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Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review – (Why did John Crestani lose almost $1 Million?)

October 21, 2022

The Super Affiliate System course by John Crestani teaches beginners how to make their first affiliate sale online. They made this course in a way that's easily digestible by anyone looking to make an extra income. In this comprehensive course, you learn how to leverage paid traffic platforms to generate more traffic your the affiliate offers you're promoting. In this Super Affiliate System review, we'll cover who John Crestani is, what you learn in each of the 6 weeks of this course, if affiliate marketing is worth it in 2023, alternatives to SAS, and how affiliate marketing compares to the popular local lead generation business model, that pays you passively each month for sending referrals to local businesses.


John Crestani is an 8-figure earner as an affiliate marketer

Facebook, YouTube, and Google ad training (paid ads)

They share tools, funnels, landing pages, emails and affiliate network referrals

Weekly webinars hosted by John Crestani

You learn to create landing pages that "pre-sell" products so people would buy them when you make recommendations.


They don't teach enough about more niches or affiliate programs (only the ClickBank affiliate program)

Native ad training could be better

There is no training on free traffic (Search Engine Optimization)

Upsells like Clickfunnels are not cheap


Super Affiliate System costs $997 (payment plans available: 3 payments of $397 or 5 payments of $297)

Refund Policy:

30 Day money-back guarantee


Over 50 hours of video content; lifetime access to 6 week training


Private Facebook community for Super Affiliate System members


John Crestani is one of the most popular and successful affiliate marketers that has helped thousands make money online while not having any employees or investors. He's self-made.

Why did John Crestani lose almost $1 million?

John Crestani lost almost $1 million after starting his own affiliate network. He wanted to take advantage of his training platform to create another revenue stream for himself and his students. Therefore, he made it possible for them to become affiliates by promoting his course. Everyone who joined could also become an affiliate, too.

The problem started with John taking his own money from a cash-flow positive business (profits from affiliate marketing) and putting it into his affiliate network (cash-flow negative business). He then had to deal with employee embezzlement, fraud, and even issues with advertising. Also, one of his clients went bankrupt and left him with a $250K bill to deal with.

Clearly, John recovered from all these issues and has become an 8-figure earner ever since.

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is a marketing expert from Los Angeles, CA who went to California State University Northridge. In 2009, he read Tim Ferriss' book, The 4-Hour Work Week, and was drawn to the lifestyle Tim spoke about. He then started looking for different ways to make money, like selling course notes in college, eBay selling, day trading, and more. He even attempted to count cards at casinos that did single or double deck Black Jack. John tried many things and made some money, but he said none of those businesses took off because he wasn't focused. In 2012, he started a job at a marketing firm in Los Angeles and was managing pay per click advertising for some clients.

Eventually, affiliate marketing became the online business that John focused on and he created his own affiliate network. Although he struggled to gain any traction with affiliate marketing for 4 years, he didn't give up. Unfortunately, John also ended up losing almost $1 million as I mentioned earlier. 

After a difficult time with his affiliate network, he started an affiliate business with Google ads. Then he got into Facebook ads and reached over $500K per month in revenue for his affiliate marketing business. 

Although there have been accusations of John employing unethical marketing tactics, Crestani has become a multimillionaire thanks to affiliate marketing and by selling his first course, Internet Jetset. He rebranded the course to the Super Affiliate System Pro. They featured in John in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and more. The John Crestani YouTube channel is all about online marketing and has over 548K subscribers, but he has posted no content in 3 months. 

What do you learn inside of the Super Affiliate System 3.0?


John welcomes you to the course and shows you how to navigate the SAS dashboard, why you should create a goal for yourself, and what you can expect to learn in this course.

Week 1) - System Setup

In this section you'll learn how to join an affiliate network, create a Presell page and learn about Facebook Ad setup as well as how to avoid some of the more common mistakes that are made in the setup process.

Week 2) - Google Ads Setup

In week 2, you learn how to get setup in the Google ads platform. You get setup with Google search ads and Google Display ads. John shows you how to upload a buyer's list, how to set up the Google ads pixel, and common mistakes marketers make when attempting to run ads on Google.

Week 3) - YouTube Ads Setup

In week 3, you learn how to get setup with YouTube ads. John shows you how to set up you YouTube channel, YouTube ads on Google, and explains why you should exclude mobile as one option for showing ads. As he did with the Google ads setup, he also talks about the common mistakes people make with their YouTube ad campaign.

Week 4) - Advanced Ad Tactics

John gets even deeper in week 4 by having Tim Burd and Ronnie Sandlin teach you advanced tactics. You learn...

  • Common Facebook ad mistakes
  • How to remain compliant with Facebook terms of service
  • To understand how people think while crafting your ads
  • How to write profitable headlines

Week 5) - Presell Pages & Scaling

During the 5th week, you're introduced to Presell pages. You learn how to split test them, what mistakes to avoid, how to scale your profits, and how to get payout bumps.

Week 6) - Product Selection

In the final week, you learn how to choose your niche, how to find Clickbank offers, how to find offers on other affiliate networks, and how to avoid the common mistakes people make when it comes to choosing offers.


  1. $1,100 in traffic credits & proven traffic methods
  2. 1-on-1 call with SAS growth coach
  3. 21-day ROI & Profit roadmap
  4. Done-For-You High Ticket Commission Bundle
  5. Pre-paid Business LLC Creation & Tax savings consultation
  6. Extra spot in SAS Pro for a friend, family member, business partner 
  7. DFY Local Biz "White-Label" Accelerator

Is the Super Affiliate System worth it?

Super Affiliate System is worth it if you are new to affiliate marketing and are looking to buy a course from someone who knows what they're talking about and who isn't a scam. John gives you all the basic tools and explains how to generate traffic with paid advertising.

I've worked with this system and have made a profit. Carlos, John's right-hand man, mentored personally me with my affiliate campaigns, and I can attest to the greatness of the Super Affiliate System's blueprint.

If you want a solid introduction to affiliate marketing, this is your best option.

Super Affiliate System Success Stories

Moad Lifandali is a SAS student who found success within only weeks of joining the program. What he did was test 3-4 products every day with 6 ad sets each. It took Moad $2000 to test 35 different products before he found a winning product. Initially, he was only making $500 per day. After increasing his budget and maxing out his credit limit, he made $3000 in just one hour.

Jan Vargas is another SAS success story. When he first got started, Jan could only make around $200 per day, which is still very good. With the help of John Crestani's course and team, Jan hit $1,276 per hour at one point. Finally, Jan reached $19K in revenue per day. He credits his success to all the guidance that John and his team provided to him and continues to do for all the SAS members.

Super Affiliate System Alternatives

The Affiliate Lab, by Matt Diggity, is easily one of the top affiliate marketing courses. Matt is a successful affiliate marketer and his course goes beyond just promoting affiliate offers. He teaches you how to build the authority of your niche site enough to where you can easily flip it for up to 40X its monthly revenue. This way you make way more money upfront for your site instead of making it over time. The Affiliate Lab has over 160 training videos and they provide you with PDFs, checklists, templates, tools, and lots of bonus material. Matt is also very active providing guidance and support within the private Facebook group. 

Price: Affiliate Lab costs $997

More Info: Affiliate Lab Review

Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Stefan James is another popular affiliate marketing course to learn affiliate marketing. You don't need any technical skills to get started as this course will help beginners make money within 3 months of joining the program. Stefan teaches you everything he knows and what is working today in affiliate marketing. The course has over 70 training videos divided into 7 modules. There is a private Facebook group and you learn how to leverage email marketing to generate more sales. 

Price: Affiliate Marketing Mastery costs $997

More Info: Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review

Is Affiliate Marketing worth it in 2023?

Of all the online business models, affiliate marketing is worth it in 2023 if you want to have a side hustle. Many online gurus who have already made millions of dollars with affiliate marketing got started when things weren't as saturated as they are today. Earning over 6-figures takes lots of money, time and work.

This business model is saturated because you're competing against thousands of marketers from around the world for the same search terms on Google. Even social media influencers are becoming part of the business model. If you're using paid traffic to generate traffic, you can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each day with no return on your investment if you don't do a good job split testing your ad campaigns. The cost to run ads is also rising each year, making it difficult to scale your affiliate business. You're even forced to pay constant attention to your CTR and conversion rate.

Another issue with affiliate marketing is that the company whose products you're promoting can change their affiliate link at anytime. If you aren't on top of it, you could lose out on a lot of money.

Affiliate commissions across the board are not that high (8-10% in most cases) and any high-paying affiliate offers are few, and far between.

Affiliate marketing is good to make some extra cash on the side, but it's not a long-term, passive play. It doesn't have the benefits that local lead generation with free organic traffic does.

Final Thoughts

Local lead generation has all the benefits that affiliate marketing doesn't have. 

The major benefit is the control you have over your business. You're the one who makes the final call on what niche you're going to get into, you decide who you forward your leads to and once you find a business owner who needs your help, you can dictate how much you're going to get paid each month. Affiliate marketing doesn't afford you that luxury.

As long as your lead generation websites rank on Google, happy business owners will pay you! 

I built this tree care site over 7 years ago, and it has been paying me $2000 per month on autopilot ever since. 

Local lead generation

Today, I have over 50 sites ranked and rented that help local business owners and pay me passively each month.

Over 7000 students from around the world have joined the coaching program that teaches these skills. Everyone is building their digital properties to rank and rent them to local business owners with the goal of becoming financially free.

To learn more about how you can earn a passive income by helping businesses locally, which is easier to do than affiliate marketing, check out the local lead generation training program.

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