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Every year in June, we do a live event in Vegas where 300+ ppl show up and we have speakers, social events and just an epic time networking with each other.

Just check out here for the last year's Vegas event post.

This year (due to COVID) we held a virtual event this past weekend, and postponed the actual live event for September. 

Dan unleashed arguably one of the most groundbreaking training during this virtual event called Sleeping Giants. Keep Reading...


A few homies from inside this program visited me & Shiv in San Francisco this past week as well. (Above you can see us at my apartment) 

Below you see the setup on actual virtual event day at Shiv's apartment, because he's got all the tech equipment.

It felt very futuristic lol.

Here's what we covered

On Friday: Virtual Sales School where we went deep on sales strategy and tactics as well as psychology of what makes a great sales person and how to use sales skill to hire talented people into your organization.

Me & Shiv did some Role Playing of what does a sales encounter look like and how to handle objections in the lead generation business, revealing actual lines & rebudles we've been using for years.

We also had Eiric (one of our top sales guy) spit some fire on how he went from zero sales experience to having one of the highest closing rate in the organization of our coaching program

On Saturday, we had Dan and Seth cover a brand new training they are calling Sleeping Giants... (this is where people's brain began to melt)

Sleeping Giants training is a brand new way of doing lead generation that Dan discovered while going through the COVID-19 pandemic, he discovered strategies to get into B2B lead gen, for manufacturers and suppliers.

Where one order is $100K and above, instead of couple hundred dollars. 

To date, Dan has netted $8 million dollars in the last 3 months since COVID-19 hit, selling PPE (personal protection equipment) such as masks, gowns & more.

Doing purely lead generation but on steroids.

Sure this may not be for a beginner... I will say that when Dan gave the explanation of this model last Saturday, even I was blown away.

I promise you this.

No one is teaching this.

This is not about selling masks (an opportunity that obviously exists because of COVID), this is about doing lead generation with a big twist.

Looking at the Business on a Macro-level

You see one of the reasons why having a mentor like Dan is so valuable is that he is actually a real entrepreneur.

There's a lot of "pretend coaches" out there on the internet, that make money by selling their course that they copied from other coaches.

These fake coaches never actually built the actual business themselves. So they can never be a great coach because if you've never built a business, you can never get granular about the business model or have anything to teach of substance when it comes to how to actually be innovative in that space.

What so many groups lack is innovation, how Dan has been able to continually bring innovation to our group is quite remarkable.

IMO one of his great gifts as an entrepreneur, his ability to innovate & unpack that complex business idea into a process.

You have to actually own a business and face hard issues to actually develop that muscle of innovation. Let's take a look at all the businesses Dan's been involved in.

To date Dan has been successful in all the following businesses

  • Lead Generation for small businesses
  • Coaching
  • Consulting small businesses
  • Brick & Mortar business (limo & window tinting)
  • Developed a Dutch Bro's Property, a Coffee Franchise
  • Life Insurance Business with a Partner
  • Owns few commercial real estate
  • Now - manufacturing Face Masks & fulfilling big orders

Dan is a true serial entrepreneur.

This is what seperates him and consequently our group from all other online coaching programs out there in my opinion.

His diverse background in all these businesses has allowed him to have deep understanding of what makes a business & the owner operate at the highest level.

Once COVID-19 hit, Dan locked himself in a room for 7 days straight to figure out what new needs are created in the marketplace and how to fulfill it.

Hence if you look at this post, I went in-depth about our members going into the niche of selling face masks & gowns.

He has figured out how to take the same skill of lead generation and apply it in a completely new way in a brand new space of B2B because he took the time to study and gather information, identify weaknesses and innovate to allow him to have the competitive advantage.

In the above screenshot, Dan was showing us all how he innovated a tracking system of all the suppliers of mask in the USA ready to ship, so that it can get to a customer fast, instead of waiting for shipping from China.

Dan figured out that whoever controls the information and has access to it faster than the competition, wins.

Dan above with one of his masks that he has created from raw material to all the way to finished product.

This process of actually getting involved in manufacturing gave him even more understanding of all the steps of a supply chain.

(remember around a month ago, I mentioned that Dan invested $1.8 million in raw textile material for mask manufacturing?)

He begun to identify where there is a break in the link of the supply chain, because many of these organizations are antiquated.

This is where we can come in and get a sliver to deliver, but in this case, one single sliver can amount to huge dollar amounts.

Below is a deal that Damian and Seth are working on (whom you see in the pic above with me and Shiv), they came over this past week to mastermind with us and Dan.

Yes that's a $100.8 Million Purchase Order, and let me tell ya, what Damian and Seth will take home from this deal is groundbreaking to say the least. Crossing fingers that it all goes through fine.

Seth is a newer member to our group but has extensive background in the manufacturing world, he has been talking to Dan a lot recently about this world.

Speed of information is everything in this domain and we are able to be more cutting edge than other players, why???

Hint: They don't have access to a group of 6000 smart internet entrepreneurs for example...

I'm not gonna go much more into that because it took 8 hours of non-stop training by Dan and Seth just to get people to begin to grasp this advanced level of lead-gen.

One thing is for certain, this group has always innovated new strategies over the years and this year has been no different.

When everyone is zigging, we zag.

The drastic changes to our market due to COVID definitely pushed Dan to innovate on a whole new level this time.

Our group will never be the same after this.

Dan is making us all aware of sleeping giants that were outside of our field of vision till now.

Joyce gets a $20,000 Check During the Virtual Event

So during the event, Dan surprises Joyce by cutting her a $20,000 check live which was a result of Joyce's 1 email to a buyer.

This set the tone for what Sleeping Giants was all about.

There's these giants that you don't normally see in your day to day, because most businesses that we come in contact with day to day are those businesses that provide a services to regular customers. (B2C)

But there are giants that serve big orders to other businesses/corporations (B2B)

and Dan has come up with an ingenious way to provide lead generation to those giants.

Even for me, it was a mind stretching experience to learn all the things that Dan has learned in this space in the last 3 months of 14-18 hour days of pure obsessed focus like he was possessed.

What Drives Dan?

After asking Dan over the weekend when I was hanging out at his house, what allowed him to find that new gear of focus.

He told me it was fear.

You see, people think Dan is motivated by money, he is in a sense that he likes that as a challenge to push himself but he doesn't exactly need more money to have a life of comfort anymore.

What gets him up in the morning now is that he now has an organization where more than 100 people depend on him, such as myself, Shiv & countless other people that work inside our lead-gen coaching program that he cuts checks for every month.

Not to mention being the leader of a 6000 entrepreneur group.

He puts the weight of responsibility on his own shoulders to ensure everyone around him continues to thrive.

When COVID hit, he saw that an economic recession was all but guaranteed.

This is a time of great uncertainty like of which we've never seen.

Fear struck him, but instead of allowing himself to become paralyzed by it, he went into red-line massive action, he locked himself in a room from morning till late-night... an umatched hustle mode that would scare even the Gary V's of the world.

What makes a humans great is our ability to act in spite of fear by using our logic & reason, animals cannot do this, animals are completely ruled by their fight or flight reactions.

Courage is our ability to act in the presence of fear.

One of the greatest reasons why anyone should want to join our lead-gen group is being able to surround yourself with these great humans.

The result of all those sleepless nights is Dan netting $8 million in 3 months in mask sales and an understanding of a whole new world of opportunities for us students

Before we get into the testimonials of sleeping giants, let me show you some of the pics from our epic weekend.

After the virtual event was over, we drove to Sacramento to Dan's spot to chop it up more and unwind.

Epic week...

Although we got plenty of testimonials from me and Shiv's sales school

For this blog post, I want to simply focus on the testimonials from the mind shattering Sleeping Giants training.

Sleeping Giants Testimonials


Here's my keytakeaway from the virtual event this past weekend

Key Takeaway
  • surprised how effective the virtual event was... the technology of zoom allowing hundreds to be online at once without lag is amazing
  • nothing beats chopping it up with other members in person though, 6 different students flew in to hang out with us in SF for a whole week
  • Sleeping Giants will change the lead-gen game forever
  • Being in the lead generation business means you're always 2-3 moves ahead of everyone else, you're infact the smartest person in the marketplace
  • innovation is at the heart of the success of this group
  • Dan's leadership still amazes me to this day (I've been in this group since 2014)

There's so much more I wanna share because I'm so passionate about this new frontier and lead generation in general... but this is just not the platform to do so.

What I can say is that the power of combining brain powers by being in this group is the greatest asset about joining this lead generation coaching program back in 2014.

Over the last 3 months, Dan has collaborated with several students in the program that had manufacturing B2B experience and they have come up with something quite remarkable.

Pure innovation...

Going after leads that's worth 100X more than the general local service niches we've been going after and dominating for years now.

Sure there are some differences, but fundamentals of lead-gen still applies, and Dan has figured out a way to crack into the B2B world with few genius tactics up his sleeve.

Lead Generation is like being the smartest guy/gal in the marketplace, like Leo from Catch Me If You Can, always 2-3 steps ahead of the game.

Small business clients we generate leads for are (I bet) sometimes very jealous that we were able to figure out this lead generation business where we can make comission passively while they have to do all the hard work.

I bet some are pissed...

"how did they outsmart the whole game?"

"we are the ones with all the overhead..."

"all they have is a website & a tracking phone number..."

Whoever can get in front of the customer first wins or whoever controls the flow of information is the one that dominates the marketplace.

By first identifying weaknesses in that flow of information of a supply chain and then using our elite internet marketing skills coupled with leveraging our 6000 student group, we can go in and take full control of that flow of information...

This is how we will bring down these giants to their knees and shackle them to our control.

Ready to play?

Stay tuned.


Go here for more info on joining our lead-gen group.

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  1. Ippei, as always, I love that you share this information. One of my downfalls has always been not having a strong network of good peplle. Following you has confirmed to me, that I will take the plunge! Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  2. Really enjoyed reading this post. Covid-19 was my fear too, but after reading this I try to control my feelings and I want to get up and give my best! I lost my job and just fall into a deep hole.. Anyway I like the post best part of it is that Dan isundefinedwas fear by it as well. Time to back up and try to get things done!
    Thanks for that!

  3. How long does one have to do the Lead Generation business before trying to tackle Sleeping Giants? I had to learn the hard way that good things take time so I dont really care if it takes a while. I just want to pull in multi million dollar checks. I am so glad I did not unsubscribe from your list like I originally planned when I was feeling defeated in life.

  4. Dan is probably the most entrepreneurial person you've never heard of. The amount of value he pumps out consistently is just insane

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