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Savage Affiliates Module 3

August 16, 2020


Savage Affiliates - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 3: Building Assets

So now that we've selected our niche, found our products and even chosen an affiliate platform to run with, it's time to start building.

Whether you plan to use paid traffic or organic traffic, you're gonna need to build a website.

In the case of paid traffic, this "website" actually is much more like a funnel, complete with an automated email campaign to make sales on the back end.

But either way, it all comes down to your assets.

And it's time to build!

Lesson 1- Intro

Here, he likens digital assets to the tools and truck of a plumber in order to explain the concept.

Your first and foremost asset is your website. This is basically the basis of your entire affiliate marketing machine that you build.

Another asset is your email list, and this one is HUGE because you can get repeat business from this list! 

He says they're optional and only necessary for certain types of affiliate marketing, but social accounts are another type of asset. YouTube is a great example of this.

He mentions that this lesson is just the intro, but that you’ll be going through how to build websites, landing pages, funnels, social accounts, amazon sites, and finally those oh-so-important email lists.

These assets can also be claimed on your taxes, which is something he says he’ll cover in a later training.

Lesson 2 - Buy A Domain Name

This is absolutely the FIRST STEP in your journey. 

Franklin shows a cheap place where you can get a domain name for less than a cheeseburger and fries from McDonald’s.

He says that the domain name doesn’t matter… Much.

Now, if you’re going to go out and focus on a specific niche, it’s good to have a branded domain name that is relevant to your chosen industry.

Think “Basketball shoe zone” or something like that.

Lesson 3 - Start Your Website

He shows you basically the cheapest place to get service, and even shows you that you can save a little bit more money by using a wordpress plugin to get your domain protection (whois.)

He then shows you how to do the technical stuff in order to set up your hosting, just in case you don’t know what the heck a nameserver is.

He also quickly walks you through how to install WordPress onto your site (and I mean REAL quick.)

After that, he walks you through how to log in to your WordPress site and build out the basic skeleton of your site.

He then (quite funnily)  briefly stops to show you his tab where he’s trading bitcoin! It puts a little bit of a human side to everything.

Lesson 4 - Navigating The Waters Of Your Website

(Arg!) In this video, he starts to show you the basic navigation of WordPress, as well as some plugins that will help you streamline your website and make more money.

(That last part is really important.)

The first thing is adding a title to your site and adding media such as images.

He actually does a really good job of going through each menu item in WordPress and showing you what you need to know.

He actually shows one of my favorite builder plugins of all time, speaking of which.

(Hint: I use if for this blog, actually…)

But that’s just a matter of preference, not a “make or break” kind of thing.

Lesson 5 - The Plugins You Want, The Plugins You Need

Here he talks about some plugins that not only save you money, but the ones you’ll really need to succeed in affiliate marketing.

One of them cleans up your super long affiliate links and makes them look much better. He even says that you don’t need to pay for the premium version of this plugin unless you really like the added capabilities.

The next one is a performance plugin that purges the site every time you make a change and cleans it up. That means BOOM! It’s gonna load faster and thus rank a little better.

Another free plugin is a security plugin that stops people from hacking your site, something that is MASSIVELY important because WordPress leaves holes in your site that people can take advantage of and access your backend.

There’s another plugin that helps you SEO optimize your site so you can help it rank a little better. This one is also free, and you don’t need to upgrade it to the paid version.

There’s another plugin that creates a pop-up so you can collect leads and email addresses for your e-mail list.

It not only allows you to create a pop-up as soon as the page loads, you can have a form pop-up after the reader scrolls down the page a little bit while reading.

He says this has helped him boost his conversions.

Lesson 6 - Email Platforms

This is the asset that’s really going to be making you the most money, he says.

There’s no way around it, this is the main aspect of any and all marketing methods out there.

He goes through one particular email platform and shows you the service level you’ll need to get started.

The most popular package is $49 a month and has all you need to scale to the freaking moon. If you pay for a year at a time, you get it a lot cheaper.

There’s also another platform he shows you that you can consider. It;’s simpler to use, but doesn’t have as many features.

You can even create landing pages through it which is pretty cool, and it integrates with services like Click Funnels, Lead Pages and Shopify.

He then walks you through building out a campaign to HIT that list with.

He shows you some of his list sizes and shows how many leads he gets on an average day, which is somewhere around 400.

He says he gets around a 20% open rate as well, which is pretty darn good.

He then teaches you about an autoresponder that shoots out emails automatically (big surprise there, huh?)

He then shows you something that helps you out big time when ti comes to making sure your people read your messages.

Basically, if they don’t open an email the first time, you can resend the same email at a later time with a different heading, thus boosting the open rate for especially important messages.

He shows you the buttons you click for webinars, forms, and landing pages even though you won’t really be using those for this training.

Lesson 7 - Landing Pages And Forms, Oh My!

Here’s another hugely important asset that’s going to form the core of what you’ll be doing.

He briefly goes over Click Funnels, but says that it might be a little expensive and/or confusing for you at first…

So he shows you what he uses.

It does have more limitations as far as the templates and styles, but you can learn to make little edits so everything pops nicely.

He shows you what to do in order to go this route and save lots of time and money. 

The best part is that it’s all on your site, and hosted by you.

He says one of the things he’s seen happen is that someone would be hosting their funnel on Click Funnels, spending tons of money on traffic… 

Just for the link to be broken right when somebody clicks it.

And that ain’t cool at all!

One of the tools he shows you is how to create a product review (super important for affiliate marketing and Amazon products) using a pre-built template.

He shows how you can edit it both for desktop and mobile devices, which is nice. (Click Funnels also allows you to do this, just in case you didn’t know.)

Then he shows you how to quickly build out a little email collection (opt-in) page along with a super simple thank you page.

Something super-mega-blaster professional-looking that he shows you is the countdown timer!

He then goes through several other useful features such as actions that trigger when people click certain buttons such as a “sign up today” button.

This is by far the best lesson so far because there’s so much information given. 

Lesson 8 - Invasion Of The Chatbots

This is a pretty short and sweet video, but he goes straight into how powerful this can be if done properly.

Basically you can say, “if you want a free PDF, sign up with your e-mail here… And if you want more free content, send me a message here.”

The image below is from a real chatbot that Franklin uses for his own affiliate marketing funnel.

The big shock? He gets open rates of up to 100%!

Not to mention higher opt-in rater than email campaigns. 

He even shows you that he got a whopping 94% conversion rate!

Killer stuff, guys.

Oh, and this strategy is also especially important if you’re paying for traffic so you can squeeze out every dollar of that ad spend.

Lesson 9 - Social Clout

Here he talks a lot about YouTube and Instagram, and how they can be great for affiliate marketing.

He shows you how some other marketers are using YouTube to get tons of traffic, and even says that you can make a video cheaply in case you don’t want to show your face on camera!

He shows you a couple of his videos that are also ranking well on YouTube, many of which get 100’s of thousands of views.

He uses some of these videos to do affiliate marketing for Shopify.

After that, he shows some more of the ways he’s used YouTube in the past to make a good income off of free YouTube traffic.

Module 3 - My Key Takeaways 

Honestly, this module and the SEO module are my favorites.

The funnel/website builder tool that he recommends is ace, and he gives some solid tips for those who are just starting out to save some money.

I build a lot of assets so maybe I'm a little biased when it comes to what lessons I appreciate the most.


Content: 8/10 Very basic but still very well-taught.

Franklin gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to start building out your websites.



I personally didn't need this lesson when I watched it, but nonetheless I found value.

The main reason is that I use virtual assistants to build out my assets for me, so which builder they use isn't really as important to me.

Still, it's an essential part of the course and lots of people will learn a ton in very little time.

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(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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