Nour Atta’s Stock Hours Review: Scalping Explained and Nour Trades Exposed

March 27, 2024

Stock Hours is a day trading signals chat membership by Nour Trades LLC. They help day traders become more profitable through scalping trading, which profits from quick movements in the market. Created by Nour Atta, the Discord chat membership includes training, alerts, algorithm, and live trade streaming. Scalping is a high-risk, high-stress trading strategy that is not for beginners. In this Stock Hours review you will learn why Nour Trades was called a scam, what Stock Hours is and who is it for, what do you get with your subscription, who Nour Atta is and what his claims are.

A study by the Sao Paulo School of Economics discovered that 97% of day traders who persisted for over 300 days lost money. Trading is not a sustainable activity, as the odds of profiting from volatile market conditions are stacked against you. Often compared to gambling, where the house always wins, the market has the upper hand when it comes to trading. You should only trade with money that you can afford to lose.

Nour Atta's Stock Hours Review: Pros and Cons


Nour has proven his skills with scalping on his live trade streams.

Started as a day trading chat room for a small group, it expanded to include trainings, algorithm, and more.

Free access on Thursdays for those who want to try it out.


Called out for being a fraud when evidence that he was copying signals from another Discord group got viral.

No demo account for you to practice trading before going live.

Nour's trading style, scalping, is a high-risk, high-stress day trading strategy.


Stock Hours costs $199 a month for the signals group and $49 a month for the algorithm. VIP bundle costs $224.99 a month, which includes the signals package and the algorithm.

Refund Policy

No refund policy.




Mixed reputation because of the fraud allegations.

What Is Scalping Trading and How Does It Work?

Scalping trading is a short-term trading strategy that focuses on entering and exiting trades based on the quick price movements on the market. The strategy aims to make small profits from multiple quick trades. Traders who use this trade strategy trade multiple times in 1-2 hours during the first hours of the market open. Scalpers usually have low risk-reward ratio and high win rates.

When scalping, monitor the market closely and look for patterns in order to predict a sudden rise of fall in price. You will then enter a trade just before the predicted price skyrockets and then exit before it reaches its high. This strategy is risky as you will lose money if your prediction is wrong or if you don’t enter or exit the trade in time.

Who Is Stock Hours For?

  1. Beginners who want to learn how to trade stock market options. Stock Hours has nightly and weekly training.
  2. Active day traders who want to are looking for a signals to trade more profitably. The Stock Hours Discord channel sends out signals of the same trades that Nour will enter.
  3. Advance traders who want to learn how to do scalping trading like Nour. You can learn how to trade like Nour by watching his live trading streams, where he explains every step.

What Is Stock Hours Discord Channel?

The Stock Hours Discord channel is where you can access the training materials, receive trading signals, talk to other members, ask questions, and watch Nour and his team trade live. Membership to the Discord channel is monthly and renewed automatically. You can try out the Discord channel every Thursday for free where you'll get full access to the signals subscription.

What Do You Get With Stock Hours?

  • VIP giveaways and lessons (only for the VIP bundle.)
  • Exact algorithm that Nour uses on ThinkOrSwim, ported to TradingView (purchased separately or included with the VIP bundle.)
  • Pre-market Trade ideas posted each morning before trading hours.
  • Entries and exits signaled announced live on voice channel.
  • Weekly lessons 3-5 times a week.
  • Nightly Lessons.
  • Access to the library of all the training materials.
  • Curated options flow.
  • Advanced AI equity and options flow.
  • Curated news channel and automated news bot.
  • Stocks chat channel, where you can chat with other subscribers.
  • Q&A channel you can ask your stock-related questions and get answers from the Stock Hours team.

Stock Hours Reviews

Stock Hours is only available through the digital marketplace Whop and has a 4.97 out of 5 rating (212 reviews). These customers who have subscribed to a membership and left a review have nothing but positive things to say about Stock Hours.

Stock Hours Review on Reddit

Stock Hours reviews on Reddit lean towards the negative side. There aren't much reviews from actual members, but there are several posts and comments that continue to bring up Nour's fraudulent past.

stock hours review

Is Stock Hours Worth It?

Stock Hours is not worth it if you are a beginner who is just getting into stock options trading. Professional traders recommend that beginners first invest time into learning everything they can about trading, including the strategies. Beginners should also spend months perfecting their preferred trading strategy by using trading simulations or demo accounts. You should not trade live unless you are profitable in the simulations.

Who Is Nour Atta?

stock hours review

Nour Atta is a millionaire influencer, full-time day trader, and founder of Stock Hours from Jersey City, New Jersey. He started day trading in 2017 with $20,000 and, by using the scalping trading strategy, he made $3 million in about 2 years. Nour’s current net worth is estimated to be over $20 million.

Nour Atta's parents migrated to the United States from Egypt. At 16, he got an internship in Wall Street, which sparked his interest in stock trading. Nour started Nour Trades LLC as a day trading chat room where he could teach his small group of friends how to trade. He studied pre-med before dropping out when the pandemic hit, then moving to trading full time.

On November 2022, while renting an Airbnb in Hollywood Hills, Nour was assaulted and robbed of $1 million late at night. In 2023, Nour bought his $12 million mansion in Los Angeles, California. He also expresses his desire to move to Dubai.

Nour Trades Exposed: Why Was Nour Trades Called Out as a Scam?

In 2020, a day trader with the Discord chat room Stock Hunter Trading accused Nour Atta of copying his signals and reposting it on the Nour Trades channel as his own. Stock Hunter made a video where he posted watermarked screenshots to catch Nour copying the signals. The scandal was not addressed by Nour, who simply denied it.

stock hours review

Later in the year, Nour paid $3,000 to be interviewed by Andrew of LAHWF. During the live interview, Andrew was bombarded with comments about Nour being a fraud and copying other signals. Nour brushed them off and did a live trade demonstration during the interview. He made profit on his trade and even invited Andrew to join one of his trades, in which the two made money. The scandal was even covered by big YouTubers like Coffeezilla, but by 2021, it had all but faded.

Is Nour Trades Legit?

Nour Trades is a legit day trading chat group if you base it on the value you could get from being a member. Whether or not Nour was copying signals, they posted real-time alerts in the chat room and members watched him trade live. The scandal didn’t stick as no one could to disprove Nour success while live streaming his trades. As more members were signing up and more programs were being added, the allegations of him being a fraud fizzled away.

stock hours review

What Is Nour Atta's Claim?

In an article published by Forbes, they estimated that 90% of traders fail and lose their investment. Nour Atta’s claim is that with his Stock Hours signals chat, you can be the 2% of traders that find success. Day trading leads to more losses than other trading strategies because of the fast changes in price that day traders deal with. Nour claims that even if you are a beginner at day trading, you can make big profits just by entering the same trades that he does. So just how practical is Nour's claim that you can be a successful trader by simply copying his trades?

The Reason You Won’t Get Rich Just by Following Signals

In scalping, a few seconds can spell disaster or profit and sending and receiving signals will take a few minutes. Even with live streaming, there is latency, meaning that you will most likely not be entering or exiting in the same position as Nour. This is a common issue for many trading signals and for this reason, a lot of those trying to enter the trades recommended by the signals cannot get in on it.

Many signals gurus have been accused of using their students to manipulate the price of the market to where they want it to be. Assuming hundreds of the chat room members follow the same trade, they will influence the direction of the market. If a guru recommends everyone enter the same trade he does, the price would skyrocket in a few seconds in which he would then exit for a big profit. Those following, however, would lose money while the guru looks like an expert trader.

Is Day Trading Worth It?

Day trading is a high-stress, high-risk trading strategy that is not recommended for beginners. Many beginner day traders fail because they do not have good risk management. Scalping is especially a highly stressful strategy because of the sheer quickness of the trades, which happens in less than a minute. The opening hours (9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time) is the best hour to day trade. This time is the most volatile period in the market, where the biggest moves happen in the shortest time. Scalpers who lack experience often make panic decisions because of the high-stress. Also note that you will be trading against many experienced and professional traders.

Scalping is not for beginners. The middle of the day is the safest time to trade. This time of the day is usually the calmest and most stable period. The 10 a.m. rule is when you wait until after 10 a.m. to buy stocks or options. You would only trade if the stocks or options make a new high for the day after 10 a.m. Beginners should start live trading around these hours to get experience. Before you start investing in day trading, make sure you only trade with money you can afford to lose.

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