What Is Social Media Marketing Agency? Definition, Services & Strategies

August 29, 2023

What Is A Social Media Marketing Agency?

A social media marketing agency uses paid ads and organic content on social media channels to help a business boost sales, increase brand awareness, and connect with a broader audience. According to Forbes, 90% of users follow at least one brand on social media. Predicted to see a CAGR of 26. 2% between 2023 and 2030, social media is where the people spend their time online. An SMM agency can assist a company establish a solid presence. Then they can get attention from the right people.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a type of digital marketing that uses social media networks like Facebook and Instagram to help a business reach its commerce goals. Hootsuite suggests that over 93% of internet users are social media users. Social media marketing can connect a company with a broader audience, increase sales, or boost brand awareness. Globally, there are over 4.74 billion people who use social media. So in 2024, the fastest way to get in front of the right people is on social media.

Other Social Media Marketing Terms & FAQs

What Is Social Media Marketing Examples

Social media marketing examples can include video content that goes viral on platforms like TikTok or Facebook or using strategic hashtags on Instagram. The secret is to use a method that will capture the attention of your ideal audience, grow brand awareness, and get more sales.

Social Media Strategy For Marketing Agency

A social media strategy for a marketing agency is an actionable blueprint of the methods your company will use to reach predetermined goals. And how you plan to track your progress. It should align with your skills or the talents of your team. First, a social media marketer should learn everything they can about each client and their customers. Then check out the competition. Next, answer key questions and provide better value than what's already online.

Social Media Marketing Agency Names

Social media marketing agency names are what identify a business to potential customers. So pick a name that's short and easy to remember. But one that mirrors your agency's core values and mission statement.

What Is B2B Social Media Marketing?

B2B (business-to-business) social media marketing is a strategy that uses social media channels to promote products or services from one company to another. But it can also be through copywriting niches that use blog posts or direct response sales copy to drive online traffic to an offer. Popular platforms for B2B in 2024 include LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a marketing approach used to entice people to buy a product or service, like a social media post or social media advertising. Inbound marketing is strategic and actionable, unlike outbound marketing, which uses mass distribution to promote goods or services even if the audience isn't the right fit for the item on offer.

What Are The Most Popular Social Media Platforms?

The most popular social media platforms in 2024 are Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Statista reports that Facebook is the most-used platform by marketers worldwide at 90%, while Instagram takes second place at 79%. But other prevalent channels to share social media content include YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

What Type Of Business Is A Social Media Marketing Agency?

A social media marketing agency is an online business model that uses social networks like Facebook and TikTok to promote products or services for its clients. SMM agencies use content marketing, video creation, and retargeting methods to get attention, grow brand awareness, and increase sales for their customers. 

What Is The Difference Between Digital Marketing & Social Media Agency?

The difference between a digital marketing agency and a social media agency is that an SMM agency offers a hyper-targeted approach. The idea is to use social channels to connect with a target audience, advertise products or services and increase brand awareness for a potential client.

Digital marketing, by contrast, focuses on multiple online techniques like SEO, PPC advertising, email marketing, and social media. Instead, it uses an omnichannel approach to connect with the right people and increase sales for its clients.

Why Should a Company Use Social Media Marketing Agency to Grow Their Business?

A company should use a social media marketing agency to grow its business because that's where the people are. According to DataReportal, the average person jumps between seven social networks a month.

Having a social media presence on the right social network is the fastest way to connect with people who might not find your business elsewhere. Edelman suggests that 39% of customers only trust brands if they have interacted with them on social platforms.

What Services Do Social Media Marketing Agencies Offer?

Services offered by social media marketing agencies include things like:

SMM agencies are hired to increase brand awareness and get people to talk about a product or service. They use an actionable plan that includes posting the right content on the right platforms.

Post Beyond suggests that 90% of brands want to build brand awareness through social media. A social media marketing agency can help businesses reach their goals faster and more effectively. Then a company has more time to focus on providing its customers with the best shopping experience possible.

5 Fundamental Strategies For Social Media Marketing Agencies In 2024

1. Leverage an approach based on a solid foundation of proven principles

SMM agencies need to use proven principles to grow an audience and connect with the right people. Start with keyword research and check out Google, PAA, and Facebook. What kinds of questions are people asking? Then consider, 

  • Is your actual market on the platform you're using?
  • Are you posting valuable content the way potential customers consume information on social media? 

The goal is to go where the right people are. Share hyper-customized content that WOWs, entertains, or educates your identified audience. Provide the best answer. Don't post fluff. Answer the questions and share value. Be better than the competition. Then they don't need to go elsewhere to find a solution.

2. Learn as much as you can about your business owner and their ideal customer

Learn as much as you can about your potential client and their ideal customer. The more you know about the business owner you serve and their unique message, the better content you can create.

Start by identifying their client's blessings and discomforts. Then consider the age, location, and demographics of your target market. But dive deep before deciding what social media platform and type of content is the best solution. For example, start by considering things like:

  • What problems do they have?
  • What questions are they asking?
  • Where do they hang out online?

Post content that speaks to the right people. Be ready to test and retest. Then monitor campaigns and track what works. What platforms get the best engagement? What style of content is readily consumed? You can ramp up your marketing efforts when you have proof of concept. You'll reach more people, grow sales and generate more income for your client. 

3. Publish an insane amount of video content

Post more videos. DemandSage suggests that 3.1 billion people consume videos on the internet daily. The key is to make more than enough videos. But create videos that drive engagement. For example, tell a story on Facebook or Instagram, depending on where your audience spends their time. But keep it short (15-30 seconds) and share raw content. Sprout Social reports that online video accounts for 82.5% of all web traffic.

In 2024, it's the most popular type of content on the internet. The secret is to focus on how your product can solve a problem. Highlight the benefits, not the features. Concentrate on building a connection with your ideal audience. For example, use reels or shorts to share tutorials, behind-the-scenes, or show your product in action. Then create an online marketing plan to build momentum. Get a few wins and then test other strategies and other social channels.

4. Build a community around your product or service

Post potent and compelling content that your people want to read and become known as an expert in the industry. Yes, it takes work. And yes, it takes time and research. But when you can build a community around your content, you elevate your brand above the competition. The key is to have a mix of value-based content and promotional-based content. Then you can sell in a more intelligent way and build trust with possible customers.

Start by using the right keywords. Check out sites like Keywords Everywhere or Google Trends. Take traffic from keywords and use it to educate customers. But value is key here. That's how you build a brand. Then overdeliver and give more free than what you get paid for. But this pay-into-the-future approach can increase the lifetime value of each customer. As a result, it will be much easier for your online business to remarket to them in the future.

5. Use paid advertising to get quick wins for your customers

Use paid social media to get a few quick wins for clients. In 2024 an SMM agency needs to recognize the importance of paid ads for a client's marketing strategy. Paid advertising, like Facebook ads, is what blows up the organic social media side of SMM. It gives you access to people and new customers who have never seen you before and pushes a brand into an ideal customer's hands. Consider that you're spending money to put yourself on people's feeds. 

But now you're in front of the right people. And they're not just for top-funnel customers. So instead, use paid ads to balance your organic and SEO strategy. Then you can get even more money from people already interested in your product or service. But use the right social channel and monitor every social media campaign. Tweak what needs tweaking, and don't let ads that aren't performing well spend the budget.

Can You Make Money With Social Media Marketing Agency?

Yes, you can make money with a social media marketing agency. 32% of digital marketing agencies say social media services are the most thriving service. The key is to prove that your strategies work. Customers want results. In 2024, the most critical service is client reporting. 

For example, an agency needs to tell clients what ads and campaigns get the best engagement. Show them what methods increase sales and make them more money. Establish your value and know your worth. Overdeliver and get real results. But that's how a profitable social media marketing agency makes a ton of money and retains a steady stream of high-paying clients. 

What Skills & Tools Do You Need For Your Social Marketing Agency?

The skills and tools you need for your social media marketing agency are an in-depth understanding of platforms, algorithms, and best practices. An agency needs tools like CRM software such as HubSpot or Hootsuite. Other skills include things like:

  • A solid understanding of your ideal client
  • Proficiency in the services that will get your client the best results
  • Effective communication and collaboration
  • A unique value proposition
  • Content creation that's trending and can give clients an edge over the competition
  • A seamless approach to project management, social media analytics, and client reporting

A third-party social media tool like BuzzSumo, Trello, or Tribe Dynamics can help automate tasks and streamline processes. Then social media agencies have time to focus on creating the best social media marketing strategy for each client.

What Does Being A Full-Service Social Media Marketing Company Mean?

Being a full-service social media marketing company means you offer your clients a one-stop shop option. Consider that most people spend 147 minutes a day on social media. An agency needs to provide an integrated approach to the right people on the right social channels. According to research, 55% of marketing is digital. So a full-service agency will typically use a blend of paid and organic content. Then they can reach all of a business's marketing and advertising goals.

How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency

To start a social media marketing agency, create an active online presence. Publish a website and optimize a Google My Business listing. Get social media accounts on the big players like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Introduce yourself as willing to apprentice and learn. Study others. But develop a unique style that reflects your skills and character. Don't copy. Endless copying leads to mediocrity. Then follow a few simple steps that include the following:

1. Determine your preferred client base & select a niche for your SMM agency

Decide who you want to serve and the niche that best fits the services you plan to offer. By tailoring your niche, you can become the expert. Instead of being a generalist, you can develop a proven system to get your clients results. The client and niche you choose can be industry-focused, like B2B or construction. But it can also be platform specific like TikTok or Facebook.

2. Pick the services & pricing options you want to offer your SMM agency clients

How and what you charge your SMM clients can be the difference between retaining a new client and getting a ton of no's. Consider offering flexible or a la carte pricing when you first start your agency. Then as you build a reputation, you can increase your prices. Other pricing strategies include hourly, retainer, commission, per-project, or value-based packages. But don't undersell yourself. Instead, charge your worth and recognize the value your talents bring to a potential client.

3. Promote & advertise your SMM agency

To promote and advertise your agency, you need to go out there and hustle. Go where your ideal client hangs out online. Then create content on platforms where attention is underpriced, like Quora or Reddit. Because these platforms want to boost their engagement, they show content over and over. As a result, more people will see what you post.

The key is to be memorable. Have a unique value proposition or elevator pitch. Then write a pitch deck. A video or presentation that clearly outlines the benefits your agency provides to business owners. Provide the best solution and do good work. Word of mouth can get you more clients. So overdeliver, and your agency will make money in 2024.

4. Create an onboarding strategy for your SMM agency

Onboarding is vital in social media marketing. It sets the stage and outlines the exact roles and responsibilities of your agency. Onboarding also builds trust. Wyzowl says that 88% of people say they'll be more loyal to a business that prioritizes onboarding and educational content. Your onboarding strategy should include the following:

  • Ensure the right people are on the call
  • Review and sign all necessary documents, including the contract
  • Outline the goals and KPIs of the client
  • Set expectations around timelines, follow-up calls, etc.

A smooth and personalized onboarding process shows a potential customer that you have a plan of action. It also confirms that your agency is invested in its business.

5. Employ a team of specialists to scale your agency

The goal is to build and scale your agency. So first, consider your personal strengths. What area of SMM are you most proficient in? Where are your skills lacking? Then think about what roles are non-negotiable. What kind of talent does your agency need to deliver on its promises?

Next, hire freelancers from platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Another idea is to connect with a community like DemandCurve, where there is another social media manager or other marketers. People that are on the same journey as your agency. Communities can be a potent tool. But they can also offer an alternate perspective, possible referrals, or partnerships.

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