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Savage Affiliates Module 1

August 16, 2020


Savage Affiliates - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 1: Affiliate Introduction

Lesson 1- Intro (Start Here)

First, he describes what affiliate marketing is. Basically you 1- get traffic to your affiliate offer and 2- ask your readers to buy. Sounds easy enough, but the difficult part is getting your traffic to your offer.

The main takeaway of the first video is that traffic is the #1 most important aspect of your affiliate marketing experience.

Lesson 2 - Let's Get Started

Here, he says that one of the best things about affiliate marketing is that unlike drop shipping, you don’t have to do anything other than get traffic, sales, and collect money.

Some of Franklin’s sources of affiliate commissions are discussed quickly, and some of his results are shown.

He also talks about having multiple products and multiple traffic sources. He says that if you only use Facebook traffic, for example, it’s good but you can burn through your readership quickly. Not to mention you’re paying for the traffic!

Lesson 3 - Free traffic

The first thing that caught my attention about this lesson is that Franklin said free traffic is not only high-converting traffic, it’s also more fun to get. 

Some of the platforms he suggests are YouTube, blogs, Facebook groups, email lists, and forums. Social sites such as Instagram are also mentioned.

He Then goes through why he likes each platform and why.

First is YouTube, and the example he uses is a camera review.

Let’s assume they click on your video. That means they’ve reached the next level of the process. Great!

Your other videos can then show up on the suggested feed, basically warming them up instead of sending them to an offer page cold and expecting them to buy.

But wait- what if they click to another person’s review? That’s still okay, because your video might STILL show up on the suggested feed!

He then uses the example of an affiliate marketing offer for hosting. 

Your first video is just about one hosting provider, and then after that you make another video comparing it to another provider.

The good thing about this whole system is that they’ve been listening to you and they’re willing to learn which is HUGE.

Since trust is important in affiliate marketing, somebody listening to you talk for an hour is really powerful.

Next up is a blog on Google. 

They search for your keywords, go to your blog and read your article.

As they go on reading more and more, they get warmer and warmer.

The powerful thing about this is that these people are actually searching for your products or services when they type in these keywords.

Some Amazon review sites actually converted up to 70% of their readership.

Think about it, that’s because they’re typically READY to buy whatever product. 

And that’s the best thing about free traffic.

Facebook groups

Group members are active, high converting, and are interested in your niche.


Franklin says that when he first got started, he got 57,000 email addresses from forums.

Interestingly enough, he said he got a lot of haters that said a lot of bad things about him online which generated a lot of interest.

No publicity is bad publicity when you’re making money online, he says.

He said you basically want to build up a persona and not really drop links. They aren’t very good for promoting affiliate links. 

He recommends using forums to build email lists.

Basically, you write a post, such as his “How to make money on Facebook” post on Blackhat World.

The way he did it is by dropping a link to his blog.

Then he had a pop-up where he gave away something for free, such as a free PDF.

This gave him 500 or 600 leads a day at the highest point.

This is called “value first”, then funnel traffic to your blog.

He also saw people buy from him within the first two weeks by using this email list.

You can also expect people to stay on your email list for at least six months, even if you spam the hell out of them.

Lesson 4 - Paid Traffic

Rule number one: You can NEVER send people from YouTube, Facebook or Google ads directly to your affiliate links. 

Not only will you never make any money, but you will get banned from your platforms because it is against their terms and conditions.

So what you do is you build a mailing list by giving a free PDF or something like that.

This is referred to as the “bait” or the “bribe.”

After they sign up, you redirect them to an affiliate offer.

Interestingly enough, you probably will either be in the negative or just break even at this point.

The point at which you start to make your money back is in the email marketing.

The power of this lies in just that. You can build an email list really quickly!

Money is then made a week later or more, and it all occurs automatically.

The good thing about paid traffic, Franklin says, is that you can just click the button and bam it runs. 

The downside is that you have to warm them up a little bit more before hitting them with an offer.

Then he talks about how people like Alex Becker and Tai Lopez started with blogs and YouTube channels promoting affiliate offers.

It wasn’t until later that they started making money with their own products.

Lesson 5 - SEO

Search traffic is the highest converting, according to Franklin.

It’s generally free, though you'll certainly have to spend some money ranking your site.

The thing is, if they click on your page, they're basically showing a strong interest in purchasing something or at least finding out more information.

In this training video, he briefly talks about six different sources of giving your sites power through what are called backlinks.

He finishes up by saying that SEO is a great source of traffic for ClickBank.

Lesson 6 - Legalities

Ah, yes. The legal stuff. Though it may be a bit dry to talk about, it's probably one of the most important things to get right the first time around.

Here, he talks about having disclaimers, such as a privacy policy and an affiliate disclosure.

This is totally necessary, especially in the United States. Because if you don’t, you’re breaking the law!

He then shows you how to find a way to find samples of an affiliate disclosure, or even places where you can generate one specifically for your business, either for free or for a fee.

Module 1 - Important Points

Although this was a bit of a shorter module than the ones that follow, there were some really important bits of information such as the legalities and the concept of getting Free traffic.

My personal favorite part is the free traffic, mostly because that's where most beginners are going to find themselves.

This is mostly out of necessity and for budget-related motives, but even those with deep pockets can't pass up the opportunity for some free traffic.


Content: 8.5/10 Extremely rudimentary, but nonetheless vital for every affiliate marketer to understand.

The only reason I didn't give it a better rating is because I felt that SEO could have been discussed more closely instead of doing it at a later time.



I like the way that Franklin sets the stage for all future modules here, though I feel that topics could have been discussed with more depth right off the bat.

Even though this module was for beginners, I'm sure there's something in it for everyone.

Definitely worth watching, don't skip it even if some of the info is painful to watch due to being over simplified.

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