We are officially getting into the medical supplies business.

A true entrepreneur finds opportunities to solve BIG problems in times of crisis.

Right now with China factories being on lockdown, there is a massive shortage of Face Masks.

With Trump soon announcing that face mask will be the recommendation, when people go back to work, many will be needing & wanting face masks.

Therefore I can def see face masks having sustained high demand for another year at least maybe 2.

Apparently there's also huge issues with trade with China right now, therefore there's also a need to begin producing these essentials domestically.

Well our group has secured supplies and students are getting massive deals selling them, 1 student is about to earn $100K comission for a $1 Millon Dollar Order, keep reading...


Leveraging the Power of the Group

When you have a group of over 5800+ students like we do in our lead gen program, we can move quickly in times like this.

Seriously imo its one of biggest, most successful internet entrepreneur group in the world. I've joined so many other groups & programs, but I've never found nothing quite like ours.

Especially because we're all masterminding every week, TWICE a week.

"Hey I am looking for someone with X background or have any connections in Y"

is all you have to ask.

and within minutes you have multiple ppl & referrals of people that can solve your problem.

I've personally hired so many different fellow students in the program over the years to get certain tasks done that required specific skillsets.

The group is really a huge asset when running internet businesses like we are.

Dan is also constantly hiring from the group.

He found ppl that had connections in the medical supplies industry.

And then he made some phone calls.

Batta beem batta boom.

He found domestic manufacturers that can ship NOW and created a massive opportunity where all of us can take a piece of the action.

Here's him and his biz partner Sean explaining it.

PS: Dan moves quickly, he has already purchased $10 million dollars worth of raw materials that is getting shipped to the US.

Face Mask Opportunity and How We Can All Get In The Game

Watch this:

So this coalition of Americans manufacturers consist of big companies below:

This allows us to get these masks & gowns TODAY versus months from now.

There's no long shipping time or issues with customs that you have to deal with when working with Chinese suppliers which is especially a pain in the rearend during this time.

You Have Few Options...

Currently this supply of masks & gowns are only available for our students to sell. 

It is top-notch quality, the US-based factory we're using is owned by a big brand and their clothes are all over Nordstroms.

1st Option: You can just go to the store and straight up buy the mask case and sell it at a mark up, 1 simple FB post and I bet you sell out the whole case. (nice side hustle)

2nd Option: Or if you're in our lead gen program then you get to create an affiliate link to the  Reusable Face Mask & Gown online store and all you have to do is send people your affiliate link and you earn 10% commission on any order.

3rd option: if you're a business owner that's looking to actually buy the masks at bulk, & your order will be over $10K then DM me on my instagram page.

A Student Gets a $1 Million Dollar Order ($100,000 commission)

Other Student Results

Here's How I Feel About Current Times

COVID-19 is real and its taking out lives. 

At first I thought it might be overblown by the media but as the days went on and it hit US.... then someone very close to me got very sick from it (thankfully he is recovering) and so when something like that happens, its like oh shit... it gets real, real fast.

Who knows how long this lockdown will continue?

Unprecedented times, the ripple effect on this economy will be tremendous.

I feel horrible for people losing their jobs.

I feel horrible for people in the restaurant & leisure industry.

How blessed am I to have an internet business that I can operate from home, we have it so good we sometimes forget what true sacrifice looks like for most people that get into business for themselves, like operating on the smallest of margins, having huge overhead of having a storefront, dealing with expensive rent, paying staff, etc

Sure there was couple weeks last month when the lockdown first started happening where I saw traffic across all my sites drop, there was hysteria in the air but this month everything seems to be trending upwards now.

That's nothing compared to some of these people we are talking to on the phone before they join our lead gen program, many are business owners that had their lives turned upside down.

We are also getting a lot of people that's now unemployed.

This pandemic is projected to cause 50 million unemployed Americans.

In 2009 economic downturn, the unemployment was 15 million.

Make no mistake, we're still at the early stages of seeing the impact of this devastation to our economy.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road, The One Thing the Government Can Never Take From Us

In 2014 I was still working a 9 to 5.

This journey of running my own business has not only made me more financially secure but made me more confident as a person and I can see that come through especially in times like this.

While the world contracts and many are running for the hills.

I want to go out there and ATTACK. I've always had that chip on my shoulder, maybe because I'm an immigrant, when there's an obstacle in my way I have this incessant urge to conquer it at all costs.

For me it really comes down to this.

The government can shut down this or that.

But you know what they can NEVER have control over?

Your will & your creativity.

I know this as clear as I know the sky is blue.

No one will stop my hustle because I am creative & resourceful with unmatched will to overcome any challenge.

Dan is the same way.

Get You a Money Coach, Trust Me

He told us all this past week that he believes this is the greatest transfer of wealth opportunity that he'll ever see in his lifetime.

And I agree, the signs are everywhere.

He's putting in 14 hour days to go capitalize during this unique moment in history.

One thing you can never deny about Dan, the dude freakin' hustles.

I'll put him against any internet coach out there, when it comes to the hustle muscle the man gets shit done.

And you wonder why he's at the level of success that he's at. 

His mind is always on the money. Its working on it constantly even while he's asleep I swear lol.

That's why I love having someone like that in my life because to me he's not just a lead-gen coach, he's my MONEY coach.

I have other guys I go for, for other areas of life like health & relationships.

But when it comes to MONEY?

Dan is the guy.

End of story.

Just because I now know what Dan's coaching has done for me financially.

I find it so F**ing strange that we are all advised to get fitness coaches, a dance coach, a music coach, literally any skillset out there.

But we're never told to get a MONEY coach?

I can go on another rant about why that is, how people have such shitty relationship to money, to the point where you look at this emoji and you think GREED.

But I digress

Success or Failure is Ultimately Your Choice

Now is NOT the time to netflix and chill.

Now is the time to go take massive action, get extra creative and seize the new windows of opportunities that are flinging open everyday.

Me & Shiv are putting in long days as well, for this last 2 weeks we've been grinding hard to create a webinar which we just finished.

Make sure you have already opt-ed in your email on this page, because my email list will be the very first ones to see this (self-proclaimed masterpiece) webinar which is 1 hour and 15 minutes, we go DEEP.

If you're not feeling this excitement right now like we are, then dude begin surrounding yourself with different people.

Bad news travels faster than good news, and right now we are being bombarded...

Do not allow the media (the doom and gloom) to pervade your mind and render you paralyzed on the couch.

Fuck that.

We sometimes don't have any control on what happens to us.


We always do have FULL control on how we react.

You always have a choice.

You not having money right now was a choice you made in the past.

Much the same way, becoming successful all boils down to your choice.

For those of you wondering if lead-gen still works when the world is under quarantine, my answer is yes it does, just go to this page and see all the new wins our students are reporting daily.

So to Recap About This Face Mask Opportunity...

  • There is a massive shortage of Face Masks & We have secured our own supply
  • Face Mask will soon become a recommendation for everyone to wear to slow down the spread of COVID-19 (In San Francisco it has already become mandatory)
  • When the quarantine lifts and everyone starts going back to work, there is going to be a HUGE surge in demand
  • Dan & his connections have access to co-alition of huge US-based manufacturers that can create very high quality reusable Face Masks & Gowns (they're working day & night to create as much supply as possible)
  • Dan has put the down payment for $10 million dollars worth of raw materials, now getting shipped to the US
  • 1 Box has 100 Re-usable Face Masks for $695
  • Our students get 10% commission of sales (you get your own affiliate link to the website where people can buy these masks)
  • You could also buy these boxes yourself and sell at a mark up to your local community (some students are doing this already to earn quick fast cash)
  • 1 Student is finalizing a Million Dollar deal for Face Masks, her commission will be $100,000 (Dan is seeing bunch of other $1000-$10,000 commissions)
  • We are rolling out more strategies every week on how you can go generate leads for these massive Face Mask orders

This is why I love our group, we are always researching & masterminding about the latest trends and this is what gives us the massive competitive advantage.

Click here to get started with us.

Talk soon,


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  1. $100K just off of one order of masks?? That’s insane, I need to join ASAP. Show me the way. This coronavirus has me losing my job and I need to feed my family.

  2. That’s awesome that you guys are finding ways to help with the immediate needs of the Corona crisis! #inspired

  3. What a great initiative and something worthy to get involved in. It’s good to see entrepreneurs thinking outside of the box, whilst also getting involved and helping with societal issues, such as public health.
    Keep up the great work!

  4. I spoke with a friend who is chief distribution officer for a local company and requested i provide him information on the masks with pricing. Who can I speak with to obtain the necessary information?


  5. This is a prime example of how to flip a negative into a positive while also being of service to your community – a win-win situation. Also, while everyone is staying indoors and netflix & chilling, now is the best time to grind and make money while everyone is distracted. I'm going to the affiliate page now, I can already think of a list of whom to target via email.

    1. yup, I like to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing, when everyone contracts, you expand, which means you deal with less competition

  6. This pandemic has introduced services to people they may not have thought about before such as curbside pickup, deliveries for products or service that didn't have them before. also, because are learning how to save and make money by operating online virtually. the opportunities to grow and expand are endless if you're creative and hungry for more.

  7. Coronavirus has caused a lot of problems all over the world. But your post gives hope because it shows that people can make the best of any situation if they are open to the latest trends.

    I will be hustling even harder and try to get to the level that you guys are at. There are definitely many opportunities out there no matter how bleak the situation looks.

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