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10 Shopify Dropshipping Courses (Expensive To Affordable)

January 23, 2023

What is Shopify Dropshipping?

Shopify dropshipping is an online business model where you act as the middleman between the consumer and the supplier. You don't need to invest significant capital ($500-$3000+) or store any inventory. But dropshipping has low-profit margins (the average dropshipper makes about 20%) and an even lower dropshipping success rate. Dropshippers rely heavily on paid advertising-primarily through Facebook.

So you need to be an expert marketer in every aspect of your business. You also need to jump on the latest trends before the market becomes saturated. But new and unique products can always be sold if you can find an untapped niche or a void in the market. 

By taking a Shopify dropshipping course, you learn what common dropshipping mistakes to avoid and how to position your store for profitability out of the gate. You also get insider tips on niches to avoid and how to conduct product research. The biggest benefit of dropshipping is that you can test multiple products for cheap and scale when you find your winner. Read my How To Start a Dropshipping Business for a full rundown of this business model.

Expensive Dropshipping Courses:

Drop Ship Lifestyle By Anton Kraly

Drop Ship Lifestyle is one of the OG of dropshipping courses. It includes an actionable blueprint on how to set up and launch a Shopify dropshipping business. Anton Kraly teaches students how to source and sell high-ticket products. Students are part of a supportive community of more than 14,000 from 25 countries. Anton Kraly's course was awarded the Shopify Award for Best ecommerce Course in 2017, and he continues to be a leader in the dropshipping industry.

Anton is active on YouTube and other social media platforms. He regularly shares valuable content and updates his course to reflect current market trends. Anton's program provides a 21-day business launch that holds students accountable so they can get fast wins. The Drop Ship Lifestyle Course is perfect for beginners or seasoned experts interested in learning the best methods on how to build and scale a high-ticket drop shipping store.

Price: Drop Ship Lifestyle Premium Package: $3,497 (7 training modules & dropshipping blueprint)
Ultimate Package (6 mo): $9,997
Unlimited Package (lifetime-12 mo): $25,000

BeyondSixFigures With Justin Woll 

image of justin woll

Beyond Six Figures is one of our top picks because Justin Woll doesn't just deliver a course. He offers the opportunity to receive 1:1 mentorship and intensive coaching. Justin Woll is a six-time 2CommaClub Award Winner with an estimated net worth of $3 million and is the 'head and face' of one of the industry's most prestigious ecommerce mentoring agencies. 

Justin Woll does 3-hour live streams weekly where students can ask questions and learn the latest industry profit hacks. His video training is easy-to-understand and includes actionable techniques like a list of criteria for finding a winning product. And how to maximize your profits with one-click upsells. Justin's program is ideal for beginners and veterans because it shows you how to achieve real results with ecommerce and Shopify dropshipping.

Price: eCommerce University $997
6-Month Mastermind Coaching Program (includes the BSF eCommerce University) is a one-time fee of $5000 or $1200/mo for 6 months)

Ecommerce Empire Builders By Peter Pru

image of peter pru

Ecommerce Empire Builders is an award-winning program designed by Peter Pru. His training is an in-depth guide on how to make money with dropshipping and ecommerce using Click Funnels. But it also includes content on why subscriptions and upsells will always make you more money. Peter is the owner of multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses. He's won numerous 2Comma Club Awards for achieving over one million in sales using a funnel. His course has been around since 2016 and has hundreds of experienced students in his Inner Circle and Mastermind Facebook Group.

In addition, Peter does weekly live streams twice a week (and sometimes a third on Sundays). Here he reviews ecommerce stores that are thriving in the market. Peter breaks down each store and shows his students how to replicate what's working. Peter is an animated instructor with a natural teaching style.

His program includes a comprehensive guide on how to set up and scale your online business using funnels and effective ways to launch email marketing campaigns. This course is perfect for all levels of ecommerce and dropshippers looking to scale their business to six figures and beyond.

Price: One-time fee of $1,997 or 5 Payments of $497

Marketer Growth's Dropshipping Scalability Secrets With Owen Blue

photo of owen blue

Marketer Growth's Dropshipping Scalability Secrets is an ecommerce automation agency run by Owen Blue. Marketer Growth DS also offers a free dropshipping mini-course. Here they share four basic steps on how to build and scale your dropshipping store.

Owen Blue has a team of over twenty experts who are masters at creating customized ads and curated content for online business owners. This is the agency where dropshippers go to get real results. As a result, online business owners can outsource ad campaigns to industry leaders to scale faster and generate more income for their online stores.

Price: free training webinar and e-commerce automation packages from $697-$2997/month

Affordable Dropshipping Courses:

The Sharif Course By Sharif Mohsin

photo of sharif mohsin

The Sharif Course is a complete dropshipping accelerator program by Sharif Mohsin. This young dropshipper is taking the industry head-on, and he's amassed quite a following on YouTube and several social media platforms. With three years in the industry, he's made over one million in sales by dropshipping inventory on Facebook and TikTok.

The Sharif Course is a comprehensive guide on how to build and scale a Shopify dropshipping store. It includes Sharif's recommended apps and video ad service options to help find stellar creatives. Sharif shares techniques on subjects like how to create viral content for Facebook and links to alternate suppliers with fast shipping. Sharif has a private Facebook group and is active on YouTube and Instagram. This course is perfect for any dropshipper interested in learning the latest winning Facebook and TikTok ad strategies.

Price: $394

Dropshipping Titans By Paul Lipsky

photo of paul lipsky

Dropshipping Titans shares an unconventional way of dropshipping. Paul Lipsky is well known for his retail arbitrage hacks on how to dropship on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. Techniques that include how to find popular items and double your profits with every sale.

Paul left the 9-5 grind as a corporate lawyer after making $2.5 million in sales in two years with eBay dropshipping. He does live streams and FAQs every Tuesday and has a Facebook Mastermind Group with over 4000 members. Paul's course has been around since 2017, and the content is updated regularly. He also has courses on how to dropship on Facebook Marketplace or Amazon you can read about in my Paul Lipsky Review.

Paul's training is detailed and includes content on topics like how to get products to your customers fast and his top-selling category recommendations. This course is perfect for beginners or experienced dropshippers interested in learning more about how to be successful with the retail arbitrage business model.

Price: One-time fee of $297 or a payment plan with 3 payments of $127

Yen-Gub's eCom Incubator Course

photo of yen-gub

eCom Incubator is a lower-cost option jam-packed with value. Yen-Gub is the mastermind behind the training. For his course, he's paired up with marketer and entrepreneur Jem Bourough. Together they're delivering high-quality content and profit hacks on how to source products from China and sell them on Facebook.

Both entrepreneurs are 8-figure earners, and Yen-Gub closed out the 2021 fiscal year with over $10 million in earnings. Students can connect and get the latest updates on industry trends in their Discord Channel and Private Facebook Group. Yen-Gub also does weekly live streams and publishes a ton of content on YouTube.

Yen-Gub shares valuable bonus material that includes templates and downloadable PDFs. His training videos boast quality content and actionable techniques like how to cloak tracking numbers from China and the dark psychology strategies for dropshipping. This course is suitable for beginners or advanced dropshippers looking for a fast way to scale their online stores.

Price: $197
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