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Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review 2023 – Kevin David eCom Course

September 26, 2020

Shopify Ninja Masterclass banner

Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass by Kevin David

Will you kill it at dropshipping once you've become a Shopify Ninja?

That's what Kevin David suggests with this Ninja Masterclass. In this review of the Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass, I aim to answer that question for you...

Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass Course Overview

Ranked #6 out of my suggested Top 8 Dropship Courses for 2020 (See the full list here)
15 hours 45 minutes
Good content to get you started on your dropshipping journey, but not as comprehensive as some of the other courses. 
Kevin David, course creator and presenter of eCom Hacks

Introduction to Kevin

Kevin is an online entrepreneur who claims to have built several successful 6 and 7 figure e-commerce stores.

In one of his promotional videos, he claims to have taken a Shopify store from $0 to $1 073 775 in revenue in 87 days! That's amazing!
Kevin David with a Lamborghini
Kevin and Co. receiving an award for eCom Hacks
A word of warning though. It all looks impressive when you see the photos of Kevin posing with all his different supercars, and getting awards, and making millions.


Most his money comes from the courses he sells. The awards come from the courses, not his Shopify Stores. 

On his official site he also has the following banner: 
Ninja Masterclasses Press Releases

This doesn’t mean he was featured on these sites or that articles were written about him. Instead he has paid for being mentioned in certain articles.

You are basically seeing ads – so don’t get fooled thinking these publications endorse or legitimize him in any way or fashion. This is clever advertising, nothing more. (Nothing wrong with it, I'm just pointing it out...)

From the Yahoo! Finance article (which is the only article about him), an interesting fact jumped out at me: “After teaching over 509,547 people learn how to make money online and helping 2,376 people to quit their jobs to make money online full time, Kevin David is one of the most successful ''digital course'' teachers in the world today.”

Already, you have a clear warning about dropshipping, right there in that statement... 

Did you see it?

Don’t think you’re going to quit your day job anytime soon...

According to that statement, only 0,46% of people who have completed Kevin’s courses are working full time online…

Take a minute to let that sink in. These are facts from Kevin himself. 509 547 have done is courses and only 2 376 of them could quit their jobs. It's simple maths baby...

0,46% is not a pass rate in anyone's books. But does that mean his courses are bad? Or does it simply mean that making money online is not as easy as everyone is making it out to be?

Both are questions that you should be asking, before you even consider jumping on board the dropshipping yacht to island beaches and mai tais...

Anyway, that's the dream they're selling... Let's see if you're convinced after my reviews on dropshipping AND reading my own, real-life dropshipping case study where I made nearly $48k in one month!

Before I get to the nuts and bolts of the course, MY DISCLAIMER:
Please note that this review is my personal opinion of the Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass Course. 

I am not affiliated to any of The Ninja Masterclasses by Kevin David in any way, whatsoever.

This means I don't get ANY money from doing this review. I was not paid to promote (or say nasty things) about this particular course. My review is purely my own personal opinion, nothing more. 

It's important that I make you aware of this, as Kevin David does have affiliate programs for his Ninja Masterclass courses. Thus, most of the favorable reviews you find, are done by his affiliates who get a cut when students sign up for a course.

What to Expect in this Course

Probably due to its price, Shopify Ninja Masterclass is a very popular dropshipping course. As mentioned above, Kevin has apparently had over half a million students to date. Based on this alone, he should have something to say.

The course is broken down into 5 main modules and two supplementary/bonus modules. Each module has its own videos and additional content in the form of documents.

This is what Shopify Ninja claims to offer you:
Shopify Ninja - What do you get from the course?

Kevin certainly has some strong selling points.

Who wouldn't want a Shopify store that not only attracts new customers, but retains old ones as well?

Let's see if the course delivers on these promises!

The Shopify Ninja Masterclass Course Breakdown

This course contains 7 different sections, each with it's own videos and additional resources. 
The Shopify Ninja course by Kevin Daivd is broken down into five main sections, each with its own modules. They are:
  • Module 1 - Finding Hugely Profitable Products to Dropship on Shopify
  • Module 2 - World Class Dropshipping Suppliers
  • Module 3 - Shopify Store Optimization
  • Module 4 - Marketing Explosion
  • Module 5 - Scaling and Expansion
Total number of course videos: 68     Total video time: 15 hours and 45  minutes
Shopify Ninja Masterclass Module 1 Product research review

Module 1 - Finding Hugely Profitable Products to Dropship on Shopify

Module 1 contains 13 videos with a total length of 3 hours and 49 minutes and additional document resources.
This is the longest module in the course and Kevin does a good job of showing you how to find products for your store. 

To his credit, Kevin shows you several innovative ways to find trending products. Overall however, it's a bit hit and miss. All of these tips are unique to this course, BUT some of them are fails in my opinion. Read the full Module 1 Review (click the button below), for an explanation.

Moving on - once you've found your possible winning/trending products, Kevin shows you how to vet the suppliers and find the best possible ones to work with. 

Additional resources include supplementary links documents, a Profit Spreadsheet template and 3 documents.

Despite it being the longest module in the course and having additional documents, the content is not comprehensive and lacks detail when you compare it to other dropshipping courses.
Shopify Ninja Masterclass Module 2 review

Module 2 - World Class Dropshipping Suppliers

Module 2 contains 5 videos with a total length of 43 minutes and an additional two documents.
This is not a very long module, so you could be forgiven for thinking that this module is also on the thin side. In contrast to module 1 though, you don't need much more in finding the right suppliers.

Kevin does a decent job of showing you how to find a good supplier without over-complicating matters.

This part of the course is not rocket science. Every drop shipping course follows the same basic steps and methods to find suppliers. If you follow Kevin's suggestions, you'll be fine, as all the other courses don't teach much more than this.

Additional resources include supplementary documents, that will help you with finding suppliers.
Shopify Ninja Masterclass Module 3 review

Module 3 - Shopify Store Optimization

Module 3 contains 15 videos with a total length of 2 hours and 41 minutes and a single .pdf document.
In this module, Kevin finally gets to setting up your Shopify store (unlike other courses where it is the first thing that you learn). 

If not for the course notes, most beginners would continuously pause and rewind. Kevin rushes through the setup assuming that you know what you're doing/have done this before. Beginner dropshippers, beware... 

Once again, the content is lacking when compared to other courses. Kevin does cover most of it though, and you will be up and running with no problems if you follow his advice.
There's nothing that stands out really as the Shopify Setup is pretty much the standard course content you can expect from most Shopify Setup Sections of a dropshipping course. 
Shopify Ninja Masterclass Module 3 review

Module 4 - Marketing Explosion

Section 4 contains 13 videos with a total length of 2 hours and 57 minutes and a module summary .pdf document. 
Kevin goes through the basics of FB Marketing and even offers some handy tips.

He covers all the basics:
  • Setting up your FB Ad Account
  • Creating Custom and Lookalike Audiences
  • Interpreting FB Pixel data and how to use it
  • Marketing objectives, focusing on Post Engagement, Traffic and Conversions
  • Precise "Lazer" Targeting
  • Good ad layout and typography
  • How to get Social Proof (good tips)
  • Re-targeting
  • When to Pause or Scale a campaign
  • Influencers
  • Email marketing
  • Cross Platform Targeting
Module 4 also contains a very useful .pdf document with some background theory and steps to follow in starting your ad campaign on FB.

Most of the content is good, BUT it lacks one major component...

Kevin does NOT cover Facebook Bidding. 

To me, that is a huge omission. Ad campaigns are made or smashed to bits, depending on their Bidding Strategies...
Shopify Ninja Masterclass Module 5 review