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Salinda Rocks

Here’s her first welcome post inside our private FB group

July 2016 is when that post was created

Just 3 months later in September, Salinda lands a $24K per year deal

Few months later, there’s a shift in her level of self-confidence, this is what I like to the beginnings of having true financial confidence.

Knowing that you now have skills to pay the bills on your own accord!

Knowing that you have skills to make great money on your own, that no one can take away from you, is truly priceless.

This self-confidence begins to bleed into other areas of life.

Salinda is now on her way to earning pretty impressive numbers with this business

At Vegas, Club XS, having a great time talking lead gen biz

Selfie with the main mentor Dan that showed us all this lead generation business is a must 🙂

When you surround yourself with people like us, you can’t help but to rise to the occassion

If you do not take action pro-actively towards your future, then future life circumstances will make the decisions for you.

Click here to get started today.



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Ippei Kanehara
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  1. Hey lppei,

    So for the past couple weeks I’ve been reading your blog and emails, I also had the chance to speak with Shiv and we talked for nearly an hour.

    I’m not new to this space, been around since late 2012 doing IM. I’ve had my fair share of successful “wins” and failures over the years.

    The biggest problem I’ve been running into as of late is consistency in my income. I have a list, I make the bulk of my income from client SEO, online course sales (I do webinars, launches and have over 100,000 Udemy students) and affiliate sales.

    But despite all that I haven’t been very “happy” with entrepreneurship as of late.

    I have to work really hard to bring in big time income (Highest month for me was 17k and that was doing a launch among other things)

    I despise client work and can’t stand clients lately.

    Anyway, I realize what you guys are pushing is essentially the “rank and rent” model. I almost got into this years ago with someone I formed a PBN network with.

    We unfortunately initially started with Los Angeles and the Locksmith niche, probably the worst combination for city and niche.

    I ended up also having a real hard time with GMB verification. For my current client SEO deals I have a great technical SEO partner who knows his stuff, he can rank in maps no problem.

    I can sell and I’m confident in selling leads. We are going to try a small town with the towing site niche on our own but I’d still be interested in this program, mostly to be surrounded by others “in the trenches” with it.

    Shiv mentioned he would talk to you and possibly see if he could get me in at a discount, he didn’t suspect there would be a lot of specific “knowledge” I’d learn coming in. I do like the thought of the proprietary call tracking and the large FB group though.

    After going through courses by Sam Ovens, Becker and TONS of others over the years etc. you make some valid points with this model.

    Anyway, speak with Shiv and hit me back up as I’m interested.

  2. Hi Ippei! Having looked for many courses on lead generation, this one seems to be the best one I’ve come across. Right now I am in college and I have been working on starting my own lead generation business after a few failed attempts. Before I book an interview, I would like to be financially prepared for buying this course in addition to paying for client costs while using the course. This leads me to the question; what is the overall price of the course? I am planning on saving enough capital so I can hit the ground running, and knowing the cost will help set my goal for saving up while I work my job.

  3. Hi Ippei,

    I read on the leadgenbiz website that this program is not cheap. So I am wondering do you have to pay everything at once or can you pay in monthly installments when purchasing the program?

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