Jonathan Gelardi Sales Igniters Review: What Is the 5C Method in Remote Closing?

April 7, 2024

Jonathan Gelardi’s Sales Igniters is a mentorship and placement program for high-ticket remote closers. What differentiates this program from other high-ticket closing courses is it promises “immediate placement” to anyone who enrolls. Given how hard it is for a newbie to land a remote closer position without a solid portfolio, this offer is invaluable.

And there’s no need to wait 60 or 90 days. You don’t even have to finish the modules first as Jonathan will get you placed in a remote closer position ASAP. But you won’t be left hanging in your position. Sales Igniters also come with a 90-day coaching program with unlimited call audits and 1-on-1 roleplays with Jonathan himself. 

One of Jonathan's students said he got placed after 4 days with multiple offers to choose from. Another student said he got placed just after 48 hours! Just keep in mind that you can only find testimonials like these on Sales Igniter’s website. No other external reviews on Sales Igniters exist at the moment.

This review will cover Sales Igniter’s 5C Method in remote closing and the program’s 3-Pronged Approach. We will also examine the feasibility of Jonathan’s claims and if there’s a better alternative to high-ticket remote closing for earning money online.


Sales Igniters Pros and Cons


Places students in a remote closer job position as quickly as possible after signing up.

Continuous support for 90 days.


Initial placements are usually not high-ticket remote closer positions.

Did not specify any refund policy.

Reviews are limited to testimonials within Sales Igniters’ website.


The Sales Igniters’ price is not publicly available.

Refund Policy

The Sales Igniters’ offer did not specify a refund policy.


The Sales Igniters was launched in June 2022.


There are currently no external reviews on Sales Igniters from popular review sites.

What Is the 5C Method in Remote Closing?

Jonathan Gelardi’s 5C Method in remote closing describes the sales flow technique that he practices in achieving “nearly effortless sales.” The 5C Method are the following:

  • Connect - Building a connection to the prospect as the one representing the business.
  • Comprehend - Understanding the prospect's position (“their current situation and what they want to be” or the “gap”) on a logical and emotional level.
  • Convey - Conveying that the product is going to solve their problem or fill in the “gap.”
  • Clarity - Overcoming objections and giving the prospect the clarity that they need to say “Yes.”
  • Close - The prospect should not feel forced to “close” if all of the other C’s are done right. Instead, they will view the product as a necessity with an added sense of urgency.

Jonathan calls the 5C Method a sales flow but clarifies that a remote closer should go in and out of each section instead of following a straight line.

What Does Sales Igniters Offer?

The Sales Igniters offers “placement” as the very first step in its program. Once a student is successfully placed, they will go through continuous education with the 3-Pronged Approach, which is the following:

  • Access to the Sales Igniters' training modules.
  • Unlimited call audits for 90 days.
  • 1-on-1 roleplays with Jonathan Gelardi.

Here are the Sales Igniters’ training modules:

  • Module 1 - Closed Before the Pitch (Before the Meet/Call Flow, Building Rapport and Instant Trust, Deep Discovery and Get the YES)
  • Module 2 - Ignite Your Product Pitch (Simple and Easy Roadmap Pitch)
  • Module 3 - Master Your Price Pitch (Irresistible Price Pitch and Urgency)

  • Module 4 - A Goldmine Follow-Up System (Ignite Your Follow-Up)

  • Outro (Ending Tips for Taking Action, High-Performance DEEM Method, Get Placed in a Sales Role, Resources [scripts, templates, etc.])
  • Objection Diffuser Course (Before Call Diffusions, Energy Wins the Sales, Diffuse Objections EARLY, Pitch Simply, Most Common Objection Handling, Objection Tools [influence and inspire])

  • Bonuses

You’re expected to study these modules as soon as you sign up, but your placement doesn’t depend on their completion. Finished or not, Jonathan will try to place you in a remote closing position as quickly as possible. After all, he believes the only way to learn sales is by doing sales and getting direct feedback.

What Is a High Ticket Remote Closer?

A high-ticket remote closer is a sales professional who deals with premium or high-ticket products remotely. It means that they close sales through video meetings or phone calls instead of through in-person interactions with their prospects. A high-ticket remote closer also does their follow-ups and other sales activities remotely, usually through emails and text messaging.

Who Are Sales Igniters For?

Sales Igniters is for anyone who wants to be a high-ticket remote closer, regardless of experience. However, the requirement about experience is a bit unclear. Jonathan mentioned in one of his landing page videos that they’re looking for “experienced guys” and they are "denying a lot of people” who are applying.

It makes sense since Jonathan and his team boast a 70% close rate, which is above the industry standards. And Sales Igniters promises to place you even before completing your training, so they might really prefer an experienced salesperson to join in. Except one of his testimonial videos features a “no experience” student landing a high-ticket remote closer position.

Are There Any Case Studies or Success Stories Related to Sales Igniters?

Yes, there are a number of case studies, success stories, and testimonials for Sales Igniters that you can find on its website. However, no other external reviews exist at the time of writing.

Sales Igniters Testimonials

Ethan Burke Sales Igniters

Ethan Burke received his first offer on his fourth day with Sales Igniters. By the end of the first week, he received his second remote closer placement offer. He accepted one of the offers in the middle of the second week. He said he couldn’t have managed to get those offers without the help of Jonathan and Sales Igniters.

Ellie Marks Sales Igniters

Ellie Marks joined Sales Igniters with little to no sales experience. She got placed as an appointment setter, and in just a few days, she’s already being set to become a closer. Ellie thinks it’s pretty cool that she managed to transition from no experience to a remote closer in less than 3 months.

Niklas Sales Igniters

Niklas said that he absolutely loves Sales Igniters’ program, especially the first module and the part where Jonathan teaches you how to land a sales position right off the bat. He also got his first sales position within 2 days of joining the program.

Who Is Jonathan Gelardi?

Jonathan Gelardi Sales Igniters

Jonathan Gelardi is a life coach, an actor, and an accomplished high-ticket remote closer, praised by the likes of Bobby Stocks. He is the owner of the Sales Igniters, LLC, and Superior Self Transformation – a life-coaching program teaching the DEEM method for high-performance living.

Before entering the sales world, Jonathan was a server and bartender in New York City, where he barely got days off but still not earning enough money. He said he earned more money working as a remote closer in 2 months than what he would earn in 6 months as a bartender. Sales Igniters is Jonathan’s way of sharing this opportunity.

What Are Jonathan Gelardi's Claims?

Jonathan Gelardi claims that through Sales Igniter’s framework, a remote closer can scale to earning $10k to $20 a month in commission by closing at a 60% rate. It is also important to mention of his program’s scheme of placing his students immediately after signing up instead of going through 60 or 90 days of mentorship first. He also promises that he can place his students in a 6-figure role.

Debunking Jonathan's Claim

All of Jonathan’s claims are doable, but it is also important to level your expectations. There are many factors contributing to a high-ticket closer’s salary, such as location, experience, payment scheme, and the product that they are selling. For example, the highest-paying city for closers is Berkeley, CA, with an average annual salary of $145K. And the best-paying closer job is a virtual sales closer which can pay an average of $113K.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average monthly earnings of a remote closer is $9,407 as of March 2024. Note that this data reflects the average earnings of a remote closer job position, but not necessarily high-ticket remote closing. It’s possible that Jonathan can really place his students in lucrative high-ticket closer positions through his connections, which brings us to the next point.

Is sales igniters a scam?

It turns out Jonathan places his students at different levels. For example, one of Jonathan’s former students, Adam Longbons, was first placed in a storage unit business for $50 commissions per sale – which isn’t “high-ticket.” He was also placed as an appointment setter (like Ellie) and was expected to work there for a few months with 6-day-a-week shifts.

Jonathan explains that there are actually “steps” students have to go through. He said that it is common for closers to be appointment setters first, then move up to being a closer. Also, he said that high-ticket remote closing requires hard work (like every job), and you can’t expect high returns in just 30 days or a few months. So, this is how you should align your expectations for this course.

How to Become a Remote Closer?

To become a remote closer, you should start by choosing your niche and conducting industry research accordingly. You should also learn what a remote closer role entails, gain the necessary skills, and start building your network.

This response from the r/Entrepreneur subreddit summarizes the steps an aspiring remote closer needs to take to get into this industry. The Redditor also stresses that one should be comfortable with a remote closer’s most common job situation, such as the need to get their own leads, cold calling, and working on commissions.

Reddit post how to become a remote closer
Reddit response how to become a remote closer


Not all remote closer jobs require you to get your own leads. Some companies are already spending a lot of money on marketing to get these leads for you. You only need to focus on “closing” these leads.

Now, here comes the chicken and egg dilemma. If you don’t have a solid portfolio, it’s very less likely that you can land a high-paying remote closer position. But there’s no way of building a portfolio without actually landing a remote sales job. This dilemma is what programs like the Sales Igniters are trying to resolve by offering job placements on top of regular trainings.

Can Remote Closing Create Financial Freedom?

Yes, remote closing can create financial freedom with its very high earning potential. However, you should keep in mind that remote closing is still a job and you will also face many challenges along the way. As a beginner, you’re still likely to work long hours (like Adam) for small commissions. You also have no control over the product that you’re selling and encounter clients who want their money back, among other challenges.

Create Sustainable Passive Income with Local Lead Generation

According to Jonathan Gelardi, there are two things a closer must have in getting $10K to $20 income: (1) They have to be with a good offer with a lot of leads, and (2) They have to increase their closing rates – both of which require hard work and experience in the field.

In comparison, local lead generation also requires time and effort in ranking your own website for a certain niche and local search engine results. But unlike remote closing, local lead generation gives you the potential to earn consistent passive income for long periods. And the amount of work also decreases over time as it is a business that you can scale.

To start, you can spend around $500 to create a website and rank it in search engines within six months. Once it starts generating leads, you can rent your website out to any local business at your terms. With local lead generation, you have the potential to earn $500-$3000 of passive income per website. When you get the hang of how things work, it will be easier to scale and be truly free of working long hours.

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