Whatever you think you know about SEO, it’s not enough.

What does SEO stand for? The SEO meaning is Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a game that moves and every day new tactics and changes to Google require SEO  specialists to take up the challenge.

One day keyword density is all the rage and the next content length is the new golden ring.

So how do you keep up? The SEO Intelligence Agency was created to end these frustrations.


What is the SEO Intelligence Agency?

The SEO Intelligence Agency is a community of SEO specialists dedicated to up to date intel on SEO tactics.

They created a central hub of SEOs where others like themselves can access this vital information.

They wanted SEO Intelligence Agency to be the benchmark in SEO knowledge as well as a place where beginners could ask questions from pros.

Pros can trade tips with each other.

The membership opens up the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about SEO and what lies on the SEO horizon.

SEO Intelligence Agency Summary

The best part of membership in SEO Intelligence Agency is the deep dive reports.

These are timely accounts of massive changes in the digital world.

And you get them first-hand. For so long I would waste time searching the internet for blogs and sites to find new information on SEO.

A lot of it was hype or simply incorrect.

At SEO Intelligence Agency it’s like getting a regular briefing on the state of SEO.


This is just some of what I learned:

  •         Current content length best practices
  •         Header concepts for best performing content
  •         Precise keyword placement for higher ranking
  •         The latest changes at Google
  •         The hottest sources for SEO trends


These are just a few of the exciting reports I received.

But there were tons of additional info that took me even deeper into SEO intel.

There were special reports on syndicated content.

I got to learn how syndication can actually hurt SEO if done wrong.

They introduced the best tips for ensuring that syndication content was stellar.

There is a whole section of the site devoted to ecommerce.

You get the latest and the greatest on conversion SEO and the nitty gritty details about URL structure.

It’s the kind of stuff you would pay big money for, but it’s all included in the membership.

My favorite reports where on schema markups and how they help page ranking.

And there were sections on meta titles and descriptions which I really put to use.

There was also a great report on anchor text for static pages.

One really meaningful report was about how to prevent getting penalized by Google.

They went into all the ways Google can become your enemy if you make mistakes.

Sometimes it seemed like the amount of information in these reports is endless.

And it definitely updates so when trends happen, there is a report that reflects the new techniques in search.

I didn’t need to go anywhere else to find what I needed to be on top of the SEO game.

This is definitely an intelligence agency!


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