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Franklin Hatchett Savage Affiliates Review: Is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing More Profitable?

March 21, 2024

Savage Affiliates, created by renowned affiliate marketer Franklin Hatchett, is a comprehensive course focusing on ClickBank affiliate marketing strategies, email marketing techniques, and search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, it extends its expertise to other platforms including Amazon's affiliate program, encompassing both paid and organic marketing strategies. Affiliate marketing is a saturated and often risky business model with a failure rate of 95%. Beginners will have a challenging time trying to breakthrough this highly saturated industry.

Reviews for Savage Affiliates are mostly positive, and it is one of the most popular courses for beginners. The course is praised for its comprehensive coverage of a wide variety of topics. Criticisms point out outdated training in some areas, such as paid marketing, and over the top promotion of tools like ClickFunnels.

This in-depth review of Savage Affiliates delves into Franklin Hatchett's background, the detailed curriculum of the course, its overall value, current support status by Franklin, alternative courses in the market, and additional insights.

Savage Affiliates Pros and Cons


Franklin has made 7+ figures as an affiliate marketer

Comprehensive Pay-Per-Click (PPC) training covering platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google

In-depth training on utilizing email marketing for effective affiliate product promotion

Franklin shows you how to get started with $0 budget


Savage Affiliates has a lot of information and can be overwhelming for beginners

The course's section on paid traffic strategies requires an update

Franklin was quoted saying he will not be supporting Savage Affiliates as much anymore. 

Affiliate marketing doesn't predictably pay you each month


Savage Affiliates costs $197 for Standard package ($297 for Super package)


Savage Affiliates offers a 30-day action-based refund policy


The course comprises nine modules, totaling over 30 hours of instructional content in affiliate marketing


Private Facebook community


Franklin Hatchett is one of the most popular online marketers who has made millions

Is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing More Profitable?

With the right knowledge, ClickBank affiliate marketing is more profitable compared to other affiliate marketing platforms. ClickBank is known for its sizable list of digital product affiliate programs with high commission rates. Digital products are often easier to sell than physical products or services because of instant fulfillment. Subscription models can also create recurring commissions.

However, there are downsides to ClickBank affiliate marketing that can lower your profitability. With over 500,000 active affiliates, many of the profitable niches are highly saturated. Product quality has also become a large concern with many affiliates. Since ClickBank can't really monitor all the affiliate offers that join their platform, there are many offers that are less than legitimate. With a default 60-day refund policy, returns mean no commission. There are also incidents of affiliate programs not paying their affiliate commissions and just vanishing.

What Do You Get With Savage Affiliates?

The Savage Affiliates program includes over-the-shoulder training on various topics, including website setup, email marketing, sales funnels, ClickBank and Amazon affiliate marketing, SEO, and more. You will get focused training on both paid and free traffic strategies. Students get access to a private inner circle group for networking and support, weekly Q&A sessions, and any future updates.

Students who buy the super package get additional bonuses. These include the step-by-step ClickFunnels Affiliate Academy course, Franklin's secret done-for-you affiliate marketing funnel, several pre-made funnels, the Launch Jacking Affiliate Method Blueprint, and the Web Hosting Affiliate Method Blueprint.

Savage Affiliates Course Breakdown

Affiliate Marketing Introduction

Franklin gives you an introduction to the affiliate marketing business model in this section. He briefly touches on how free and paid traffic works, how SEO Google Traffic works, and how to navigate the course. This intro lays the groundwork for what you can expect.

Module 1) Affiliate Products to Promote

In module 1, Franklin gets you thinking about which niche you should promote. He also shows you which affiliate programs you can join which are...

  • ClickBank Affiliate Program
  • ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  • Get Response Affiliate Program
  • BlueHost Affiliate Program

Module 2) Building Your Website Asset

Module 2 is all about how to build out your website on WordPress to convert well. Franklin helps you understand widgets and how to collect emails.

Module 3) ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

Franklin introduces you to the ClickBank affiliate platform in module 3. He shows you how to start a ClickBank account, gives an overview of the ClickBank marketplace, helps you understand statistics, shows a product example, and more.

Module 4) ClickFunnels with Websites

In module 4, you learn how to use keyword tools to find keywords for your content, where to get free article ideas, how to create an SEO article, and how to create calls to action on your article. 

Module 5) SEO Google Traffic Training

Module 5 is an SEO training. Franklin says you can use what you learn in this module for your ClickBank offers or any other site you want to rank on Google. 

You learn...

  • How to track your keywords
  • The importance of content relevance
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

Franklin even gives you different options for keywords tools.

Module 6) The Funnel Academy

Since Franklin uses ClickFunnels for his funnels, he teaches you to do the same. You learn how an affiliate marketing funnel works, how to create a ClickFunnels account, how to create a simple form, how to import a share funnel, and more.

Module 6-2) The Email Automation Academy

Franklin shows you how to use GetResponse for the email marketing campaigns you're taught to set up. You also learn about the GetResponse automation sequences, how to connect it to ClickFunnels, how to monitor open rates, how to create a simple newsletter to broadcast, and more. He even shares things you can do to avoid being in the Spam folder of everyone you email.

Module 7) Done For You Affiliate Systems

In module 7, you get access to various DFY products such as email templates and funnels to help you save time and get sales quicker. The issue with this module is that they took forever to update it since the second product they share isn't available on ClickBank anymore.

You're also given the templates necessary to help you promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate by offering free trials. Franklin shows you his secret to getting trials.

Module 8) Free Traffic Training

Module 8 covers how to get free traffic. This has to do with getting free traffic on forums, Quora, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

Something that stands out from this module when looking to get free traffic is to focus on adding value when on a platform as opposed to spamming everyone with your offers. This way, you build up your authority organically and don't push anyone to buy. This is a long-term play, but it works.

You can also check Brian Brewer's Affiliate Escape Plan to learn more about this strategy. 

Module 9) Paid Traffic Training

This final module teaches you how to get setup with running Facebook ads and Google ads. You won't learn how to scale your ads though.

Bonus Module

In the bonus module, Franklin shares several case studies and a few more examples of his own work.

Savage Affiliate Success Stories

Shan is one of Franklin's students who shared his earnings when he reached over $10K in total. According to Franklin, he is averaging over $3K per month because of the Savage Affiliates training.

Jono is another student who, in the private Facebook group, posted that he had reached $5K in affiliate commissions in only one day. According to Franklin, Jono earns between $400 and $3000 every single day depending on what he's promoting.

Is Savage Affiliates Worth It?

Savage Affiliates is worth it if you're new to the affiliate marketing business model and want to learn the right way from a reliable source. Yes, Franklin Hatchett is reliable and one of the more popular names in affiliate marketing. But you can learn a lot from simply subscribing to his YouTube channel and going through his videos. His channel now also covers the many ways you can make money online other than affiliate marketing.

Franklin has delivered a lot of value in his Savage Affiliates course at a great price with all the in-depth training videos, templates, and guidance he provided to his students.

The thing is, you can learn plenty from his Savage Affiliates homepage, which has 8 free steps you can follow to get started with affiliate marketing. You could go through the 8 steps laid out on that page for free, then invest in another online affiliate marketing course. That way, you get the gist of what Franklin is teaching, and you benefit from learning more in-depth techniques from another successful mentor.

Who Is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett is a 7-figure entrepreneur from New Zealand. He went to a standard school in his town and worked a 9-5 job. Franklin wanted to make money online so he wouldn't always have to work at a job. Therefore, he spent a couple of years educating himself about different online business models by reading blogs and watching YouTube videos.

After learning all he could about internet marketing, the first online business that worked for him was dropshipping. He started selling sneakers and clothing. At first, he was making $50-$100 per week on top of what he was making at his job. When Shopify and Facebook came along, everything changed because he could now create an eCommerce store to organize everything better. Facebook ads allowed him to send people to his store so they can buy products. He also used AliExpress to send products that were ordered. Franklin was able to easily scale his business to 6-figures per month by age 30.

The next business model Franklin got into was affiliate marketing. What he did was start blogging about his eCommerce and dropshipping journey. In his blog articles, he would place links to Shopify and he would get a commission every time someone signed up with them. Franklin made around $10K per month from the Shopify commission program.

Franklin also makes money with commercial real estate, stocks, online courses (eCom Elites, Savage Affiliates), and his Franklin Hatchett YouTube channel, where he has over 533K subscribers and uploads videos every few days.

Savage Affiliates Alternatives

The Super Affiliate System 3.0 by John Crestani is the best affiliate marketing course we've found. John is an 8-figure entrepreneur who teaches beginners how to make money with affiliate marketing. He shows you how to use paid traffic channels to draw more traffic to your affiliate offers and increase your income each month. Super Affiliate System is a 6-week training that helps you get setup with an affiliate network. They share funnels, tools, landing pages, emails, and more. There are over 50 hours of video training and a private Facebook community where you can get guidance and help.

Price: Super Affiliate System 3.0 costs $997

More Info: Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review

The Affiliate Lab, by Matt Diggity, also teaches affiliate marketing but with a spin. Not only does Matt teach you how to build the authority of your niche site to the point of becoming profitable, but he shows you how to flip your niche site for up to 40X its monthly revenue. The point is to sell your affiliate sites. This allows you to make more money faster. Matt's SEO training is top-of-the line since he's one of the top search engine optimization experts in the world. There are over 160 training videos and you're provided with templates, SOPs, checklists, and Matt is active within his private Facebook group.

Price: The Affiliate Lab costs $997

More Info: The Affiliate Lab Review

affiliate marketing dude review
affiliate marketing dude review

Affiliate Marketing Dude by Marcus Campbell offers several affiliate marketing courses and services. He specializes in ranking websites and blogs on Google search to create organic leads for affiliate offers. Marcus is a champion of using AI chatbots to create content and improve SEO.

Price: Depending on the package ranging from $127 to $2,497.

More Info: Affiliate Marketing Dude Review

For a more complete list of alternatives, check out my article about the best affiliate marketing courses. Some courses on the list are Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Stefan James, Wealthy Affiliate by Kyle Loudoun, and Commission Hero 2.0 by Robby Blanchard. You can also check out Tom Rogers and Anna Faustino's Blogging Fast Lane Accelerator training program. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable in 2024?

Affiliate marketing is profitable in 2024. Where many newcomers go wrong is thinking that they'll make hundreds or thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing on their first try. There are many things you must overcome in affiliate marketing before you become profitable.

For one, you need to find niches and offers that are profitable. This takes time. You also need to split test your advertisements to see which one converts the best for you. To rank your websites, you'll need to do some serious link-building, which takes more time and money. 

Also, you must know that you're competing against thousands of marketers worldwide for the same keywords. These are marketers who already have sites with high authority. Yes, you can create your blog and YouTube channel to drive more traffic to your landing pages, but it all takes too much time before you see any kind of profit. By the time you make money, you'll realize that you put in so much work for minimal gains. 

You should know that the affiliate commission you earn with affiliate marketing is not predictable. The number of sales you make each day or each month won't allow you to budget properly. It's inconsistent in the long-term unless you're willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on paid ads, which is highly risky. The companies whose products or services you promote can even change up their affiliate link.

If you don't stay on top of it and change out all of your links, you're going to lose more money. Affiliate marketing can make you money, and startup costs are low for things like web hosting and buying a domain name, but it's a better side-gig business model that you can slowly build over time because of its inconsistent payout. This even goes for anyone who is an Amazon Associate. You can make money with the business model, but it's risky and unsustainable.

Create Sustainable Predictable Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a business model that creates sustainable and predictable passive income. By ranking a website, using free SEO tactics, then renting it out to local businesses, you create a predictable monthly cash flow. You don't need to run any ads or market any products. It costs as little as $500 to start and $30 to maintain. A single local lead generation site can earn $500 to $2,000 a month.

With affiliate marketing, you need to compete globally with hundreds or thousands of other affiliate marketers. In a local lead generation, you only need to outrank a handful of website locally. There are hundreds of niche and thousands of local areas to choose from so you don't have to worry about saturation.

Scaling an affiliate marketing business means spending a lot more money on marketing campaigns and outsourcing work. Scaling a local lead generation business is as simple as repeating the rank and rent process. Once a site is launched, you basically earn hands-free, making it a sustainable. There is no limit to how many websites you can rank and rent. These are the reasons local lead generation is my number 1 business to create time and financial freedom.

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