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Social Marketing Mastery by Andrew Ethan Zeng. Full 6-week Digital Agency Course Review.

August 16, 2020


Social Marketing Mastery: 
Can you become a Marketing Master, or is it just master marketing of the course? 
Social Marketing Mastery is a 6-week program that is said to “double your profits”. Andrew Ethan Zang maintains that this is not just for a wide range of businesses, including Social Media Marketing Agencies, E-commerce stores, Dropshippers, and even Personal Brands.

It is said that with this course, you can grow your business with winning Facebook Ads, Instagram and proven methodology.

The biggest claim is that you will be able to turn a single advertising dollar, into two dollars in profit or more.

Social Marketing Mastery Course Overview

Social Marketing Mastery by Andrew Ethan Zeng
7 hours 45 minutes spread over 6 weeks
Good course to hone your marketing skills
$597 on the official course site, or on Teachable (March 2020)

Introduction to Andrew/Ethan Zeng (It seems he prefers he responds to both)

Andrew/Ethan's online business journey started at 16 when he generated income on YouTube. He did not however, pursue it any further than a side-hustle, so he finished school, went to university and got his degree in marketing. 
Andrew juggles his time between a full time Digital Marketing career at an agency and his side-hustle online business interests. 

Andrew says that he recently started with Shopify Dropshipping which "...perfectly complemented my digital marketing and eCommerce experience. With this experience and in part with serendipitous luck, business boomed." 
I'm glad that Andrew mentioned the fact that luck plays its part in eCommerce and that you need to know how to sustain growth in your business if you want to succeed. 

Andrew makes his money online through affiliate marketing, print-on-demand, and Shopify Dropshipping. 
Andrew's YouTube Channel has almost 34,000 subscribers with a total of 1.27 million views, so there is a decent following and general liking of his advice and methods. 

The successful marketing of your online businesses is increasingly becoming an essential element of your business. It is thus a good idea to learn as much as you can about digital marketing and how best to use it to promote your business and its products. 

I AM NOT AN AFFILIATE. This means I don't earn money from doing my reviews.  Thus, you get an honest opinion of each of the coruses I review. 

What to Expect in this Course

Andrew claims to take all the guess-work out of social media marketing. He claims that this course is for you if:
- You're unsure how to scale your business with paid ad traffic, 
- Or, you are not seeing results from your current paid traffic campaigns. 
- And if you need the exact steps to creating winning ads and get as many customers and sales as you can possibly handle?

Andrew claims that he has delivered between double and even 80x return on investment for SMMA clients and his own eCommerce businesses, and in this course he will teach you how to do the same.

He admits that FB Advertising has changed considerably and if you still try to run your ads like you were a year ago, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Last year's methods are only good for losing money and missing out on higher ROAS (return on ad spend).

Apparently, “this program will turn you into a bonafide digital marketing expert.” According to Andrew, possessing the skill of an ads expert is better than investing in stocks, real estate or cryptocurrency to produce proven results.

Social Marketing Mastery Refunds Policy:
There is no refund policy in place for this course. Because you get immediate, direct access to all program materials, videos, and assets, Social Marketing Mastery does not offer refunds of any kind, once the program has been purchased and accessed.

This is what Social Marketing Mastery claims to offer you:
Andrew claims that unlike other courses that sell exaggerations, he will actually tell you the truth. And the truth is, you can’t do this overnight. But, he claims that you won't spend years like he did developing these methods.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned marketer, this program will turn your paid marketing strategy into a profitable machine

In this course, you get access to: 
- Featuring over the shoulder type tutorials and step-by-step guides.
- All videos are uniquely created by Andrew by scratch and based on his direct experience, working with digital marketing companies and scaling eCom stores throughout the years.
- Andrew has apparently worked directly with Facebook, Instagram and Google.
- You will get strategies based on not only his knowledge, but what he has learned from digital marketing companies such as Facebook.
- In true classroom fashion, you'll have access to a private #SLACK Channel as part of the program. 
- You can join Andrew/Ethan, other students and like-minded entrepreneurs who collaborate and get together for live-troubleshoots.
- Not only will you get access to the private classroom, you get direct access to Andrew.
- He hosts monthly Q&A sessions for an hour and checks in with his class on a weekly basis. It sounds like you're getting a truly invested and supportive mentor.
- This isn't your typical guru course over a few hours. It's a comprehensive, structured 6-week program that'll keep you accountable.
- By the end of the program you'll possess the knowledge to run ads like a digital marketing demi-god.
- Facebook & Instagram's platforms are ever changing including its algorithm. The current program includes the latest changes such as the new Facebook Ads Interface & relevant CBO Strategies. 
- The content is up to date and will be up to date with ongoing additions and program refreshes.

There are some lofty promises made there. Let's see if Andrew delivers!

The Social Marketing Mastery Course Breakdown

This course contains 29 different video lessons, with a total of 7 hours and 45 minutes' worth of tutorials. 
The Social Marketing Mastery Curriculum
Module 1: Initiation (5 Lessons)
The first module in Social Marketing Mastery serves as an introduction to the course. Andrew tells you how it works, what to expect and gives you some insight into where he comes from. He also provides you with a Case Study about his Facebook stats. I find it interesting though, that he doesn't provide his Instagram stats as "proof". 

Total module lesson length: 9 minutes 53 seconds 

Module 2: The Correct Setup (6 Lessons)
In this module, Andrew shows you how to set up a business page on Facebook and create an Instagram Business Profile. He also shows you how to create, install and optimize your FB Pixel. 

These are standard lessons that you can find anywhere on YouTube, so nothing special just yet.

Total module lesson length: 24 minutes 7 seconds 

Module 3: Golden Rules of Facebook & Instagram Marketing (5 Lessons)
In this module, Andrew gets into the meat of the course. He explains to you how FB Ads work, including good insight into the FB Ad Structure, and the FB Machine Learning Algorithm. 

Andrew also offers an over-the-shoulder example of how to use the FB Ad structure and offers tips on aligning your goals with the different ad types available. 

Total module lesson length: 31 minutes 7 seconds  

Module 4: The Perfect Ad (5 Lessons)
Andrew teaches you the principles/theory behind winning ads and then shows you how to create your own. You even get an Ad Template that you can use as the backbone of your own ads. 

Andrew offers some solid advice and you can tell that he knows a lot about marketing.

Total module lesson length: 53 minutes 20 seconds 

Module 5: Writing Ad Copy That Sells (6 Lessons)
This is an important module and a topic that is often neglected. Yes, people are more visually inclined these days, but you still need good ad copy to enhance your product images. 

Andrew covers a good deal on Ad Copy, including how to write good headings, golden rules to follow, call-to-actions and mistakes to avoid. 

Total module lesson length: 43 minutes

Module 6: The Secret Weapon – Ad Psychology (7 Lessons)
In this module, Andrew covers the importance of psychology in running successful ads. Andrew covers Social Proof, the importance of Pricing, Loss Aversion and Endowment, Priming and Tone of Ads. 

These are great additions to the course and supplements the previous module nicely.

Total module lesson length: 38 minutes 36 seconds 

Module 7: Ad Targeting Secrets (4 Lessons)
This module deals with whom to target with your ads. Andrew teaches you his 3-step process to identify your primary audience, as well as Advanced Flex Targeting and how to use the Audience Insights Tool. He then rounds the module off with a lesson on why you should run ads for mobile first.  

Total module lesson length: 37 minutes 43 seconds 

Module 8: Advanced Retargeting & Evergreen Campaigns (4 Lessons)
Andrew teaches you all about retargeting in this module and offers you three different methods. They are Time-lapse, Hyper Specific, and Cart abandonment retargeting. Andrew also teaches you about the Burn Pixel. 

Total module lesson length: 35 minutes 55 seconds 

Module 9: Supercharge Your Facebook Pixel to Sell (6 Lessons)
This module is a follow-up for your FB Pixel, where Andrew goes into greater detail of how you can better use your Pixel and different Audiences for better conversions. 

Total module lesson length: 43 minutes 53 seconds 

Module 10: Facebook CBO & Successfully Scaling Campaigns (5 Lessons)
Andrew shares his FB budget and bidding strategies in this module. He teaches you how to optimize and leverage your Campaign Budget Optimization, as well as several different bidding techniques. The final lesson deals with Ad optimization and Scaling.  

Total module lesson length: 43 minutes 31 seconds 

Module 11: Ad & Product Testing (4 Lessons)
This module follows up on your FB Ads tutorials. Andrew goes into detail about the "new" FB CBO Product Test Method AKA the $5 method. 

Andrew offers different testing methods for your ads, which includes more than just the traditional A/B Split test. A great addition is how he shows you to automate your ad tests, which will save you lots of time. 

Total module lesson length: 39 minutes 35 seconds 

Module 12: Instagram Ads (5 Lessons)
Module 12 teaches you about Instagram Ads. Andrew tells you why he only uses FB and Instagram Ads and whether they are right for you. He also shows you what the different Ad Formats are and which ones to use. Andrew shows you how to use Instagram Stories effectively, and how to best optimize your Instagram Ads. 

Total module lesson length: 34 minutes 54 seconds 

Andrew's bonuses include a lesson on Snapchat Ads, getting your FB Ads on autopilot, 5 PDF documents and a PSD. The PDF's cover Manual Bidding and Scaling, Ad Checklist, Ad Templates, Funnels, etc. Andrew also gives you access to the Slack platform where you will have access to a Private Classroom and the Monthly Q & A Sessions, as well as lifetime updates to the program. 

There are only two videos with a length of 33 minutes and 10 seconds. 

Is it a worthwhile course?

Andrew Ethan Zeng used his considerable marketing knowledge to compile this course.

He used the theory he learned as a college marketing graduate, and combined it with his real-world experience as a senior Digital Marketing Manager at a Digital Marketing Agency, along with his online entrepreneurship expertize.

He certainly has lots of good and relevant content to share. 

Andrew shares many methods and strategies, some of which you will not find in most other courses.

The problem though, is that it might be a little overwhelming for beginners. 

At $597, it's not the most expensive course, but do you get your money's worth?

The course is only a total of 7 hours and 45 minutes long, but it is spread out over 6 weeks, which is actually a great idea. The course enables you to work through the material covered and implement the practical components before moving on to the next module. 

This makes it seem worthwhile in terms of a marketing course.

If, however, you are looking to get started with dropshipping, then this course should be seen as supplementary, only after you have your store ready.

This is not a course that teaches you how to start a business, but rather how to scale an existing one.

This illustrates one of the issues I have with any kind of eCommerce store business. You need to become a master at marketing to see any worthwhile results in 2020. 

I have to mention that there are no marketing issues to worry about if you have a lead generation business. Lead gen is is still my number business model for 2020 and beyond. If you want more info, click below.

Review Conclusion

This course is a great vehicle to get your marketing campaigns on track. This is strictly for entrepreneurs who want to increase their conversions through proper marketing and not for would-be entrepreneurs wanting to start their business journey. 

This is also not a course for complete beginners, as Andrew offers you many marketing methods and strategies with different levels of difficulty. 

The course offers very good Facebook Marketing, good Instagram, and basic Snapchat lessons. However, it might not be enough marketing firepower for serious ecommerce entrepreneurs in 2020. 


What I like:

  • The course is spread out over 6 weeks for you to learn and implement.
  • Different methods and strategies offered.
  • Good Facebook Marketing tutorials.
  • Marketing methods can be used for other online business models as well, not just dropshipping.

What I didn't like:

  • Beginners might be overwhelmed at the amount of marketing options.
  • Ecommerce is not the best online business model in 2020.
  • Only covers FB Ads (very good) and Instagram Ads (good, but by no means comprehensive).

Is Ecommerce the best online business option for 2020?

eCommerce is still a great industry to be in. It is growing exponentially and had over $3.46 trillion sales (worldwide) in 2019.

Ecom is only expected to get bigger and bigger, and dropshipping still makes up a big part of it. Especially if you consider that Amazon was the first mega-dropshipper on the planet. Amazon alone had over $140 billion in sales last year. Mind you, it wasn't all from dropshipping, but still... Dropshipping makes out a sizable chunk of worldwide eCommerce - (I just can't get exact figures though. If you know of a source, please share with us in the comments section. Thanks!) 

The problem though, is that there are increasingly bigger risk factors at play where dropshipping is concerned

Shrinking profit margins is the most worrying of them. 

Your profits will be influenced by:
  • Higher marketing costs. Every single platform has seen an increase in advertising costs, and this affects your bottom line.  
  • Low barrier to entry. Especially with dropshipping. This means anyone can copy your store and become a direct competitor within a few hours. 
  • If you run an eCommerce store that's not based on dropshipping, then there are added costs such as storage, shipping and hiring employees.

What is the alternative?

There are many different online opportunities and with most of them you can boost your business with knowledge of digital marketing. They all have their pros and cons and with the right amount of commitment and skill, you can make a success out of any of them.

There is however, only one online business model that consistently has a high Return on Investment for me, and that is Local Lead Generation. Here is an example of one of my lead gen sites I've been running for years now. And it brings in a cool $2k per month without any maintenance.

Yip. It gives me a true passive income. 

Lead gen offers some major advantages above dropshipping:
  • If you're looking for an opportunity with possibly the best ROI, then lead gen is the way to go. Lead gen doesn't even have any marketing costs! Imagine a business where you don't have to constantly come up with new ads and marketing methods.
  • The high entry level. Generating leads is a skill that takes time to master and apply. Unlike dropshipping, not everyone wants to do it, because there is a steep learning curve involved. This means way less competition! 
  • Once you've learned how to get your lead gen sites to rank to number one on Google, then it's a simple process to easily repeat it again and again for other lead gen sites, thus creating even more passive income.
  • When your site has ranked to number one, it takes very little effort to stay at Number One. (Unlike dropshipping that needs constant product research and new ad sets.)
  • You also get to meet real people. Form relationships with small business owners. And share in the joy when you help their businesses grow!
Lead gen (consistently) makes me $50k per month whereas eCommerce earned me $10k for my best months.

There's no competition, really. 

Local lead generation is my hands-down number one business choice for 2020 and beyond. 

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