Dylan Vergara Serial Sales Community Review: What Is a Serial Salesperson?

May 10, 2024

Dylan Vergara’s Serial Sales Community is a network-focused coaching and training program on high-ticket sales. It is a paid Skool group that guarantees an employment offer within 60 days. Membership also includes access to learning content, one-on-one coaching with Dylan, group calls, scripts, and templates.

What differentiates Serial Sales Community from other programs on high-ticket sales is its focus on network-building. Dylan teaches that the best opportunities in high-ticket sales are not on traditional job boards, but on networks. He stresses the importance of being in the right circle, playing the long game, and not burning bridges. All to secure the best sales positions through exclusive networks.

The high-ticket sales industry is highly competitive and with a very high turnover rate. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a sales closer is $9,407 a month. Payment can be commission-only or a combination of commission and base pay. A closer’s total earnings are highly dependent on the quality of the product and the number of qualified leads – both of which are outside of a sales closer’s control.

In this Serial Sales Community review, we will cover the program’s benefits, Dylan Vergara’s unique approach, and the profitability of high-ticket sales. Lastly, you will learn about an alternative business model to earn passive income online.

Serial Sales Community Pros and Cons


Lifetime membership.

Offers a solid community of high-ticket closers and appointment setters.

Guaranteed job interview within 60 days.


The refund policy is unclear.

Dylan Vergara is still fairly new in the high-ticket sales industry.


Serial Sales Community membership costs $4000.

Refund Policy

Serial Sales Community didn’t outline a refund policy.


Serial Sales Community started in July 2022.


Serial Sales Community doesn’t have any external review at the time of writing.

What Is a Serial Salesperson?

For Dylan Vergara, a serial salesperson is not only a rep with high close rates but also a professional with a wide network. He believes that network is everything in high ticket sales. And anyone entering the space should strive to build the largest network possible, through paid or free means.

One way of building your network for free is to join public Facebook groups. In Dylan’s free 51-minute training video, he recommended 30+ high-ticket sales Facebook groups to start. An example of a paid network is Dylan’s Serial Sales Community, which can be a lifetime investment for sales closers.

The high-ticket sales space has a very high turnover rate. The number is probably higher than the country’s turnover rate in sales, which is around 27%. Without a reliable network, you will probably be left hanging, spending most of your time finding employment. 

Dylan recognizes that there are more sales reps than good sales positions. And the best positions are often shared through networks, not on traditional job boards.

On the other hand, Dylan doesn’t believe in paid job placements offered by some HTS coaches. Not only it would hurt their reputation if they wrongfully placed a student, but they would inevitably run out of job placements to offer. Building a solid network is the best way to get a consistent flow of opportunities.

What Comes with Serial Sales Community?

Sales Sales Community comes with all the benefits from the three main aspects of the program – Network, Education, and Support.




An active network of sales pros

Exclusive job opportunities

Direct access to all members

Direct access to Dylan and team

Priority on Serial Agency roles

Role-play sessions with others

3x weekly live calls (open floor)

Connect with others on socials

Access to shared resources

20 hours of HTS content

Frameworks for all sales roles

Recordings of all guest speakers

Ability to request new content

Most up-to-date strategies

Previous live-call recordings

Access to tested processes

Optional: Automation Pack

Optional: 1-on-1 with Dylan

3-4 hours one-on-one with Dylan

One-on-one with a client Success Manager

Access to other coaches

Group call-recording review

Feedback on job opportunities

Script assistance for any role

Valuable templates/resources

Group "wins" channel to celebrate

Answers to any HTS questions

What Is the Serial Sales Community Group?

The Serial Sales Community group is a community created by Dylan Vergara for high-ticket closers. This community is hosted in Skool and is probably the main selling point of Dylan’s program. Inside this community, members have access to Dylan and his team and are also encouraged to connect with each other. Members can also take on the exclusive job opportunities posted in the group, ask for feedback, and share information.

Who Is Serial Sales Community For?

Serial Sales Community is for aspiring high-ticket closers, with or without sales experience. Since it is a network-focused program, Serial Sales Community is also for established sales closers who are aiming to widen their network in the industry.

What Are the Serial Sales Community Reviews?

There are currently no reviews for Serial Sales Community aside from what is published on its website. The reviews mostly talk about how they landed a sales position with the help of the Serial Sales Community.

Here are some success stories from the video interviews on Serial Sales Community’s website.

Drew - Serial Sales Community

Drew has a corporate background in sales, managing over 150 people. Still, he was surprised by the breadth and diversity of experience the Serial Sales Community members have. Also, he was amazed by the huge variety of job opportunities posted in the group – from entry-level to high-level opportunities. He even saw a couple of opportunities to work with Alex Hormozi. Drew himself landed a job offer just a week after joining.

Fernando - Serial Sales Community

Fernando has been in the community for 2 and a half weeks at the time of recording. He landed a gig of $4K-$5 a month earning potential which he couldn’t have done without the Serial Sales Community. Fernando also shares that he stood out of 15 applicants just by mentioning the community he belongs. He has no prior experience in sales before joining.

Kendra - Serial Sales Community

Kendra says that she’s getting a lot of value in the program, especially the community aspect, where she can ask real people in the industry. The lessons from the first-hand experiences of the Serial Sales Community members are so invaluable – she even suggested that Dylan should raise the price of the program.

The screenshots of success stories/testimonials on Serial Sales Community's website talk about job offers, placements, and some earnings.

Serial Sales Agency review screenshot
Serial Sales Agency review screenshot 2
Serial Sales Agency review screenshot 3
Serial Sales Agency review screenshot 4

Is Serial Sales Community Worth Joining?

Yes, Serial Sales Community is worth joining if you want to build a network the faster way. Just keep in mind that this is a network-focused program and doesn’t guarantee actual job placement.

“At a minimum,” Dylan guarantees that “you will receive an employment offer within 60 days for a contracted sales role where the advertised monthly earning potential exceeds the investment you made into the community [the membership cost].”

This means Dylan can guarantee that you’ll get an interview, but he can’t ensure that you’ll get the job. Also, he stressed that earning $10K a month starting out in high-ticket sales is very unlikely. I believe these are realistic expectations.

The potential drawback of relying on Serial Sales Community is that you can become too dependent on it. You must learn to find job opportunities on your own as you go along or start building your own network without relying on a paid program.

Who Is Dylan Vergara?

Dylan Vergara - Serial Sales Community

Dylan Vergara is a high-ticket sales closer, an agency owner, and the founder of Serial Sales Community. Out of university, he started working as a project manager for Bondoc Roofing, LLC. Then he worked as an estimator, where he generated around $2.5 million in revenue in one and a half years.

In 2022, Dylan entered the high-ticket sales industry, supporting a variety of products/services from fitness, real estate, YouTube coaching, B2B lead generation, content agency, and more. He founded the Serial Sales Community in 2022, and Serial Agency, LLC in 2023. Dylan remains a practicing high-ticket closer up to this day.

Dylan Vergara graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a degree in Construction Management.

What is Skool?

Skool is a platform where you can host online communities and learning materials. It is commonly used by online coaches to host their learning materials and exclusive communities. Skool offers various features for community management such as webhooks, Zapier integrations, automated direct messaging, and more. 

Is High-Ticket Sales Profitable?

Yes, high-ticket sales is profitable. If you’re supporting a good product and making consistent closes, high-ticket sales can be a lucrative job. Otherwise, you’ll spend a considerable amount of time and effort to get minimum earnings. Securing a good offer is the way to get around this.

The following Reddit response from the r/sales subreddit talks about why getting the right opportunity is equally important to learning how to sell, objection handling, and so on.

Reddit response on high ticket closing

Another entry from the r/sales subreddit questions if sales is really a lucrative job. One response says yes, but you usually have to work long hours unless you’re extremely lucky or your role is just way too good.

Reddit post on high ticket closing
Reddit response on high ticket closing 2

It’s also worth adding that scaling in high-ticket sales means building a sales team as an agency. The obvious reason is you can only do so much by yourself. Running an agency may also mean less or additional work, depending on the quality of reps that you have.

Create Passive Income with a Local Lead Generation Business

Unlike high-ticket sales which can still be considered a job, local lead generation is a business that you can scale as it is. The earnings are also more consistent and predictable with the potential to last for years.

local lead generation

You can start by choosing a niche or local keyword to rank on search engines. Spend around $500 to build a website and try to rank it within six months. Once it starts generating leads, you can rent it out to local businesses (who need those leads) for a specific amount. For a single website, you can earn $500-3000 depending on the quality of your leads and the level of competition.

A ranked website can stay up in the search engine results for a long time. It may require you to do maintenance work, but it will not be the same as when you’re starting up. A huge contrast to high-ticket sales where you probably need to exert the same amount of effort to get the same results.

To sum up, local lead generation is a business that can be a consistent source of passive income. And it can be highly profitable without eating up most of your days.

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