5 nurse figures standing facing you.

Nurses are the frontline and backbone of our healthcare system.

Nearly 4 million men and women dedicate their lives to helping people and communities in the United States.

Most of us think of nurses in a hospital setting. 

However, there are alternate options in this fast-paced and diverse facet within the study of medicine, offering professional nurses an opportunity to explore different avenues.

Nurses looking to move away from the traditional nursing environment have several entrepreneurial ideas and home-based opportunities available to them.

Here are a few of our top choices for consideration, but before we jump in, let me give you the inside scoop on my story.

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Number 1

Nurse Educator

Nursing is in high demand in the United States, with a projected growth rate of almost 20% between now and 2028 as per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Despite increased admissions into the Baccalaureate Nursing Programs of 3.7%, there continues to be a shortage of qualified professionals which is driving the demand for educators in the field.

Nursing is a high-stress job. 

At some point in your career, the adrenaline rush and crisis-driven twelve-hour shifts begin to lose their appeal. 

For those in the profession interested in pursuing other rewarding yet less demanding entrepreneurial endeavors, education is an excellent option. 

Nurse educators are registered nurses with advanced educational credentials and a knack for teaching who bridge the gap between academic study and clinical practice.

Most have worked in the field for years before pursuing a career in education and all possess the required credentials.

Individuals with extensive clinical skills and an abundance of knowledge can use their academic expertise and front line experience to prepare the next generation of nursing students in best practices and effective nursing techniques.

There are several academic and professional qualifications required before you can be considered eligible to become a nurse educator as outlined in this publication including:


Academic requirements consisting of certification as a Registered Nurse (RN) with a valid license and experience working in the field.


A Master's Degree and a Doctorate is required to teach at a university level-post-master's certification or degree in your area of specialty is recommended.


An influential speaker with the ability to explain complex concepts to students.


Current in nursing methods and technologies and considered a leader in clinical practice guidelines.


Clinical and front line experience with an area of specialization.


Advanced assessment and communication skills and a love of nursing.

The world of nursing academia presents a multitude of opportunities and an annual salary between $74,000-$150,000+.

There are options to teach in a classroom, clinical or hospital setting, or to branch out as an independent and offer online or e-learning components. 

These entrepreneur business ideas give qualified professionals the chance to directly impact the future of the healthcare industry in a less stressful environment.

Check out this article outlining additional information on qualifications, opportunities, and salary ranges for nurse educators and alternate teaching positions in this field.

Number 2

Traveling Nursing Agency

Traveling Nursing Agency business

A nursing agency is a business that acts as a 'go-between' for nurses and nursing staff looking for employment and organizations seeking to employ either on a full, part, or temporary basis.

Nurses acquired through an agency are available for hire by hospitals, care homes, or private clients on a contractual basis. 

The logic here is simple. 

Your agency locates opportunity and takes a ‘sliver of the profits’ or a flat finder’s fee for your efforts.

This method is not unlike lead generation. 

The most glaring difference with lead gen, however, is that you can go into over 400 niches anywhere in the world-not just in the healthcare industry. 

With this rank and rent model you have the ability to work from home and generate a semi-passive income by merely trusting the process and committing to the work.

 Check out this link for more info on lead gen.

Owning a nursing agency is not only a lucrative entrepreneur business idea, and home-based opportunity for professional nurses considering a career shift, but offers flexibility and scalability within the healthcare profession. 

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) refers to nursing agencies as a temporary help service.

The purpose of this platform is to assist both potential candidates hoping to secure work and organizations in need.

Plan on investing between $80, 000-$100,000+ as per this post for startup costs, which would include office staff, advertising, and marketing expenses, insurance and incidentals.

However, with profit margins between 4%-70%, the potential to generate a significant income is staggering.

There are, of course, pros and cons to owning a nursing agency which should be considered and include the following:

Pros & Cons to Owning a Nursing Agency


  • Agency nurses earn significantly more money per hour than employed nurses. 
  • There are no benefit packages to payout, and the organization is often short-handed=desperate


  • Your staff may be asked to stay on as a full-time employee, thereby no longer needing your service. 
  • It can be challenging to retain reliable and dependable nursing professionals. 


The reality is that there will always be a need for nursing professionals and not just in a hospital setting.

As the American population continues to age and older adults remain in their homes as long as possible, the urgency for private care and long-term care facilities will continue to increase. 

This article offers additional information on how to start a nursing agency if you are interested in this entrepreneur business idea.

Number 3

Hospice Nursing 

Hospice Nursing business model

Hospice nurses are healthcare professionals caring for patients at the end of their lives. 

The primary goal is quality of life and the right to die with dignity. 

With the rise in the aging population of the United States, there is a perpetual need for hospice nurses

Typically employed in private care homes, hospice centers, nursing facilities, or geriatric nursing homes, hospice nurses provide emotional support and daily care.

infographic explaining what hospice nurses do

The long term care market in the United States is expected to reach over $750 billion by 2027, with a projected CAGR of 6.8%. 

These statistics suggest that now is the ideal time to consider deviating from traditional nursing and offering your professional services and expertise as a hospice nurse.

Launching a hospice care facility offers a number of options, each with applicable costs and include:

  • Independent contractor-just you either offering consulting services or direct care ($1000+)

  • Licensed home health non-Medicare facility ($60,000-$100,000+)
  • Medicare-certified hospice agency ($150,000-$350,000+)
  • Consulting service affiliate ($350,000+) 

  • Franchise options ($500,000+)

graphic showing hospice nurse with elderly.

Hospice agencies receive funds from several sources.

These include charitable donations, grants, private insurance, and Medicare/Medicaid, as per this article, which also provides additional suggestions on how to start a hospice business.

Payment is typically per/day on a patient to patient basis and averages around $146/day or $40/hour

Hospice agency owners with a well-oiled system, adequate staffing, and successful marketing campaigns can expect to earn $120,000-$175,000+ net profit/year, but keep in mind that the number of staff and clients you serve will have a direct impact on your ROI.

Hospice nursing presents an entrepreneur idea and successful home-based business for qualified professionals looking for diversification in the nursing field and has the potential to be a highly lucrative business endeavor.

Number 4

Written Publications

infographic explaining the different types of medical publications

Nursing publications are an opportunity to present current research, workplace innovations, and advancements to the healthcare system. 

Published articles assist front line workers in improving their delivery of patient care through scientific and factual processes.

There are over 200 nursing journals in the United States, all of which need to meet the volume of articles required to fill them. 

This information suggests that there is a considerable demand for written publications relevant to the nursing field, confirming that this is a home-based business worth further investigation.

While writing offers a flexible schedule, it can be time-consuming.

Writing nursing publications and research reports must meet ethical authorship and publishing standards. 

Articles approved for publication must be clear, concise, informative, and supported by current evidence.

There are a few things to consider before commencing with your writing career.

Here are a few tips for securing publication and compensation:


Publications that build knowledge through rigorous study methodology and research and are in compliance with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

Editors are looking for articles surrounding an exciting topic, adding value and clinical information to advance the profession and supported by current evidence.


Quality improvement publications focused on baseline and outcome data providing insightful analysis and confirmation of applicable findings.

Articles providing current evidence on best practices for specific diseases or conditions to educate professionals on how to administer optimal care.


Systematic reviews or opinion essays aimed at promoting a dialogue to encourage positive changes within the nursing forum.


Analysis of professional issues and health care policies.


Personal narratives derived from past experiences in the field offering insight into the nursing profession for both colleagues and non nurse individuals interested in learning more about this career.

This publication provides additional information and specific details and suggestions on how to maximize each written component and increase your chances of your article being published in a recognized journal.

There are also options to work as a freelance writer, write blogs, website content, curriculum, and education courses.

The amount of money you earn will depend on where and how often your articles are published. A ballpark figure is between $30-$100+/hour as per this post.

This home-based opportunity has the potential to provide you with financial freedom and the chance to contribute to the study of nursing.

Number 5

Nurse Researcher

5 different nurse researchers working in a lab

Nurse researchers conduct specific scientific research for a variety of health aspects, including illness, treatment plans, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare methods.

The goal of the research is to improve services and patient outcomes using studies, analyzing data, and sharing findings with other medical professionals.

The Bureau Labor of Statistics (BLS) predicts a 19%  growth rate by 2022, confirming that now is the ideal time to consider this business opportunity.

There are a number of options to freelance within this market, but whether you opt to run a solo show or create an agency, the potential to generate serious coin through research is impressive.

What types of nursing research business opportunities are there? this infographic explains everything.

Nurse researchers are highly accredited individuals who not only have a standard nursing degree and RN license but often hold a PhD in Nursing. 

Nurse researchers also have specialized knowledge of informatics, data collection, and analysis with effective skills in scientific research methodology as per this publication.

Nurse researchers work tirelessly to develop new and possibly life-saving treatments and practice methods to improve patient outcomes. 

Their research studies and findings provide valuable and innovative information for medical professionals-helping pave the way for more effective healthcare practices.

The roles and duties of nurse researchers include: 

  • Devise and perform research studies.

  • Make observations and analyses regarding patient care, treatment, or procedures to collect pertinent data.

  • Share findings through speaking engagements, written articles, or journal publications.

  • Secure grants or alternate funding for research studies.

  • Assist in recruiting participants for each focus group or research study.

The role of a nurse researcher is highly rewarding and riddled with the opportunity to make a difference in the healthcare field.

This position is more complicated than just meticulous research and data collecting as per this publication, which provides additional information about specifics of the job.

With an annual salary between $67,930-$75,000+, you can find employment opportunities with medical research organizations, hospitals, colleges and universities, labs, or pharmaceutical companies or opt to freelance or work on a contractual basis and expect to earn upwards of $40-$100/hour

Number 6

Legal Nurse Consultant

Infographic explaining what a legal nurse consultant does for work.

A legal nurse consultant is a trained RN with exponential experience in both the educational and practical components of nursing.

Acting as a liaison between the healthcare system and the legal community, legal nurse consultants (LNCs) provide an invaluable service to litigation teams across the United States.

With almost 2 million practicing attorneys in America, the demand for LNCs continues to rise creating a market for healthcare professionals to research, review, or testify in the judicial system. 

Legal nurse consultants are a cost-effective way for litigation teams to dissect medical and health-related issues. 

They bridge the gap between the evidence and the legal team's expertise.

LNCs can work as independent agents or find contractual employment through law firms, government agencies, or insurance companies.

Offering a wide array of services, some of the key roles of an LCN are as follows:

LCN Roles & Services

  • Interpret medical records.
  • Prepare deposition questions.

  • Personal injury.

  • Product liability.

  • Medical malpractice.

  • Criminal law proceedings.

LCNs are employed to assist in a variety of litigation cases, and there is little limit to the need for their medical experience and expertise. 

However, some of the more in-demand disputes entail testimony or recorded research for the following scenarios:

  • Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

  • Product Liability

  • Criminal and Worker's Compensation Disputes

By analyzing healthcare facts, concerns, and ramifications, LCNs ingrain themselves and their services into the proceedings and are an invaluable asset to the legal system.


This article offers a further breakdown and analysis of the role of an LCN and employment prerequisites.

Legal nurse consultants can earn around $150/hour, and for independent consulting businesses, revenues of $140,000+/year are easily attainable. 

LNCs offer an entrepreneur business idea and stay at home opportunity that is sure to garner monetary rewards as confirmed in this post.

Number 7

Holistic Nurse

picture of a sunrise with stacked rocks in the foreground symbolizing holistic medicine

Americans have become more in tune with their well-being, mindset, and sense of self. 

This mental shift on how we view ourselves has given entrance to a host of new and innovative ways of practicing medicine.

Holistic nurses' focus is treating the patient as a whole and embodies the mind-body-spirit philosophy.

Caring for the person and not just addressing the symptoms in addition to traditional Western medicine allows holistic nurses to include patient's dietary concerns, spirituality, and reflection into their practice.

The philosophy behind holistic nursing is to practice mindfulness during interactions with others, utilizing a combination of traditional and therapeutic techniques to assess and treat clients as further outlined in this article.

Some common treatment methods used by a holistic nurse are as follows:

  • Acupuncture and stress management techniques
  • Aromatherapy & Massage

  • Hypnosis & Hydrotherapy 

  • Chinese & Eastern healing practices in accompaniment with Western medicine 

The majority of holistic nurses work in private practice establishments or own their clinics. 

There may, however, be an opportunity to contract yourself to birthing centers, private care facilities, or in people's homes as per this publication.

Because the nature of this style of healing is generally privatized, it is one of our top choices for a successful home-based business opportunity.

picture of the natural oils and soaps used by holistic medicine to help relieve pain and promote wellbeing

Holistic nurses earn between $46,000-$87,000/year.

In addition to being certified and licensed as an RN, they are required to earn certification through the American Holistic Nurses Certification Corporation, who you can connect with here.

The trend for alternative healing options and treatment strategies is not going anywhere.

Americans remain committed to their physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being and are receptive to exploring less traditional healthcare options confirming this is the ideal time to parlay your career and work for yourself as a holistic nurse.

IMO The Best Successful Home-Based Opportunity

Lead Generation

Compassion and the desire to serve people are two main reasons why individuals enter the nursing profession. 

These characteristics will serve you well with the lead generation model.

Here we build and rank websites that sail to the top of the page in Google searches, getting free traffic, and helping local business owners grow their enterprise.

Not only are you creating a semi-passive income stream, but are making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Building and ranking digital assets in any niche you choose, anywhere you wish, with only a laptop and a willingness to help others succeed.

Lead generation offers you the freedom to build and rank as many sites as you want and not just in the healthcare industry.

With over 400 niches to choose from anywhere in the world, there is no limit to your growth potential.

The premise is to find a business owner looking to expand and sell your leads for a piece of the action-a 'sliver to deliver' if you will.

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Trusting the process and staying committed to doing the work.

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What are you waiting for?

There is no doubt that nurses are one of the most trusted professionals in the United States.

But the hard work and dedication of individuals committed to the greater good of humankind can be exhausting.

These suggestions give you a few alternatives to consider if it is finally time for a change.

If you are a nursing professional- I thank you.

If you have a stellar idea worth sharing, please leave it in the comments.

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