Best SMMA Niches in 2024 (PLUS 5 Criteria for Choosing the Most Profitable SMMA Niche)

May 7, 2024

The best SMMA niches in 2024 are:

  1. Auto dealerships
  2. Cosmetic surgery
  3. Home remodeling and construction
  4. Real estate
  5. Gyms

In 2024, SMMAs must identify the right niche to capitalize on specific markets and minimize competition. A well-chosen niche streamlines the target demographic and enhances your marketing strategies' efficacy.

To choose the right SMMA niche, agencies must research market demands, competition level, and potential long-time client value for industries they have interest and experience in. This lets you develop the right SMMA services that offers value to your prospective clients. In fact, Socially Buzz estimates social media marketing services to cost $500-$2,500 monthly. Aspiring SMMA owners can make significant profit monthly using this business model.

Notable SMMAs include SociallyIn and Fresh Content Society. Their clients gladly pay $5,000-$10,000 minimum for their services because they achieve results. They do this through data-driven strategies, targeted campaigns, and customized content. Showing why SMMAs should choose niches compatible with their existing skills, interests, and scalability.

This article lists the 27 best SMMA niches in 2024. We’ll also break down the criteria for choosing profitable niches, how to create niche-specific service strategies, and other ways of making money online.

27 Best Social Media Marketing Niches for SMMA

1. Auto Dealerships

Auto dealerships can greatly improve their digital marketing with SMMAs. They can do this by showing specific car models in fun posts on social media. Video tours that explore interiors and show the functions of various models. They cater to the 86% of car shoppers who research online before visiting a dealership. Such videos work well on social media. 22% of potential buyers are active there. The videos give them a virtual test drive at home. 

SMMAs can utilize email marketing to send model info and discounts directly to potential customers. This nurtures leads effectively and leverages direct engagement to boost client conversion rates.

2. Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is growing in popularity. It includes breast augmentation, facelifts, liposuction, and rhinoplasty. Social media is driving the growth. NCBI says that 48.5% of 816 respondents considered cosmetic procedures due to social media. 51.4% follow plastic surgeons online. 

The income potential is high. Cosmetic surgery practices spend $5,000 to $15,000 monthly on marketing. SMMAs in this niche should focus on lead-gen services. They should use testimonials and educational content to turn viewers into consultations.

3. Home Remodeling and Construction

Home remodeling and construction SMMAs help businesses use platforms like Pinterest. 87% of users have bought based on what they saw there. 72% of Instagram users have bought products they found on the app. SMMAs can help companies showcase their projects. They do this with compelling images and engaging videos that help market their services. 

Managing social media includes making content and engaging. It usually costs $1,500 to $2,500 per month. SMMAs can attract rich clients in historic restorations or upscale areas. They can do this through targeted lead generation campaigns. Tactics like SEO, PPC advertising, and video content creation increase engagement.

4. Real Estate

Real estate is a great niche for SMMAs. It has visual appeal and high-value deals. SMMAs can create virtual tours that draw inspiration from celebrity home showcases. They highlight a property’s luxury features, like pools, gaming rooms, or in-house theaters. They attract high-ticket clients and help make quick, lucrative sales. It’s a highly competitive market. 90% of real estate agents promote listings online. SMMAs can help their clients make customized presentations that stand out. They boost engagement and closing rates.

For example, the success story of Charlie Morgan's client, Luke, saw his monthly revenue jump from $10k to $60k within three months. He did this by using targeted Facebook ads and refining client management systems. This enhanced client acquisition and retention set his business to achieve $600K annual revenue. Luke’s success shows that careful planning and targeted ads can greatly help real estate SMMAs.

5. Gyms

Promoting gyms and gym memberships on social media is crucial. 79% of people value health and wellness, with 42% considering them a top priority. SMMAs can attract new gym members and show the gym's exclusivity. They can create content like video tours that show unique gym features, such as saunas and indoor basketball courts. 

McKinsey says the US wellness market reached $480 billion and is expanding yearly by 5-10%, showing growth potential. These SMMA's can help gyms establish their online presence. They do this by partnering with fitness influencers or by creating tutorials and equipment demos. These teach practical fitness tips to boost viewer engagement.

6. B2B Tech and Software

B2B companies focus on meeting the specific needs of other businesses. They do this through tech and software solutions. Sprout Social says that 79% of B2B content marketers rate social media as the best marketing channel. SMMAs can help B2Bs boost credibility and show the value of their products to their audience. They do this through case studies and videos that show how the products solve specific business challenges. 

B2B SMMAs increase their client's market share and revenue through social proof. They can show success stories and case studies of their product's effectiveness through social media. They can also use targeted strategies like email marketing campaigns. These explain their product's benefits and features to businesses looking for specific solutions.

7. Financial Advisors

Financial advisors provide custom financial guidance. It can greatly improve personal and business finances. Hootsuite says 81% of financial advisors gained business assets through social media. They gain an average of $1.9 million in assets. Highlighting the importance of these services on social media works well. It shows how an advisor helps clients manage money better and plan for future goals. Showing success stories and testimonials from past clients adds trust and relatability. It convinces potential clients of the real benefits of professional financial advice. 

Denim Social says 79% of people use social media for financial advice. SMMAs can highlight their client’s qualifications and experience in these ads to build trust with their audience. This approach builds a solid client base and profitability of their client's services.

8. Restaurants

SMMAs in the restaurant niche enhance their client's market presence. They can showcase unique dining experiences, diverse menus, and ambiance through social media. Clootrack says consumers rate social media as the second most trusted source of information. They use it when deciding where to eat. Promoting specials on social media attracts and engages patrons, whether your client is fine dining, fast food, cafes, or buffets.

Lightspeed says working with food influencers for reviews can build customer trust. 45% of US diners trying a restaurant for the first time based on its social media posts. Notable examples include Karen’s Diner, which exploded in social media. It had a unique concept: "serving burgers and rude service." It went viral on various platforms. People shared their personal experiences in the restaurant.

9. Landscaping

The landscaping niche has great potential. Statista valued the US landscaping market at $170 billion. But 49% of small businesses in the US do not have a social media presence. SMMAs in this niche can showcase their clients’ services. For example, before-and-after images or videos capture the effects their client’s services can achieve and build trust with their audience.

10. Legal or Lawyers

SMMAs help law firms greatly increase their online visibility and credibility.  The American Bar Association’s 2021 survey found that 77% of legal professionals use social media for career development and networking. 52% use it for client development.  SMMAs use strategies that show their client's expertise and qualifications on social media. These include sharing articles authored by their client, showing successful trial outcomes, and client testimonials.

Hootsuite says 71% of lawyers get clients through social media. SMMAs in this niche can improve online engagement by looking for threads or people that need legal advice. This establishes their client’s authority. Making educational videos about basic legal processes or hypothetical scenarios can inform potential clients. It also helps enhance their understanding of the firm’s value. Notable examples include Legal Eagle, Ugo Lord, and Mike Mandell. They show the impact these types of content have on their social media presence and practice.

11. Car Wraps, Detailing, and Customization

Car wraps, detailing, and customization are a promising niche for SMMAs. SMMAs in this niche create engaging videos. They detail the customization process, highlight the materials' quality, and show how these customizations look on different car colors. This helps them attract car enthusiasts to their client’s social platforms and show their skills.

SMMAs in this niche can leverage trends. They do this by featuring changes seen on influencers' or celebrities' vehicles. This can expand reach and appeal to a broader audience. This targeted marketing approach showcases the unique aesthetic and quality of the services. Notable examples like Yianni Charalambous’s Yiannimize, M.A.D Detailing, and The Detail Geek. They show the potential profitability of the niche.

12. Healthcare and Dental

SMMAs in the healthcare and dental niche boost patient engagement and trust. They do this by showing the latest medical advancements. They also share customer testimonials and present successful case studies. The demand for social media marketing in the dental niche continues to grow. Dentavox's survey says 75% of dental practices use social media for growth. Platforms like Facebook (35%) and Instagram (18%) are crucial for success. SMMAs can also help their clients build credibility. They can do this by showcasing the expertise of doctors and staff in online Q&A sessions. This will enhance the practice's social media presence. 

80% of patients use the internet for healthcare-related searches. Orthodontists, oral, and jaw surgeons can use SMMAs to target patient types. This increases profits and attracts more informed and engaged patients.

13. Kitchen and Bathroom

Showing affordable yet high-quality upgrades or unique, luxurious items in the kitchen and bathroom sectors can attract many clients. The potential of these markets is vast. LinkedIn projects the bathroom accessories market alone to grow by 9.89%. SMMAs can boost engagement. They do this by creating content like video tours of these spaces or showing specific products.

For kitchen products, making food blogs or preparation videos is key. They show the impact of new tools and gear. For bathroom products, create content that stresses comfort and convenience. It can appeal to consumers who want bathroom improvements.

14. Drink Venues

Social media marketing for drink venues like pubs, bars, and clubs involves creating an inviting online presence. Sprout Social says reviews and comments influence 88% of social media users. SMMAs can highlight the unique atmosphere and drink offerings of their clients. For example, videos that showcase how bartenders mix drinks and create unique blends specific to the venue. They can even feature patrons enjoying their time, enhancing the venue's appeal. SMMAs in this niche can help their clients promote special deals with well-made graphics. These are crucial for getting more customers and improving the venue’s reputation as a safe social hub.

15. Alcohol Stores

SMMAs can help alcohol stores showcase their wide range of items. Or they can focus on exclusive, high-priced items like fine wines. Highlighting rare or exclusive alcohol can draw in a discerning clientele. So can hosting tastings or offering promotions. Additionally, giving expert pairing suggestions for types of alcohol shows the store's expertise. It also enhances the customer experience. 

MWW says that the leading alcohol brands post at least six times weekly. SMMAs in this niche increase client visibility, drive sales and engagement.  They do this by posting high-quality content that educates and engages customers consistently.

16. Food Delivery

Food delivery services are seeing a significant 10.97% yearly growth as convenience becomes more important to consumers. These services highlight the convenience of having delicious meals delivered to your doorstep. They do this by showing various food options from famous and lesser-known restaurants. Izea says 76% of consumers order from restaurants online. Partnering with many eateries broadens the selection and caters to varying consumer tastes.

SMMAs in this niche can help their clients increase profits, order frequency, and engagement. They can do this by showcasing their client’s promos on social media. These include things like free delivery or discounts. They can also show positive reviews from satisfied customers. This helps build trust and credibility.

17. Online Courses

The increasing demand for flexible learning solutions highlights the value of online courses. Online learning has grown by 900% since 2000. It lets students achieve their desired learning outcomes from the convenience of their homes. The online learning sector is experiencing significant growth. The number of users is expected to reach 57 million by 2027. SMMAs in this niche can help their clients. They can do this by showing the qualifications of instructors and providing social proof from previous students. This will boost the credibility of these courses.

18. Electronics

The electronics market is a broad and diverse niche, with products ranging from smartphones and laptops to cameras and audio devices. It’s a great niche for SMMAs due to its profitability and ability to penetrate every aspect of our daily life. EETimes says the average US household spends $1,200 yearly on electronics.

SMMAs in this niche can help their clients improve sales and consumer interest. They can create engaging and informative content that showcases these electronic products and why they stand out. HubSpot says 96% of marketers agree that videos helped consumers understand their product offerings.

19. Sports Coaching

Sports coaching is an excellent niche for SMMAs due to its expansive growth and essential role in helping clients achieve their athletic ambitions. LinkedIn says sports coaching experienced a 7.73% yearly growth and will reach $1 billion by 2024. This growth and demand will lead to various sports coaching specialties.

SMMAs can effectively showcase the impact of their client’s services by creating social media content that focuses on their personalized training, exercise plans, and dietary strategies. Client testimonials and highlighting coaches' credentials enhance the trust and value of the service.

20. Luxury Watchmakers

Luxury watchmakers represent a highly lucrative niche for SMMAs. Gartner says that high-end brands spend 33% of their ad budget on digital marketing. Over 100 million watches are sold yearly. 51% of consumers in China alone use platforms like social media to find high-end watches. These SMMAs can help their clients make high-ticket sales and gain visibility. They do this by showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship, premium materials, and storied brand heritage of luxury watches. These things define this market and attract deep-pocketed consumers. Collaborating with luxury watch customization shops like BLAKEN and TraxNYC. It adds an exclusive touch, gets higher prices, and leverages its online presence.

21. Chiropractors

Chiropractors use 7.5% of their annual revenue on marketing and pay a premium for the specialized healthcare content they need. This presents an excellent niche for SMMAs. WebFX says 70% of people have done online research before deciding. SMMAs can position their client’s practice to the front of social media and improve patient acquisition. They can do this by showing their client's expertise online. For example, content like e-books, instructional videos, and successful patient outcomes that show the benefits of their client's services.

22. Supplements

The $177.5 billion supplements industry is a highly profitable niche for SMMAs. Virgin Pulse says 50% of consumers in the US now put health and wellness as their top priority, especially after the epidemic. In 2023, IBISWorld found 1,439 vitamin & supplement manufacturers in the US alone. Supplement manufacturers can use SMMAs to stand out.

They can do this through effective marketing. SMMA can create helpful content. It emphasizes the health benefits, ingredients, and effectiveness of supplements for wellness. It builds trust and drives sales in this health-conscious market. How? By highlighting research that backs product claims, quality certifications, and positive customer testimonials.

23. Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual retreats offer a lucrative niche for SMMAs. This is because they have a huge market and appeal to diverse spiritual and personal development interests. Pew Research says 70% of adults in the US believe in some form of spirituality. SMMAs can improve their client’s online presence and sales. They do this by creating relevant, targeted content that focuses on specific aspects, like religious traditions or metaphysical concepts. Video tours that showcase transformative experiences and client testimonials helps show the peacefulness and benefits of these retreats. Employing influencer marketing to reach this audience can enhance engagement and profitability.

24. E-commerce

E-commerce is very profitable for SMMAs. This is because it aligns with consumer preferences for convenience, variety, and value. Visiture says 75% of consumers buy products after seeing them on social media. 90% use these platforms for purchase decisions. E-commerce businesses leverage SMMAs for effective marketing highlight that their client's product quality and great customer service. They use social proof through customer reviews and testimonials. SMMAs should focus on sectors like beauty, tech, or food. This will narrow their focus and help them make genuine connections with compelling content and strategies.

25. Tech Startup

Tech startups are a profitable niche for SMMAs. This is due to their innovation and potential to disrupt life and work. Gitnux says that in 2019, 3.5 million startups were created in the US. IT startups are 38% more likely to succeed than others. SMMAs in this niche should create content to show how their client’s products or services meet needs and solve real problems. These should also highlight the startup's vision and potential for scalability.

26. Hair Transplant

The $6.9 billion hair transplant sector represents a lucrative niche for SMMAs. This is because of its emotional and aesthetic appeal to consumers. This market is predicted to grow to 21.8% by 2032. This is due to the rising demand for physical appearance, the social acceptance of these procedures, and advances in hair transplants.

SMMAs can create effective social media content for their clients. It should show the transformative results and confidence boost from the procedures. SMMAs can use patient testimonials and before-and-after photos to build trust and show the skill and safety of their clients’ surgical team.

27. Aesthetic Clinics

Marketing for aesthetic clinics is a great niche for SMMAs. This is due to the visual and transformative nature of cosmetic treatments. Indesk says clinics get new patients through Google (59.6%), Facebook (51.1%), and Instagram (44.7%). Good SMMA strategies should highlight the many treatments available. They should also show the expertise of their client’s practice and the quality of their client's patient care. 

They can show these through engaging before-and-after galleries and featuring patient testimonials. SMMAs use this visual and educational content about the procedures and benefits to help their clients' potential patients see the outcomes. It also helps improve trust in the practice and understand the services' value.

What are the Criteria for Choosing the Most Profitable SMMA Niche?

1. Market Demand

Understanding market demand helps SMMAs identify high-demand niches with a strong need for social media marketing. They can do this by performing detailed market research. 

SMMAs can research niches effectively by:

  • Analyzing industry trends and social media activity: pinpoints where engagement is high, and competition is low.
  • Using social media analytics: helps SMMAs determine which audiences are most active and the types of content they prefer.
  • Staying updated on emerging trends: indicates which markets have a growing demand and need for your services.

2. Competition Level

Analyzing the existing competition level in a market can help your SMMA choose a profitable niche. Entering niches with less competition allows your SMMA to quickly establish a presence. It can find untapped markets and boost profits well. Look for areas with less market saturation to ease market entry and improve your chance for success. 

To test a niche's viability, you should conduct a competitive analysis on social media platforms. You can examine the number of competitors and the engagement they receive. Look for underserved niches with growth potential. Use social media audits and engagement metrics to gauge competition and identify opportunities.

3. Value of a Client Over Time

Your SMMA should focus on markets where clients offer high lifetime value. These clients will keep coming back to your SMMA. This will ensure a steady income for your agency. 

Niche-specific client retention strategies for SMMAs include:

  • Personalized marketing that solves your client's pain points.
  • Regular content updates based on trends and data that are relevant and engage the audience.
  • Loyalty programs that incentivize your clients to stay with your agency for the long term.

4. Industry Knowledge

Your SMMA should choose niches where you have or can develop industry expertise. Showing expert knowledge in a niche boosts your agency’s credibility. It allows for better, targeted marketing and content. It also increases client trust and retention. Being an expert lets you notice and capitalize on market trends. It offers an edge that boosts profits and establishes you as an authority in the niche.

5. Tracking and Assessing Marketing Outcomes

Focusing on areas where marketing outcomes are measurable and impactful is essential. Niches with quantifiable results allow SMMAs to optimize strategies through data-driven decisions to enhance ROI. They help clients see the value of your services.

How To Create a Niche-Specific Strategy for SMMA Services?

  • Develop Tailored Social Media Strategies: Involves creating content that fits the unique traits and tastes of the target audience within the niche. You also use platform-specific features to get the most engagement.
  • Use Targeted Facebook Ads: Helps reach potential customers who fit the niche’s profile. Fine-tuning ad parameters, such as interests, geographic location, and behavior, can make your marketing efforts more effective.
  • Strategic Influencer Marketing: Leverages their existing fanbase, knowledge, and authority in the niche. These collaborations can boost your marketing results and boost credibility with your target audience.

Building expertise in a specific SMMA niche requires continuous learning and adaptation. This hands-on experience and ongoing learning will help you develop deep insights into the niche. It will also position you as a trusted expert.

Here are a few tips to build expertise in a specific SMMA niche:

  • Immerse yourself in the niche’s culture and trends. Understand what drives and motivates the audience.
  • Talk to industry leaders. Go to niche-specific conferences. Read relevant content. Do these to stay ahead of new trends.
  • Try different social media strategies. Track the results to improve your approach.

How Much Money Can You Make from 1 SMMA Niche?

You can make $0-$10,000 monthly from 1 SMMA niche. It has huge income potential as it’s directly tied to sales. There's a huge disparity in earnings, as most SMMAs charge their prices wrong or believe it's an easy way to make money. A Reddit comment advises SMMAs to base their prices on value and ROI they'll create for clients.

SMMA's low barrier to entry makes it difficult to compete and stand out from other agencies. This promoted a "churn-and-burn," resulting in a 95-99% failure rate for SMMAs. A Reddit comment says misguided SMMAs will leave once they realize the difficulty of good marketing. They state that SMM is here to stay as it's still the best way to get eyes on a product and target customers.

A Quora comment says their acquaintance's SMMA makes $250-$300 monthly per client. Further saying that they need to work with 10 clients to make $3,000 a month.

SMMA is profitable, but success is not guaranteed. Success stories include Mikaël Bérubé. He helped real estate agents get more leads and listings through YouTube ads. He was able to achieve $1 million annually in the real estate niche. The profitability of SMMA depends on your ability to solve your client’s pain points. You need to find your niche, achieve results, and adapt to trends.

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Generation is Better than SMMA in Creating Passive Income

Local lead generation presents a more viable option for making money online than running an SMMA. Even if you find a niche with low competition, SMMAs can still face significant market saturation. This requires them to create highly specialized strategies for each client.

SMMAs must constantly innovate and adapt in a market where trends and algorithms change rapidly. SMMA’s broad approach can be less efficient than local lead generation's targeted focus.

Local lead generation works by creating and renting websites that rank on Google to generate leads for local businesses. This is more straightforward and sustainable than managing social media campaigns. Businesses are willing to pay anywhere from $5 to $1,000 per lead, making it lucrative. You can then scale this by creating more websites to rent, giving you a chance at passive income.

Personally, I have developed over 50 lead generation sites. These earn me approximately $52,000 monthly. It’s just like passive income. Local lead generation provides steady returns. It requires less effort than the ongoing client and campaign management needed in SMMA.

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