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Savage Affiliates Module 8

August 16, 2020




So what's the best kind of traffic?

What's the highest-converting traffic out there?

Well, it's FREE traffic, of course!

The catch? It's also the most difficult to get.

Lesson 1 - Free Traffic, Baby! (Start Here)

Franklin says in the first five minutes of this video that he LOVES free traffic.

I mean, who doesn’t love the prospect of free money?

He continues, saying that it’s the way he started his first ClickBank blogs, including his Online Dimes blog.

I don’t know about you, but I listen when the big boys start talking about the first steps in their career.

Not only is free traffic FREE, but it also converts a lot better than other types of traffic!

Even better than SEO traffic, believe it or not.

That means more sales and more dollars in your pockets.

And that’s a good thing.

The catch?

It’s a lot harder to get than other types of traffic.

The general rule of thumb these days is that platforms don’t like giving away free traffic because they want you paying for it.

So you’ve gotta play it super smart.

And will this work for your niche?

Yes, it works for each and every niche, including space travel agencies.

Franklin says that it might take two months, it might only take thirty days… 

But it’ll happen if you work for it.

So what are these free traffic sources?

Well, a big one is YouTube, as well as using blog comments for a different purpose (in this case for getting visitors, not just a backlink.)

Heck, Franklin uses blog comments to this day for getting free traffic.

As far as YouTube, he talks about two main aspects.

One is ranking the videos for traffic (in this case it’s typically stuff you aren’t interested in.)

The other involves making a whole channel, which obviously requires at least a little bit of interest.

He then shows you some of his stats to illustrate how free traffic actually works, especially over time.

Lesson 2 - Collecting Free Traffic Leads

And of course, if you're out there getting all this traffic you NEED to be collecting some leads somehow.

Franklin runs you through some really simple (and somewhat obvious) ways you can collect leads from your viewers you see on YouTube.

One of the easiest ways is putting a link to your site at the top of your description box. 

Make sure and give an actionable step such as "click here to subscribe to our mailing list."

Then you just hit them with an email campaign!

And as it just so happens...

That's the next module!

Lesson 3 - Growth Hacking

An interesting point that Franklin makes is that you can make some of the posts you make on other sites actually RANK for certain search terms.

Being active in this type of site and posting your links, et cetera are also good ways to get that free traffic.

Forums are especially amazing for this type of growth hack.

Another thing is that you can often times get a free backlink!

That’s what we like to call a double-whammy right there.

Franklin then goes into full detail about how you can structure a post that not only looks great in the forum, but also creates engagement, meaning that the amount of traffic you receive will be amplified.

He shows you how to make yourself known and snagging some of the traffic from these sites.

Lesson 4 - How I Get Forum Traffic

First off, Franklin gives you a tool that you can use to find these types of forums and get started on your journey.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s a FREE tool?

Yeah, that definitely makes it better.

He shows you two different ways you can utilize this tool to find relevant forums that will not only yield backlinks, but free WARM traffic as well.

Believe it not, he tells you to only become active in a few of these forums.

Think about how crazy it would be if you had to participate in thirty separate forums, you’d lost your ever-loving mind…

You also want to make sure that people are actually posting in these forums, and that they’re quality sites.

A quick dig through some of the most recent posts should give you a good idea of this.

Heck, he even goes throught and shows you the main three forums that he uses for his own sites.

Some of the blogs also might require you to pay to have a signature space, but it’s generally quite cheap.

Franklin says that it’s DEFINITELY worth it, even though this is “free” traffic.

Another great thing about this strategy is that the bounce rate is shockingly low.

That’s because the traffic is extremely closely related to the niche you’re talking about, at least if you follow his training closely.

Link clicks are quite natural, especially when they’re in your signature.

But the key is not being spammy, and actually adding value to the actual discussion at hand.

Fortunately, Frankin does a good job of quickly explaining how you can do this.

He does this in a visual way, by going through several blogs and showing you his own posts that you can learn from.

He talks about how choose your articles wisely so you can get some good traffic.

Lesson 5  - (YouTube1) Intro

The cool thing about htis lesson is that Franklin is both passionate and experienced with.

The funny thing is that he says he was really socially awkward and didn’t think he’d like being on camera.

The funny thing is that it’s wildly different from search engine optimization due to things like suggested views and playlists.

More and more, people are looking to videos to find the information they’re looking for.

And what’s even better?

YouTube is competing with Facebook for videos, meaning that it’s a GREAT time to use it.

The catch is that you have to enjoy your niche at least a little bit to actually make video content on a regular basis.

He also says that your first goal should be to get an audience first, and then to focus on your offers after that.

He also talks about personal branding, and that it’s not necessary if you have your content dialed in nicely.

He then discusses a little bit about the types of videos that are really popular on YouTube.

On top of that, most of Franklin’s training comes from the suggested videos and YouTube search feature.

He also tells you how often you should be posting, and the schedule isn’t as crazy as you might expect.

He doesn’t even post all that often, and uses the loopholes he finds in the algorithm to steadily get new weekly subscribers.

On top of that, you can pay others to make the videos for you, whether it be an explainer type video or a live recording of a person talking.

You could even download some explainer video software and make them yourself if you wanted to!

Franklin then shows you his first video, which actually took him FOUR HOURS just to set up!

Worrying about things like the lighting caused him to waste a lot of time.

And that doesn’t even include the actualy recording.

He says he recorder it about seven times due to not being happy with the result!

Crazy, huh?

Due to his pickiness in those days, he ended up simply doing a screen recording and guess what…

People didn’t care!

All they want is good content, so if you give it to them, they’ll love you for it.

Most of the viewers weren’t subscribers, which meant that nobody seemed to notice the change either.

He then goes through some sample keywords and shows some screenshots of the types of content other affiliates are doing (and probably making good money with.)

He also shows you another YouTube affiliate that uses a tool that Franklin gives you to find offers that nobody is talking about yet and shoots a video about them.

Franklin is very honest, and even tells you another of his niches that he’s currently making money in.

Bottom line: don’t worry about being charming or looking good on camera.

Focus on giving out great information or creating helpful tutorials that will help others that might end up buying your products.

Lesson 6 - (YouTube 2) Let's Get This Party Started!

The first step is thinking about what your goals are.

Franklin recommends that you sit down and write about it for about 30 minutes to an hour.

For example, if you solely want to promote one product, then your channel should be about that niche only.

There’s apparently a glitch where if you make your channel about one topic and then go change it later, you’ll lose subscribers.

Either that, or they just stop watching your videos because they’re not interesting to your audience anymore.

So the important part is not to have your ENTIRE video lineup figured out, just figure out what you plan to do with this channel and stick with it.

He also gives you a keyword strategy so you can wedge into some unused portions of the YouTube universe and snag some quick wins.

Even if you only get a small amount of traffic from on particular site, it’s going to add up over time and help you out in the long run.

After that, you start working on suggested views.

Franklin then goes into one of the niches he used to make thousands of dollars in DAILY until he got pushed out of the search rankings.

He shows about three or four different videos that are currently ranking in YouTube for certain keywords, and talks about which ones are promoting affiliate offers.

The most interesting part is that not a single one of these videos shows anybodys’ face.

That’s mostly because it’s an “adult” niche, but it serves as an excellent example of what you can do when you don’t want to show your face.

Lesson 7 - (YouTube 3) A Useful Tool

This may be a short little video, but Franklin dings you over the head with some serious value here.

It’s a browser extension that gives you all kinds of great information about YouTube keywords and more.

Franklin briefly runs you through the most important aspects of the data in thie platform.

Another one of the amazing things it shows you is what tags the video you’re currently watching is using.

Basically you start playing with keywords, search for videos in those keywords, and start collecting the data.

Great stuff and very easy.

I’ve seen a couple of different keyword tools for YouTube and this is one probably the most detailed I’ve seen so far.

The entire module is structured around this one tool, so you know it’s an important one.

Lesson 8 - (YouTube 4) Only The Best Keywords

Here, Franklin starts to talk about “youTube-able” keywords, such as “how to” and other tutorial-related keywords.

Franklin shows you how to basically brainstorm for keyword ideas and immediately start searching to see the competition.

Franklin continues, showing an example of a guy who hasn’t really grown his channel very much recently.

He says that it’s down to not making search-friendly video names, and gives several examples of how he could improve that.

Some of the videos on this guy’s channel have a good amount of views, but the number quickly drops off on his other videos.

After that, Franklin shows you some more keyword brainstorming ideas using the photography niche specifically.

You’re basically targeting two or more keywords at once by shooting for a seed keyword AND including some additional words so you get a secondary long-tail keyword as well!

Overall this was a simple lesson, but very helpful nonetheless.

Lesson 9 - (YouTube 5) Take A Swing!

Here, Franklin starts to talk about “youTube-able” keywords, such as “how to” and other tutorial-related keywords.

Franklin shows you how to basically brainstorm for keyword ideas and immediately start searching to see the competition.

Franklin continues, showing an example of a guy who hasn’t really grown his channel very much recently.

He says that it’s down to not making search-friendly video names, and gives several examples of how he could improve that.

Some of the videos on this guy’s channel have a good amount of views, but the number quickly drops off on his other videos.

After that, Franklin shows you some more keyword brainstorming ideas using the photography niche specifically.

You’re basically targeting two or more keywords at once by shooting for a seed keyword AND including some additional words so you get a secondary long-tail keyword as well!

Overall this was a simple lesson, but very helpful nonetheless.

Lesson 10 - (YouTube 6) Ranking Factors

Here, Franklin talks about some of the factors that makes your videos rank and/or get promoted by YouTube.

Things such as watch time and making longer videos are discussed here, as well as keyword optimization.

Franklin basically puts it like this: the more things you get right, the more suggested views you get.

He also gets into theory a little bit, saying that Therehas to be ranking factors other than just the obvious things like subscribers or views.

That’s because if there weren’t, newer channels would have absolutely zero chance of ever getting in on the action.

This means that YouTube would slowly begin to fail due to a lack of new content.

Franklin gives you a couple of places to start with optimizing your videos, with the intention of delving deeper into these individually in the next view videos.

As you’ll see: that’s exactly what he does.

Lesson 11 - (YouTube 7) How To Rank Your Video

This video is all about ranking your videos, and not getting suggested views.

The latter will be the next lesson, and while related, the two are different concepts.

Think about it: if you don’t rank, you don’t get views.

If you don’t get views YouTube can’t consider showing your video to others for even more views!

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The first thing is honing in on your keywords.

Franklin explains this nicely by walking you through the process of uploading a brand new video, which he does right in front of you.

He gives you some actionable tips for the title, and says that he likes to capitalize the words in the title as well.

One trick he uses to get more clicks is to put something in parenthesis at the end of the video title. 

Though he doesn’t “say” anything about it specifically, he also puts the bracketed words in all caps.

One other important ranking factor is the description, and how/when to use your keyword in such a way that you don’t overdo it.

He digs in really deep into this part as well, showing things like keyword density and LSI keywords in the description.

The next ranking factor up for discussion is tags.

He teaches you  a pretty simple but very effective method for finding lots of new tags from other related videos and picking through them to find the good ones.

After that, Franklin starts to talk about how YouTube is a machine that’s looking for information about your video.

All you have to do is make sure and give it the info it needs. 

Lesson 12 - (YouTube 8) How To Get Suggested Views

This is, as Franklin puts it, the Holy Grail of YouTube videos.

He shows you that one of videos gets 37% of its views from suggested views, and that’s some serios traffic.

There seems to be a lot of emphasis on “watch time,” which means videos should be made in such a way that people want to watch it all the way through.

Franklin shows how he used a similar title to another video that had a LOT of views and got his video put in the suggested videos area.

This resulted in a lot of views going to his video as well, and the best part is that he didn’t even worry about keyword research.

He just utilized a similar naming convention for the title.

After that is my favorite part of this lesson.

He walks you through a (simulated) video upload where he does just that- he shows you exactly how to show up next to a set of videos that is getting a LOT of views.

The most important aspects of making this work are the title and tags.

Oddly enough, the description doesn’t really matter in this case because you aren’t really shooting for keywords.

He does give you some ideas for modeling your description without copying anything though, because it can’t hurt to do this part well also.

He then goes back into the tags and gives you a great strategy for making your tags mirror another video’s without copying them word for word.

He then quickly goes through some of his videos in the YouTube suggested area that were jacked just like this lesson teaches you.

Lesson 13 - (YouTube 9) Nice Nails! Thumbnails That Is...

This lesson is great about blowing out a common misconception in the YouTube world - You DON’T need super fancy and amazing thumbnails!

Franklin runs through a quick example, showing that you should be more focused in being DIFFERENT than being “better” and thus more expensive.

While there are places you can buy thumbnails for around twenty bucks, they just aren’t really necessary.

Franklin actually says that he makes his own thumbnails, and that it only takes him a few minutes!

He then talks about people that interact with you more will probably see you more in the suggested videos.

This concept is used to talk about how you should seek to change your thumbnails up often, rather than keeping to the same convention constantly.

Having a consistently different is to stand out from the competition is better than using the same style all the time.

Franklin uses free stock images and simple tools to make his, and they get just as many views as the next guy.

Lesson 14 - (YouTube 10) YouTube Retargeting!

And here it is, ladies and gentlemen…

Things start to get hot and heavy at this point, and the real magic starts to happen.

So what happens when somebody watches your video and leaves?

Are they gone forever?

Not with retargeting ads!

Franklin shows you how to (cheaply) send ads to the people that saw one of your videos.

Not only that, but you can target those who interacted with your channel in any number of ways, including watching specific videos or seeing video ads from your channels.

He then takes you through the process of selecting an individual video and sending retargeting ads specifically to those who saw just that video.

As you can imagine, this allows you to get very specific on the content of each specific video and target different people with different products.

He then shows you how to setup your audience in the Google Ads platform and starting the process of setting up an ad.

Now, when it comes to promoting affiliate products themselves it probably isn’t the best idea.

So once again, you should resort back to your old friend, mister lead collector.

You’ll be able to use the retargeting ads to give away a free product such as an eBook in exchange for an email address, and boom!

You’re on your way to making some money.

Lesson 14 - <Deleted>

This lesson involved using Google + to get some free traffic to your YouTube videos.

But there's just one thing... Google Plus no longer exists!

So don't worry about this little guy...

Module 8 - My Key Takeaways 

This was probably one of the modules I liked the most, mostly because I think the idea of YouTube videos can not only be fun but a great way to get started in the affiliate (or content marketing) worlds.

Franklin does mention several times throughout the whole course that these techniques would work perfectly for selling your own products and services, and YouTube videos are just another great way to do this.

The interesting take on using comment backlinks for something other than pure SEO purposes is also interesting, because either way you're gonna need them if you want to rank!


Content: 9/10 A very interesting and fun part of the course.

The videos about YouTube were especially interesting to me, and I really liked the idea of launch jacking the videos of others.



Honestly I think this module should've come first, right after the videos about choosing your products and niches.

Then, anybody starting with little or no budget could easily start right at the beginning of the traffic segment of the course instead of waiting until the very end.

That being said, the value this course brings is pretty awesome, mostly due to the YouTube lessons.

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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