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sabri suby book sell like crazy

Wonderin' if Sabri Suby's Sell Like Crazy is any good?

I was too, so I bought the book so you don't have too.

In this post, you'll learn the good and the bad of Sell Like Crazy.

The best part?

You get a summary of each chapter as well, so you might not even need to drop your dough on the book (I try to be thorough)

But before we dive in, here's a bit about me

(so you know who's behind the scenes)

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

In 2014, I joined a lead generation coaching program that freed me from my 9-5 in 7 months by building and ranking simple websites (like the tree care site next to me) that generate leads for local businesses. 

Since I hit 7 figures with my lead gen business, I've been more deliberate about feeding my mind, which is how I came across Sabri's 2019 Best Seller: Sell Like Crazy.

Speaking of developing my mindset, I'd be lying to if I didn't include a salute to the lead gen coaching's 2X per week masterminds (every Tuesday & Thursday).

You know what muscles and mindsets have in common? They both operate on the rule of "Use-It-Or-Lose-It."

The wisdom and motivation I've gained through the regular masterminds enabled me to push the needle on my business far more than I could've doing it alone.

Learn more about how my lead gen community supported me via the green button below. 

Let's get into Sabri Suby and his book, Sell Like Crazy, and see why it's driven a lot of hype. 

Who is Sabri Suby?

sabri suby book sell like crazy

Sabri Suby is the owner of King Kong, a digital marketing agency based in Australia, but serving clients around the world. 

He came out of a single parent household where his mom held 3 jobs to support him and his siblings. 

His mother's industriousness clearly inspired Suby, get this:

Wanting to help, he started to find creative ways to earn money starting when he was only 8 years old, like churning butter for a local store and juggling in his town's market. 

At 16, Suby applied for first his sales position, along with 30 other applicants. 

He and 2 others were accepted, but he immediately was one of the worst of the 13 member sales team. 

Told by his boss he'd be let go in 7 days if his sales didn't improve, Suby knew he had to change up his game. 

So he did.

Rather than letting the objections his callers threw at him stop him faster than McGregor dropped Aldo, Suby began taking the fight to them, challenging them to buy. 

sabri suby book sell like crazy

As fast as the sun rises in the sky, his numbers rose to the highest the company's sales team had ever seen. 

A young Grant Cardone, Suby dominated the position of top sales rep at 17, bringing home about 2k each week. 

sabri suby book sell like crazy

A few years later, he'd start his marketing agency, King Kong, which he grew from a one man operation to employing dozens within a few short years. 

But let's fastforward to today.

What is Sabri Suby up to these days?

Besides helping you 10X your marketing agency, Sabri is becoming more and more of a public figure, getting featured in many magazines, such as Foundr:

sabri suby book sell like crazy

Sell Like Crazy - Sabri Suby - Summary

sabri suby book sell like crazy

Step 1: Think Like a Billionaire

This is Sabri's mindset chapter. 

Having the seeds of a proper mindset is the foundation to being a successful entrepreneur. 

Have you heard that before?

It's everywhere.

What I found nice about Suby's take on mindset is that he doesn't go on and on about impractical mumbo jumbo. 

Trimming the fat, Suby slices straight to the point, asking the question:

"What do billionaires do?"

Don't worry he's not zooming in on the lifestyle of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates (like the average articles do), but rather he drops the following truism:

Billionaires got to where they are by investing narrowly in assets that provide a positive return. 

You might be like, 

"Yo man, that's a great statement, but how is that practical?"

Don't jump ahead, bro, we're getting there. 

After Suby generalizes about billionaire investments, he scopes in on how they snipe every minute of their day. 

The pivotal question that he asks is this:

Key Question in Chapter 1

"Are the billionaires constantly checking emails, posting on social media, doing Facebook Live streams and other low-level activities they should delegate to a team member or outsource?"

While you're mulling that gem over, check this out:

Suby then dives into what he likes to call "Highly Leveraged Activities."

These activities are the ones that get the most bang for their buck. 

They are the 20% that brings in 80% of the revenue. 

Yeah, you've heard of the Pareto Principle before, but Suby doesn't sit down and play patty cake with that 40,000 foot concept either. 

Suby steers his ship in a different direction than many other books expounding on the popular efficiency principle. 

Rather than scoping in on the wildly popular 20% percent figure, he writes that when the math is all said and done, 4% of activities bring in 64% of the average company's revenue. 

That's right 4% of tasks bring nearly 2/3rds of a company's income.

This new 4% figure means that the list of tasks that you the business owner needs to become exponentially skinnier, shaving off another 3/4 of the tasks you kept on the 20% task list, so you literally have a sliver of the stump that you started out with. 

Suby's point is very simply this:

All things considered, you'll be most profitable by putting all your attention on the ultra high leverage activities that bank the most for your business. 

Put shortly, the new rule that Suby explains is: Do Less More Often

Throughout the rest of the chapter, Suby dives into specific details on which tasks he focuses on in his business and helps you sort through the list on which tasks you should focus on in yours. 

Take this quote with you as you leap to the next step:

sabri suby book sell like crazy

"So, here's the bottom line: Being busy is not the same as being productive. Our lives are full of distractions, and it's hard to stay focused when your world consists of hundreds of tiny tasks and millions of voices screaming for your attention."

Sabri Suby ‧ Entrepreneur

sabri suby book sell like crazy

Step 2: How to Sell Like Crazy

In this chapter, Suby first makes the case that, as the owner of the business, your primary job (the 4% from earlier) is to sell. 

He starts by undoing the common misconception that business owners have. 

Most business owners, writes Suby, "don't really understand the business that they are in."

At this, you may perk up, saying,

"Hold your horses, how would Suby know that? He's just a young gun spouting his mouth like them other big-mouthed millenials."

I'm pretty sure Suby's answer to this would be something like, "Mate, you've interrupted again in the middle of my point. What I'm saying is this..."

His point here is simple: selling is different than doing an occupation

What's great is that he immediately shares examples of what he means, going on about how a baker thinks they are in the business of baking, when really they are in the business of selling baked goods. 

Zooming out, that is the mindset shift that Suby is urging you, the business owner, to make:

Key Takeaway from Step 2

Stop focusing so much on doing your craft and begin to throw yourself into marketing what you offer.

From this point on in this chapter, Suby shares his story about he got into sales and how he was able to change his mothers and siblings' lives forever by becoming an expert in sales. 

sabri suby book sell like crazy

"Selling is not something you do on the side. It's not something you can outsource or completely delegate. It's teh single most important job of any business and consequently any founder or owner."

Sabri Suby ‧ Entrepreneur

sabri suby book sell like crazy

Step 3: The 500k Learning Curve

First of all, before we inspect the meat of Step 3, where'd Suby get his title from? 

His 500k Sales Education Tuition (mic drop)

Most y'all think payin' 150k on college is a ton of dough to fork out. Meanwhile, Suby's out there droppin' 3X the cash on courses, books, seminars, and more. 

Now you probably ain't thinkin' he's as green as a sapling even though he's still a young gun (not even middle-aged). 

But you know what?

Here's how Suby is similar to the rest of us.

Most of us (well, at least us entrepreneurially minded folks), have probably come to the realization that, all things considered, our college years were fun, but probably not all that valuable when it comes to teaching us the mindset and skills to be successful in life

Simply put, Suby would say something similar as Jesus, "I count [all that education] a loss..."

"Now wait a minute," you say, "First he spends all that money tryin' to get himself an education and gets nothing, zip, nadda out of it all???"

That's right.

Suby says this:

"...Looking back, I realized that most of the money was spent on useless, ineffective gimmicks, peddled by so-called 'gurus' and 'specialists'" (p. 51).

So then, his real education began. 

He zoomed out and then looked for people who impacted thousands (and even millions) through their marketing and sales skills, studying their lives, their copy writing, their interactions with others, but always keeping laser-focused on what the individuals did that began their dominoe-like impact (aka their timeless strategies & tactics). 

But don't take it from me, Suby himself writes that "It was after burning through all that cash I decide to dedicate my time to studying people who had real successes (aka not teacher-gurus who talk about something they've never actually done)" (p. 51).

He even name drops some of the greats:

  • Robert Collier (a writer in the early 20th century)
sabri suby book sell like crazy
  • Eugene Schwartz (famous author of "Breakthrough Advertising")
sabri suby book sell like crazy
sabri suby book sell like crazy

First Published in 1966

  • David Ogilvy (British Advertising Tycoon in the 20th Century)
sabri suby book sell like crazy
  • Gary Halbert (Copywriter with the most 7-figure campaigns in multiple niches to date)
sabri suby book sell like crazy
sabri suby book sell like crazy
  • Gary Bencivenga (Copywriter in the late 20th & early 21st century)
sabri suby book sell like crazy

Overall, in this chapter, Suby pushes you to engage long-proven strategies over the latest gimmicks, tricks & sales tips (as sparkly as they are). 

All of those, says Suby, stands up like the straw house of the 3 little pigs to an irresistable offer formed in the forge of the Godfather Strategy that he'll reveal in Phase 4. 

"...I've noticed that not even 1% of businesses put together advertising that builds any kind of a case for a prospect to want to buy their products & services."

Sabri Suby ‧ Entrepreneur

sell like crazy sabri suby book

Step 4: The Wisest Investment You Can Make

Although he isn't a financial advisor, Suby compares the ROI of traditional investments to the ROI of using paid ads (like Google & Facebook ads) paired with a high quality, white-hot irresistable offer. 

To put it bluntly, there's no comparison between the return-on-investment (I'll let you guess which one is higher). #ppc

If you are going to actively run a business, the fastest way to high-level profits is as Suby says, developing one hell of an offer and then running scoped-in, well-targeted ads to it. 

But that requires that you be actively closing each buyer who schedules a call with you, or at least providing fulfillment on the orders that come through. 

Me? I prefer passive profits.

No, wait, that sounds too gimmicky. 

Really, what I like to do is spend a few months building and developing an asset that will go on to pay me for years, without my involvement; some call it passive income.  

Here's a bit of my current portfolio

sell like crazy sabri suby book

Learn more about developing digital assets below, using the green button below or keep reading to learn the 8 phases to Sell Like Crazy. 

Git Some.

The 8 Phases to Selling Like Crazy

sell like crazy sabri suby book

Phase 1: Understand Your Dream Buyer

Drawing a comparison, Suby stretches a line between what many marketing gurus proclaim to be effective selling hacks and the history of copywriting with it's tried and true, the timeless strategies that have fueled King Kong's cheeta-fast growth. 

His go-to move after mowing over his not-so-profitable experience listening to gurus is to fertilize your view of cold internet surfers so that you can begin cultivating an awareness of their need for your product and services. 

sell like crazy sabri suby book

In each industry, states Suby, a small fraction of the population are looking to buy at any given time, while a significantly larger population are aware they have an issue, but aren't actively searching for solutions. 

An even broader portion of the population is open to learning more their various needs, if the education is really valuable. 

The large majority of marketing agencies focus on that near-microsopic fraction who are looking to buy right now.

Suby says that these marketing firms are often short-sighted, as they don't invest in educating and nurturing companies that could easily become interested prospects once given some valuable information. 

How can you find out what information will be valuable?

Engage Operation HALO.

sell like crazy sabri suby book

Suby calls his client-attraction strategy this out of his memory of Halo, the first-person-shooter game, that, in retrospect, has been championed by those who knew their opponent the best

Similarly, the most successful marketing agencies that place offers that pull on the heart strings, are the stairway to their top customers' heaven. 

The protein of this phase can be found in Suby's in-depth instructions on burrowing into your ideal clients' minds so you know them better than they know themselves, but this is a summary so I can't cover each detail. 

I'll leave you with this final note from Suby himself on the depth you need to go to when you are trying to make your offer pop out from your competitors:

sell like crazy sabri suby book

"For your message to stand out from the crowd and really win customers, you must go deeper, much deeper... You need to uncover your customer's deepest and most primal desires."

Sabri Suby ‧ Entrepreneur

sell like crazy sabri suby book

Phase 2: Create the Perfect Bait

Now that he's shown you how to find the intimate details about your ideal customer, Suby now talks fishing, specifically preparing the lure that has landed him hundreds of high-ticket clients. 

Again, Suby begins by comparing what the majority of businesses do and uses that comparison to show you everything that a high-value content offer includes. 

Here's the core of the High-Value Content Offer (HVCO) directly from the man himself:

"The goal is to wow people with this experience. If done right, this HVCO will prompt a conversation to take place in their mind: 'If this is what they're giving away for free, imagine what their paid products/services are like!'"

So what exactly goes into creating a high value content offer?

Helpfully, Suby has a list of what your HVCO needs to include:

HVCO Rules:
  • 1. Create an Attention-Grabbing Headline
  • 2. Make Sure Every Point Touches a Burning Issue
  • 3. Keep it simple

Since the headline is the most important piece of your high-value content, Suby spends the majority of this chapter going over each and every part of some of the best, most successful & profitable headlines that have been put together over the last 70 years.

Some of his examples include:

  • The National Enquirer
sell like crazy sabri suby book
  • Glamour
sell like crazy sabri suby book
  • Men's Health
sell like crazy sabri suby book

What characteristics do you notice about each cover above?

Suby points out a number of things, like their large, branding in the background, lists of tips/looks, generally of different ways people can change their appearances and more. 

Here's the shortlist of headline essentials:

Power Headlines Have These 4 Things:
  • 1. A Headline that Grabs People & Practically Forces Them to Read Your Material
  • 2. Numbers ("7 Tips Everyone Knows About...")
  • 3. Create Irresistible Intrique
  • 4. Show Them What's in It for Them

At the end of this section, Suby provides a list many different kinds of high-value content offers that you can put together to get your creative juices turning.

One part of the section that I found especially unique was Suby including a series of action points that further jumpstart your efforts, especially if you experience a bit of information overwhelm after running over Phase 2. 

sell like crazy sabri suby book

"The temperature of your marketing message must match the temperature of your traffic."

Sabri Suby ‧ Entrepreneur

sell like crazy sabri suby book

Phase 3: Capture Leads & Get Contact Details

If you've ever thought about getting into digital marketing, you've probably wondered how to get clients.

Well, at the beginning of phase 3, Suby drops the same analogy I heard from my mentor over 5 years ago.

You get clients the same way you get a spouse, you got to do some wining and dining first before you propose. 

Well, Phase 3 is Suby's version of how to wine-and-dine a client and his process begins with an opt-in page. 

The opt-in page saves you the awkwardness of asking them on the first date.

sell like crazy sabri suby book

Now there's a number of components that make up a high converting opt-in page. 

Here's the 5 pieces that Suby meticulously scrubs through in this section:

5 Keys to Creating a Killer Opt-In Page
  • A Headline that Grabs Your Reader
  • A Subheadline Summarizing the Details of Your Offer
  • Mega-Compelling Fascinating Bullet Points
  • An Infographic or Visual of What They are Getting
  • A Simple Form for People to Enter Their Name & Email (to be added to your email list)

An average book on digital marketing, in my opinion, would gloss over examples of high converting opt-in pages.

Suby's book tunnels deeper than average.

Versed in the archeology of advertising, Suby exposes skeletal formulas for how the ancients built their most headlines that brought in the most coin. 

Here's an example of one of  his formulas:


A goldmine of proven, yet pracitical information, imo!

sell like crazy sabri suby book

"People browsing online are basically sleepwalking zombies... Your copy must be like a thundering bolt of lightning that shoots through their bodies and shocks them awake from their slumber."

Sabri Suby ‧ Entrepreneur

sell like crazy sabri suby book

Phase 4: The Godfather Strategy

Taking the famous quote from the Godfather movie, Suby incorporates it into the theme of this section, saying that the strategy is "about having an offer so white hot that it melts objections and obliterates any friction between you and the sale... and... almost forces your prospects to buy."

So let's break down where we are in your client's journey so far. 

You've attracted a date to give their email in exchange for your HVCO and they've just submitted their info (finalizing your guys' first transaction) and are being urged to level up their relationship with you with a line of upsells. 

In this section, he walks through what an offer that can't be refused looks like.

Suby starts off with stating the obvious that isn't so obvious: sell what people want to buy

You might look at that and be like, "Duh, what else would I sell?"

Suby would respond like, "Man, I've seen so many people put all this time and effort into designing and making products that nobody's after (aka there's no demand)."

Why does that wasted time happen?

Most people take the path of least resistance, doing what's easy for them, rather than doing their homework on what the market earnestly desires.

In my primary business, local lead generation, we call this initial research "due diligence," where we poke the market a little bit with our tools and maybe some paid ads. 

The coaching program I went through taught me to do this so that I was able to make the most of my efforts, finding the low hanging fruit, which enabled me to quickly scale my income to 7k per month in less than a year. That was enough consistent dough for me to say "See Ya" to the 9-5 that I hated. 

In every business model, you'll have a "due diligence" worksheet that enables you to write down your research and easily make the decision whether or not to proceed. 

Suby describes his simple DD worksheet here:

"On this sheet you should have two columns, column one should be title 'Features' and this is where you list the full list of the features of what you are selling.

"The second column should be titled 'Benefits'. This column is where you convert all the features into corresponding benefits" (p. 157)

 But for sake of time, let's say that you already have a product with a reasonable amount of people wanting it. 

How do you make your product stand out from the hundreds of others offering similar products?

This is where the deep dish Godfather Strategy is.

Savor these seven sauted slices:

sell like crazy sabri suby book

7 Pieces of a Godfather Offer

How to make an offer they can't refuse!

1. Rationale

A rationale is a clear, concise & credible explanation of the reason why you are putting out such a super-generous offer. 

2. Build Value

Building the value of your offer is clearing showing that you are giving away massively more information, strategies, tactics, or trainings than you are charging for. 

3. Pricing

Rather than focus on the specific number to use, the Godfather strategy incorporates multiple offers, starting with a low priced item and then following up with a few upsells (longer trainings, more specific information, etc.) that increase your return on investment.

4. Payment Options

For your higher-ticket upsells, consider offering to spread the total over 3-4 months, because those payment terms lower the perceived price point in your potential customer's mind. 

5. Premiums

A premium is a free gift that customers receive along with the product they're purchasing. 

Consider how you can stand out from your competition by giving a related product or service when another product is purchased.

6. Power Guarantee

While 12-Month guarantees are super popular, it's way better to have a specific guarantee related to your product, saying something like "If you follow our system and don't lose 25lbs in your first 6 months, simply drop us a line and we'll give you back every dollar."

7. Scarcity

A few sprinkles of scarcity throughout is proven to spur more people into action, biting the bullet to buy the product for themselves. 

What does scarcity looks like?

  • Offer Expiration Dates
  • Countdown clocks
  • Only [this amount] left!

Once you've swallowed these 4 courses, it's time to get this show on the road and push some traffic into your new marketing machine. 

In the next section, Professor Suby will go through a few  numbers and acronyms related to pay-per-click  (PPC) advertising. 

And to add dessert to the Godfather Strategy, here's a quote from the man himself:

sell like crazy sabri suby book

"Once you know what your market is starving for, then you take your product or service and craft it into a compelling pitch."

Sabri Suby ‧ Entrepreneur

sell like crazy sabri suby book

Phase 5: Traffic

Here's the layout of Phase 5: First Professor Suby covers a number of key acronyms that enable you monitor your business's profitability as you ramp up your advertising. 

Next, he covers how to set up high converting PPC advertisements, first on Google, then on Facebook, sharing so many examples of high quality ads that a kangaroo couldn't jump over them. 

The most important acronym to pay attention to is CPA, aka "Cost Per Acquisition."

This metric refers to the number of dollars you need to spend to get a new client. 

Wondering how much you can spend on paid advertising?

Suby put it this way, "Know how much you make from a customer, and you'll know how much you can spend to get one."

One question you might have is, "Why does Suby show how to run paid ads on multiple platforms? Why not just stick with one?"

He shares an example of a business investing in one platform, only to have the platform change their ad algorithm, which made the business's income dry up faster than a waterhole in the Sahara in the summertime. 

Rather than only investing in a single platform, Suby encourages businesses to split their time between 3 platforms, as that practice diversifies risk, and can enable you to scale the number of incoming clients as you can reach more people.

Overall I found his chapter to be super helpful, covering enough details to jumpstart businesses new to PPC, but avoiding dragging his readers through the weeds of every little thing about advertising on the largest platforms today. 

sell like crazy sabri suby book

"Keep in mind that while many busineses often think they just need more traffic, in reality what you need is an offer that converts traffic profitably."

Sabri Suby ‧ Entrepreneur

sell like crazy sabri suby book

Phase 6: The Magic Lantern Technique

Alright, so at this point, you've got traffic hitting your landing page, but only 3% are immediately going and buying your product immediately. 

sell like crazy sabri suby book

How do you turn up the heat on the people that you paid for, who opted-in to your high value content offer, but haven't invested in your product or any of the upsells?

That's where the Magic Latern Technique comes into play. 

sell like crazy sabri suby book

So what exactly is the Magic Latern Technique?

Think of it like the blue light that attracts the insects in A Bug's Life. 

sell like crazy sabri suby book

It keeps your prospects around by continually attracting them back to you. 

But literally though, it's a series of emails linked to video trainings that are nothing but pure value for your cold opt-in-ers. 

While it will take some work to but together this video series, here's what Suby's experience has been with his Magic Latern:

Key Takeaway from Phase 6
"This may seem complicated, but the result of this video sequence is that you turn a good chunk of that disinterested 97% into genuine, eager buyers" 
- Sabri Suby

So how can you start to put together your own Magic Lantern?

Suby provides a walk-through example of how he created one for a client of his, showing a series helpful illustrations that show their potnential client's state's transition:

sell like crazy sabri suby book

With each step the trust level increases, and the level of skepticism decreases. 

sell like crazy sabri suby book

Here's how Suby sums up the Magic Lantern Technique:

sell like crazy sabri suby book

"The Magic Latern Technique is like guiding your prospects down a metaphorical path to their desired end state. Along the way, you provide a ton of value and all the goodwill that comes with it."

Sabri Suby ‧ Entrepreneur

sell like crazy sabri suby book

Phase 7: Sales Process

As you begin to develop trust with people who've been through your Magic Latern series, you'll probably notice an uptick in scheduled appointments, in people booking time on your calendar to sign up for your services. 

So how will you make the most of that appointment?

Suby covers that in this section. 

Before he walks through his proven sales process, he describes what 9 out of 10 sales people do that messes up the sale.

"I've found that 90% of sales people get it wrong. They basically vomit every feature and benefit of their service during their sales presentation in there hoping that something hits a nerve that will make the prospect buy"

So here's the process that Suby follows and trains his people on:

Sabri Suby's 7 Step Sales Process

Step 1: Find Your Prospect's Why

This is the part where you have to dig past any superficial, programmed responses and get down to your person's true motivation for scheduling the call. 

Step 2: Learn Where They Want to Go

As you are learning about their why, learn what they want to achieve or what situation they'd like to like to be in. 

Step 3: Listen to The Admission

At this point, you know where they'd like to end up, so it's time to find out what effort they've made to get there as well as their frustrations and obstacles, the things that have kept them reaching their goals on their own.

Step 4: Deliver the Promised Value

Once you've listened to them for a while, and heard their dreams and frustrations, it's time to help them formulate late a plan to get where they want to go (that's the value you've promised as part of your Godfather offer). 

Here's an important quote from Suby:

"This is an incredibly important part of the call and is where all sales pitches generally fall short. You want to prove to your prospect that you can help them by actually helping them" - Sabri Suby

Step 5: Get the Commitment

As soon as you've given them some help, get their take on it. 

You might consider saying something like, "Does that sound like the type of help you're looking for?"

Think of the help you are giving them as the appetizer, when what they really want is the whole meal (aka your big offer). 

Step 6: Give the Prescription

Now that they've shown their commitment, you can take a couple minutes to talk about your services, tailoring your explanation to the pains and desires they named earlier. 

But you can't just rattle on about your services forever, here's Sabri Suby's specific criteria for the best way to give your prospect their prescription:

"Write it out, read it aloud, and ensure it rolls off the tongue; and then practice saying it over and over again to get the delivery perfect... This overview should be no more than 2 minutes long" - Sabri Suby

Step 7: Close the Deal

By this point in the call, you should have a good bead on how warm your client is (if they're hot, cold or lukewarm). 

Your prospect's temp will determine what kind of close you use on the call. 

For instance, if you've got Jim on the phone and he's like a 5 out 10, you might have to be a bit more confrontative in the close, as Jim is still a bit wishy-washy, reluctant to commit. 

Suby says you might use a close like this:

"Jim, I want you to understand this is not for everybody. It does take time and commitment from yourself, and requires that you actually do the work and take action. With that said, why are you serious about solving/achieving ________ right now?"

sell like crazy sabri suby book

"If you are selling a service, the best way to close the sale is to have a free 30, 45, 60 minute zero-pressure, very helpful sales conversation. This conversation can close 80% or better."

Sabri Suby ‧ Entrepreneur

how to sell like crazy according to sabri suby

Phase 8: Automate & Multiply

Ultimately, once you've build a solid business, you'll likely want to enjoy the fruits of your labor by traveling or diving deeper into your hobbies. 

And you deserve it, right?

But you've put in all this hard work into building your well-oiled income machine, it'd be a shame just to leave and let things fall apart, not to mention your income will drop off faster than Wiley Coyote falling off a cliff. 

how to sell like crazy according to sabri suby

While this final section does provide a lot of detail into email marketing, what I would have liked to see was Suby's advice on how to automate and hire which is more what the title of the section leads you to believe. 

Suby's got several dozen employees and manages hundreds of client accounts, so it would have been nice to see some of his behind-the-scenes processes like how he produces large amounts of copy or the kind of tech he uses to keep everything up-to-date. 

how to sell like crazy according to sabri suby

"When I look at sales and marketing, I look to create automatic and robotic-like selling systems where you can write an email, shoot a video, write a sales page, or record a webinar, and then profit form it again and again on autopilot."

Sabri Suby ‧ Entrepreneur

How Books like Sell Like Crazy Helped Me Reach 52k Per Month

I read Sabri  Suby's book back when it first came out in 2019 and it sent me down memory lane a bit. 

In 2013, I read a book on how to create wealth by investing in real estate

From then on, I became obsessed with trying to figure out a way to make money work for me, or being able to get paid while I sleep... that passive income everyone talks about.

I tried multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing & even some real estate investing courses...

But at the time with very little knowledge of internet marketing I failed repeatedly.

Plus I didn't have enough money in the bank for real estate.

Well, thanks to my preserverance I finally found a business model of lead generation that had both the affordability and the passivity I was looking for.

It's simple. 

We build & rank simple websites at the top of Google and we rent our online real estate properties out to local businesses.

My client pays me $2000 per month just to get all the leads (or phone calls) that this site generates every month.

What's awesome about this business is that I can go into 100 different niches and every city is a brand new market.

Imagine just building 10-15 of these sites and now you're making $10K per month potentially.

Once these sites are ranked, they don't require much maintenance. You just leave it alone and they'll keep making money for you.

So the scalability is insane.

I joined this lead generation coaching program back in 2014, and today I own over 75+ of these digital lead-gen assets.

Every year, my income is going up because I'm no longer trading my time for money. 

I simply reinvest my money into building more of these properties and so I'm putting my money into working for me.

Since I focus on building more lead generation properties, my income continues to go higher & higher.

Thanks to the phases laid out in Sell Like Crazy

I have been able to further increase my lead gen income, closing clients faster than ever.

Guys...  they say money can't happiness, but I beg to differ.

Maybe its not about how much money you make...

But surely, how you make the money... definitely matters for your overall happiness.

Here's an example of a site that I built back in 2014 still paying me today.

All I have to do is go to my mailbox each month and collect my checks.

I'm still getting paid for the work I put in 6 years ago and that feels great.

That's 100% made me a happier person.

In this picture you can see that the same company has been sending me checks since 2015.

You're telling me that I'm not a more happier individual today when I don't have to work every waking hour just to pay the bills?

When you got assets that take care of the bills for you, you get more time freedom to go live your life.

Freedom = happiness (it's that simple)

So sure you could argue that money isn't happiness but I'd argue all day, every day that how you make the money matters for your happiness.

Master this skill of lead generation and you'll be able to create next level happiness as you'll both be creating freedom for yourself and you'll be helping hundreds of small businesses get the customers they need to provide for their families.

At the end of the day, the truly wealthy individuals are those who've helped a lot of people by helping them get what they need.

"The Market doesn't pay you to have the best products or service. It rewards you for solving problems."

Sabri Suby - Entrepreneur

So why not build some digital assets?

No one can take those sites away.

If a client decides he doesn't want the leads anymore (its rare, but it happens) or they want to retire.

It's all good. I'll find another local company to start taking the leads.

Meaning as long as I own the digital asset, I will get paid on them every month longterm.

Because leads are the most valuble thing for a small business.

Without potential customers calling them up, they die.

We provide the lifeline of a business.

And the #1 place to acquire leads today is having sites ranked at the top of Google, bar none. (Click on the button below to learn how to get started)

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