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Savage Affiliates Review – Franklin Hatchett’s Course [2021 Update]

December 18, 2020


Okay, so you're looking to get started in the world of affiliate marketing, and the winds of fate have brought you here, you're looking into Franklin Hatchett's course.

Let's face it, the idea of making money online is extremely appealing.

Successful affiliates can travel whenever they want, being able to work from anywhere on their laptop.

They can help their family and provide for them.

But is it still a great opportunity in 2020? Especially after the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Commission Change???

Update: In April 14, 2020 Amazon Slashes Commission Once Again
  • On April 14, 2020, Amazon reduced the commission for most niches from 8% to 3%
  • There has been other big changes in the past as well, in 2017, Amazon reduced the cookie duration from 60 days to 24 hours
  • Many are now moving off of Affiliate Marketing with Amazon

So this is one of the challenges of affiliate marketing, because you don't control your own product

Overnight, Amazon can come in and slash your income in half

This is why I'm now doing lead generation instead

There's still hope for affiliate marketing, you just have to get more creative at finding offers and monetizing the site in a different way then simply throwing up your Amazon affiliate link on there... more on this later..

But first...

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

I create local lead generation sites that make long-term passive income. 

I have sites like above that make $2000 per month since 2015, I learned it all from this coaching program.

I believe its much easier way to create income online over and above affiliate marketing but more on that later...

We take a Deep Dive into the Savage Affiliates Course...

And the best part is, all you have to do is scroll down the page to learn if Franklin's affiliate marketing course is the real deal.

Because in this in-depth review, I'm going to give you the complete breakdown of Franklin's course and believe me, I'm brutally honest.

But before we get into the meat and potatoes, I'd like to say that I am not an affiliate of this course.

That means you can expect me to deliver the facts with no bias whatsoever.

I've been perfecting my SEO game since 2014, and I'm actually more of a fan of lead generation for local businesses as my go-to to make money online in 2020.

So let's get right down to it!

Ranked #2 out of 4 affiliate marketing courses (See full list here)
31 hours 6 minutes
Franklin does a very good job of separating the hype from the truth and giving you simple, actionable steps.
3.9/5 - Highly detailed, he tells you some of his best kept secrets. He talks a little fast at times, causing you to watch some videos several times to catch all the information.

What's Franklin's Story?

I first bumped into Franklin's online content while looking for ways to make viral Instagram posts.

Franklin is the kind of guy that brings a lot of value to the table, and you can see that from the amount of YouTube videos and subscribers he has. (see in image below.) 

So in no time flat I ended up investing in two of his courses.

So what was it about Franklin's course that struck me as unusual?

Well for one, he never teaches you a skill that he hasn't thoroughly practiced himself.

In the rare occasion that he so much as mentions a technique that he isn't well-versed in, he lets you know beforehand.

But one of the things that became apparent very quickly is that Franklin always gives you a suggested strategy for each type of affiliate program, such as using either SEO or YouTube for ClickBank products.

He never really seemed to say why, but I never questioned him anyway.

Also, the videos he posts to his Facebook page made me trust him because he really lays down the value. (See screenshot below.)

If you're looking for a comparison of savage affiliates vs wealthy affiliates then click this link.

Just want the short explanation? Then let me say that wealthy affiliate doesn't even teach SEO. 

Worse yet, they say it's a bad idea.

Can you believe that crap?

For this and other reasons, Franklin is by far the better teacher.

Oh, and when when looking for savage affiliates reddit discussions, I couldn't find anything useful.

Try it, search for something like "savage affiliates review reddit" and you'll see.

What should I expect in this course?

Franklin Hatchett's Savage Affiliates course is his very own creation, his brainchild if you will.

Before making his own, he promoted the affiliate marketing courses of other people.

Franklin gives you tips for every level of the game, including how to get your very first sales on a tiny budget using free traffic, such as YouTube.

Affiliate marketing is so saturated these days that it is incredibly difficult to rank for anything globally.

Massive authority sites run by teams of people have taken over the space, and the competition is insane.

Believe me when I tell you this.

Franklin does a great job of teaching you the reality of affiliate marketing, and gives you some very solid tips that will give you a fighting chance against the big dogs.

Such as making youtube videos to supplement traffic.

I have plenty experience with affiliate marketing myself so everything I tell you here is based on my own opinions & experience.

So what are the skills you learn in Franklin Hatchett's Savage Affiliates?

  • Franklin starts by showing you some of his affiliate earnings and results.
  • He teaches you to have multiple products and traffic sources
  • Free traffic is then explained briefly, before returning later to teach the strategies
  • He teaches you several different traffic types, including Google Ads, Facebook ads, SEO traffic and YouTube videos (some really good knowledge here)
  • Finding niches and products are taught, as well as picking an affiliate platform (as well as what niches to avoid)
  • Website and landing page building (some great tools here)
  • Email marketing
  • Business tax forms
  • Tracking your sales, offers and other stats 
  • There are also a lot of good tips for starting with zero budget

The Savage Affiliates Course Breakdown

Module 1 - Affiliate Introduction

The intro. Hmm, is it just a waste of time for advanced students? I don't think so.

Read to the bottom to find out a huge tip straight from the course!

Franklin begins by explaining what affiliate marketing is, and discussing some of the legalities like using a privacy policy.

I think even seasoned veterans will find it interesting to see some of Franklin's very own affiliate commissions, as well as his results. 

By the way, you can also read my comparison of affiliate marketing vs dropshipping If you find yourself a little torn between the two business models.

I think a lot of the information presented in this module is a little bit basic. Even so, I still got some awesome value from it, which I'll share below.

Franklin also goes through some of his affiliate commissions, including $1,650 a week from Blue Host alone, which is pretty impressive.

This Module is basically just laying the groundwork.

Franklin teaches concepts like different traffic sources, and says that even his online haters helped him sell. 

And the most striking part of this whole lesson?

Franklin says that he got 57 THOUSAND email addresses from forums when he first started.

He did this by simply writing a post such as "how to make money on Facebook," placing a link to his blog, and then offering a free PDF.

Total length: 60 minutes 19 seconds

Module 2 - Niches And Products

Franklin starts by telling you how he MESSED UP in his first days of affiliate marketing, and how you can avoid his mistake.

Do you know what he did?

Keep reading and I'll tell you!

Overall, I thought this module did a great job of giving you ways to research new niches, as well as some solid places to find your affiliate offers.

I even searched for best affiliate programs on Reddit and didn't find anything outside of what he teaches in his course.

He tells beginners to stay out of health and wellness niches, because they're more saturated than anything else in the industry.

I thought the surfing course he showed on ClickBank was really interesting, and certainly a fun niche to consider.

Another huge bonus is how to find NEW products that are just launching, giving you the edge over a portion of the competition.

Some of the information he showed about using affiliate platforms was a little bit under my skill level, but nonetheless important for everybody to understand.

So what was the BIG mistake that Franklin made in his early days of affiliate marketing?

He got sucked into using too many affiliate platforms, instead of picking ONE and going with it!

This slowed his progress down tremendously, he said.

Module 3 - Let's Build Some Assets!

Your website is without a doubt your most important asset of all.

So what tools should you use to start building out your website?

I'll be sharing an AMAZING tool at the end of this paragraph, so be sure and read to the bottom!

(Note: even advanced marketers will be able to learn from this.)

Another asset that is of MASSIVE importance is your email list!

Franklin later says that he still gets sales to this day from the email list he built when he first started.

That's impressive.

He gives you some WordPress plugins that will save you lots of money and help you succeed.

A couple of these were new to me, though I was using something similar. The information was still very helpful.

Franklin digs right down into which email platforms he recommends, and shares with you a campaign he made that has a 20% open rate, which is pretty amazing.

Chatbots are also taught, and wow do they have some awesome open rates.

Even the conversion rate of this type of campaign is incredible!

So what was the website building platform that he likes WAY more than ClickFunnels?

It's a WordPress plugin called Thrive Leads, and I'm actually using it right this moment on this very blog.

Module 4 - How To Be Successful With ClickBank

Here, Franklin teaches how to make ClickBank work for you, specifically showing you what strategies work best for this platform.

So what was my biggest takeaway from this module?

Read till the end and I'll give you a sneak peek!

Some of the concepts discussed in this lesson are:
  • Which traffic types to use for ClickBank
  • How to structure your pages and content, including funnels
  • How to sneak affiliate offers into paid ads (Hint: Facebook and Google don't like affiliate marketers' faces)
  • Filling out tax forms on affiliate platforms (where necessary)
  • A nice tool you can use to find trending products that's super cheap
  • Starting your SEO process
  • How to run a Google Ads campaign

So you wanna know my favorite piece of information from this module?

It's that the best way of structuring your ClickBank pages is by doing a "1 versus 1 review" page.

You basically just compare your product to another one and bam!

The best part is, you can even use this as a keyword idea when doing your SEO later on.

Module 5 - Amazon Affiliate Program

In this module, Franklin teaches two main ways to sell Amazon products, as well as helping you start to find your niche.

Do you want to know what I found to be the most interesting part of this WHOLE MODULE?

Be sure and read to the bottom and I'll share the tool with you!

He also shows you everything you need to know about different Amazon products, including how the commission structure works. 

The real meat of this module, however, is showing you some niches and REAL affiliated websites to get the gears turning.

He also does a great job of explaining things like:
  • Amazon cookies and how they work
  • A thirty million dollar affiliate site and why it's powerful
  • The difference between a niche and an authority site
  • At least ten different niche ideas, including a seasonal niche

Overall, I think this module does a great job of getting all levels of affiliate marketer into a process of brainstorming niches and products.

But what was the thing that stuck out as the most interesting?

Well, Franklin shows you how to use to find affiliate sites that are up for sale.

Now I'm not telling you to go out and actually buy one of these sites, but he actually shows a knife site that's ranking in fourth place for a high-volume keyword with NO EFFORT at all!

That means you can build your own site and rank with relative ease.

Module 6 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is where the rubber really hits the road.

And as an SEO gangster, I was pleasantly surprised by this module!

Do you want to know my #1 favorite tip from this whole lesson?

Just read to the bottom of this paragraph and I'll give you an awesome bonus.

Some of the things you learn in this module include:

  • On-page SEO such as images and text 
  • A quick trick to make sure your article is good enough quality-wise
  • Everything about keywords including how many times to use each one
  • Checking your website speed and getting indexed in Google
  • How to power up your website and start ranking

I think Franklin did an incredible job of teaching the backlinking aspect of SEO, though there were some important on-page aspects that I feel he could have expounded on a little more.

If you're really interested in learning how to get free traffic from Google by doing high-level SEO, then check out this link for more info...

So what was the best part of this lesson in my opinion?

You can build out a free blog on Tumblr or Blogger and write an article about your niche.

After that, you go to Black Hat World and purchase things like social signals, PBN links and blog comments to power up your blog.

Finally, point a link to your website and add some more articles to this blog!

Doing it this way enables you to start building out power at a very cheap price, so I definitely recommend it!

Module 7 - Paid Ads

I was pretty surprised by this module, though I think the aspect of building out the ads was a little lacking compared to other trainings I've gone through.

that being said, he gave me one HUGE eureka moment.

And when it hit me, I felt so silly for not thinking of it myself!

Do you know what that was?

Well, you know the drill. Keep reading to the end and I'll tell you about it.

Just to give you an idea of the kind of value he gives you in this part of the training, he teaches you how to do things like how to:
  • Structure your offer so you don't get your ad account suspended for promoting affiliate offers
  • Build a simple Google Ads campaign
  • Visualize your ideal customer and give something for free to "hook" them
  • Track where you're getting your sales from
  • Write effective ad copy
  • Scale up ad campaigns
  • Find other opportunities for ads, such as other people's email lists

Overall, Franklin does a great job of giving people an introduction to running several types of ads, and how to track the success of everything.

While a lot of this information was a little under my skill level, I definitely agree that it was important knowledge, and he didn't skimp out.

Franklin really goes all out with the tracking systems, giving you more than you need to succeed (aka you have choices to suit your style.)

So what's the big secret I've been holding?

So, Franklin gives the idea of using YouTube videos to get your targeting, then going into Google Ads and sending retargeting ads to those people!

Why, you ask?

Because you get the results at a fraction of the cost!

Now THAT'S some ninja stuff right there.

Module 8 - Free Traffic!

Now, I think the "free traffic and SEO tips should've some first in the training, but nonetheless the course was very well made.

There was one piece of advice that I thought was great for both first-time marketers and big dogs alike.

Can you guess what it is?

Read to the end of this paragraph and I promise I'll reveal it to you.

One of the first tings you hear Franklin say in this module is that he LOVES free traffic.

Not only is it the way he started out, but it also converts a lot better than other traffic types!

And yes, it converts even better than SEO traffic, according to Franklin.

He teaches you all kinds of skills in this module such as how to:
  • Use blog comments not only for SEO purposes but to get traffic from genuinely interested people
  • Use forums to your advantage
  • Ethically steal traffic from massively successful YouTube videos
  • Easily create YouTube thumbnails that stand out from the crowd
  • Grab the best YouTube keywords
  • Small tricks you can use in YouTube titles to get more clicks

I thought Franklin did a great job of laying down the necessary skills to really hit it hard from day one using free traffic.

Specifically, the YouTube training was really informative and gave some ways you can use to have a fighting chance against even the biggest channels.

he explains this well, saying that the algorithm HAS to allow for new content to pop up in search terms.

So what's the big secret in this module that I thought was so powerful?

Well it's called "launch jacking" and it's completely different from ranking for keywords.

Basically, you find a successful video, give it a similar title, copy the tags (within reason) and make your video!

It's even simpler than keyword research, and there's a good chance it'll result in some traffic for you.

Module 9 - Email Marketing

I think this module did a great job of teaching how to setup a powerful email campaign.

I'd used email before for things like drop shipping, so I wasn't exactly a newbie at it.

I knew most of the techniques in this module but even so, it thought it did a great job of explaining the process.

Another thing that was great is the fact that Franklin gives you some really good pointers 

In this lesson you'll learn to:
  • Use automated email campaigns to keep your list engaged
  • Monetize your email lists that you built up with all your other traffic methods
  • Optimize your email campaigns
  • Increase your open rates
  • Utilize the most important features of two separate email platforms
  • Build out a powerful automation funnel to sell ClickFunnels 
  • Built an eCom automation funnel to sell eCom training

So overall, while the information in this module CAN be found in other places, it's absolutely essential for so much in the affiliate marketing world.

The frank hustle affiliate resource that’s being pushed online is purely focused on promoting the clickfunnels program.

The strange thing is that the savage affiliates course has an entire module on how to do just that...

I feel like this is somebody else pushing Franklin’s course, and to be honest the landing page I found felt a little weird.

Should I be an Amazon Affiliate??

Look at 3% commission it almost feels like you just wanna give the Amazon the middle finger and move on from them.

Depending on the niche you can find many individual brands that offer their own affiliate program at higher percentages.

However keep in mind some are still sticking with Amazon because 50%-80% of Amazon commission comes from secondary sales.

Meaning most of the time what's happening is, lets say you link to a kitchen knife, but the person may end up buying a Dyson Vacuum for $500 within that 24 hours. (those are all secondary sales you get commission for because Amazon is such a trusted store with amazing interface to recommend products to consumers)

Other's are finding other ways to monetize their affiliate sites now and this is what I believe is the best way moving foward if you can pull if off in your niche.

So should I buy this course?

The Good Stuff:

Franklin Hatchett is probably one of the most generous marketers out there, giving away tons of free value on his blogs and YouTube channels.

This course is also extremely well-priced, coming in at a mere $197.

Other courses can cost up to ten times more than this!

So if it's cheaper, is it still good?

So the answer to your question is a firm "yes".

Although affiliate marketing is a huge battle to get into in 2020, the skills you learn in this course are quite valuable nonetheless.

One of the things about affiliate marketing is that you need to be able to run Facebook ads at a VERY high level to be able to make a decent income, mostly because it's so difficult to rank for affiliate search terms.

That's because even a small mistake can cost you a cool $500 if you're not careful.

That being said, the information in this course about building websites alone is worth the price of admission, and I definitely wish I'd known the skills taught in this module when I first tried making money with affiliate marketing in 2013.

After that, I went and tried everything else under the sun, from drop shipping to Amazon FBA.

And guess what?

To this day, most of my income comes from local lead generation.

As of writing this in October 2019, only 5% of my income comes from affiliate.

Heck, I even paid $10,000 and half of the profits for a guy to privately mentor me.

Even with THAT level of one-on-one support, I was only able to average 2-3K in profit.

This required me to manage the ads for around 2 or 3 hours PER DAY, and even so I had some slow months where I basically broke even.

So Why Did I Rank It In Second Place?

Honestly, there's nothing outwardly "bad" about Savage Affiliates. 

As I've said before, Franklin delivers a LOT of value for a very low price, and he actually gives a lot better training on things like backlinking strategies than John Crestani's Internet Jetset.

However, John Crestani's Super Affiliate System (the upsell) is much more comprehensive.

Granted, it's also five times more expensive, coming in at $997,

I think it's definitely possible that the cheap price of Franklin Hatchett's affiliate program attracts a lot of negative people that only want to complain when they aren't millionaires in a month.

Something I found interesting about John Crestani's Super Affiliate System is the fact that you get weekly Q&A calls.

This is great, and Franklin's course would benefit greatly from something like this.

Fortunately, you have the option of buying into the Facebook group, which is a huge help.

Is Affiliate Marketing Right For Me?

That's So is affiliate marketing still a viable business model for 2020?

Well, the short answer is yes.

However, I strongly recommend that you wait until you have a steady stream of income and some solid SEO skills before you start trying to rank for affiliate terms.

I recommend waiting until you make around $10,000 a month before you go and tackle national and worldwide search rankings.

This is what I mean, so "Best Survival Knife" would be an affiliate term but look at the sites on page one, these are huge authority sites that have huge RD stands for "Referring Domains" or the backlinks (aka votes) that the sites have from other sites.