and then takes an action that you've defined as valuable to your business, such as an online purchase or a call to your business from a mobile phone.

     Rudy provides you with some really good points to focus on & gives you some good ethical principles that I wished more people followed… Look below & then you’ll see what I mean:

    Rudy gives you a proven script to follow that will help a lot with all your future ads, making it very easy-to-follow. You also learn about the different types of buyers you will encounter, how to deal with their challenges or objections, & how to turn them into clients. 

    My 100K email swipes

    The course curriculum includes:

    • Intro: My 100K Email swipes
    • Sequence 1: Membership site promo launch with VIP upgrade
    • Sequence 2: Ebook launch Pre-Sale
    • Sequence 3: 1on1 Coaching  -Consulting email blast
    • Sequence 4: 3 day high converting follow up sequence pushing any product
    • Sequence 5: Crazy Converting $ Cart Abandonment Series
    • Sequence 6: Affiliate Product Launce Sequence
    • Bonus: 4day Many chat launce Sequence

    During this course, ROI Machines offer the actual emails from Rudy’s more successful campaigns. Rudy gives you a blueprint, explaining the knowledge behind the successful email & shows you the sequences in which they should be sent out.

    This will be a very good basis for you to see some real-life examples that’s got some proven success behind it.

    Secret Copywriting sales Script

    The course curriculum includes:

    • Intro
    • Lesson 1: Attention
    • Lesson 2: Interest
    • Lesson 3: desire
    • Lesson 4: Action
    • Lesson 5: 11 Point sales copy template

    Rudy believes that what stands between you &  6/7 figure online business is copywriting: YOU. 

    He teaches the basics of “Psychological Triggers” that compel people to buy - always good to know, right?

    You will also be introduced to A.I.D.A., which is pretty standard if you've ever studied marketing. 

    Rudy also stresses that this is not a skill that comes easy or overnight & that you will have to work on the principles that are laid out for you in this course.

    Building your own 7 Figure Funnel

    The course curriculum includes:

    • Why Clickfunnels is the only software you need as a solopreneur
    • Getting ready to launch in 48 hours (video & Pdf)
    • How to create your first high converting funnel ( video + pdf)
    • The anatomy of a high converting sales page (pdf)
    • Editing your sales pages ( video )
    • Mobile Optimization (video)
    • Conversion Tactics – Exit Pops & Hoverbars (video)
    • Crafting your high converting checkout page (video)
    • Making sure all integrations are set up (video)
    • Easiest way to add leads to your CRM (video)
    • Bonus 1: My Top 25 picks for high converting funnels ( pdf)
    • Bonus 2: Advanced Optimization Tactics Tricks
    You’ll start off with why you need ClickFunnels…(In case you've been living under a rock, ClickFunnels is basically a sales funnel builder.) It’s designed to help businesses automate their sale process from start to finish. It gives you the power to control every stage of your buying journey & has proven to be very successful over the last few years…It's a pretty cool marketing tool to use.

    You’ll learn that a conversion funnel places more emphasis on customer behaviors, retention, and lead nurturing for every step of the process.

    There are different stages to every conversion funnel & these include acquisition, incentivizing action, and crafting a content strategy to maximize lifetime value once customers are activated.

    Rudy also shows you what it takes to launch your product from start to finish. You also get to go witness a live funnel setup. This course aims to have you up & running within 48 hours.

    You also learn what to avoid, what to add & what to double check & adjust.

    10 weeks to 1000 sales

    The course curriculum includes:

    • Lesson 1: Introduction – Mastering my 2 step Process (intro video )
    • Lesson 2: My Products & Funnels ( Anatomy of Million $ Funnels) pdf
    • Lesson 3: Crafting & Planning your own Product & Funnels to go from 0 – 1000 in 10 weeks (video & pdf)
    • Lesson 4a: Crafting a High Converting Funnel (video & pdf)
    • Lesson 4b: Mapping out your funnel (Video)
    • Lesson 5a: Making a High Converting Sales Page (video & pdf)
    • Lesson 5b: The Anatomy of my Million dollar Sales Page Revealed ( video)
    • Lesson 6: Crafting your Upsells to double your revenue ( video & pdf)
    • Lesson 7: Simplifying the Complex tech stuff ( video & pdf)
    • Lesson 8: Email marketing & automations that have made us over $250,000 (video & pdf)
    • Lesson 9: 7 day launch strategy that’s made us over $100,000( video & pdf)
    • Lesson 10: Paid Traffic for launches ( video & pdf)
    • Lesson 11a: Setting up Facebook Ads – My Million $ Method ( Video & pdf)
    • Lesson 11b: Complete FB Ads Walkthrough (Video)
    • Lesson 12: Monitoring & Scaling your FaceBook Ads ( Video & pdf)
    • Lesson 13: Facebook Ad Complainace (video & pdf)
    • Lesson 14: Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques ( video & pdf)
    • Lesson 15: Instagram growth tactics that grew me to 200,000 in 6 months  (video & pdf)
    • Lesson 16: Closing High ticket clients paying you $2000 - $500 (Video & pdf)
    • Lesson 17: Going from 100k to 1 Million Dollars & Beyond while growing a fitness empire (video & pdf)
    • Lesson 18: How to make your next product to double your sales (video & pdf)
    • Lesson 19: How to recruit Affiliates to sell your program & make you money on Autopilot ( video & pdf)
    • Lesson 19: Affiliate Offer Success (pdf)
    • Lesson 20: 5 Ninja Tactics that made me over $100,000 last year (video & pdf)
    • Lesson 21: How to hire staff & other trainers to run your business for you ( video & pdf)
    • Lesson 21: using up work to build your elite team ( video)
    • Lesson 22: Your completed my 10 - 1000 course ( video)
    • Bonus: VIP Bonus – 3 Stage Video Sales System with FaceBook Ads

    As you can see from the content – they cover things quite extensively.

    This is the longest & most extensive of the ROI Machines courses.

    This composes of all the previous courses, nicely rounded up & put together.

    It will cover how to start from zero to hero.

    Everything is covered from beginning to end…choosing products, creating funnels, setting up ads; launching your product, creating upsells, even Facebook & Instagram is covered.

    Then you will move on to how to grow your business, getting your whale, creating new products, how to work with affiliates & hiring staff to do your work for you… 

    He will also go into Facebook Ads a bit more in depth. You will learn your basic set-up with a complete walkthrough. Rudy teaches how to monitor & scale your Facebook Ads & how to be Facebook Ad compliant - which is something not often covered.

    The ROI team will also divulge some of their advanced Facebook techniques that has been proven successful time & again.

    Rudy & the ROI Team did a great job of compiling these marketing courses. They also warn you that it takes a lot of hard work & that success doesn;t come overnight - something that other courses neglect to tell you.

    As with any business, there are negative aspects to every business model. I have tried many different forms of online businesses and have enough experience to know what works and what doesn't. Which is why I would suggest Rudy's courses and services only if you are an EXISTING business owner and looking to market and expand your biz. 

    If you are looking to START a new biz, then I only have one solution for you:    

    Review Conclusion

    So there you have it, we have gone through the entire ROI Machines review and have established that Rudy Mawer’s company is legitimate. That said, they are also recommended.

    If you are a digital business owner who needs experts to help you to grow and scale your business, you can’t go wrong if you hire Rudy and his team.

    And if you’re just getting started, and need some pro tips and advice, you can join 30-Day Challenge to get some useful tips and coaching for only $30 one time.

    Some fundamental facts about starting a new business: It’s not easy to build your own business, just like it’s not easy to change your physique. Everything takes capital, time and commitment. If it were that easy, we’d all be rich and successful like Rudy.

    Fundamentally, all results come down to you. Yes – the individual.

    I hope you have the willingness to change your life, as Rudy’s own students and clients have done.

    I have to warn you though: running a digital agency / SMMA is NOT easy. It takes a LOT of hard work and your profit margins are slim...


    What I like:

    • Rudy Mawer is an expert in advertising
    • 30-Days Challenge is great value for money
    • VIP Coaching is going to take your business to the next level
    • Variety of useful services and products
    • A lot of positive feedback from clients and customers

    What I didn't like:

    • Over-hyped sales pages and promo material - typical marketing fare from a master marketer.
    • Results are not guaranteed
    • Basic info on running Facebooks Ads.
    • Not the best business model for 2020.

    A Digital Marketing Agency sounds GREAT, but wait till you hear the challenges...

    Digital Marketing Agencies / Social Media Marketing Agencies (SMMA) are all the rage at the moment. 

    But that's not a good thing.

    This means more and more entrepreneurs will look to enter the market in 2020, especially with the global economic downturn and people turning to the internet for work.

    Bottom line: more competition + fewer clients = low profits.

    Check out these other negative aspects of digital marketing agencies:
    • Low returns 
    Optimizing online advertising campaigns and creating marketing content, takes up a lot of your time. The amount of effort you put in is often not worth the rewards.

    A major problem for digital marketing agencies, is finding new clients, and keeping your existing clients

    You will always be searching for new clients...

    • Getting and retaining clients
    It's very difficult to land clients. Business owners don't even want to talk on the phone with marketers, let alone give you a meeting. And then you still need to sign them up without any proof of what you can do. Once you've run an ad campaign, there's no guarantee that you'll keep that client. Client retention is very low with SMMA.
    • High competition
    Offering Digital Media Marketing services is a cut-throat business. There's a LOT of competition and because of this, you will need to undercut your competitors prices or offer more services. This all leads to lower profits.
    • Are you a marketing guru?

    Well, you need to be! In 2020, you need to be a master marketer, specializing in different online advertising platforms. Just running Facebook Ads on their own, is a complex process. Imagine running multiple ad campaigns on different platforms at the same time. It's hella hard work!

    Running social media ads is very technical.

    You need to know the ins & outs of digital advertising platforms and be a master marketer if you want to succeed with an SMMA.

    • Promotion Strategy can be copied
    One of the drawbacks in social media marketing, is that your ads can easily be copied by a competitor.

    Running ad campaigns for clients is difficult...

    1. Your ads can easily be copied and there's NOTHING you can do about it.

    2. You don't own the ad campaigns or even the ads you create. A client can drop you at anytime and you start all over again with the next client.  

    • You don't own anything
    Nothing stops a client from dropping you, even if you launched a successful campaign for them. Retaining clients is extremely difficult.

    There's a better media marketing method than Social Media...

    Digital Marketing is all the rage when it comes to getting more business. Traditional marketing like print and outdoor advertising is dead.

    More and more business owners realize this and turn to digital marketing.

    There are many forms of digital marketing, from SEO, content marketing, and social media advertising to email marketing.

    The majority of media marketing agencies use only social media marketing to generate leads for their clients.
    Social Media Marketing is fine, if you don't mind:
    - endless hours tweaking your campaigns
    - interruptive marketing
    - clients dropping you at a whim
    - low profits
    From experience, I have learned (the hard way), that there is only ONE digital marketing method that provides guaranteed results again and again: LOCAL LEAD GENERATION.  

    Look at the comparison below:
    • High maintenance. You spend hours per day on ads.
    • Low profits. Often only 10%
    • You don't own anything. Ads belong to your clients.
    • No client loyalty.
    • Social media ad campaigns are difficult and COSTLY.
    • High competition = cut-throat industry.

    What's more important to a business? Trying digital marketing methods that MIGHT bring in clients, OR getting clients/leads that are actively looking for your service? 

    EVERY business owner will tell you it is essential to get actual leads. 

    If people do a Google search for a product/service, they already have the INTENT of buying.

    When people click on a social media ad, that INTENT is most often not there and they are being interrupted while scrolling through their social media feeds.

    This is how lead gen works:
    The Local Lead Generation Cycle

    With Lead Generation, you own the site that generates leads for the local business, so they have to keep paying you.

    For example, here's a site that's been paying me since 2015:

    If you are skeptical, you can always google it yourself to find out..

    I went from living in a tiny apartment in Detroit MI in 2013, working a 9-5 at a car parts store pulling in 2k a month.

    Then I got into lead gen and I started making $2k per month from this tree service site alone... 

    Now, I live in a high rise apartment in San Francisco and make 52k each month via my lead generation properties. 

    That's my 6 year transformation. From $2k per month to $52k per month...

    Imagine where you'll be in 6 years.

    Learn more about lead generation by clicking here or using the link below.
    Follow Me
    Ippei Kanehara

    $52K per month providing lead generation services to small businesses is for digital hustlers, industry leaders and online business owners.

    His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.