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Never lose sight of the importance of doing the work

Thank you Seth Godin for this reminder

He walks the walk because he blogs everyday at

Seth also says developing problem solving skills is more important than regurgitating information from a book that our traditional education system teaches.

He's quite the insightful marketing mind that gives Gary Vee a run for his money.


As a digital marketer myself, with lead generation, I love to pay close attention to anyone that displays any signs of being a thought leader in this field.

Who's Seth Godin?

He's pro entrepreneurship.

He's a daily blogger at

Named by Time as the top 25 best blogs in 2009.

He's also a best selling author.

Including his latest book, This Is Marketing: You Can't Be Seen Until You Learn to See

He has incredibly insightful views on marketing - today its all about your ability to connect with your audience as intimately as possible

"tactics rely on empathy, connection, and emotional labor instead of attention-stealing ads and spammy email funnels."

He has spoken on stages

Very similar to Gary Vaynerchuk

Infact, Gary even considers Seth Godin as one of his mentor.

Seth is the OG marketer, all the way back in the 90's he was talking about how marketing is changing because of the internet.

But there's one stark difference between them

Seth is not active at all on social media.

And Gary is known as the social media savant.

Here's what Seth says about social media.

Social media has been optimized to extract attention from people by preying on their insecurities. 

So most people on social media are not doing any productive work, they're there to distract themselves from the real work.

Liking things on social media doesn't count.

It gives people an easy out

For their brain to get that dopamine, quick & easy.

This is where social media can get dangerous

If you think getting likes on your IG account is success then you're not truly an entrepreneur

Seth Godin & Gary Vee go head to head on this subject and this is one of the rare moments where I see Gary get a bit outclassed here 

Seth is the real deal

Seth Godin vs. Gary Vaynerchuk

You can watch the whole interview here.

The comments show that people tend to agree that Gary Vee got schooled by Seth Godin.

It's interesting to see Gary Vee in a room where he's not able to dominate the conversation 100%.

Gary is known as the marketing genius and so most people defer to him as the expert and not challenge him in anyway.

This is one of the few times I've see where someone confidently disagrees with Gary, and actually made more sense.

Don't get me wrong, I still love Gary.

Anyway, Seth Godin is saying that everyone is capable of actualizing something they're good at that can solve interesting problems in the marketplace, and get paid for doing so.

But laziness is a real mother fucker.

Most people haven't even put in enough work to realize what they're good at.

My suggestion is just go try different things.

Take massive action.

Pick a craft and begin putting some serious hours into it.

I picked lead generation for small businesses back in 2014, and now I have a biz that did $2.1 mil in revenue last year.

In today's digital world economy, it's easier than ever to become self-employed.

But you have to get good at something.

And there's no short cut to developing a high-income skill. (that solves interesting problems)

Learn How to Solve Interesting Problems

Lead Generation to me is that skill that has allowed me to get to 6 figures per month at 30 years old.

That's pro athlete money

I'm a big UFC fan

Wanna know what's crazy?

The average UFC fighter (that's not a  champion or a star like Conor McGregor) makes $12,000/$12,000

That's $12K to show up and another $12K if you win.

Fighters usually only fight 3 times per year, so if you win all 3 fights, you still only made $72K for the year

I make more than that in a month, building simple lil websites like these 

and writing blog posts about entrepreneurship on this site,

All because I know how to rank digital properties in Google at the highest level

What's cool about getting into this space is that 1 website costs so little

Who cares if you fail a lot in the beginning whilie you're learning

So I couldn't agree with Seth Godin more, whoever fails the most wins.

However the key is to be able to fail small

Whoever Fails the Most Wins, But... Fail Small

This is an incredibly insightful lesson by Seth Godin

Crawl before you walk

It's better to pick a business that allows you to fail small and learn quickly than pick a business that requires your arm and a leg to get started.

People invest their entire life savings into a restaurant and when it doesn't go as planned, its a failure so big & catastrophic that people can't recover from it.

Forever giving them PTSD on entrepreneurship, preventing them to ever try again.

Marketing is one of those businesses that allows you to learn as you go, failures aren't that costly becuase you're ultimately the product, in marketing its your skills & knowledge that allows you to produce profits not some insanely expensive physical asset.

So lets sum up the key lessons from Seth Godin

Key Lessons from Seth Godin

  • Most people are running away from doing the WORK
  • School should teach kids the skill of solving interesting problems
  • Whoever fails most wins, the key is to strategically pick businesses that allow you to fail small because if you fail too big, it might take you out of the game

One of my secret to my success is I know how to hunker down and get the work done, to grind it out.

Whether it be building another lead generation site, building a backlink or writing another blog post.

I make sure I knock out these important tasks first thing in the morning.

Pro tip when you are not feeling motivated.

Just pick 1 simple task and get it done.

You will feel some dopamine kicking in because you just succeeded in getting something done.

1 small victory.

And then it gets that much easier to start working on your next task.

When you get that done, you will feel even more empowered now to finish the third task.

You will begin to build momentum, getting quick small wins can lead to a massively productive day.


Seth Godin reminds us to be problem solvers and everyday creating something productive & helpful to the marketplace.

He recommends everyone should have a blog that they create 1 blog post everyday.

What we do in our group of entrepreneurs is that we learned how to solve the problem of small business owners.

Specifically their lack of online presence at the top of Google search.

We rank sites for our clients and sell them the leads.

It produces 300 phone calls for my client in Grand Rapids.

He's been paying me since 2015 on autopilot.

I've been producing these types of sites since 2015.

The point is I know how to keep pushing my business forward, by simply knowing what creates value in the marketplace and sticking to it with discipline and consistency. 

My lead generation sites and my blog posts.

Today, I even have a team of 20 staff (writers & VA's) that are helping me produce more digital assets out into the marketplace everyday.

The work gets done and sometimes you have to force yourself to do it, but if you have the ambition of wanting an epic lifestyle and get addicted to setting goals & crushing them, then you know what you have to get done each and everyday.

Sometimes you have to just show up and get it done even if you don't feel like it!

That's called being a true professional.

If you want to get started on becoming self-employed, you have to start with learning a skill that allows you to solve problems in the marketplace. My recommendation is to do lead geneartion, check below.

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