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Savage Affiliates Module 2

August 16, 2020


eCom Elites - The COMPLETE Review


Okay, so now we're really starting to dig into the meat and potatoes of affiliate marketing.

While Module 1 was almost exclusively for beginners, Module 2 is starting to get into some of the juicier information.

Most of it is, again very rudimentary and simple information that more experienced marketers will glance over.

However, some of the information might surprise even affiliates that are a little bit more experienced.

Lesson 1-Welcome Video

Here, franklin talks about picking just one affiliate payment platform and going with it, rather than getting sucked into doing several of them at once.

He mentions that in his first days of getting started, he did exactly that, and it slowed his progress down. 

So whether you pick JvZoo or Clickbank, just pick it and roll with it!

Lesson 2 - Getting Started

Here, he digs a little deeper into the concept of traffic, since it is the #1 most important aspect of affiliate marketing. I mean think about it, if you don’t get eyes to your offers, how ya gonna make sales?

So here he talks about building a following and offering products or services.

He also recommends working with a niche you like, such as a hobby you already know about.

The idea is to build out a blog, then generate traffic.

So you’re basically looking to build a list of people, whether that be an email list or subscribers on YouTube.

How do you do this?

He shows you how to basically find a problem and offer a solution. Pretty easy huh?

He goes through a couple of examples of offering solutions to people’s problems, such as helping people create a website.

In the example of photography, it’s a little bit more restrictive because you probably need to own the actual camera. 

So the two main questions he poses to you in this video are: 1- What do you want to do? And 2- What traffic do you plan to use?

Lastly, Franklin touches on the different types of products you can get based on copying others, what’s trending, what people are passionate about, and problem-solving products. A successful product needs to be selling already, appeal to people who are passionate about something, and it must solve a problem for them.

Lesson 3 - Choosing Your Niche

Franklin goes straight into it, which niches are hard, which ones are easy… And which ones you should avoid like the black plague.

These niches have a very high reward but are more difficult to get into. If you’re a beginner, you should probably avoid health and wellness niches. Some interesting other examples he gives here are surfing courses and dog training classes.

Something interesting he also discusses is the gaming niche, with how-to guides on how to play competitively.

He also talks about even more platforms you can use to find good affiliate offers.

Some of the types of keywords he seems to emphasize are “how to do X” or “how much does X cost.” He goes pretty far into the different types of offers use these keywords as well.

Lesson 4 - Find Your Affiliate Offers

First off, he shows you how to use Google (who would’ve thought?) to find affiliate offers that you can promote.

Heck, even Walmart has an affiliate program!

Yet again, he says to NOT get caught in the trap of trying to promote a bunch of different offers. 

Pick a couple of offers, and go with it.

If you’re building a funnel and paying for traffic, focus on ONE funnel.

Lesson 5 - Find New Products

This is pretty huge. He talks about how to use Google to find where new products are being launched.

After that, he breaks down some easy ways to use Facebook to do exactly the same thing.

Lesson 6 - How To Use ClickBank

Clickbank is one of the main places to find products. 

Franklin shows how easy it is to use Clickbank. Getting paid is also easy, you can either receive a check or just put in your bank account information (he recommends the second option because checks can get LOST!)

Clickbanks shows how much each seller has already paid out in commissions, his first example having paid out $600,000 in sales, not to mention having upsells.

It also talks about the average sale of each offer, as well as how many affiliates have sold each offer. 

Basically this means that the more people that are promoting it in the last 30 days, the more popular it is. Therefore, you’ll make more money.

He says not to stress out too much about this, however. You can still make lots of money with other offers so don’t worry!

Something pretty cool here is that he shows you some free products you can give away for free to build your email list.

Also, there are some free banners for this same offer that are basically copy-paste and done!

He then shows you how to get your affiliate link through this seller, and it’s SUPER easy.

He mentions that he’ll show us how to shorten or cloak the link in this training as well.

Tracking is also something he discusses here, just in case you have several instances of the same link

Then he runs through some examples of sales you could expect per day once you have your following built up.

There are some interesting niches described in this lesson as well that get your brain cranking out some great ideas.

Lesson 7 - How To Use Amazon

The first thing he talks about with Amazon is that the commissions are pretty low.

Franklin shows you how to find the commissions, and also explains that there are other ways that Amazon makes it worth your while to promote their products.

One of the ways Amazon makes it up to you is by giving you a 24-hour cookie.

Basically, if they click your affiliate link and come back within the next 24 hours to make that sale, you still get paid.

Also, if they go to buy a watch, but add some other items to their cart and purchase those as well, you’ll get the commission.

On top of that, there’s a 90-day cookie. 

That means if your customers come back within 90 days and purchase more products, you get paid.

He then shows you the steps you take to get set up as an affiliate on Amazon.

After that, Franklin shows you how to get y8our affiliate link and do your reporting as well.

Lesson 8 - How To Use JvZoo

So JvZoo is basically just a payment processing platform that also lists products.

He shows you how to sign up, and starts to go into how to use it to find good products as well.

He shows you how to find a bestsellers list for today, yesterday, last 7 days, and last 30 days.

Most of the products you find on this site are software and courses.

Then Franklin shows you how to find the top revenue today, etc…

He says that he makes anywhere from 50 to 500 bucks a day depending on how much traffic his blog brings in.

His #1 recommendation is to use another website to find all of the launches that are coming up on JvZoo and other similar sites, then going to the actual page to get your affiliate link.

Bottom line: JvZoo is mainly for product launches, but is useful for other things as well.

Lesson 9 - How To Use Market Health

As the name implies, this is an affiliate network specifically built for health products.

One thing that’s interesting about this site is that you can translate your offers to other languages, allowing you to rank in foreign countries.

It’s much easier to rank in foreign countries, he says.

You would just have to pay somebody to write the content for you in the target language.

Franklin shows you how to dig through the offers and sub-niches to find good products, as well as how much commission per sale you get.

One that he mentions is a joint pain relief for pets, something that lots of people definitely have a problem with and care very much about.

He then shows some other categories you could consider, and that’s the end of that.

Easy peasy.

Lesson 10 - Web Hosting Offers

As the name implies, here Franklin talks specifically about promoting web hosting and website-building platforms.

He then talks about the service that he uses himself to host his own blog, and shows how you can sign up for an affiliate link.

He shows that this service pays you $100 every time somebody shows up.

The platform Franklin promotes is a little different, however.

It’s a little cheaper he says, so you get more sign-ups.

His commission for this service is $75 per sign-up because he’s at a higher level from getting more sales.

He says the best way to promote these offers is to have a review post comparing several hosting platforms, or have a blog post talking about how to create a website.

Another idea he gives you is to create a YouTube video showing these things in order to get traffic that way.

Then he shows you some other nice tools to find more web hosting platforms, as well as the personal blog of one of the top promoters of Blue Host who actually made $25,000 in one month JUST from Blue Host!

Lesson 11 - How To Use Share A Sale

Share A Sale is another platform for affiliate offers, much like JvZoo or Clickbank.

He suggests that even if you have a Shopify store, you can promote another’s store’s products for additional products.

He then shows you a couple of examples of product types you could promote just the get the gears cranking in your brain.

This is to show you that you don’t just have to promote software and Clickbank stuff, you can do clothing, mattresses, whatever!

Know something about jewelry? You can promote that!

Like the pet industry? There’s offers for that, too!

Basically the primary message in this video is that you don’t have to promote just the “usual suspects”

He shows you some of the other tools and links in the Share A Sale platform as well, but says not to worry too much about all of that (yet.)

Lesson 12 - What's A CPA Network?

First of all, he explains what a CPA network is that is means “click per action”

He says it’s for real professionals, and you typically have to have a little bit of money for this type of thing.

He says that later he’ll go into more detail about how people get traffic and make money with these offers, but he’ll talk about that at a later time.

Some of the offers he shows are Uber, Fiverr, and McAfee, as well as some other big names.

There’s a little bit of a process to get approved, but he says he’ll also show that at a later date.

He then mentions using “native ads” to advertise these offers on sites such as World Star Hip Hop and others. The explanation comes in a later video, this is just the basic 101 explanation.

He shows you how sites such as torrent sites get LOTS of traffic, and are great for these types of native ads. Heck, even porn sites… (Gross, I know.)

So basically if you’re paying ten bucks per lead and you’re getting 20 bucks per click, you’re getting some pretty good profits there!

But again, it definitely takes a little money to get started.

Basically you're getting paid for every person that signs up for an email list or clicks a certain link.

Another interesting action is giving away free stuff and getting paid for it. 

Interesting, huh?

Module 01 - My Key Takeaways 

So basically, in this module the rubber is starting to hit the road.

Although we haven't even started building out our site or even writing content, important work is still being done in the way of digging around for some great products and services to push.

After all, you can't build a site to sell a product you don't have.

Oh, and forget about getting traffic.

That's pretty much the last part of your attack plan, and everything must be ready to roll before you go and invest your time and money into a project.


Content: 9/10 Great for those who don't know where to find affiliate products or find themselves unsure which to pick.

Franklin does an excellent job of showing you some great places to start getting your affiliate offers from.



I like how Franklin gives a good spread of products and offer types for you to consider.

The best part is when he tells you specifically not to choose too many different affiliate platforms, and basically to pick one and stick with it.

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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