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Seller Systems Review: Everything About Brandon Young’s Private Label Platform You Need to Know

March 20, 2024

Seller Systems is a platform for Amazon private label courses created by Brandon Young. These courses are up-to-date, focused on data analysis, and centered on using product research software rather than a more abstract strategy, like a passion product. Because the seller has backed their product with facts and not feelings, they increase their chance of success and have more peace of mind. Brandon is also an active 8-figure seller, which is one of the best aspects of this course. Since he's also in the trenches, he will tell you when Amazon launches the latest update.

In this Seller Systems review, you’ll find out which Seller Systems course is best for you. But, is Amazon the best place to sell your private label products? And, is private label the best business model for you? Or, should you try something like local lead generation, which is less expensive to start and doesn't require product research, vetting, and brand creation? Let's find out.

Pros of Seller Systems

Brandon claims to have students with the highest success rates of any mastermind or course.

Product research and advertisement strategy is data driven rather than theoretical.

Constantly updated

Brandon is an active 8 figure FBA seller and coach.

Private Facebook group gives you access to even more Amazon FBA sellers.

Cons of Seller Systems

The most useful course, the Inner Circle, is expensive.

$1000 annual fee for Inner Circle.

Some Seller Systems website content hasn't been updated since November 2019.

Few detailed reviews of any courses found online.


Amazon SEO Masterclass: FREE, Launch Masterclass: $797, PPC Masterclass: $297, 5 Hour Amazon Private Label Masterclass $197, Inner Circle Mastermind: $2000 + $1000 annual fee (code SELLERSYSTEMS1000 will save you $1000!)

Refund Policy

14 day money-back guarantee for Inner Circle


Seller Systems offers many kinds of training, but the main Amazon FBA training is the Inner Circle.


Yes. The Seller Systems Facebook group has even won an award for favorite Facebook group from SellerPoll.


Brandon started teaching Seller Systems in 2018.


Brandon is very trusted online. He often does podcasts, interviews, and speaking events.

What is Seller Systems?

Seller Systems is Brandon Young’s suite of Amazon private label courses. Brandon created it with two other active 8 figure sellers, Maximilian Abreu and Garland Sullivan. They are no longer involved.

The platform has something for every level of Amazon FBA seller. Yet, it is not overwhelming. The best way to experience Seller Systems is:

  • Watch Brandon Young on his YouTube channel.
  • Sign up for the free Amazon SEO Masterclass.
  • If you’re sold on Brandon’s strategy and teaching style, consider signing up for the Inner Circle Mastermind. This Amazon FBA training is more expensive, but gives you the most value. If you want to start slower, purchase the 5 Hour Amazon Private Label Masterclass.
  • If you don’t want to commit to the big course, buy the Launch Masterclass to start your Amazon business.
  • When you’re ready to master your Amazon PPC, sign up for the PPC Masterclass.

Who is Brandon Young?

brandon young

Brandon Young is an expert Amazon seller who makes over 8 figures annually. He first got into Amazon in 2015. Two friends of his were doing over $1 million each year doing arbitrage, but they didn’t want to help him. So, he learned about Amazon on YouTube. From his research, he decided wholesale and liquidations would be better business models than retail arbitrage because they are more scalable. 

In early 2016, he and his wife Jennifer went to China to start private label. Their first product launched in June 2016. By 2018, they were doing about $10 million annually. Now, they run multiple Amazon brands and the Seller Systems coaching business.

One of the best parts of Seller Systems is that Brandon and his wife are active sellers. They constantly create content for the Inner Circle and update existing content. If there are recent additions to Amazon’s Terms of Service, or a fake guru leading others astray, Brandon actively alerts his followers and gives valuable context. For example, see our review of Kevin David’s AMZ automation for Brandon’s experience. 

In 2021, Brandon Young won SellerPoll’s Outstanding Contribution award. They have also named him favorite Amazon Consultant every year since 2019.

favorite amazon consultant award
Outstanding Contribution

What is a Private Label Product on Amazon?

Amazon private label is an FBA business model where the product is generic and originally brandless. The seller creates a logo and brand name to sell the product. This is an Amazon FBA business model that involves creating your own brand, purchasing a product without a brand from a manufacturer, and placing your own brand on the product to sell. After the manufacturer creates the product with your logo and name, they ship it directly to an Amazon FBA warehouse.

Amazon private label sellers will scale their businesses by adding variety to their products with each inventory order. They might include color options, texture options, additional features, or bundles with additional products under their brand.

For inspiration, check out our comprehensive list of best-selling Amazon private label brands.

Breakdown of Seller Systems Courses: How Can Brandon Young Help You Launch Private Label Products?

Seller Systems Amazon SEO Masterclass (FREE)

This full, 4-hour class was last updated on October 28, 2021. It's the 4th update of the course. It includes:

  • Brandon’s product and competitor analysis strategies (based on data)
  • A walkthrough of how to source products
  • Keyword research strategies
  • A profitability calculator

The class goes over the basics of what private label is. Brandon explains you will need at least $5000 to start your store. He does not pretend that you will make passive income. 

To take the free Amazon SEO Masterclass, you need to provide your email and create a Seller Systems account. You will have lifetime access after signing up.

Seller Systems 5 Hour Amazon Private Label Masterclass ($197)

The 5 Hour Amazon Private Label Masterclass is Brandon’s oldest course. It’s also his cheapest, aside from the free course. This class covers the basics of how to build an 8-figure private label business. Topics included are:

  • Product research
  • Finding products without relying on Alibaba
  • How to conduct keyword research
  • Applying keywords to rank your product 

Seller Systems PPC Masterclass ($297)

The PPC Masterclass was a live, 5-hour course you can now purchase as a recording. Brandon updated it for 2022. He included strategies to combat the biggest issues he's seen in his experience selling and coaching others. These issues include sellers spending too much on PPC and relying too much on ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sales). In this course, you’ll hear the basics of Amazon PPC, Brandon's strategy, case studies, and more.

Seller Systems Launch Masterclass ($797)

The Launch Masterclass was also live. This 6-hour workshop included information on Amazon’s A9 Algorithm (Amazon now runs on A10), keyword data mining, web-based chat bots, and more. Before watching the workshop portion of this course, you must watch two more basic courses that are included. This will help you follow along and get the most out of the more advanced strategies.

Seller Systems Launch Masterclass ($3K)

inner circle

The Inner Circle Mastermind is Brandon Young’s premier Amazon course. Designed like a college level course, Brandon holds live “office hours” for students via Zoom call. He also holds live classes every 2 to 3 weeks, which focus on a specific Amazon private label topic. Brandon regularly updates this course and covers:

  • Product research
  • Product sourcing
  • Listing optimization
  • Amazon PPC
  • Amazon algorithm
  • Product launch
  • ManyChat and Facebook training (building chatbots to build brand off Amazon)


Inner Circle Mastermind: $2000 + $1000 annual fee, or $1351 + $149/month

Refund Policy

14 day money-back guarantee for Inner Circle


Inner circle includes almost everything in their other classes, plus updated and additional information. The Manychat information is kept in line with Amazon’s Terms of Service.


Yes, the Inner Circle has a different Seller Systems Facebook group that connects you with over 50 successful 7 and 8 figure private label sellers. Over 1000 people have taken the course and there are over 900 active members in the Facebook group as of October 2021.


Brandon regularly updates the Inner Circle.


This course won the SellerPoll Best Amazon Course award in 2021.

best course award
positive review

Is Brandon Young’s Seller Systems a Scam?

No, Seller Systems is not a scam. In fact, it’s a great course that is high quality, up-to-date, and backed by years of legitimate and current experience. Those in the Inner Circle have access to live weekly calls and a Facebook group full of experts. Even with the hefty price point and annual fee (which breaks down to less than $84/month), this course is definitely worth it. 

Are Amazon FBA courses scams? Some people assume courses as expensive as Brandon's are scams. However, the value that Brandon has added to this course through access to experts, live classes, and more. Plus, his content has very little fluff. His knowledge and authority in what he does every day shines through.

Are There Alternatives to Seller Systems?

Yes, there are many Amazon FBA courses that also teach the private label strategy. Private Label Masters, presented by Tim Sanders, is our top choice. We think it’s even better than Seller Systems Inner Circle. 

The Amazing Selling Machine, founded by Matt Clark and his three business partners, is another popular private label course with many successful students. However, it lacks real-world examples and a clear direction. We can find both these traits in Private Label Masters. Also, you can check my article about the Savvy Seller Amazon private label course by Abby Anokye. She's been a 7-figured private label seller on Amazon for over 3 years. 

If you’d rather start with a wholesale like Brandon did, try Wholesale Formula or Seller Circle course. Or, as his friends ran a successful retail arbitrage biz, learn retail arbitrage with the Amazon Boot Camp.

How Much is a Typical Amazon FBA Course?

Amazon FBA courses range in price from free to over $5000. Private Label Masters is this expensive, at a once-time payment of $5K or 6 payments of $997. The Amazing Selling Machine is also $5K. 

The Wholesale Formula course is a little cheaper at $2497. Amazon Boot Camp is only $500.

You can also find very affordable courses on and, as well as free information on YouTube.

Best Criteria to Analyze Amazon FBA Courses

To make sure an Amazon FBA course is worth it, pay attention to the structure of the course, the amount of in-depth, updated information, inclusion of real-world examples, and advanced strategies. Coaches add even more value by offering online communities, access to experts, and live coaching like Seller Systems does. 

Also, make sure Amazon FBA is the business model you want to follow. There are many FBA business models, and each one plays to a different seller strength.

How Much Does Amazon FBA Cost and How Much Money Do You Need to Start Seller Systems?

It costs $5,500 to $13K to start an Amazon Private label business. But, Amazon FBA startup costs are extremely variable. They go up (or down) according to what business model you’re following, the products you choose, the amount of variations you add to your product, cost of brand design, and more. Here’s a comprehensive list of potential Amazon FBA costs to keep in mind:

  • $39.99/month Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Around $200 for product samples, prior to ordering your first large batch of inventory
  • Your first inventory order will be $3000 at the very least. Brandon does not recommend starting with this small of an initial investment. Many distributors will not work with you unless you’re willing to spend over $5K.
  • $250 GS1 Barcode
  • Amazon PPC costs (around $300 in your first month alone)
  • Trademark costs between $350 and $600, depending on where you live and sell
  • Around $200 to $400 for external packaging featuring your brand and logo
  • Professional photography for your product listing is another $300 to $500

Seller Systems Approved Tools to Choose, Launch, Rank, and Optimize Your Products

Some tools to help you choose and rank your products include Helium 10 and Data Dive. They can save you from choosing a product that won’t sell.

Brandon uses Blackbox by Helium 10 for product research. You can apply countless parameters, and Helium 10 will show you tens of thousands of products. Brandon spends 4-5 hours a day for an entire week going through these results to find new products.

Data Dive is Brandon’s own software that analyzes competitors. It is $149/month or $1449/year. It runs through Helium 10 Celebro and Keepa. Data Dive does keyword research, data analysis, and helps you rank products.

Data Dive takes the top ten sellers from a niche and shows keywords, content, listings, and ranking statistics. You can create PPC campaigns and listings within Data Dive and compare it to competitors. Just like his courses, this software is always developing. Its latest feature is Data Dive Profits, which helps you understand the costs involved with the product you’re considering. 

You must be an Inner Circle member to use the software to its fullest potential. Inner Circle members only have to pay $49/month.

Do You Have To Be a Business to Sell on Amazon?

You don’t have to have an official LLC or business license to sell on Amazon. But, to sell private label products like Brandon, you need your own logo to place on your private label product.

Also, you won’t be able to create Enhanced Brand Content listings on Amazon without a business license. Once you are your own brand, you won’t have to worry about fighting for the Buy Box for your specific product, which will help you keep sales once your rank.

Do You Need a Trademark to Sell on Amazon?

No, you do not need a trademark to sell on Amazon. But, like the business license, it will help put you ahead of competitors. One of the biggest downsides of private label is other sellers copying your product. But, with a trademark, you have some level of protection from this.

How Can I Get Orders From Amazon as a Seller at the Beginning According to the Seller Systems Strategy

To get orders at the very beginning of your business, you need to start with a strong product and then build traffic both organically and through paid advertising. Brandon teaches both organic ranking strategies (keyword research) and Amazon PPC (Amazon advertising). In 2022, you need to use both strategies to get sales. He also teaches you how to set up Facebook ads and chat bots outside of the traditional buyer seller messaging on Amazon, to drive more traffic to your product listing.

The goal is to encourage positive feedback from your Amazon customers. The more positive reviews you have, the more the Amazon algorithm will trust that you are providing exemplary customer service, and the healthier your seller feedback metrics will be. 

Using Amazon FBA as a Private Label Business Launching Platform vs. Another Marketplace

You can sell private label products on Amazon, Shopify, your own store, Walmart, and Etsy. Each of these have their own pros and cons. The biggest downside to selling private label products on Amazon are the Amazon FBA fees. These fees start at a standard 15%, and go up significantly depending on the size, weight, and time of year that your Amazon warehouse houses your product.

However, the Amazon marketplace has become the most trusted platforms in the world. Each month, over 197 million people visit This kind of traffic is doesn't happen on any other platform. Walmart isn’t far behind with their reported 120 million visiting each month. According to Fundera, 218 million people made purchases on Shopify in 2021. In 2020, there were 81.9 million buyers on Etsy according to Backlinko. Finally, it will be near impossible to generate that much traffic to your own store.

Therefore, it’s so important to understand a business model before you make a large investment. Amazon private label isn’t your only option for selling products online, and another platform may make more sense with what you want to do and your budget. There are also entirely different ways to make money online besides selling physical products. For example, I make $52K/month running my local lead generation business, and the income is mostly passive.

Read more about the good and the bad of Amazon FBA in our full breakdown of Amazon FBA pros and cons.


Brandon Young’s Seller Systems is not a scam. His marketing includes very few spammy tactics, which is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend working through his courses if you are analytically minded, ready to take on a high investment of over $8K (with the cost of the Inner Circle added), and committed to selling Amazon private label products.

But, if you’re not sure about Amazon private label, consider the local lead generation business. With it, you create and organically rank a site for small businesses. When locals search for a service, you take in those leads and deliver them to a business in the area. That business pays you for the leads. For more information, read our local lead generation guide.

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