XX Best SaaS Courses

February 13, 2024

Here are the xx best SaaS courses for 2024:

  • Build a Micro SaaS Academy by Jamie Tam (Micro SaaS)
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Building a SaaS application can be very profitable if you find the right idea. The market for SaaS programs is expected to reach $232 billion this year. However, finding a winning idea for SaaS is very difficult. That's why SaaS courses typically teach their students how to find good ideas and market your products (rather than teaching how to code and build out an application from scratch). 

In this article, we'll go over the xx best SaaS courses you can take, then we'll take a closer look at the SaaS business model, its weaknesses, and what other online businesses you can go for instead. 

The XX Best SaaS Courses

Build a Micro SaaS Academy by Jamie Tam (Micro SaaS)

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Build a Micro SaaS Academy by Jamie Tam teaches micro SaaS, which differs from traditional SaaS by guiding individuals in creating and launching software products independently, without hiring additional help. The course covers idea generation, validation, app development, publishing, and marketing strategies, targeting those already familiar with software development. Although lacking external reviews due to its recent launch and narrower audience focus on programmers, the course provides valuable insights into the unique challenges and opportunities of micro SaaS entrepreneurship. It emphasizes specialized solutions for niche markets, offering potential for significant income growth through subscription-based revenue models. 


Cheap course

Goes in-depth into the ideas and marketing stage

Legit coach (runs a real SaaS product)


No community for the course

Jamie only has one successful SaaS product on his resume

No third-party student reviews


The enrollment fee for Build a Micro SaaS Academy is $29, which includes access to the course along with 10 free resources. 

Refund Policy

The Build a Micro SaaS Academy offers a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. Even if you choose to refund the course, you are entitled to retain the 10 free resources provided.

Local Lead Generation: The Best Way to Make Passive Income Online

Local lead generation is better than building a SaaS program because it doesn't rely heavily on finding an idea that nobody has thought of before. Instead, it's a proven system that you simply have to implement on your chosen location and business. 

Local lead generation works by creating websites for specific services in specific locations, and then renting out these websites to actual local businesses (ex: towing in San Francisco). This allows you to earn $500 to $3,000 in monthly recurring revenue completely passively. It also enables to you scale rapidly, building as many local lead gen websites as you want!

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