Abbey Ashley’s Savvy System Review – Is Running a Virtual Assistant Business Lucrative in 2024?

December 8, 2023

The Savvy System by Abby Ashley of The Virtual Savvy is an online course that teaches you how to start and scale a virtual assistant business. A virtual assistant (VA) is a remote employee who offers administrative support for businesses. He/she makes money hourly or based on each completed project. According to a LinkedIn study, virtual assistants increase business productivity by 13%. This is why there's an increase in VAs over the last few years. You can make anywhere between $100 and $10,000 monthly as a virtual assistant. The Savvy System helps you make money by guiding you through the steps needed to get your business started and by helping you find job opportunities.

Some positive reviews of the Savvy System unveil that this program is one of the better virtual assistant courses in the market. It is ideal for beginners and has a generous refund policy. There are also negative reviews of the Savvy System. Online testimonials said that this program charges you monthly to remain in the private Facebook group.

In this article, you'll learn exactly what each module in the Savvy System teaches, if the course is worth the praise it receives, and who Abbey Ashley is. Dive in and discover if running a virtual assistant business is lucrative in 2024.

Savvy System Review: Pros and Cons


Abbey Ashley has earned over 6-figures with her successful virtual assistant business.

If you do not know how to get started making money online, Abbey's training details all the steps needed to get started and the Savvy Vault provides you with over 80 courses that teach you how to use many tools and services.

They provide you with many templates you can put to work in your virtual assistant business.

There is comprehensive training for aspiring virtual assistants on how to attract potential clients.


Starting a virtual assistant business doesn't pay you a passive income unless you outsource the work.

To get paid, you must work many hours for someone else to achieve their dreams.

Clients are demanding.

No job security even if you land a client. They can stop sending you work at any time.

You have to learn many skills like social media management, and email marketing, which are not passive services.


Abbey Ashley's Savvy System has 3 pricing tiers. The Standard package costs $1,297. The Pro package costs $1,797 and the Ultimate package costs $3,397.

Refund Policy

The Savvy System has a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Abbey Ashley founded The Virtual Savvy in 2016.


Abbey Ashley has the following online reputation.

Instagram: 42,000 followers

TikTok: 475 followers

YouTube: 61,900 subscribers

Is Running a Virtual Assistant Business Lucrative in 2024?

Running a virtual assistant business is lucrative in 2024 because, according to a study by Business Wire, the virtual assistance market was projected to grow by $4.12 billion during 2021 and 2025. There is plenty of room for someone to make money as a VA while working from the comfort of their home as long as you consistently land paying clients. The goal is to land quality clients that can offer you work long-term and provide a high end service.

What Can You Learn From the Virtual Savvy System?

Module 1: Welcome to the Savvy System

In module 1, Abbey shares the basic structure to follow as you build your virtual assistant business with her "Launch From Scratch Blueprint".

Module 2: Discover Your Skillset

For module 2, Abbey helps you discover what your unique skill set as a virtual assistant is and what other skills you should develop.

Module 3: Packages and Pricing

In this module, you'll learn how to package and price your services competitively. Abbey also shows you how to structure your pricing so that you generate consistent income each month.

Module 4: Brand Academy

Abbey shares her thoughts on how you can create a brand that will be recognizable.

Module 5: Processes and Assets

In module 5, you learn how to develop a portfolio, onboard clients seamlessly, and how to maintain communication with your clients through each project.

Module 6: Payments, Invoices, and Taxes (Oh My!)

Module 6 helps you set up your bookkeeping, invoicing, and payment-taking methods. Abbey also shares tips about paying taxes as an independent contractor.

Module 7: Legalities

In this module, Abbey helps you get established with your contracts so that you know your legal rights as a virtual assistant.

Module 8: Marketing 101

Here, you’ll learn how to attract clients and get them to work with you.

Module 9: The Ultimate Marketing Plan

This section goes over how to market your business, leading to more clients lining up to work with you. The goal is to find clients fast.

Module 10: Web Development

This module helps you develop a website, and Abbey tells you the right time to do so.

Module 11: The Virtual Assistant Lifestyle

Abbey goes into detail about what you go through in your day-to-day as a virtual assistant. She covers challenges and how to overcome them.

Module 12: Raising Your Prices

Abbey reveals all the ways you can scale your VA business by raising your prices.

Module 13: Building a Team

This module teaches you how to build a team to outsource any virtual assistant work for more time freedom.

Module 14: What's Next

Finally, Abbey dives into how you can build upon the foundation you created with your virtual assistant business and scale beyond virtual assistance.

The Savvy System Bonuses

  • Exclusive job opportunities
  • LinkedIn training
  • The VA template vault

What is the Savvy System Login?

The Savvy System login is where students go to access the course content online.

What is the Savvy System Coupon Code?

The Savvy System coupon code is provided by Abbey. She has done so on Facebook in years past.

Is the Virtual Savvy System Legit?

The Virtual Savvy System is legit because Abbey reveals all the intricacies of becoming a virtual assistant in the 14 modules of her course. The benefits of using the Savvy System is that Abbey offers access to the Savvy Vault library, where anyone can learn the basics of over 80 services and tools that help you do your job seamlessly while commanding a high price for the high value you provide. The Savvy System private Facebook group is also a great resource for students to gain access to coaching and support. Virtual Savvy does not have a podcast, however, Abbey has been featured on several podcast episodes of the Savvy Social podcast and the Strategy Hour podcast.

What are the 3 Virtual Savvy System Packages?

1. Savvy System Lite

Savvy System Lite includes only the 14 module course that will help you launch, grow, and scale your virtual assistant business. Along with the course, they provide you with many templates you can use in your business, including contract templates, email templates, and more.

2. Savvy System Pro

Savvy System Pro provides you with everything that is in the Lite version, along with access to the swipe file library that includes worksheets and other tools you need while building your business. There is training on how to create your website on WordPress and Squarespace and you also get access to the following.

  • Masterclass in marketing for introverts
  • Demo for a discovery call
  • Tax training
  • Proposal training
  • Live training every week in private Facebook group
  • Unlimited proposal reviews
  • Job opportunities

3. Savvy System Ultimate

Savvy System Ultimate includes everything in the Lite and Pro packages. You are also provided with lifetime access to Savvy Vault. Abbey's tech team is also at your disposal if you need any further help. 

What is the Savvy Vault?

The Savvy Vault is a library of over 80 courses that teach you the basics of the most popular freelance services and tech tools. By learning the basics of each service or tool, you'll become a high level virtual assistant that many high-level companies and business owners will want to hire at a higher price. New courses are added to this VA toolbox every month. Some courses found in the Savvy Vault are listed below.

  • Active Campaign
  • Canva
  • Chatbots
  • Community Management
  • Course Creation
  • Dubsado
  • Elementor
  • Flodesk
  • Kajabi
  • Ontraport
  • Pinterest
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Slack
  • Social Media Management
  • Trello
  • Zoom Webinars

The Savvy Vault costs $47 per month.

What are the Virtual Savvy Reviews?

Sadie joined the Virtual Savvy in August 2018. By November of the same year, she quit her full-time job and now runs a VA agency that helps female entrepreneurs. What she loves about this business model is that she was able to step away from the business for maternity leave because she had a team in place to continue getting the work done for clients. 

Lynette said she quit her career job after 15 years because of what she learned from Abbey. Since she started with her virtual assistant business, she has been fully booked and she's expanded her services. She said that joining the Virtual Savvy course was the best decision she's every made, and gives credit to Abbey for this training.

Who is Abbey Ashley?

Abbey Ashley is an experienced virtual assistant from Springfield, Missouri. She attended the American Public University, where she got her Master's degree in management and organizational leadership. She also got a bachelor's in marketing. From 2009 to 2013, she worked as Academic Advisor at the American Public University System, but she grew tired of the 9-5 job.

In 2013, she began her career as a virtual assistant, helping local small business owners with their administrative projects. After growing her income to over 6-figures, she founded The Virtual Savvy in 2016 to help other grow their VA business. In 2021, she created Hello Savvy. Hello Savvy is a marketplace that pairs business owners with virtual assistants. Today, she is focused on coaching her Savvy System course.

What is Abbey Ashley's Net Worth?

Abbey Ashley's net worth is based on the thousands of students who've taken her virtual assistant course and those who she has coached.

What Does Abbey Ashley Claim?

Abbey Ashley claims that starting a virtual assistant business is the best you can start to begin working from home because of the flexibility it provides.

Is There Truth to Abbey Ashley's Claim?

There is no truth to Abbey Ashley's claim that starting a virtual assistant business is the best way to begin working from home. It is one of the easier ways to start working from home, but there are better ways, including local lead generation. You create your own digital properties and you don't have to continue working 8-12 hours each day to maintain. You can walk away from the business for a day with the family and continue to make money. With a virtual assistant business, you have to keep working like an employee if you want to get paid and retain clients.

Savvy System Alternatives

  • Laptop Lifestyle Master Program - This course by Marget van Wijk that teaches you how to start making money online as a high ticket digital marketing freelancer.
  • Side Hustle Nation - Nick Loper offers his community as a resource to anyone who is looking to generate extra part-time income. You learn about different what side hustle you can get into and they offer strategy sessions, private mentorship, and a paid traffic course.
  • Freelancer Freedom Blueprint - Laura offers a coaching program that shows you how to monetize your skills, attract clients, and automate your freelance business to scale in revenue.

Building Your Own Business With Digital Properties You Own is The Key to Financial Freedom

A virtual assistance business is the furthest thing from a passive online business model, but you work too many hours like an employee following instructions from a true business owner/your boss. Unless you outsource each project, you have to do all the work. If you don't work, you don't make money. You also own nothing and you end up being your clients' employees. They might also want to check the hours you work to see if they are getting taken advantage of or not. You are their employee and have to do things the way your clients want them.

Local lead generation solves those problems because you own your digital properties that pay you every month. You don't need to do things the way your clients want them because you dictate what niche to get into, your ranking strategy, and how much you get paid each month. When you get paid is also a decision you get to make. The best part is that once you position your sites atop the SERPS, you don't need to too much else. You don't need to sit down and work 8-10 hours per day. Your sites generate leads every day, every month and you get paid on autopilot.

This is a far more passive business model that will offer time freedom and the financial freedom to invest back in your business or other businesses. As a business owner, those two freedoms are everything. 

This tree care site I built over 8 years ago still pays me $2,000 every month and I didn't have to dedicate more than the initial 4-6 hours of work in all these years. I have over 50 digital properties that are paying me like clockwork because they are well built, well optimized, and well positioned to help local small business owners grow their business.

Local lead generation

You can start down the path of financial freedom if you take the time to create your own digital properties that predictably pay you every month instead of working for someone else. To get started, dive into the local lead generation training program.

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