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How to Launch a Product on Amazon (2021 Update)

August 16, 2020


In this article, you'll learn how to launch your product into Amazon's Marketplace in 2020.

I'll show you specific strategies and tactics to get your product in front of interested shoppers so that you can expedite your sales and garner initial product reviews. 

As I make clear in my Complete Guide to Selling on Amazon

becoming a successful merchant on Amazon these days requires a different product selection strategy than before

and in turn an adapted product launch strategy. 

The biggest challenge to getting an Amazon FBA product into the market is keeping all the ways you are pushing it out there organized. 

In this FBA Product Launch Guide, you'll learn how to use social media as well as paid advertising (both Facebook Ads and Amazon Marketing Services) to promote your product and get the initial sales. 

Here's a 90 day launch timeline to guide your activities: 

This is a 90 day launch outline for those looking to propel their items into the Amazon Marketplace

​Why You Should Read This Review:

​I'm Ippei (pronounced "E-Pay")

I've been an internet marketer for 6 years. 

I started with lead generation in 2014.

Then branched out to Amazon FBA in 2016.

In Sept 2019, I left Amazon FBA because there's more money and less hassle in lead generation. 

But I had some pretty good months on while selling on Amazon

But enough about me, 

Here's what's all included in this comprehensive guide to 2020 Amazon Product Launches:

  • Overview of Holistic Product Launch Efforts
  • 4 Hands-Off Done-For-You Product Launch Services
  • Paid Tactic 1: Facebook Ad Creation and Targeting
  • Paid Tactic 2: Amazon Marketing Services
  • Paid Tactic 3: Amazon Demand-Side Platform
  • Email Collection Tactic 1: eBook Opt-in
  • Email Collection Tactic 2: Exchange Coupon Codes for Email 
  • Organic Launch Tactic 1: Facebook Interest Group 
  • Organic Launch Tactic 2:  Sell Your Product on Your Website
  • Organic Launch Tactic 3:  Communicate Product Benefits in Shareable Content
  • Organic Launch Tactic 4:  Utilize Guest Blog Post Opportunities
  • Organic Launch Tactic 5: Generate Attention Through Product Drawing or Contest
  • 3 Principles of Attention: Generate Attention Through Product Drawing or Contest

Launching Your FBA Product on Amazon in 2020

Getting a Holistic Overview of Your Product Launch Tactics

When you are just getting started laying out your product launch plan,

it's important to outline the approaches that you anticipate using intensely during the product launch period. 

For help deciding which tactic(s) to use during your launch, 

please see the frequently-asked-questions section towards the end of the article. 

In the following overview, 

I'll assume a balanced approach between paid tactics and organic tactics. 

Paid Product Launch Tactics:

What are Paid Product Launch Tactics? 

Paid Product Launch Tactics are methods of propelling items into the marketplace that require paying a service or advertising agency to promote products on their platforms or using their established practices. 

Paid Tactics are fairly easy to implement, 

as you simply set them up, 

and aside from periodical monitoring the progress, 

they require little effort. 

Organic Product Launch Tactics: 

What are Organic Launch Tactics?

Organic Launch Tactics are methods of garnering attention from people in the marketplace through manual efforts that while they require no financial payment directly, they do require significantly more labor to pull off effectively. 

Organic Tactics form parts a much more of a long term marketing strategy,

as it takes both man-power and time to get in front of enough people to see an impact. 

That said, provided that the quality of content made by these organic launch efforts is high, 

the long tail of these efforts can create significant product legacy. 

Sample Holistic Overview:


Setting Your Expectations about Your Product Launch Efforts

One of the things that Tim does right in this module is give proper expectations. Product launches are not merely one-day celebrations, but a several month long drama, creating a sense of suspense through the months and weeks prior to the launch. 

While grateful that Tim provides a 12 week plan outline to launch, I think in our day of instant gratification, he might do well to have provided a 90 day schedule of tasks to do each day until launch day arrives. For the reason that then the business builder would focus more on the business rather than merely thinking it can be accomplished in a few hours once per week. 

4 Completely Hands-Off Done-For-You Product Launch Services

If you'd like to have the bulk of the work taken off your shoulders, 

there's services out there that you can give access to your Amazon Seller Account and your new product's information and materials (images, packaging, etc.) 

and they will take care of launching the product for you. 

**I'm not an affiliate for any of the services below**

1. Viral Launch

Over the past few years, I've watched Viral Launch grow from a single tool into an adaptive tool suite, where you choose what resources you need in your business and pretty much just pay for those. 

VL has been very helpful as I've been able to share my account access with multiple VA's and get a lot of use out of reasonably priced subscription. 

If you are just getting started, as of February 16, 2020, Viral Launch charges only 200 dollars for an "Uber Launch."

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout's product launch feature only charges you after you've made your sales for the previous month. 

It's a really handy feature, 

as JS is,

in a way, saying,

"If you don't make money here while using this feature, we don't make money either."

3. Zon Jump

ZonJump offers the full range when it comes to product launching on Amazon. 

You can have them fully do the launch, or you can opt to do pieces of it yourself while ZonJump's experienced professionals act in a consulting capacity. 

How does Zon Jump price their service?

You pay per coupon. 

As is typical with bulk pricing,

the more coupons you get, 

the cheaper your per coupon rate becomes.

4. Helium 10

this is another product launch tool for amazzon fba

Helium 10 has several tools that will aid you in your product launch. 

One of the unique features of Helium 10 is the unheard of "A La Carte Plan," that lets you pick and choose the tools that you need, which enables you to save some money if you want to use more than what their "free plan" offers. 

PAID TACTIC 1: Facebook Ad Creation and Targeting

When I was first starting on Amazon, 

I found Kevin's Facebook Ads Step-by-Step walk-through's to be super helpful. 

In this video, Kevin will show you how to:

Step 1: Get a URL for your product listing that doesn't have a time stamp in it using Amazon Associates.  

Step 2: Get a Facebook advertising pixel for your Amazon Product Listing.

Once you've have your advertising pixel and are logged into your account,

Step 3: Head over to my complete guide to advertising on Facebook to get step-by-step instructions on how to set up and optimize your ads, scoping them in on your future Amazon customers. 

PAID TACTIC 2: Amazon Marketing Services

Here's how to use Amazon Marketing Services (AMS):

Step 1: Create an Account (you'll come to a page like this)

Step 2: After completing your account registration, you'll log in and begin setting up your first campaign. 

Step 3: For step-by-step instructions to setting up your first Amazon PPC campaign, hit the button below. 

PAID TACTIC 3: Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP is Amazon's solution to its marketplace becoming crowded with sellers as it enables you to put your products just about anywhere on the web with the help of an Amazon-trained agency. 

Who is Amazon DSP best suited for?

Brands that aim to:

  • Expand their coverage beyond Amazon's PPC (AMS)
  • Reach Custom Audiences made fomr Amazon's Data
  • Promote their products to Amazon Customers both on and off Amazon's platform
  • Create Look-a-Like Audiences using Their existing customer base
  • Leap ahead of the competition in both reach and frequency

With Amazon DSP,

you can reach audiences on 

  • firetv
  • kindle
  • IMDb
  • IMDb: FreeDive
  • IOS and Android Apps
  • Published Partners
  • 3rd Party Exchanges

This service is primarily marketed to larger companies, who spend over 15,000 dollars a month in advertising. 


Whenever your goal is to collect customers' email addresses from Amazon, 

you'll need to have a landing page with an opt-in form between your promotion,

(like Facebook or Instagram ads or even your website's homepage), 

that enables them to insert their email to receive your coupon code

(you can have it sent to the email they type in to make sure they type in the right one). 

Outline of a Sales Funnel

A very simple way to set up a landing page with integrated opt-in form is by using Click Funnels. 

The 10 Step Fast-Track to Creating a Landing Page on Click Funnels:

Step 1: Create an Account on

Step 2: Click "Add New"

Step 3: Select "Collect emails" (it's the simplest form of opt-in funnel that C funnels offers)

Step 4: Name your opt-in

Step 5: Create a tag (so that your responses can be tracked)

Step 6: Click "Build Funnel"

Step 7: Select a template for your new funnel's opt-in page and another one for the "thank-you" page

(The "Thank You" Page is what those who enter their email addresses will see after they put their addresses inside)

Step 8: Select the Button text that will show up on the opt-in button on the optin page. 

Step 9: Link your privacy policy (here's a free privacy policy generator, so all you need to do is change your details)

Step 10: Set up the integration between your company email address and your new funnel. 

Some eBook content suggestions were:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of the product
  • Common Uses of your product
  • Testimonials from real customers whose lives have been changed for the better because of your product
  • Imbed a link in the eBook to your product listing so that it is very easy for customers to leave a review


EMAIL COLLECTION TACTIC 2: Exchange Coupon Codes for Email 

Keys to Remember:

1. Make sure to set up your coupons to be:

a. Single use

b. One redemption per customer

c. Have a max order quantity

ORGANIC LAUNCH TACTIC 1: Facebook Interest Group 


ORGANIC LAUNCH TACTIC 2:  Sell Your Product on Your Website


ORGANIC LAUNCH TACTIC 3:  Communicate Product Benefits in Shareable Content


ORGANIC LAUNCH TACTIC 4:  Utilize Guest Blog Post Opportunities


ORGANIC LAUNCH TACTIC 5: Generate Attention Through Product Drawing or Contest


Organic Launch Tactic 6: Generating Coupon Codes

Kevin's emphasis in this video is to always remember to set up a "max order quantity" so that your entire inventory cannot be bought at a heavily discounted rate. 

Otherwise, all your hard work of getting your product to Amazon's warehouses goes out the door, as well as the money you invested in your inventory. 

Additionally, Kevin includes that you can try to work with Amazon's legal department on this situation if it happens to you, but in the vast majority of cases, they will stonewall you with their ToS, which states that for Amazon sellers, all sales are final. 

Organic Launch Tactic 7: Lightning Deals

What is a lightning deal?

Definition: A lightning deal is a unique, extremely short term promotional discount of 20% or greater that is only available on a specific selection of products (Amazon has a list of rules).

What is the benefit of using lightning deals?

Increased Traffic: The traffic boost you can get from a lightning deal is enormous. When I've ran lightning deals in the past, I've seen anywere between a 2x and a 7x boost in traffic through the duration of the deal.  

What should you consider when setting up a lightning deal?

Timing: The timing of setting up your lightning deal is,both a vital consideration as well as a difficult aspect to determine as Amazon, not the seller, schedules the start date of the promo while the seller determines the longevity of the promotion. 

Where can you see examples of lighting deals going on now?

How to Find Current Lightning Deals: To find lightning deals, there are two two steps:

  • Step 1: navigate to the "Today's Deals" page
  • Step 2: on the side bar, select "Lightning Deals"

Amazon FBA Product Launch FAQ:

1. How do you decide which product launch tactics to use?

Balance your financial budget against your available time.

Principles of Attention and Pricing

1. Grab Them 2 Seconds: In today's scrolling world, you have anywhere between 1 and 5 seconds to hook a prospects attention. So snag them fast. 

2. Keep Attention via Surprise: You can keep their attention by adding unexpected yet related parts to your Title and product image. 

Consider the example below:

As this image is a part of the Amazon product packaging section, it is a comparision between two different water bottles, displaying the difference in design: from color, shape, size, to what's included in the product image in addition to the image that makes a huge difference in the amount of traffic that each listing receives

Which product grabs your attention more?

3. Price Perception: Split Test your products with different prices. You'll find your product's sweet spot. 

Consider Your Reaction: If you glance at a product that's 20.00 vs one that's 19.97,

which one will you gravitate towards?

Here's a helpful comparison to find your tool for split-testing your listing: (no opt-in)

My Split-Testing Recommendations:

1. Run your split tests for at least a week to get enough data to analyze

2. Split-test Your product titles and product images first, as they are the most visible parts of your listing. 

Bonus: 100 Different Types of Content for Your Organic and Paid Tactics

When you (and your team) are creating content for your organic ad campaigns, 

it's really important to incorporate at least two different kinds of media into your content pieces from the list below

(at least one visual type and one lingual type; i.e. several pictures and paragraphs of text)

Textual Content

1. Articles

2. Guides

3. Lists

4. Step-by-Step Explanations

5. Q & As

6. Frequently Asked Questions

7. How-tos

8. Case Studies

9. Recipes

10. Interviews

11. Book Reviews

12. Research

13. Industry News

14. Guest Posts

15. Success Stories


17. Glossaries

18. Comparisons (Versus)

19. Mistakes to Avoid

20. Hilarious Stories

21. Tips and Tricks

22. Best Practices

23. Literary Works (Poems, Rhymes, etc.)

24. Cost Sheets

25. Testimonials

26. Product Reviews

27. Checklists

28. White Papers

29. Company News

30. Personal Stories

31. Personal Bios

32. FAQs

33. Wikis

34. Inspirational Messages

35. Interesting Facts


37. Microblog Posts

38. Metaphors

39. "Why this" content

40. Product Announcements

41. Promoted Posts

42. Disclaimers

Multimedia Content

43. Infographics

44. eBooks

45. Audio Posts

46. Photography

47. Vlog

48. Micro Videos

49. Webinars

50. Online Events

51. Surveys

52. Slideshares

53. Data Collecting

54. Illustration

55. Demonstrations

56. Posters

57. Cartoons/Comics

58. Online Magazine

59. Music Videos

60. Maps

61. Fan Pages

62. Giveaways

63. Daily Show

64. Cheat Sheets

65. Screenshots

66. Audiobook

67. Podcast

68. Live video

69. Presentation

70. Poll

71. Online Course

72. Roundup

73. Data Visualization

74. Diagram

75. Gifs

76. Transparency

77. Memes

78. Competitions

79. Quiz

80. PSA

81. Forum

82. Media Mentions

83. Feature Pages


84. Plug-ins

85. Free Tools

86. QR Codes

87. Chat Rooms

88. Countdowns

89. Calculators

90. User Generated Content

91. Email Campaigns

92. Promotional Sites

93. Best Awards

94. Offline Magazines

95. Ads

96. Templates

97. Browser Extensions

98. Free Resources

99. Mobile Applications

100. Social Buttons

101. Converters

102. Collaborations

103. Landing Pages

104. Income Reports

105. Online Games

106. Promotional Material (Swag)

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