Russell Brunson is the author of Dotcom Secrets and owner of Clickfunnels which is a software company that many use to quickly develop online web funnels that convert traffic into paying customers.

His flagship home study course called 2 comma club is a very thorough sales funnels marketing training.

Many use Clickfunnels for e-Commerce or digital products like selling a coaching program. I’ve used Clickfunnels myself to promote various weight loss offers as an affiliate marketer.

When I first started using Clickfunnels, I didn’t realize that the owner of the company Russell also had a coaching/mentorship business where he helps entrepreneurs get to the next level by helping them develop a funnel that’s going to sell their product or service to the masses.

I never knew how much of a difference certain minor tweaks to a funnel can make on the success of a product launch but through listening to Russell’s stories and case studies of his students, it has re-ignited my desire to learn more about the power of funnels for an internet marketer.

Russell also loves to use webinars to convert traffic into buyers, in fact that is a big part of what he teaches his students to do & get better at. Doing webinars.

In this review, I’ll go over some of the fundamentals covered in the course as well as who this course & funnel training is really most suited for.

What do you do if you don’t have a product or service that you can promote right now? Can you really benefit from a program that only teaches you marketing skills?

One of the best things I learned was online lead generation skill using free traffic, in fact I’ve used it to build my $50K per month income that’s completely passive at this point. This has given me a life of freedom that I never thought possible. I also have enough cash flow to try out different business models and experiment with them.

Which is what I’ve done with clickfunnels, because mostly you run paid traffic to it.

I’ve got plenty of online businesses that doesn’t use any elaborate funnels with webinars like what is taught in two comma club, and they do just fine.

So I’m not sure if I quite buy into the notion that funnels are the #1 most important thing in an online business…I still think its traffic generation, especially the skill of generating free traffic.

Which is why I still regard this coaching program that teaches lead generation using free traffic as my top pick, as the best coaching program that teaches people how to make money online from scratch.

What’s included in 2 Comma Club

Secret Master Class (8 core modules)
Spy For Funnel (Funnel Hacking 201)
6 Months Weekly Coaching Accountability Calls
Private Discussion Group (6 Months)
“2 Comma Club” Members Behind The Scenes

It is not just a how-to click funnel program.

It takes you through Russell Brunson’s own entrepreneurial journey and how he was able to go from a newbie to making multiple millions per year.

The key things I took away from this course is the power of webinars and just how important identifying people’s needs and crafting an offer that fits that need perfectly, and how your funnel has to be aligned with that solution.

3 Stages of Entrepreneurship

This is a model Russell uses to show that the skills it takes to get to 6,7,8 figures and beyond is different.

One of the issues Russell faced in his career was when he got to the million dollars per year mark, he got stuck there for several years. He tried to start up more businesses hoping that would allow him to break through the ceiling but then what would happen was that some of his companies would do less numbers and it would balance out so at the end of the year after they took the plus-minus of all the businesses, he would end up with only a million dollars again.

It wasn’t the case of not having enough business, he was lacking skills that was gonna allow him to get to the next level. In this course he goes over what those skills are, so you can join the 2 comma club.

Here’s the brief summary of the 3 phases.

Phase1: 0-7 Figures

  • Figuring out what & how you’re selling
  • Figure out what offers work & what business you’ll be creating
  1. Who’s the attractive, charismatic leader
  2. What is the future-based cause
  3. What is the new opportunity you’re making for someone
    1. Opportunity stack
    2. Opportunity switch

This is the first step, how do you figure out what you’re going to sell and how you sell it?

Russel Brunson recommends doing live webinar every week for a whole year. Where you ask questions from the people and find out what their needs are, and then you also practice selling a solution to the people that attend the webinar.

The importance of this step is really driven home by Russel’s personal story of failing to launch Clickfunnels over 4 times, at first no one was buying.

All because he didn’t truly understand what people wanted and how to sell it.

He almost gave up but then he was invited by a friend to speak at an event so he prepared a presentation, did his best to identify people’s needs and just went for it.

To his surprise, he had figure out some core needs of people and after he was done with his presentation, everyone was rushing to the back to buy Clickfunnels.

It was at that moment, he realized they were going to get filthy rich because they finally discovered what people wanted.

Phase2: 7-8 Figures

Its all about how to get your customers to…

  • More customers
  • Spend More
  • Buy More Often

Acquisition funnel, ascension funnel, monetization funnels

Figuring out how to get other ways to get people into your business and get them to buy more, with upsells and other ways.

Phase3: 8-9 Figures

How to convert cold traffic. Creating customers from different traffic streams.

You’re One Funnel Away?

What Russell is pointing out is that when you accurately identify what people want, and you create a funnel that speaks to them and a webinar that solves their problems, you have a system that will generate sales and stay profitable as you run paid advertising to it.

Russell has created many different types of funnels in his career and so has his students, he has many stories of students that were struggling to sell their product or offer, but through Russell’s coaching, made minor tweaks to the funnel and boom suddenly that student made a million in sales in 6 months.

A great funnel can be the difference of being able to speak to 100 people versus millions of people.

It all comes back to marketing & psychology 101, tapping into deep desires shared by all humans.

What’s the Challenge of Creating a Business with Clickfunnels & 2 Comma Club Coaching?

Look there used to be a time when creating a funnel was a huge headache, you had to deal with a lot of coding and manual labor to get everything up and running.

Clickfunnels makes it easier than ever before to quickly tweak, duplicate and test funnels so that people can more efficiently convert their traffic to buying customers.

Two comma club coaching definitely gives you all the tools, strategies, mindset & psychology to create great offers, ads, marketing and copywriting to best promote yourself & your product or service.

The entire take-home course is impressive 32 gigs.

I think ultimately the challenge for most people will be to create a course that can solve massive problems and helps millions of people.

Not everyone is fortunate to have a background that allowed them to become an expert in some field.

The course does its best to identify where your product or offer may lie, but there’s only so much soul searching you can do before realizing that some of us just don’t have the acumen or the life experiences yet to reach a level of mastery in a niche.


Even Russell Brunson says that this course is for those that have absolute certainty that you have some product, service, or idea that’s gonna help a lot of people, all you’re missing is the right marketing to get your word out there.

Then a great funnel training like this is something that you should look into so you can begin testing paid traffic through it using Facebook ads, Instagram, etc

I suppose you could learn the skills of crafting funnels and start crafting funnels for other businesses as a service and that could become your niche, you could become a funnel creator/consultant for other businesses.

But then you wouldn’t have the control over the product or service that you’ll be creating the funnel for.

You need two things, great marketing needs to be backed up by a great product.

There’s a lot of potential with developing killer funnels if you have a great product on your hands.

No doubt about it.

But you must be comfortable with spending some money to test different funnels because most likely you’ll be using either your money or your client’s.

Paid traffic can at times be quite brutal because now you have to become an expert in ads and making sure that your cost per click remains low enough so that your funnel & offer produce a ROI.

See, sometimes its not always the funnel’s fault. More often than not, Facebook ads performance fluctuate greatly from day to day even though you’re running the same ad which ads another layer of difficulty & complexity to this whole “make money with funnels” game.

The people that do well with this course are usually those that have already cultivated plenty of other skills such as having a high-value product, being good on camera, being good at sales, know how to stand out & develop a personal brand, And that good funnel was the last piece they were missing.

This is why some people can run successful Facebook ads while others lose money with it.

Unless you have all these other skills, its a big risk to try to come up with your own product and begin marketing on Facebook because every day you’ll be bleeding out cash in ad cost until you figure things out.

This is why I recommend most of everyone that’s looking to make their first dollar online to first focus on building an online business using free traffic.

Free traffic allows you to make consistent progress because since the traffic is free it gives you a huge margin of error to fuck up with your traffic until you figure things out.

Ultimately being able to generate free traffic and converting that is the #1 way to create passive income online.

Local lead generation is a great business model that allows any newbie to do just that.

It’s so much simpler than having that daunting task of trying to figure out market needs and building your own product.

You just build simple local lead gen sites, it ranks, generates leads from the free traffic, send the leads to a local business, and get paid for referring that lead.

Its how I was able to build my first 6 figure internet business and what I come back to time and time again to consistently grow my monthly income.

IMO you can worry about creating your product & crafting your own funnel and everything after you got some online marketing skills first and at least be making $10K per month passively so you’re not hurting for money anymore and you’re not working the 9 to 5 job trading your time for dollars.

Then you got some money to play with and throw at different funnels & what not to test other income opportunities.

First I’ve not yet seen anything else better than this local lead generation coaching program at taking someone brand new to owning their own 6 figure internet business.

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