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Ever since I’ve gone through this local lead generation coaching program, I’ve been able to produce hundreds of thousands of revenue for myself & my clients by doing one thing really well.

Beating the competition by simply putting out more lead generation properties.

Basically I blanket Google Maps with multiple locations & phone numbers for my clients.

I’ve taken one towing company in Metro Detroit and created 15 different map listings for them.

Before they started working with me, they only had 1 map location and 1 site & phone number.

Can you imagine what happened when I created 15 more of those map listings all across Metro Detroit?


Basically 10X his business.

Its kinda like erecting many billboards for the same company, you’re going to get more eyeballs to land on your marketing.

My virtual billboards not only get in front of lots of traffic each day but highly specific targeted traffic of my buyers.

By ranking HIGH for buyer intent keywords of my customers.

I got the skills to not only create multiple digital assets but how to rank those assets high in the search engine so that it attracts the best buyers to me.

In a niche like Towing, these customers got their credit card in hand ready to buy!

I use the same skills that make my clients lots of money and also apply it for myself which is why you found this blog post.

All of these skills I learned by investing in myself, specifically investing in a mentor that taught me high-level local lead generation.

I knew one thing for certain.

There’s tons of small businesses out there.

The internet is not going anywhere.

The trend is that more and more people will be relying on the internet as time goes on.

Therefore small business owners will need help with their online presence for many years to come.

So as long as I learned this skill of being able to generate leads for small businesses, I would be able to generate income for myself.

My hunches were correct.

Just 7 months after I joined the lead gen coaching program, I was able to quit my job of 3 years after graduating from Michigan State University.

The Joys of Being Self-Employed with a Lead Generation Business

Don’t let anybody fool you.

Being self-employed is freaking awesome.

When you develop high-income skill set such as lead generation, you begin to develop financial confidence.

This level of belief that no matter what happens to my bank account or assets, if everything was robbed from me, I know I’ve got what it takes to build my wealth back up again very quick. Because I now have the skills to make money which no one can take away from me.

It has totally changed who I am as a person and positively affected every area of life in a major way.

And what I like about these lead gen properties?

Its indestructible income because once my lead gen properties are out there, they’re out there generating free traffic & phone calls on auto-pilot.

I can literally go without a laptop and internet for the next 6 months and my lead gen properties will still generate leads for my clients and income for myself.


Marketing is all about strategy.

How can you dominate your marketplace & pierce through all the noise.

The goal is to get more customers to the door and the highest quality customers.

When it comes to online marketing, quantity will oftentimes beat out quality.

The interesting thing though… is that quantity will breed quality.

If you had 10 customers finding out about you per day, you better try to do your best to service them best way you can.

But if you had 100 customers reaching out to you per day, well then you can pick & choose for the highest quality customers.

If you can’t be selective with who you work with, then you have a lead generation problem.

For most small businesses this problem is best resolved through increasing free traffic generation.

This coaching program taught me the skills to do just that, and with it I’ve been able to make multiple 6 figure residual income.

I’ve been self-employed since 2015 thanks to lead generation marketing. Specifically dominating local search and Google My Business Maps.

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