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Sara Rosalia’s Finance Simple Review — Affiliate Marketing vs. Dropshipping

March 17, 2024

Finance Simple is an online program by Sara Rosalia, also known as Sara Finance. It has three courses: affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and stock market course. This program teaches beginners how to invest in the stock market, build 6-figure businesses in Shopify dropshipping and go from $0 to $15,000 per month with affiliate marketing.

In this Finance Simple review, we will learn the two dominant business models Sara uses: affiliate marketing and dropshipping. Understanding the difference between the two can make or break your business startup. These models can be lucrative but require ongoing effort and work on the market trend to stay in the competition.

In contrast, local lead generation is a passive business model that creates a website generating leads for local businesses, which can be rented out for a monthly fee of $500-$2000+/month. Once ranked on search engines, it can generate passive income with minimal effort, providing more stability than the other two models. 

Finance Simple Pros and Cons


Sara Rosalia is successful and experienced in online entrepreneurship.

Finance Simple is a fast-paced module.

The program shows you how to start an online business with zero to low costs.

The cost of each course is 50% off. 


Finance Simple courses have no 1-1 or live mentoring. 

The courses have no refund or cancellation policy. 


Finance Simple offers three different courses with different prices and now is 50% off:

1. Affiliate Marketing Course full costs are $400.00 now  $197.99.

2. Dropshipping Business course costs  $297.00 from $597.00.

3. Stock Market Course costs $200.00 discounted at $99.99.

Refund Policy

Sara Finance has no refund or cancellation policy. 


Finance Simple starts in 2021. 


Sara Finance has over 732K followers on TikTok alone and 420K subscribers on YouTube. 

Affiliate Marketing vs. Dropshipping



Affiliate marketing is a way to make money online by promoting other people's products and earning a commission for each sale made through your unique affiliate link.

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer.

Start-up Cost

The cost of starting an affiliate marketing business can be very low, typically between $0 and $500. This is because it does not require the purchase of any inventory or the creation of any products. However, there may be costs associated with website hosting, domain registration, and marketing efforts.

The start-up cost for dropshipping can range from $1,000 to $5,000 or more. This is because it requires setting up a website, purchasing a domain, and paying for marketing and advertising. It also involves the cost of inventory, shipping fees, and other expenses associated with running a business.


Affiliate marketing can be highly profitable if done correctly, but it may take some time to build a significant income. Affiliates typically earn a percentage of the sale amount, which can range from 20% percent to 50%.

Dropshipping can also be highly profitable, but it highly depends on finding the right products to sell and marketing them effectively. Dropshippers make money by selling products for a higher price than they paid for them, often earning a profit margin of 10-20%.


Low start-up costs. You do not need to invest money in inventory, manufacturing, or shipping fees.

No need to create your own products. Affiliate marketers can promote products from established companies, rather than developing their own products.

 Can be highly profitable with the right strategy. Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative business if done correctly, with the potential to earn a substantial income from commissions.

No need to hold inventory. Dropshippers do not need to purchase or store inventory, which reduces costs and minimizes risks.

Wide selection of products to sell. Dropshippers have access to a wide range of products and suppliers, allowing them to offer a broad selection of products to customers.

Flexibility in managing and scaling the business. Dropshipping allows for flexibility in managing and scaling the business, as it is easy to add or remove products and suppliers as needed.


Dependence on the merchant's website and product quality. Affiliate marketers rely on the quality of the products and the reputation of the merchant to generate sales.

Lack of control over the merchant's marketing strategies. Affiliate marketers have little control over the marketing strategies of the merchant, which can affect their ability to generate sales.

Limited ability to build brand recognition and customer loyalty. As an affiliate marketer, you have limited ability to build your own brand recognition and customer loyalty, as you are promoting other’s products.

Dropshipping can have low-profit margins. When you sell pre-made products to new customers, the manufacturer has already included their profit margin, which means you need to add more to the consumer's cost to be profitable.

Fulfillment and shipping issues can arise. Dropshippers may face issues with fulfillment and shipping, which can affect customer satisfaction and harm the reputation of the business.

What Do I Get In Finance Simple?

In Finance Simple, there are three different courses: affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and stock market course. In each course, you will get modules with over 50 videos and different bonuses. 

1. Affiliate Marketing Course

In this Affiliate Marketing course, you'll learn Sara's step-by-step strategy to generate up to $15,000 per month from scratch. The course also provides exclusive affiliate links that are only available to enrolled students, enabling you to earn commissions ranging from $50 to $100 per sign-up.

This course teaches the basics of affiliate marketing, including how to choose a niche and find profitable affiliate links. You will learn how to promote their links through social media platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as through email marketing and advertising. The course also covers strategies for scaling up to a six-figure income, outsourcing content creation, and managing taxes.

2. Dropshipping Course

This dropshipping course contains 70+ simple guides with 15-20 hours of content. You'll learn a proven strategy that generates over $30K in monthly profit through dropshipping. The course also reveals Sara's successful store, which earned $200K, including the products she sold and how she discovered multiple six-figure products.

This course teaches dropshipping fundamentals such as product selection, Shopify store building, and marketing strategies for social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. It also covers advanced topics such as Facebook ads, email marketing, order fulfillment, and managing returns and refunds. Other subjects include customer support, building a brand, and dealing with high-risk orders and Paypal holds.

3. Stock Market Course

In this stock market course, you will learn how to invest in the stock market as a beginner. Sara teaches you how she went from $500 to $230,00 in two years. 

Course curriculum:

• See the exact stocks Sara buys. 

• Get a free stock depending on where you live! 

• Learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum.

• Get a free $10 - $30 worth of cryptocurrencies! 


Is Finance Simple Worth It?

Yes, Finance Simple is worth it if you want to start an online business through affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or the stock market. Sara Finance has a successful track record as a dropshipping business owner and made over $1M with Shopify. Sara's experience, which includes failures in dropshipping and two years of hard work before achieving success, can provide valuable insights for starting an online business. Many of her students have left positive reviews of her program's success.

However, enrolling in a course does not guarantee 100% success, and Sara herself teaches that affiliate marketing, stock market, and dropshipping businesses are not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Who Is The Owner Of Finance Simple?

Sara Rosalia is the owner of the Finance Simple program, an entrepreneur, and an investor who generates a significant amount of money. She works at Tim Hortons at 15 but soon turned to online earning opportunities to escape school and her job's demands. Sara tries various business models before settling on dropshipping, which became the most profitable for her. At 18, she saves $80,000 and continues to invest in the stock market. Her earnings increased rapidly, and by 19, she earns approximately $50,000 monthly. 

She owns a Shopify store that generates around $30,000 in revenue, and the rest comes from ads on her social media accounts. Sara's net worth is over $500,000, and she's a well-known TikTok creator and YouTuber.

8 Habits That Made Sara A Millionaire by 22 Years Old

Plan Your Day the Night Before: Organize your daily activities in advance to balance work and personal life. 

Focus on One Thing at a Time: Focus on one goal at a time rather than jumping in between tasks. 

Take Care of Your Health: Prioritize your physical and mental well-being by eating healthy and having a regular exercise routine.  

Take Action: Implement your plans right away rather than just thinking about them.  

Practice Gratitude: Reflect on your life daily and appreciate the positive things that happen in your life. 

Journaling: Write down your thoughts and feelings to clear your mind and reduce stress. 

Being Delusional: Manifest your dreams and believe in your ambitions, even if they seem unrealistic. 

Building Relationships: Build your network of like-minded individuals and learn and grow from them. 

What's not mentioned in the video: Sara did not mention specific strategies she took to achieve her million dollar earnings. She only talks about generic habits and doesn't go in-depth with them. 

Finance Simple’s 4 Reasons Affiliate Marketing Is Good For Beginners

1. Requires $0 to start

 Affiliate marketing is a great business model as it does not require any initial investment, allowing beginners to start without taking financial risks.

2. Not time consuming

Compared to other business models, affiliate marketing is considered the easiest one to start, requiring only 1-4 hours of daily work to set up.

2. Not time consuming

Compared to other business models, affiliate marketing is considered the easiest one to start, requiring only 1-4 hours of daily work to set up.

4. Can become a full-time income

Unlike traditional jobs, affiliate marketing has no earning ceiling, and with dedication, it can even become a full-time source of income, allowing you to work from anywhere.


However, it's important to note that like any business model, it also has its downsides: including the potential for high competition, dependence on performing the affiliate program, the need for consistent effort in promoting, and the potential for lower commissions or limited earning potential in certain niches.

Finance Simple Alternatives

  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery - Ivan Mana's Affiliate Marketing Mastery three-step ladder course teaches the entire affiliate marketing process. It covers choosing the right product, creating effective campaigns, and monitoring your result. The course focuses on paid traffic for faster results. Affiliate Marketing Mastery masterclass costs $1997.
  • Affiliate Income Mastery - Affiliate Income Mastery teaches the skills you need to start a profitable high-ticket affiliate marketing business. Marshall Malaba covers email marketing, building a blog, and also leveraging your YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook to generate traffic. What makes this course appealing is that Marshall and his team will let you focus on marketing, monitoring, and promoting while the whole team does tech work for you.
  • Scalers Method - Scaler Method by Alex Micol is a course that teaches the A-Z of how to build an affiliate marketing business. It guides you to identify winning products and stand out in the competition. Also, you will learn how to run and create ads that will generate income. Scalers Method costs discounted prices of $397 from the original price of $1,997.

Why Local Lead Generation Is My Best Passive Income? 

Local lead generation is the number 1 passive income business because you don't have to do a lot of maintenance work with it. This business builds digital assets like websites and ranks them up on Google. These ranked sites are like billboards in prime locations in the physical world. Being on top of Google means these sites organically drive traffic and generate free leads. Unlike affiliate marketing, you don't need to constantly drive traffic to your sites. 

Compared to affiliate marketing, local lead gen is more hands-off. It has made me a stable income since 2014, and my sites still generate $52K monthly today. Lead gen income doesn't depend on commissions and affiliate programs. You have 100% control of the business and income is continuous and predictable. I believe local lead generation is the most-effective way to generate enough passive income to quit your 9-5 job. 

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