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Ryan Stewart SEO Course – White Hat Link Building Review, Webris

May 11, 2022

Ryan Stewart’s SEO course is called the White Hat Link Building, with this course you get to learn how to assemble a small team of virtual assistants and build a link building system that runs on autopilot.

White hat link building is essentially going out to different websites around the web and asking for a link in exchange for producing content for them or what’s referred to as guest posting.

As someone that makes money through ranking websites myself, I’ll go over the pros & cons of Ryan’s link building strategy and whether this course is for you for not.

For example, I have built up a lead generation business that does $50K per month, & I’ve got over 50 sites out there ranked on the first page of Google without using a single guest posting strategy.

I’ll go into how I was able to do that and how it differs from what Ryan’s SEO company Webris does.

Oh BTW we also have a coaching program showing people how they can make 6 figures online by ranking websites with a strategy that works much faster than guest posting. More on that later.

I do mix in Ryan’s method of white hat link building, although it is not my go-to main strategy, I’ll explain why…

White Hat Link Building Course Summary

This course is broken up into 6 modules.

  • Module 1 – basic training videos for someone brand new to link building & SEO
  • Module 2 – how to assemble your link building team, hire overseas VA for cheaper cost, hint: you need content writers & guest post opportunity researchers
  • Module 3 – using Google drive, you’re going to build the project plan, what kind of keywords you need to go after & evaluating website’s current link profile
  • Module 4 – setting up a new email account for link outreach and creating canned responses that’ll be used to ask for guest posting opportunities
  • Module 5 – Going over all the different types of links you can go out and get, and each opportunity has its own process. This is the meat & potatoes of the course
  • Module 6 – wrap up everything you talked about in the course, bird’s eye view of the entire system & process.

What is Guest Posting & White Hat Link Building?

Basically, there are sites out there that are hungry for more content and are offering guest posting opportunities.

Most of the time, its some sort of blog site that needs to continually post fresh content, so these types of sites will sometimes accept content from other people and they’ll post it on their site as long as its high quality and unique content, and in return they’ll sometimes give you a link back to your site.

This is considered white hat link building because its the safest way of fabricating backlinks to your site.

That’s essentially what SEO is, since backlinks to a site is the biggest ranking factor by far. If you want to do SEO for yourself or for other people as a service, you need a system that’s able to create quality backlinks.

When people say just write quality content and you will rank over time, this is a big ‘ol myth.

May have worked back in in 2009, but in 2020 with so many sites out there, if you go this route you will wait for ages to receive a few links MAYBE. While your competition is fabricating these links through guest posting or other methods I’ll go into later, so you stand no chance if you go the completely natural route.

Just now that in the SEO community, White hat link building = guest posting.

What is PBN Link Building & Why is it considered Grey Hat?

PBN link building is a strategy I employ.

If done properly, it can be more powerful and cheaper than white hat link building.

Let me explain.

Guest posting can get pretty time consuming & expensive.

First you have to find the guest post opportunity.

Then contact the site owner and propose an article you’d like to submit.

Maybe they will say yes, maybe no, or you won’t get a response.

Out of the ones that say yes.

You have to hire a writer to write the article for you which can cost anywhere from $20 and up.

Or write the article yourself.

So you need a separate VA just to find opportunities.

You also need writers.

With my PBN method, which we teach in our coaching program.

We go out and build our own blog network, by buying expired or auction domains that already have power because someone else owned it & worked on it for years.

We buy these sites, and rebuild the site from scratch so that we can repurpose them for our own backlink building use. The site still retained its power and we are simply utilizing that built-in power for our use.

With this method we have much more control and on average our PBN links we build are several times more powerful than the PBN links.

Its called grey hat because if you don’t do this properly, you can leave digital foot prints that Google can track and see that you’re fabricating these links.

So when done by an amateur its a lot more risky than guest post links.

However, when done properly, these links can look just as natural as guest post links in Google’s eyes.


Ryan Stewart’s method of systemizing guest post links is a solid strategy. He claims some of his big-time clients only want white hat links, so its good for that.

But I have found that his method can become quite expensive & time-consuming so you do need some solid monthly budget to work with.

I find that white hat link building to be cost ineffective when dealing with small business clients & local SEO. I can much more done with PBN links.

I personally have not had the need to use guest post links, & I already built up a recurring $50K per month business with my SEO skills.

I have used Ryan Stewart’s white hat linking method and got a few links, but the cost of each of those links & what it did for my sites was not as effective as my PBN links so for most of my projects I’m not using his methods.

If you’re worried about being as safe as possible, one good method is to mix both white hat & grey hat methods which I have done for some of my more important projects.

All in all, I think Ryan’s course is for SEO entrepreneurs or companies that would like to learn more about systemizing guest post links.

But if you’re strictly looking to build your first online business & have no prior experience with ranking websites, I recommend learning the skill of building your own backlinks by utilizing PBN (auction domains) first because this is something that you can predictably build powerful, relevant links for your projects at any given time.

Its the far more cost-effective option for the beginner.

Especially when combined with doing local SEO type of projects where you can beat local companies instead of competing with national powerful sites, in which case you only need a dozen or two of these highly powerful PBN links to see long-term results.

To learn more about this, we’re coaching our students how to build their own local lead generation business using a strategy of link building that gives you much more control, learn more here.

Its what I used to build my first successful online business that’s doing multiple 6 figures.

Talk later

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