Spark By Clickbank Review: Is Spark Better Than ClickBank University?

October 14, 2023

Spark is ClickBank’s official in-house training program for online entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. It's promised to be better than ClickBank 1 & 2, its predecessors, through a more in-depth training created by a team of industry experts. Spark boasts a star-studded line-up of mentors such as Perry Belcher, who teaches Spark Campfire, Ben Harris, who mentors the 7-day challenge, and Paul Counts who teach free traffic courses. 

The goal of Spark is to create an all-in-one platform that has a course, an online community, and marketing tools to help beginners make money online. With Spark, students get access to various digital marketing tools, from landing page builders to email autoresponders. In this Spark by ClickBank review, we'll cover what Spark is about, its pros and cons, the mentors and trainers, and the available membership plans. We'll also cover ClickBank (the company behind Spark), its reputation and reviews online, and the affiliate program that it offers. 

Spark By Clickbank Pros and Cons

Spark By ClickBank Pros

Legit Course: ClickBank Platform is legit and one of the oldest. They’ve successfully launched other courses in the past, the two versions of ClickBank University.

Online Community: Membership to Spark gives you access to an exclusive Facebook group. 

Realistic Promises: Spark does not promise an over-hyped success. Instead, it talks about the potential for income through the courses taught.

Established Reputation: ClickBank started in 1998. It’s one of the oldest platforms for affiliate marketing.

Frequent Updates: Spark regularly updates its course materials to keep up with the fast-paced digital marketing world.

Spark By ClickBank Cons

Generic Affiliate Training: Like its predecessors, ClickBank University and ClickBank University 2, Spark gives shallow and generic training.

Predecessor Courses are Dead: The two other courses launched by ClickBank, ClickBank University 1 & 2 are already unavailable.

Too Pushy: Online reviews on Spark by ClickBank say that its sales strategy is too pushy.

Budget for Paid Ads: The affiliate marketing training is focused on pay-per-click marketing, so you should have a budget for ads for this training to work.


Spark by ClickBank costs $47 monthly for the Side Hustle Plan.

Spark by ClickBank costs $97 for the Career Starter Plan.

Spark by ClickBank costs $1,997 annually for the Super Affiliate Plan.

Refund Policy

30-day refund guarantee


Spark by ClickBank was launched in October 2020


ClickBank has been around since 1998 and is one of the biggest and most successful platforms to date.

What is Spark by ClickBank?

Spark by ClickBank is a comprehensive platform for digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and affiliate marketers that teaches methods for making money online. It’s a diverse platform that offers courses on different topics such as copywriting, Facebook Ads creation, online entrepreneurship, email marketing (including autoresponders), and affiliate marketing. Aside from that, Spark has an exclusive Facebook group, where students can communicate and learn directly from industry experts.

Who is Spark by ClickBank For?

Spark by ClickBank is primarily intended for beginners in affiliate marketing because it adapts a newbie-friendly, step-by-step process. But, it offers some advanced lessons that intermediate-level affiliate marketers can get value from. 

What Does Spark by ClickBank Include?

  • Spark Certification Course: Access to 17 video learning modules that include exclusive training materials on how to get started as an affiliate marketer. 

  • Exclusive Spark Facebook Group: Access to an online community where you can grow with other online entrepreneurs through interactive discussions and Q&A. 
  • 7-Day Challenge with Ben Harris on Facebook Ads and native ads
  • Producer’s Playbook by Anthony Trister: A course on entrepreneurship on choosing the right product and closing deals
  •  Secret Selling System by Perry Belcher: Gold-standard 3-day training on copywriting, offer Creation, and funnel building.
  •  $100 per Day Formula: A Facebook Ad course by Robby Blanchard, ClickBank’s #1 affiliate. Students will learn how to choose offers, target their audience, create compelling copies, and set up Facebook Ad landing pages.
  • Free Traffic Academy for SEO, YouTube Channel, and Pinterest: This module is mentored by Marketing Counts’ Paul Counts and Shreya Banerjee.
  • How to Grow and Monetize TikTok: This module is mentored by social media queen Rachel Pedersen who has over one million followers in TokTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms.
  •  Full access to Spark’s 200 brand-new courses library
  •  Convertri Landing Page Builder: A landing page builder exclusive for the Spark Plus Membership Plan

Is Spark by ClickBank Free?

No, Spark by ClickBank is not free. But, you get an option to try the plan for a month paying only half the price. Spark’s plan options start at $47 monthly for the basic package and cost as much as $1,997 annually for the premium Super Affiliate Package.

What are Spark by ClickBank’s Paid Plans?

Standard Spark Membership: Side Hustle Plan at $47/month

Basic Spark membership for 1 month. 

Inclusions: Orientation, Affiliate Foundations, and Generating Traffic (Facebook Ads, Free & Organic Traffic, and TikTok).

Exclusions: Side Hustle Plan does not include access to Facebook group and digital tools. 

Spark Plus Membership: Career Starter Plan at $97/month 

Full access to funnel page builder for 1 month

Inclusions: Community and Traffic Labs Channels on Discord, Monthly Live Case Study Events, and full access to recordings of completed events, and weekly live Q&A.

Super Affiliate Plan at $1997/year

Entitles you for higher commissions, exclusive access to the VIP small group coaching, and one-on-one mentorship 

Inclusions: The Super Affiliate Plan gives students access to VIP weekly personalized coaching and mentorship in a small group setting. 

Exclusions: Super Affiliate Plan does not include access to the basic Facebook community and digital tools.

A la carte courses are also available on different subjects. These courses typically cost $97 to $297 one-time payment). 

Spark by ClickBank Digital Tools

Side Hustle Tools $37/month

Inclusions: 1 month access to Spark Student Learner’s Guide and the 5-Point Hot Offer Checklist 

Exclusions: Side Hustle Tools do not include access to the courses and online community. 

Career Starter Tools $87/monthly

Inclusions: 1 month access to advanced Student Learner’s Guide, 90 Minute Guided Funnel Workshop and Templates, the Advanced Spark Student Learner's Guide, and the 5-point hot offer checklist

Exclusions: Career Starter Tools do not include access to the courses and online community.

Which Spark by ClickBank Plan is Best for Beginners in Affiliate Marketing?

Career Starter Plan is most-suitable for beginners in affiliate marketing because it contains all the important courses and tools that new affiliates should have access to. The Career Starter Plan includes exclusive access to the Advanced Community and Traffic Lab, advanced courses, and marketing tools that are not offered in the basic Side Hustle plan.

How to Cancel Spark by ClickBank?

To cancel Spark by ClickBank subscription, go to the ClickBank customer support website, click the order button on the left side, enter your email address and order identifier to find the order you wish to cancel, and click on “order details, tech support, & refund”. After these steps, click on the “Get Support” button and type your cancellation request in the field provided. Choose your reason for canceling on the drop-down menu and click on send to submit. 

Does Spark by ClickBank Give a Refund?

Yes, Spark by ClickBank has a 30-day refund guarantee.

Is Spark Better Than ClickBank University?

Yes, Spark by ClickBank is better than ClickBank University (CBU) versions 1 & 2. Many say that Spark is a better affiliate training compared to its predecessors because it offers more in-depth training compared to CBU. ClickBank University partnered with an external team while Spark was completed by an internal team and industry-expert partner mentors like Robby Blanchard, a Facebook ads expert and ClickBank's top affiliate. 

What’s the Main Difference Between Spark and ClickBank University?

The main difference between Spark and ClickBank University is that Spark was built and launched by a 100% in-house ClickBank team. ClickBank University (versions 1 and 2) was built and launched by co-creators like Justin Atlan, Adam Horwitz, and Milana Kalimullova. At ClickBank University, Justin teaches the Vendor Track, Adam teaches the Affiliate Track, and Milana teaches Market & Customer Research.

Between Spark and CBU, ClickBank says that Spark is more informative and useful compared to CBU, its predecessor.

Have Students Made Money with Spark by ClickBank?

Yes, some students have already made money with Spark by ClickBank. Since its launch in 2020, ClickBank says there are already over 500 students who had made money on the platform. These students have made over $2.9 million collectively.

What Do People Say About Spark by ClickBank on TrustPilot?

Trustpilot commenters say that Spark by ClickBank is disappointing, a waste of time & money, not worth buying, boring, and has terrible customer service. The course is rated 2.8 stars out of 99 ClickBank reviews. Of the 99 reviews, 39% (approx 38 people) rated the course 1 star. There are also 5-star reviews (29% of the total number of reviews) but most of them look solicited and don’t have a concise explanation of why the course is 5-star worthy.

5-Star Reviews

3-Star Reviews

1-Star Reviews

Who are the Members of the Spark Team?

Ben Harris, Molly Miran, and Monica Snashall are the active team members of Spark Team. The face of Spark is Ben Harris, an online marketer for over 10 years and the co-founder of MB Nutrition, the best-selling pre-workout powder on Amazon. Holly is an experienced networker and is in charge of Spark’s online community to ensure the students get enough support. Monica is working behind the scenes to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Who are the Mentors of Spark by ClickBank?

The mentors of Spark by ClickBank are Perry Belcher and Anik Singal for copywriting and offer creation, Ben Harris for affiliate marketing, Robby Blanchard and Max Finn for Facebook Ads, Ian Stanley for email marketing, Paul Counts for free traffic generation, and Rachel Pedersen for TikTok traffic generation.

  • Perry Belcher mentors the Spark Campfire, which lectures on offer creation, marketing strategies, and copywriting. It also has an online community with thousands of students. He is also the co-founder of Digital Marketer.
  • Ben Harris is an expert online marketer with over 10 years of experience.
  • Robby Blanchard mentors Facebook Ads courses on Spark. He is a famous affiliate marketer who also created Commission Hero and some other coaching courses. Read more about him on the $100 Per Day Formula Review. 
  • Max Finn is a Facebook expert who made 8 figures with his Facebook ads agency, Unicorn Innovations.
  • Ian Stanley is an email marketing mentor inside Spark. He teaches the 3-day email list-building challenge and 71 subject lines and formula to achieve 10x conversion.
  • Anik Singal is a millionaire online entrepreneur and a copywriting mentor inside Spark by ClickBank. He has several successful online businesses including VSS Mind, Lurn Inc, and Digital Publishing Success. Read this Anik Singal review to learn more about him and his email & affiliate marketing program. 
  • Paul Counts coaches free traffic courses inside Spark. He is a podcaster, fractional Chief Marketing Officer, and co-founder of Marketing Counts.
  • Rachel Pedersen teaches TikTok traffic strategies inside Spark. She is a social media celebrity with over 1M followers collectively.

Is Spark by ClickBank Worth It?

Yes, Spark by ClickBank is worth it for new and intermediate marketers, especially if you’re planning to go all-in on this online business. Many reviews say Spark only gives generic content and does not dive deep into important topics. But, ClickBank proudly says that Spark has far improved compared to CBU and CBU 2.

So, the long answer is, Spark could be worth the try, but you need to spend at least $47 monthly as an investment in learning the business model without a 100% guarantee of profiting from it or at least get a decent affiliate training. 

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a worldwide marketplace where product owners and entrepreneurs can grow their online businesses through affiliate marketing. The company was founded in 1998 and has serviced over 6 million clients since its launch. 

ClickBank is the company behind Spark. It is now North America’s 87th largest internet-based retailer. There are already 200 million users of the platform in over 190 countries. It’s one of the world’s biggest affiliate marketplaces, so it’s no surprise many rookies explore affiliate opportunities with ClickBank.

How Does ClickBank Work? 

ClickBank works as an online marketplace for digital product sellers and affiliates. The product owner adds their digital product offer, and the platform manages the sale and checkout process. Digital products added to ClickBank’s database can also be seen and promoted by affiliates, who earn a commission through a unique affiliate link. 

Is ClickBank a Good Company?

Yes, ClickBank is a good company that has existed since the dawn of the internet. Up until now, Clickbank is worth it in 2023. It is an excellent online marketplace for digital products and a venue for affiliates to earn hefty commissions. Individuals and businesses who want to increase their reach could use the platform to scale their online business. 

Is ClickBank Safe?

For the most part, yes, ClickBank is a safe platform. It is a Trustpilot-verified company but only has a 3.9-star rating as of writing. Of the 3,720 reviews on the platform, 14% are 1-star ratings. Some of the 1-star reviews say that ClickBank has poor affiliate support. One said his money amounting to $500 was confiscated by ClickBank, and one said he purchased digital products on ClickBank from scammer vendors and was not given a refund. 

Is ClickBank MLM?

No, ClickBank is not an MLM or pyramid scheme. It is a legit money-making platform for affiliate marketers and digital product creators. Affiliates get their commission without being required to recruit new members to their affiliate program. 

How to Become a ClickBank Affiliate?

To become a ClickBank affiliate, you need to create a ClickBank account, find products to promote in the ClickBank Marketplace, create a HopLinks to track your commission, and withdraw your money online when you reach the minimum amount requirement. The default payment method is through a check. 

How Much Can You Earn as a ClickBank Affiliate Marketer?

A ClickBank affiliate marketer can earn as much as $200 per day. They offer high commission rates, which allow the affiliate to earn from $15 to $50 for every sale that they make. ClickBank affiliates report an annual passive income of $5K on average.

What Types of Advertising Are Not Allowed for ClickBank Affiliates?

According to ClickBank’s promotional guidelines, the types of advertising which are not allowed are deceptive advertising, the “call to activate” marketing, email spamming, and video content with false claims, fictional stories, & videos that can’t be paused or exited. 

  •  Call-to-activate telemarketing is an advertisement that requires customers to buy an upgrade, accessory, or supplement of the principal product for it to work.
  •  Email Spamming is sending unsolicited emails, which include misleading headers and deceptive subject lines. 
  •  Video Content should not have false claims and fictional characters portraying fictional stories of success. Viewers should also be able to pause or exit the videos as they wish.
  •  Deceptive advertising misleads customers to buy a digital product or service. ClickBank also considers the overall net impact of the ads which includes the messaging, ad copy, and labels used.

How Can I Withdraw Money Online from ClickBank?

You can withdraw your accumulated ClickBank earnings in four different ways: check payment, direct bank deposit, wire transfer, and through Payoneer. ClickBank’s default payment is always via check payment, but you always have the freedom to choose the other three options. Each payment method has its pros and cons, so decide which one is most convenient for you.

There are just two things to remember when changing methods: 

  • Switching payment methods may take up to a week to confirm, and you may not withdraw your funds during that period.
  • Changing your ClickBank account’s email address and password will disable your withdrawal access for a week. It’s a security measure that prevents hackers from stealing your hard-earned affiliate commission.

Spark by ClickBank Alternative Courses

  • Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform for learning affiliate marketing that also offers an in-house affiliate marketing program. This course was created by 7-figure affiliate, Kyle Loudoun. 

  • Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe is a learning platform that specializes in affiliate marketing, digital products, coaching & consulting, and mastermind hosting. The learning materials are in video format while the templates are in PDF.
  • Commission Hero is a course by one of Spark's couches, Robby Blanchard. This course focuses on using YouTube and Facebook ads for pitching affiliate offers. 

The Final Verdict: Is Spark by ClickBank the Best Training for Making Money Online? 

Spark By ClickBank offers decent training. It's 100% legit because ClickBank is a trustworthy name and is one of the oldest platforms for making money online. But, despite being an excellent platform, there are reviews that say Spark does not give in-depth lectures, and the course is not that valuable. The training also focuses on pay-per-click ads which are quite costly and not ideal for newbies in affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing has an estimated value of $17 million in 2023 and is expected to be worth at least $27 million in the next four years. Because of its growing popularity and increasing income opportunities, many are enticed to take a bite of this million-dollar market. One big issue with Spark is that it encourages the use of pay-per-click ads, which is very costly for a new marketer. The average cost of a PPC is $2.59, so you'll probably be spending a huge amount on a trial-and-error method before you realize it's not generating income for you. 

My business recommendation is local lead generation. Local lead gen is a proven system for making money online, and I can personally vouch for that. You can even start with just $500 on this business model and only do little maintenance at minimal cost. Income is more stable and predictable with this business model because you generate and sell leads, and also profit from ranked and rented sites. 

Want to make money online? Start a lead gen biz.

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