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How To Start A Social Media Marketing Agency

December 10, 2020


It doesn’t matter what people are doing, nearly every human on this beautiful blue planet is on social media.

You see people as they’re on line at the bus stop or in a train during the morning commute, during lunch breaks, work hours, even at red lights, unfortunately.

When we talk about social media, were talking about platforms such as:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • SnapChat
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

As time goes on, more platforms will come into play and people will use those as well.

People's preferences when it comes to platform all depends on their lifestyle and the purpose of the platform.

It’s no secret that many people are making a living by marketing on social media. 

Digital entrepreneurs all around the world are making millions because they decided to start a social media marketing agency.

We’ve all seen a number of internet marketers offering to teach different online skills as you browse YouTube and Facebook.

Is it really possible to make a living on social media?

Yea it is.

Believe me, I used to have a regular job working at an auto parts counter back when I was in college.

I’ve made thousands of dollars a month in various digital business models including social media since then.

I don’t regret it for one second.

If you develop the skills necessary to market on social media, you can definitely be your own boss and live comfortably without having to request time off at work or answer to someone else.

That smells like freedom to me.

Please don’t get it twisted though.

There is no get rich quick formula when it comes to this.

You must put in work so that you can see results.

If you want to learn how to start your own social media marketing agency, check out the steps below.

If you follow them, you’ll be in a great position to decide what your work/life balance will be.

Invest In Education

When starting a social media marketing agency, you first need to have skills in each of the marketing platforms.

Where do you learn them?


Amazing, huh?

Instead of going to a university or a college, these days you can be home and truly learn skills that can change not only your life, but an entire business's future. For the most part, whatever you invest on a course is only a fraction of what you would pay if you went to college.

You still need to do your research just the same if you were choosing which university or college to attend.

Don’t just go after the first online course you see. Remember, in every ad you see of a guru selling an online course, they’re going to show you all of the money they make, penthouse suites, mansions and exotic cars, which by the way are beautiful.

Don’t let this fool you.

Many people who don’t know anything about the digital marketing space see those ads, think they’ve found the solution to their life problems and automatically get their credit card.

What they later find out is that to start up certain business models, you need to invest a lot of money.

You may even find various different courses that all teach the same business model.

For example, Facebook ads.

There are so many courses that teach you how to advertise on this platform.

Some cost more than others and others offer more value than most.

Really do your due diligence to see if these business models are something you want to get into. See if this business model is something you really believe is perfect for you.

At least do research on 3-4 business models, analyze the cost and see what’s best for you.

Initially, you may be hesitant to pay for a course.

  • Is it a scam?
  • Will it be worth it?
  • What if it isn’t worth it?

These are just some of the more common questions that may run through your mind when deciding if you’re going to invest in digital marketing education or not.

It’s 2020 people.

We’re in the digital age and we have been for a while.

Now, more than ever is the time to learn digital skills and be your own boss.

Therefore, you can be sure that many courses aren’t scams these days.

Again, do your homework first.

Make sure you see case studies and if you happen to be on a "breakthrough" call, see if you can take a peak into a Facebook group if the course you're prospecting has one.

Ask questions.

I’ll even help you out.

I’ve reviewed various different legit courses that teach how to get started in business models such as:

I invite you to take time to check out the in-depth reviews for each of those business models.

After going through each of these courses, I’ve really stuck to one truly amazing business model to this day. One that allows you to be in more control of your life and business passively in comparison to any other business model.

Yes, you can make plenty of money on social media, I just personally prefer my lead generation business plans at this point in my life. 

The point is, everyone should be in control of their time and money no matter what.

Self Marketing

This is a must.

How are you going to market for others if you can’t promote yourself?

Now, don’t think that you have to go and run a ton of ads and get into insane debt right off the bat.


You saw the list of platforms above.

What you should do is go right now and create social media business accounts/pages for each one.

You need to make everyone you know aware of the fact that now you have a particular skill set.

Talk to everyone everywhere you go about your skills.

 It's not about being egotistical, but being confident. 

When you're confident, you'll be able to take a no.

Multiple No's and keep pushing forward until you get a yes.

A yes means money, so no giving up!

These are skills that can help so many business owners who want to be relevant online and generate business in this digital age. If you're confident about yourself, it'll show in the way you market yourself and the way you speak to other business owners.

They'll be able to tell too.

Do a great job at optimizing your profile so that when someone comes across it, it's clear what you do.

When you create these business profiles, reach out to different businesses and try to offer value.

Ex. Free digital marketing audit, free PDF with tips etc.

Become friends on these social networks and develop some sort of relationship.

Creating your own agency website is easy and a must.

There are plenty of platforms that can help you get a site up within the day and you don’t even need to know any coding.


What are the different ways you can prospect?

There are many.

Before you prospect, you need to get your mindset ready.

You need to understand that if you don’t prospect, you’re not going to get any clients and you won’t make money.

Be bold, be courageous and get to talking with everyone.

Forget what anyone can say about you and your new career choice.

Prospecting is work, so do work.

Here are a few ways you can prospect for clients.

  • Talk to your family and...

These are the people closest to you. Maybe you have family and friends who are business owners or they know people who are.


These really are going to be the easiest clients you can obtain especially if you’re starting out and have no results to show for.

They aren’t cold leads and they can most likely use the help of someone they can trust.

This is a no brainer.

If you get them results, then they can refer you to other business owners they know.

  • Social Media Prospecting

This means reaching out to business owners on these platforms. Connect on LinkedIn, friend them on Facebook and Instagram. When you friend business owners, don’t be a creep. Be active on their page, like some of their posts (NOT ALL OF THEM) and make a comment or two.

By doing this, it’s almost like you’re courting someone.

If you immediately go and send them a super long message, you’re going to come off as spammy and immediately turn business owners off.

Be smart about this.

I get it.

You want to get clients ASAP.

The truth is, you need to be patient and remember to just be consistent with your actions when prospecting.

Don’t get impatient because when you do, you start spamming everyone with messages and that’ll just hurt you. You can expect to be without clients for a long time, so if you’re doing it, STOP.

You can even run ads for yourself. Of course, you’ll get much better results this way if you actually have case studies and results to prove you can do what you're promising to do.

  • Record A Video

Sounds simple enough right?

That’s because it is.

So many digital marketers do the bare minimum sending emails and Facebook messages.

You need to stand out from the rest.

By making a video, they’ll automatically be drawn in to your message because business owners will hear your voice and see your face. If you do a screencast, for example, you can show them what you can do for them straight from your computer.

Screencasts are a fantastic way to attract prospects.

I can’t count the number of screencasts I’ve done that have been successful in obtaining clients.

It’s something about hearing your voice and seeing your computer screen that does it for business owners. It shows them that you've gone the extra mile to impress them and believe me, it matters.

It’s all on you to sell them on what you can do for them.

You don’t need to make a video that’s more than 10 minutes honestly.

Get to the point in your screencast and do a great job articulating what you can do for the business owner.

You may need to practice a few times so that you can sound like a pro.

I recommend you rehearse what you want to say first.

  • BNI (Business Network International)

Joining a BNI can really get you some steady work.

Once you join a chapter, believe me, everyone is going to want your business card so make sure you take plenty.

You’ll be able to visit a chapter twice and then they’ll hand you a membership application form.

The membership may seem a bit expensive, but if you choose the right BNI chapter to join, you can end up with plenty of business for a long time.

The whole point of the BNI is to pass on referrals between everyone in your chapter.

The good thing about a BNI is that if you find a chapter that doesn’t have a social media marketer and you decide to join, no other social media marketer can join.

YOU will be the go-to guy or gal for social media marketing.

If you have some extra cash saved up after you paid for your online course, consider joining a local BNI.

  • Chamber of Commerce

These are similar to BNI’s in that the purpose is to network. 

In comparison to the BNI though, you can join as many chambers of commerce as you want which means that there is more competition.

Discover Your Niche

So you’ve learned your new skills and you’re super pumped to get to work for any and every business owner.

That’s great that you feel that way!

One of the most important pieces of advice that you may get is to focus on one niche instead of going after all types of niches.

Now, in the beginning, you’re obviously going to take on any type of client that you come across. You want many clients because that means more money.

As time passes though, your life would be made so much easier if you stick to one niche.



Think about it.

Let’s say you’re successfully marketing for a certain niche. You should absolutely look for another client in that same niche.

At this point, you already have a formula for success in that niche.

Since the formula for success for one niche may not be the same for another niche, in essence, you’re starting over for every niche you go into.

If you keep to one niche, all you’re doing is rinsing and repeating while not breaking a sweat or wasting time.

Choose the niche you enjoy the most and that pays you the best.

Be successful at providing them results in the beginning, and as more of those same types of clients come in, you’re not really going to be doing much work but analyzing the data as well as getting paid.

This is smart business and it's how you can really earn passive income.

That's what its really all about. 

Doing this is called “front-loading” because you do all of the work up-front and then reuse that same format or template again and again.

Scaling for other businesses in the same niche will be easier and more cost effective overall.

You may even put yourself in the position to demand more money upfront when speaking with new business owners in the same niche because you have all the results to back it up.

How could they say no to you when you have the "formula" for success?

They won't, and if they do, they will no doubt lose because you've already presented yourself as the expert.

They will surely be more inclined to pay you. 

Running Different Types Of Ads

Obviously, there are many different social media platforms in which you can advertise on.

Now, you may have only paid for one course that only teaches you one type of business model.

That’s fine, but think about this. If you have a client who wants to market on all social media platforms, are you going to be able to handle that for them?


Fortunate for you, I’ve made FREE step by step guides for each of the business models such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more.

Below, you'll see links to those guides.

Let’s talk about the benefits of these business models and why you should run ads on these platforms.

  • Facebook Advertising

Facebook has 2.4 billion active users worldwide and counting. The great thing about Facebook is that you can create great looking ads in formats such as video, 360° images, slideshows and more.  What separates Facebook with everyone else is the fact that you can target and re-target exactly who you want to based on their actions and demographics. You’re even able to advertise on Instagram by means of Facebook.

For the free step by step guide on how to advertise on Facebook, click here.

  • YouTube Ads

Like Facebook, everyone, even your grandma is on YouTube watching videos, liking and subscribing to channels. It's a perfect place to put your ads in front of people. Many people do get annoyed when they see ads, but it's still a proven and effective way to advertise. You'll have to have a Google Ads account to run ads on Youtube. If you create great content and provide value in your ads here, you'll be successful. The best part of YouTube ads is that you only pay when someone shows interest. How awesome and convenient is that? 

  • Google Ads

Everyone on Earth uses Google. It’s the #1 search engine in the world by a long shot. Google gives people all of the information they want and need. Though you don’t create ads like you do on Facebook with all of those different ad formats, you can still generate plenty of leads. Google ads are perfect for phone driven businesses. Think about it, if someone is searching for a certain service such as pool maintenance, their intent to buy is high. That’s what you can call a warm to hot lead.

For the free step by step guide on how to advertise on Google, click here.

  • LinkedIn

This platform is different that any other one. With more than 706 million active users, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to connect with business owners and decision makers. You won’t find selfies here like you do on Facebook or Instagram. LinkedIn is all for business professionals. Like Facebook though, you do have the opportunity to choose different ad formats so that you can attract your ideal clients. You’re also able to target certain types of professionals, but the demographics are professional as well. Although the up front cost of running ads is higher here than on Facebook, the ROI (Return On Investment) is also higher because of the type of audience. This platform is a great way to avoid talking to the “gatekeeper” and connect directly with the business owners.

To learn how to advertise on LinkedIn, click here.

Know What To Charge For Your Services

As a business owner yourself, you should know what it is that you’re going to charge for your services.

This may be tough because many people weren’t educated on money.

Now, because you’re new to social media marketing, you’re going to have trouble charging clients top dollar initially.

One of the deciding factors in a business owner signing on for your service, is the proof you have that you can follow through with what you’re saying you can do for them.

Tip: Tell the business owner that they don’t have to pay you until they make money from your efforts OR offer a refund if you don’t provide results. Doing so will let the business owner know that their investment in you is risk-free. They lose nothing.

Either way, I recommend having different types of packages based off of the services you offer.

Something like this:

  • Basic Package
  • Gold Package
  • Platinum Package

The Platinum package will clearly offer everything you've got and will cost the most. The Gold package will have everything the Basic package has and a little more but not as much as the Platinum pack.

Obviously you don't have to name your packages the way I just did, but it's only to give you an idea. By dividing your services in this manner, the business owner will get to see what they're getting and at what cost.

This will let the business owner know that you’re organized, sure of yourself and your work. The way you present these packages is also important.

Don’t just send an email with bullet points.

Dedicate time to create a nice attractive and professional form.

Even customize your form to the niche you’re working with. I've used this method for a while and it still proves successful for me.

You have to put in a solid effort in everything you do if you want to impress business owners.

If you’re lost and don’t have a clue as to what to charge, a good place to start would be to let the business owner that you’d like the pay to be at least a 5:1 ratio in favor of the business owner. From there, you can talk it out with them and see what’s mutually beneficial.

If you have to start off charging lower initially, do so.

Just let the business owner know that at some point down the line, if there are consistent results, your price will go up.

Be flexible to a certain extent, but don’t let them take advantage of you either.

Remember, they need YOU, not the other way around.

Legally Set Up Your Business

Once you’ve gotten some steady clients, you should make sure you do business legally.

You can either start off as a sole proprietor if you wish, or start up an LLC.

You do need to check to see what the exact requirements are for starting a business in your state.

To check if the name you want to use for your business is available, go to:

Make sure you do this so that you don't have any issues with Uncle Sam.

Final Thoughts

You were obviously wondering how to start a social media marketing agency before you came across this article.

If you use these steps and don't neglect any of them, you'll be in great shape to be able to start your own agency.

You're looking to take control of your life so you need to take it seriously and be sure you're going to work hard at starting a successful agency.

The only way to become a pro is to gain experience. 

Take imperfect action and keep it rolling. Be resolved to never give up.

Go ahead and start taking action!

My #1 Internet Business Recommendation

Social Media

  • Low barrier to entry = high competition
  • High maintenance due to advertising campaigns.
  • Low profits for a lot for work.
  • High client turnover. Clients can drop you without notice.
  • No Control. You don't any of the marketing materials/campaigns.
  • No passive income. Even on retainers...

Lead Generation

  • High barrier to entry = low competition
  • Low maintenance. Runs on autopilot.
  • Low overheads, high profits.
  • Clients remain loyal = clients for life (because they are happy).
  • Complete Control - You own your lead gen websites.
  • Passive recurring income once ranked.

Local lead generation is my favorite business model for many reasons.

How do I do it?

By ranking simple sites on page 1 of Google.

Check out this website I own. 

In 2014, I built out a site that offers tree services and as you can see above, I targeted those buyer intent keywords so that once people search for "tree service grand rapids", my site shows up.

I made sure to rank this site for those and other keywords related to tree services.

For example:

  • tree removal
  • stump grinding
  • emergency tree removal
  • tree removal Grand Rapids

It didn't take me long to build or rank this site but to this day I get $750 per month for this site.

Do the math and you'll see that I've made $54,000 passively.


All the calls that come in because of my site, I forward to a tree service company. I can monitor these calls with a call tracking number.

Of course business owners are going to want more work especially because they're website isn't ranking well on Google.

I own the lead generation website which means I don't get fired. I can fire a client if they don't treat my leads well.

How awesome is that?

What's even more awesome is the fact that once I ranked the site, I barely need to go back and do anything more to it.

There's no ad creation or conversion tracking like you need to do on Facebook.

This is why this is the best business model in my opinion. 

I can earn a passive residual income.

Advertising on social media can put you out of hundreds of dollars in a matter of a couple of days with no ROI. 

I'd rather take that money and build out all of my sites, rank them and have business owners pay me to send them exclusive leads.

It's genius!

Go through the following infographic which explains why local lead generation is my #1 recommendation and if you're interested in at least learning more, click on the link below.
Lead generation

My mentor Dan called me back in 2014 and changed my life.

I entered the coaching program and immediately got to work. I saw how this biz model has no limit if you really put the work in.

The lead gen coaching program I'm a part of is also amazing because of the skills you learn, the support you receive and the community.

To date, we have over 6,100 members who all have learned the skills necessary to earn a passive residual income. An income that will give you the freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it. You'll be able to take care of your family and friends.

Many business models will tell you that you can earn money passively, but just take the time to analyze what is really involved.

I will never regret the decision I made to join this program and I know that if you take the leap, work hard, let yourself be coachable and stay focused, you too can earn the income that will change your life.

Are you ready to change your life?

If so, jump on a call with us and see you on the inside.

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