Shawn Joshi Review: How to Rank on Google Search and Map Using Google Business Profile and Ads

March 24, 2024

Shawn Joshi is a digital marketing expert and consultant from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In 2014, he founded his digital marketing company, Quantive, which is a certified Google partner. Under Quantitive, he founded 2 training programs: Google Business Execution Plan, which teaches Google Business Profile optimization, and Google Ads Profits Multiplier, which teaches how to run Google Ads. Shawn also offers auditing services for your business.

Google Business Profile helps local businesses with their SEO and increases their chances of ranking in local search. Google prefers to show verified businesses that match or are in proximity to the area searched. Paid Google Ads are a great way for new businesses to show up on searches, but the ads costs create additional risks.

Local lead generation is a business model that uses free tactics like SEO and Google Business Profile to rank your site on Google so you can rent it out to local businesses. It works as a form of digital real estate where you earn passive income by renting your digital space. You don't have to create or manage your clients' marketing and ad campaigns. Check out local lead generation if you are looking for a passive income business in online marketing.

What Is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile allows you to list your products and services, manage your presence on Google Search or Google Map, and connect with customers through the platform. You can post updates, accept online orders, let customers ask questions and get answers, and more.

Google Business Profile was previously called Google My Business. The name change was made in late 2021, along with other improvements. Google Business Profile is for local businesses that offer their products and services at a particular location.

Creating a business profile on Google is completely free. You can use any email address for your Google Business Profile. If you use Gmail for your business, Hiver can convert it into a help desk.

Why Should You Use Google Business Profile?

You should create a Google Business Profile if you want to increase the visibility of your business on local Google searches. According to Hubspot, 46% of all Google searches have a local intent with 72% of those visiting a store within five miles.

STAT Analytics reports that 93% of local searches now feature Google Business Profiles in their results. Even if your business already shows up in Google search, Google Business Profile allows you to verify your listing and allow reviews. According to Forbes, 67.7% of purchasing decisions are affected by online reviews.

Verifying Your Google Business Profile

Verifying your profile is recommended as it creates legitimacy. After adding or claiming your Business Profile on Google, you can verify it through a combination of phone, text, email, or video verification. The methods available depend on your business category, region, public information, etc. and can take up to 7 days.

Google Business Profile Reviews

Google Reviews can work great for a local business by showing reviews from other local review sites. Google gathers information from all over the web, and this includes customer reviews for businesses. This can help businesses rank in the long term, but it can also be used against them.

Similar to other platforms where customer reviews carry heavy weight, such as Amazon, negative reviews will lower a business' visibility. Your competitor can use black hat tactics against you by running negative review attacks, such as those experienced by Amazon seller Janson Smith. There are a couple of ways of dealing with negative reviews that can save your business from such scenarios.

How To Deal With Negative and Fake Google Reviews

Users can fake your Google Business reviews. Competitors can leave negative reviews on your profile to lower your ratings, and scammers can leave fake reviews to scam your audiences. Google reported that 10.7% of Google reviews are fake. Google’s fraud monitoring program has blocked millions of fake reviews and fake business profiles. 

There are 2 ways you can deal with bad Google reviews.

  1. You can reply to the review, apologize where you should, and offer to make it right. This can affect your business greatly as others can see your sincerity, and the reviewer might even change their review once the issue has been resolved.
  2. If the review violates Google’s review policy, you can flag it as inappropriate and have Google remove it. When you report a Google review, it takes up to 14 days before Google reviews and removes it if it violates their review policy.

How To Increase Your Google Review Ratings

You can increase your Google review ratings by asking for reviews. To get positive reviews, it helps to build trust with your customers. You can build trust by verifying your Business Profile, reminding customers to leave reviews, and replying to customer reviews and questions.

It takes 1-2 hours for a Google review to post. Reviews pending manual review, such as those posted on profiles that have received an unusual amount of reviews in a short time, take 3-5 days to publish to check if they fit Google’s guidelines.

Google does monitor accounts and profiles for fake positive reviews. Google reviews are rejected if they are made by brand new accounts that post multiple reviews in a short time. This helps prevent fake review spamming.

Should You Use Google Ads?

Google PPC Ads are a way for new businesses to quickly get visibility on Google searches. Ad prices are constantly increasing as many new companies enter the digital market which leads to increasing risks. It is important to know the ups and downs of running paid Google Ad campaigns beforehand.

SEO is a more long term, sustainable, and cheaper way to rank on searches. Just as Offline Shark's Pay Per Click Maverick course teaches, Google Ads are a great initial and temporary way to get visibility quickly, but SEO is for more long term organic growth.

Advantages of Google Ads

  • Fast Setup Time - The quickest approach to ranking on Google is through paid Google PPC ad campaigns. After you upload your product feed, headlines, and descriptions, Google will automatically target potential customers based on your product information and real-time data on shopper intent and preferences.
  • More Noticeable - Google Ads is a fantastic tool for helping new companies create visibility quickly. You may rank higher in Google search results more rapidly by optimizing your keywords. Google also displays their ads clearly and in a presentable format.

Disadvantages of Google Ads

  • Keyword Bidding - Competition leads to higher ad prices. Local markets may have less competition than those at the national level, but you still need to bid against your competitors for keywords. The cost of the PPC campaign increases with the number of bidders competing for the same keywords.
  • Constant Monitoring - You must continually monitor the performance of your ad campaigns to ensure their effectiveness. Constant changes are necessary for campaign optimization, which might consume a significant amount of your time. You can delegate this work to ad agencies or freelance marketers for a fee.
  • Limited Customization - Your headline, description, and displayable URL are limited to a certain number of characters. The restrictions might not be sufficient to produce eye catching descriptions.

Who Is Shawn Joshi?

shawn joshi reviews

Shawn Joshi started his career in marketing in 2009, when he was president of Nimbus Marketing Solutions Inc., where he created and managed online affiliate marketing campaigns. From 2012 to 2014, he worked as an SEO and CRO specialist for the ad agency Vovia. After he resigned, he created his own consultant business under the name Quantive.

In 2017, Shawn was briefly the director of the ad agency, Evans Hunt, for about a year and a half. He has worked with start-up companies to 10-figure companies. Shawn has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary.

Pros and Cons of Shawn Joshi's Auditing Services


Full-service advertising management.

Shawn is a veteran ads manager and a Google partner.

Good refund policy.


Shawn's auditing is usually fully booked for months ahead.

The service is only for businesses with good potential for growth.

Shawn only works with Google Business Profiles, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads.


Pricing depends on the size of the account and the type of campaign, with a minimum of $2,500.

Refund Policy

If you do not double your investment in 1-2 months, you can apply for a refund.

Who Is Shawn Joshi's Auditing Services For?

  • Service provider companies advertising in competitive markets.
  • Retail stores with proven lifetime value (LTV) metrics.
  • Companies that want to improve their ad campaigns but don't have the budget to hire full-time in-house ad agencies.

What Do You Get With Shawn Joshi’s Auditing Services?

shawn joshi reviews

Shawn Joshi's auditing services aims at optimizing your ad campaigns by increasing conversion rates and lowering overall ad costs using personalized strategy. You should see the effects within 15-45 days. Shawn's personal recommendations are aimed at long-term improvements in visibility.

The customized strategy includes weekly and monthly timelines packed with optimization activities, insights and analysis, and creative development. The auditing service entails:

  • An in-depth report explaining 11 practical, evidence-based changes you can make to your Google Business Profile and the assets it is related to (landing page, citations, conversion experience).
  • A detailed list of recommendations to improve performance, arranged by priorities, along with a baseline of your current performance using Google Analytics, local rankings, and maps radius reports
  • Lifetime access to Shawn's Google Business Execution Plan. You will also have direct access to Shawn for questions regarding the audit.
  • Full-service advertising service. Shawn will manage the account setup to create optimized landing pages.

Shawn's services appear to focus on improving visibility on Google for local search intent. If you need an agency that offers advertising services through multiple channels, including social media, multi-platform ad agencies, such as Ad Alchemy, may better suit you.

Pros and Cons of Shawn Joshi's Google Business Execution Plan


Lifetime access to all future updates.

The Execution Plan was created based on years of experiences of what works and what does not.

The weekly micro-insights can give up-to-date information and suggestions that may be useful for your business.


The execution plan is not customized to your business situation therefore, it may not be as effective for you.

Can take 3-18 months before you can see any effect on your business.

Claims that there are 5,700+ companies that use the execution plan, yet there aren't much case studies to prove the program's success.



Refund Policy

7-day money-back guarantee

Who Is Shawn Joshi's Google Business Execution Plan For?

Shawn Joshi's Google Business Execution Plan is a step-by-step guide for optimizing Google Business Profiles. The Execution Plan teaches how to rank on Google search results by using Google Business Profile within 4 weeks. This program is for:

  1. Business owners who want to learn how to leverage their Google Business Profile to get leads and increase profits. Owners who do not have the time to do this themselves can delegate this program to one of their team members.
  2. Digital marketers who want to increase fulfillment for their clients. The Execution Plan will teach how to optimize and scale their clients' Google Business Profiles.

What Do You Get With Shawn Joshi’s Google Business Execution Plan?

shawn joshi review

With Shawn Joshi's Google Business Execution Plan, you get the 4-phase framework, access to future updates, a force-multiplier tactic for your profile, and Shawn's weekly "micro insight".

Phase 1: Profile Optimization

In the first phase, you are provided with a checklist to help optimize your profile and determine when you use the features. You also get a step-by-step on how to optimize and geo-tag your photos and how to get your Google Business Profile verified in challenging markets.

Phase 2: Citations

In phase 2, you will learn how to build online citations using a complete list of citation sources organized by industry and geography. Shawn also gives tips on how to gain a competitive edge in any market.

Phase 3: Review Velocity

Phase 3 will show you how to use tools to automate your review process to increase the number of reviews your profile gets. You will also learn how to get reviews from customers in "sensitive" industries.

Phase 4: The E3 Formula

Phase 4 teaches 3 important things:

  1. How to make excellent Google Business Posts and when to make them, a list of examples, and effective templates.
  2. How to increase your visibility on Google Search and Google Map
  3. How to increasing your Google Business Profile's customer engagement rates.

Tracking Results

This additional lesson teaches you how to review and read data to determine the effectiveness of your profile. Shawn also gives a list of recommended free and paid tools you can use to track and review your profile.

Are Students of Shawn Joshi’s Google Business Execution Plan Successful?

While Shawn only has a couple of case studies, there are about 5,700+ companies using his Google Business Execution Plan. Here is what they have to say:

Pros and Cons of Shawn Joshi's Google Ads Profit Multiplier


Lifetime access to all future updates.

No upsells.

Easily understandable instructions are great for beginners.


The course only deals with Google Ads.

No live coaching or mentorship.

No support groups.



Refund Policy

7-day money-back guarantee

Who Is Shawn Joshi's Google Ads Profit Multiplier For?

Shawn Joshi's Google Ads Profit Multiplier is a course that teaches advertisers to increase profits and reduce overhead costs by optimizing their Google Ads campaigns. Advertisers can expect to see results within 4 weeks. This program is for:

  1. Business owners who manage their own advertisement campaigns will get an easy-to-apply format with Ads Profit Multiplier. The course simplifies the steps that you can optimize your campaigns without relying on ad agencies.
  2. Advertising freelancers and ad agency owners who want to run highly effective campaigns for their clients and their own businesses Lower ad spend and improved performance of ad campaigns will incentivize clients to increase their ad budgets, which benefits the agency.

What Do You Get With Shawn Joshi’s Google Ads Profit Multiplier?

shawn joshi review

With Shawn Joshi's Google Ads Profit Multiplier, you get lifetime access to the comprehensive 6 chapter training. There are no upsells in this program, all additional content and updates are included for free.

Chapter 1: Winning with Ads

The first chapter teaches you how to apply systems thinking to improve your ad campaigns and decision-making. You'll also learn how to match offers with the best audiences.

Chapter 2: Google Ads Primer

Chapter 2 begins with a crash course on the Google Ads platform. You'll also learn how the auction works and how to create optimal Google Ads campaigns.

Chapter 3: Goals + Tracking

The 3rd chapter teaches how to identify and read the important metrics in order to optimize your ad campaigns. Shawn provides a calculator to forecast results with your Google Ads. He also gives tips on optimizing and conversion tracking.

Chapter 4: Research + Targeting

Chapter 4 teaches how to do efficient keyword research in order to select the right keywords and prevent wasting money on ad spending. You'll learn how to create audience forecasts for display ads and YouTube campaigns. In addition, you'll also learn the best targeting options based on your campaign types. Last, Shawn lists several valuable spy tools and teaches you when to use them

Chapter 5: Campaign Building

This chapter is all about building ad campaigns, from their creation to the organization and optimization of ad groups. You will learn how to write effective search ads that get high click-through rates, the best strategies for ad creatives, and how to use Ads Editor to speed up the process.

Chapter 6: Optimization

Shawn teaches his 9 strategies for optimizing your Google Ads campaigns. He includes his personal playbook for optimizing with filters, 3 scaling strategies that avoid diminishing returns, and how to automate your management of ads.

Bonus: The Conversion Rocket Report

Created for clients of his ads management services. The bonus outlines 8 of Shawn's easy-to-follow strategies for increasing your conversion rate.

Are Students of Shawn Joshi’s Google Ads Profit Multiplier Successful?

Shawn has given no examples of client success with this program. Below is Shawn's claim on typical client results as well as what some of what the clients say.

shawn joshi review
shawn joshi review

My Top Recommended Passive Income Business Model for 2024

Local lead generation is my number 1 recommendation to make money online in 2024. Compared to other forms of digital marketing business models, you don't have to create, run, or manage advertisement campaigns. Simply put, once you get your site ranked and rented, it's pretty hands off from there.

It works by creating and ranking your site on Google using free SEO tactics. You rent out this site to local businesses, creating predictable and passive income for you. SEO is a long term and sustainable way to rank on Google. A site can stay ranked on Google for years before you even need to update it. This means you don't have to spend a lot of time on monitoring and management.

To scale, you simply need to repeat the processes. There are hundreds of niches and thousands of local areas in the United States alone. This highly scalable feature means there is practically no limit to how many sites you can rank and rent out. These qualities of local lead generation make it the best business model to create time and financial freedom.

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