Russ Henneberry’s strategy towards SEO seems to be geared around creating good content to earn links from real websites.

His link building strategy is centered around building generous content and what he calls “link bait” pages, that offer value in terms of very good content and the idea is to promote that article so that people will link to it.

In his Module 4, he also goes extensively into site audit some of which I feel is bit too intense & unnecearry tbh.

I’ve been running my local marketing business for years now without having to do any of that.


  • Very white hat type of link building strategy explained
  • extensive site auditing skills
  • big effort to make everything look very natural
  • great insight into finding buyer intent keywords


  • his very white hat & safe approach can be time consuming
  • can get a bit too technical even for me, let alone a newbie
  • lacks bit of focus on how people should utilize these skills to make money
  • how to actually land clients?

Why I believe White Hat is overrated

money loves speed.

If you’re doing online marketing to make money. Then the best opportunity is ranking sites locally where there is very weak competition, dominating it quickly using PBNs (Network of powerful blogs you create yourself), and land local clients that’ll pay you anywhere from $500 to $3000 per month.

I’m not a fan of over complicating the process.

I’m in this to make money at the end of the day.

Not become a SEO technical expert.

& if you’re still working at a job.

You should also be worried about being able to make money so you can quit your job as fast as possible.

Final Thoughts: Is Content Marketing too time consuming?

SEO & Free traffic is great, because you can make consistent progress as long as you don’t give up and keep working at it.

But the big risk here is if you continue to work on a project using tactics that produce slow results, or you go after keywords that’s not going to make you much money even if you rank.

Then you could end up wasting a lot of time not making much leeway.

This is why I feel there needs to be much more emphasis on the business side of SEO then what a lot of these courses offer.

Like what clients to go after that you can rank pretty easily and that also pays very well?

Ladies & gentlemen lets not lose sight of the #1 goal here.

We need to make money, if we’re going to stay motivated to keep building our online business.

The best course I found that combines actual ranking skills PLUS step by step method to close big clients that pay really well is still this one that allowed me to finally quit my job.

Yes you can become a blog writer, then begin writing amazing content that will naturally attract links.

but this is going to take some serious effort & time, & with current state of things, you will need to put in like 1 year worth of work before you see any money being made off of blog site like this.

But that’s not at all true with local marketing.

You can create a roofing site based in Las Vegas, rank that sucker to page 1 and start getting paid great money as you begin generating leads.

Its much easier to rank because you’re only dealing with Las Vegas roofing companies.

Starting to see why going local makes everything that much easier & doable for a newbie?

Your obviously not going to be spending time writing high quality content for a roofing site that’s gonna get any links.

You are going to build your own blog network, and create backlinks yourself.

This way you’re in full control of the backlinking, you will be able to rank faster then trying to “bait” for backlinks from other sites.

Just make your own back linking sites.

Rank it, get paid monthly for it, then move on to the next.

Rinse & repeat.

It really doesn’t have to be that complicated to make money with local marketing.

Imo, its the best opportunity I’ve seen to make real money on the internet fast.

Then once you’re making like 6 figures from your local clients, then I’d say you can play with building authority blogs that puts out high quality content that attracts links, Russ Henneberry style.

Look its a great strategy when you’re working on a massive authority site like this blog, but I’ve already built a multiple 6 figure online income from my local business clients. (I got about 45 clients now across US and 5 people working for me full time)

So I can afford to spend bit more time building a blog like this one because my bills are already paid off each month by simple lead generation websites that I ranked locally in my home state of Michigan and other states as well.

If you’re just starting off, I recommend keepin’ it simple for a while, till you’re making 6 figures online first, before diving into more indepth type of SEO, which is content marketing. Safer, but a lot slower way to rank things. It is not necesarry when it comes to local rankings.

But there is so much opportunities and MONEY to be made in local. Just keep that in mind.


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