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Shopify Ninja Module 7 Mini Course

August 16, 2020


Shopify Ninja Masterclass - The COMPLETE Review

Module 7 - Mini Course

This is an in-depth review of the Shopify Ninja Masterclass Mini-Course.

Module 7 - MINI COURSE

Module length: 1 hour 04 minutes

Video 01 - Introduction into Finding the Best Products to Dropship on Shopify!

This mini-course is just an overview of the rest of the course and all of the topics have been covered before - so don't be surprised if you experience déjà vu. (Don't stress, this is not The Matrix

In this video, Kevin shows you how to find products on AliExpress. 

After you've found a possible winning product, you also have to vet their store. Kevin shows you how to quickly spot a good supplier.

Video 02 - Introduction Into Finding the Best Dropshipping Suppliers!

In this tutorial video, Kevin goes into more detail on how to choose your suppliers.

Your suppliers should be chosen based on the following criteria:
  • the age of the store
  • Seller Ratings
  • Buyer Feedback
  • Shipping Options
Kevin then also shows you how to:
  • contact them, and
  • negotiate for the lowest price
Kevin then also talks about Private Label Dropshipping.

Video 03 - Introduction Into Setting Up a Fully Optimized Shopify Store!

Kevin suggests his preferred Themes for your Shopify Store. Your choice will depend on whether you have a super niche store with less than 5 products, or whether you have more than 5 products.

He then goes into a little bit of detail on what each of the Themes offer and what they look like (but NOT, like the title suggests, how to set them up...)

Video 04 - Introduction Into How to Drive Huge Buyer Ready Traffic to Your Store!

Kevin explains how to create Look-alike Audiences from your existing Custom Audiences.

NOTE: You do need at least 100 likes on your FB Page/visited your site/are on your email list.

Kevin then discusses how to use the FB Pixel for more Targeted Audiences and measure the success of your ads.

Video 05 - Introduction Into Scaling Your Shopify Business to The Next Level!

Kevin goes into more detail on how create Custom Audiences based on your Pixel.

Video 06 - Join the Shopify Ninja Movement!

The final video is a little bit of a mystery. It's an advertisement for buying the course... Bit weird considering if you got this far, you already bought AND worked through the course...

This module consisted of 6 videos with a total length of 1 hours and 4 minutes and additional document resources.

Module 07 - My Key Takeaways 

Nothing stands out in this Module. 

The name itself is misleading - if you think this little "mini-course" teaches you anything new and/or worthwhile, you'll be bitterly disappointed. 

It touches on a few things that have been covered before, and that is it.

The videos aren't even new recordings... 


Video Quality: 8/10 Good quality. Just like the rest of the course.


Sound: 8/10 No sound issues. Good consistent sound throughout.


Content: 3/10 I'm going to be brutally honest and suggest that this module is a complete waste of time. There is ZERO new content here.



I honestly don't know why this module was included. It's not even a checklist for the most important things you should have done/learned along your way.

It's the same videos that have been included elsewhere in the course - with nothing new added. 

It's not even a summary of the entire course... 

Where to from here?

If you got this far, I'm pretty sure you actually went through the entire course review from Module 1, all the way to this point.

Kudos for your interest in this course and thank you for reading my review!

If you found it helpful, please be so kind and throw me a comment on the Main Course Review (the green button below will take you there.)
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