Alex Micol’s Scalers Method Review — 5 Tips In Finding The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche

March 15, 2024

The Scalers Method is an affiliate course by Alex Micol that teaches step-by-step guidance on affiliate marketing, including identifying winning offers, removing competition, and maximizing sales to sell other people's products consistently. You will also learn how to create effective ads that generate income every time you run them, including the secrets of media buying and Facebook ads, to target the right audience who are ready to purchase your products.

Alex's method focuses on proper product testing to ensure the market confirms what works and what customers want to buy, thus reducing the risk of failure. It provides practical knowledge to help you scale your business effectively and increase profits while avoiding common pitfalls. Is Scalers Method the best strategy to scale your own affiliate business? Can Alex Micol really bring you success in affiliate marketing? 

If you're looking for a simpler way to make money online without constantly creating and monitoring ads or dealing with paid traffic, consider local lead generation. This approach allows you to generate leads and rent out the resulting website to a business in need, offering a steady stream of passive income. By focusing on creating high-quality content that ranks well in search engines, you can attract potential customers and secure long-term rental agreements with local businesses.

Scalers Method Pros And Cons


Alex Micol is a successful entrepreneur and claims to earn 9 figures today. 

It offers a good refund policy.

The course is not that expensive for beginners, considering the inclusions of the program.

It receives good feedback from its actual students. 


The course mentions nothing about coaching and mentoring.

Affiliate marketing industry is already crowded.

Scalers Method focuses on teaching paid ads which most beginners dislike.

Alex Micol recommended having $5,000 before entering his course for paid ads. 


Scalers Method costs $397 from the original price of $1,997.

Refund Policy

Alex Micol offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Scalers Method started in 2022.


Alex Micol features already on Inc. Forbes, Yahoo News, and Bloomberg News. He claims that he’s reaching a 9-figure today. 

5 Tips In Finding The Best Affiliate Marketing Niche

1. Research The Potential Income That Can Be Generated From The Niche

To find the best affiliate marketing niche, it is important to research the potential income that can be generated from it. This means selecting a niche with a significant customer base and high demand for products or services. When starting your research, brainstorm a list of potential niches that interest you and then use tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs to analyze the search volume and competition level for keywords related to each niche. Look for keywords with a high search volume and low competition, as these are more likely to generate income. Similarly, Ahrefs can provide data on the number of monthly searches for a niche, as well as the number of backlinks and organic traffic to top-ranking sites. A niche with a high number of searches and low competition is ideal. 

2. Analyze Available Traffic Sources For The Niche

This involves identifying the potential sources of traffic that can drive visitors to your website and generate revenue. Choosing a niche with no available traffic sources can cause low earnings. Use tools like Google Analytics or SEMrush to identify where your potential customers are coming from and how they engage with your website. Focus on acquisition and behavior reports in Google Analytics, and use SEMrush to identify the top organic and paid search keywords for the niche and the websites ranking for those keywords and their traffic sources. You can optimize your website by analyzing available traffic sources to attract more visitors and generate more revenue.

3. Determine Your Unique Selling Point

Your unique selling point sets you apart from other affiliates and could be your expertise, personality, or unique approach. Once you've identified your unique selling point, you can create content that emphasizes it. By showcasing it, your content becomes valuable and distinct, making it more appealing to your audience. For instance, if your unique selling point is your extensive knowledge of vegan cooking, you can create content that highlights vegan recipes and kitchen gadgets that cater to the vegan market.

4. Evaluate The Volume Of Products Or Services Available Within The Niche

To succeed in affiliate marketing, evaluate the volume of products or services available within a niche before committing to it. Use tools like Amazon or ClickBank to assess the number of products or services available. Choosing a niche with a good amount of products or services to promote increases your chances of success in affiliate marketing.

5. Identify Content Gaps In Competitor Sites

This involves analyzing your competitors' content to discover areas they haven't covered, allowing you to create unique content that sets you apart and provides more value to your audience. You can use tools like BuzzSumo or Ahrefs to identify these gaps and understand your audience's needs better. By discovering what your competitors aren't providing, you can gain insights into what your audience is looking for, and create content that caters to those needs. This strategy helps you establish your authority in the niche and attract more traffic to your site, ultimately leading to increased conversions and revenue in affiliate marketing.

What Do I Get In Scalers Method?

With Scalers Method, you will get 8 modules filled with valuable information that will guide you step-by-step on how to earn over $10,000 to $15,000 a month through Affiliate Marketing. You will also receive 4 bonuses.

Phase 1: Introduction And House Rules

In this phase, you will find out what the Scalers Method is all about and Alex tells you exactly what to expect in the weeks to come so you can get ready.

Phase 2: 6 Figure Mindset

It teaches how to optimize your mindset and environment for success. This is arguably the most important part of the entire course.

Phase 3: Fundamentals Of Affiliate Marketing

On this phase teaches everything about affiliate marketing as a business model - from the very basics to more advanced trade secrets.


Phase 4: How To Find Winning Products

Alex will show to this phase his battle-tested system for finding winning products. He provides his internal checklist, so all you need to do is follow the steps.

Phase 5: Warming Up

You will start setting up your Facebook business manager and get ready to run ads. Phase 5 guides you on setting up your ad account, creating a page, etc.

Phase 6: How To Craft Ads That Sell

This phase is about creating your first ads. It teaches you how to create your own Facebook ad using nothing but your iPhone. Plus, it has a bunch of examples.

Phase 7: Testing

This is the part where you pull the trigger and launch your first campaign. You’ll start with a low budget to test it out while showing you exactly how to do it and what to look for.

Phase 8: Scaling

If the testing phase goes well, it's time to scale the campaign and start printing money. The last phase shows you the best way to scale to $1,000 per day and beyond, without sacrificing ROI.

Bonus 1: Winning Offers Checklist

It helps you discover the best offers that pay you better and are easier to sell.

Bonus 2: 'Battle-Tested' Research Tools

It's a compilation of the best tools that allow you to spy on your competitors and see what is already generating sales in the market.

Bonus 3: Financial Setup Masterclass

You will find out the best information on taxation through an interview with one of the world's top international tax advisors.

Bonus 4: Media Buying Secrets

This bonus teaches how to create ads that convert and turn clicks into sales, including how to test your ads, how to identify the best-performing ads, and how to scale your campaigns.

Bonus 5: Anti-Ban Checklist

This checklist guides you on how to create a ban-proof Facebook ad strategy that keeps you away from getting banned from running ads.

Who Is Scalers Method For?

The Scalers Method is for:

  • Anyone who wants to create a highly profitable online business.
  • Beginners who are really into affiliate marketing and paid ads. 
  • Those who want to generate over $10,000 a month by working just a few hours per week
  • Anyone interested in building and scaling their own affiliate marketing business, regardless of experience level.

Who Is Alex Micol?

Alex Micol is the creator of Scalers Method, an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, and adventurer who started his first online business at 12 by creating Facebook pages that generated millions of followers. He struggled to monetize his following until he discovered the lucrative field of affiliate marketing, which ultimately led him to build Scalers. Scalers is a forward-thinking and innovative marketing agency group that helps businesses grow using creative online ads. Alex is fluent in four languages and his company now generates over $20 million in annual revenue.

Despite encountering setbacks and losing money in various business ventures, Alex persevered and eventually found success through affiliate marketing. He has since used his experience to create multiple successful companies. In addition, Alex is an online advertising master who has run over 10,000 ads for clients.

Most recently, in 2021, Alex launched a unique community-driven NFT called DivergentsKey. The NFT aims to bring people together through a shared love of art, technology, and community. Alex is also notable for being one of the few non-celebrity YouTube users ever to reach nearly 100,000 subscribers, creating no videos (only via ads). If you're looking for another affiliate marketing guru, check Chad Bartlett

Is Scalers Method Worth It?

The Scalers Method can be worth it for beginners looking to start their own online business because the course is not expensive. But take note that it focuses on paid advertising to generate traffic using platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. This can be risky for beginners who are not familiar with online advertising. However, given that the course was created by Alex Micol, a successful online entrepreneur who has earned multiple figures through affiliate marketing, it provides valuable insights that beginners can use on their own journey.

It is important to note that the Scalers Method does not offer coaching or mentoring with Alex himself. However, the course offers comprehensive step-by-step modules that provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to build a profitable online business. 

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

No, affiliate marketing can be challenging, especially for beginners who are new to online marketing. It requires a good understanding of marketing strategies, target audience, and niche selection to be successful. Is affiliate marketing worth it in 2024?
While affiliate marketing offers the potential for a lucrative income, it takes time, effort, and commitment to build a profitable business. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it requires consistent effort to drive traffic and convert leads. Before entering this venture, consider how well this business model is because some entrepreneurs say that affiliate marketing is dead already, so it is important to weigh the pros and cons of affiliate marketing

What Is A More Passive Way To Make Money Online Than Affiliate Marketing?

Local lead generation is a more passive way to make money online than affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you need to monitor trends actively and create videos for ads, as well as worry about paid advertising. In contrast, local lead generation involves building a service site and ranking it on Google using free traffic. Once you've established your site and generated leads for local businesses, you can rent out the site for passive income. This means you won't need to monitor trends or create new content constantly, making local lead generation a simpler and more hands-off way to earn money online.

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