This is why having a mentor is so important if you want to run a successful online business.

Another one of our students from our lead generation coaching program killed his 9 to 5 job today.

There’s a reason why our coaching program has some of the highest success rate compared to other online programs.

It teaches you the best skills to run most businesses out there. & At the end of the day, your skills is what determines your ability to produce results in the marketplace. The more specialized your skill is the higher you’ll be paid.

Best way to learn these skills is to take action and do them.

Which is what this coaching program will force you to do.

I’ve honestly tried all the other online businesses out there such as e-commerce, Amazon FBA, & more and I reached a certain level of success with them all but at the end of the day I’ve seen the most results with local lead generation because the skills you learn with this business just seems to translate so much better to creating success in any kind of business out there.

Here’s the list of the top online business skills to be a successful entrepreneur.

1. Website Design Skill

There’s so many businesses out there with crappy looking sites and they’re not getting as much customers because of their unprofessional presentation. I’d say if you own your own business in 2021, you better own a website & it better look fly.

2. Website Ranking Skill

This might be one of the most sought-after skill on the internet. Ranking a website organically in Google is still the number 1 way for the majority of businesses out there to get new customers. Not social media marketing. Or old school methods like print ads, magazine, flyers, etc. If you can’t rank your website then its not a website, its just a pamphlet that’s chillin’ in your closet.

3. Sales Skill

Many people go into online business opportunities because they want to make money while being a recluse, they believe going into online business is going to save them from their fears or discomfort of talking to real people. But this can set you up for failure, instead of worrying about you & your problems, the focus should be worrying about what your customer might need and doing whatever it takes to service that need so you can get paid.

Real estate investor / motivational speaker Grant Cardone often says  “Who’s got my money?”

It means that if you want to become rich, you need to find a way to provide tremendous value to people that got money.

& get them to spend money with you.

Lawyers & Dentists got more money to spend than someone looking for free shit on forums or craigslist.

A critical skill to have is your ability to communicate your value & what your skills can do for that person, this is sales skills.

I owe a lot of my current success to developing my sales skills even though I run a business that’s 100% online, I still talk to real people to start new business relationships or landing a new client.

If you completely avoid developing this skill then your road to success might be a longer one.

4. The Skill to Utilize Technology for Automation

Success has a lot more to do with who can work the smartest, not the hardest.

Especially when it comes to online businesses, there’s a lot of powerful software & programs out there that can totally automate big portions of your business and your clients’ businesses leading to drastic increases in efficiency, speed & scalability while decreasing cost. Aka bigger pay checks for everybody.

Another key reason to get a mentor that’s at a high level, making multiple millions per year ideally because when they are producing that level of results, they’re 100% leveraging technology to automate their businesses as much as possible.

One of my mentors Dan Lok often says “It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how you make it”

A good system in your business allows you to make money much easier & predictably with less headaches.

It makes your business scalable.

A lot of businesses can’t grow because they don’t know how to bring in new systems in place that will be able to handle larger volumes of production.

My online business took a big leap when I got a mentor that taught me about this concept & showed me the right software & programs to implement in my own business. (Hint: Most online businesses need very similar types of automation to be truly successful)

5. The Skill to Hire a Team to do most of the work for you or Outsource

While its true that in the beginning, you need to learn to do the actual work, the service you’re providing so you know all the in’s and out’s of your business.

But you get to a certain point where you’re making enough money so it makes more sense to hire Virtual Assistants from overseas that can do much of the repetitive tasks or grunt work portion of your business for you.

Because you come to realize the most important commodity you have is your time.

Hiring others allows you to buy time.

You’re not a true entrepreneur or a business owner until you have some employees.

If you don’t you’re still simply a freelancer at best that’s trading in time for money similar to an employee working a 9 to 5.

As a true entrepreneur, your time is too valuable to be spent dealing with menial tasks that can easily be taught to others.


Shout out to Josh for killing his job.

At a certain point in our coaching program, a light bulb goes off.

It sure did for me.

What it is, is this.

You suddenly realize, like woah, you’re sitting on a gold mine with this coaching program because going through it forced you to develop crucial high-income skills that you realize is in such high demand in the market place today.

This high-income skill is lead generation.

Developing high-income skill breeds financial confidence.

Every business out there needs a lead generation system because without it, you can’t get new customers. Without lead generation, it doesn’t matter if you have the best product or service in the city, you won’t be around for long.

This is why they say most people fail at starting their own business because they fail to understand that being successful in business in the internet age today means you have to also be excellent internet marketers or hire someone & pray they know what they’re doing. Your product or service is only 50% of the equation at best.

Marketing is the be all and end all.

Listen to Dan Lok talk about the importance of first developing your high-income skills before going into business.

Without legit internet marketing skills in 2021, chances are you’ve failed before you even start.

Even Dan Lok who’s a multi-millionaire now started by first developing his copywriting & internet marketing skills.

Skills pay the bills.

It’s not so much about your particular business or niche.

With my lead generation skills, I can pretty much make any type of business successful.

Because I know how to go get customers.

Just ask my 45+ clients that run businesses in all kinds of industries. From selling CBD products to Asphalt paving in California.

This coaching program changed my life and has such high success rate because it teaches you virtually the best 5 high-income skills that makes the biggest impact: website design, ranking a site, sales, technology for automation, hiring a team.

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