Christopher M. Duncan’s Superconscious Entrepreneur Review: How to Become Superconscious in Business and in Life?

June 20, 2024

The Superconscious Entrepreneur program aims to empower entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and achieve significant milestones in their businesses. Chris Duncan implements his magnetic mind methods and superconscious recode process within the course to enhance business decision-making, creativity, and innovation. Chris Duncan's programs offer an integrative approach to personal and professional development through an online university, Conscious Education. Students receive coaching calls, mentoring, weekly Q&A sessions, and immersions.

The Superconscious Entrepreneur has mixed reviews online. It has faced criticism, primarily because of its high cost, which ranges from $495 to $63,000. While some individuals reported positive changes in their personal and professional lives, others expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of the methods and low guarantee of success. Others are calling his work a rip-off from other mentors. 

In this Superconscious Entrepreneur review, you’ll learn the program’s pros and cons, how to become a superconscious entrepreneur, and additional information on each of Chris’ offerings. We also cover his background and other tangible ways to earn money online.

Superconscious Entrepreneur Review: Pros and Cons


The Superconscious Entrepreneur program offers installment plans. 

The program includes multiple live sessions. 

The Superconscious Entrepreneur gives access to varied learning modes such as self-regulated, online classrooms, and live sessions


The Superconscious Entrepreneur courses are too expensive.

The program has many negative reviews online.

There is no guarantee that it works for everyone. 


The Superconscious Entrepreneur costs around $495 to $63,000. 

Refund Policy

Superconscious Entrepreneur’s refund policy requires you to write to within 7 days of payment, including contact details, the product or service details, and the refund reason. Before processing the refund, you must return the product in good condition.


Chris Duncan’s Conscious Education started in 2018


The reputation of Chris Duncan in the personal development and business world is good. He is famous for his work in developing the Magnetic Mind Method and the Superconscious Recode Process, which are approaches designed to help individuals overcome limitations and manifest their desires.

June 20, 2024

I recently completed the 5-day free experience and found a lot of the information shared to be very helpful. I even felt a personal shift by applying some of the insights. I appreciated that there were no sales pitches until day 5. However, I wouldn’t choose to work in depth with him. I had a gut feeling that he was untrustworthy. The sales pitch on day 5 was manipulative, with claims like “This special price is only available now for special people.” Additionally, the price for the 12-month program seemed falsely inflated. He tries to anchor the value around $12,000, which seems unrealistic.

Lyka Moore
3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

How To Become Superconscious in Business and in Life?

To become superconscious in business and in life, Chris Duncan suggests that you follow an eight-step process aimed at transforming your perspective. These steps will enable you to create any result you desire by tapping into the Superconscious, which is an infinite field of information and part of your inherent power. This process involves:

  • Recognizing and addressing unwanted beliefs formed in childhood
  • Identifying and shifting out of limiting structures
  • Reorienting towards a creative structure where you see yourself as a powerful creator rather than a victim
  • Stepping through the "wizard's gate" to connect with the present moment and the Superconscious
  • Claiming the magnetic moment where you align fully with your desires
  • Making choices that support living your true nature and purpose, being creative, living the life you love, and being healthy and vital
  • Creating your true end results based on what you truly love
  • Living a superconscious life where you can manifest anything you desire

What is Superconscious Entrepreneur?

Superconscious Entrepreneur is one of Chris Duncan’s programs that teaches you how to discover powerful online sales machines. The meaning of superconscious is a higher level of consciousness that transcends the individual's usual conscious awareness. It is often associated with heightened states of insight, creativity, and intuition.

The benefits of being a superconscious entrepreneur include enhanced decision-making skills, intuition, problem-solving, personal development, and relationship building. It promotes a positive attitude and a growth mindset, essential traits to thrive in the business environment. 

Superconscious  influences business relationships and partnerships by promoting empathy, ethical practices, and a focus on mutual benefit. It allows entrepreneurs to prioritize meaningful connections, transparency, and integrity in their daily life interactions. This lead to stronger, more collaborative, and sustainable relationships with partners, employees, clients, and stakeholders.

Connecting to your superconscious involves the following step: 

Dropping into your heart to access your childlike, playful imagination and innocence.

Using direct communication to connect with your Superconscious and ask the right questions.

Getting clear messages from metaphors, symbols, sounds, images, stories, and sometimes a word.

Receiving guidance and information from your Superconscious

Using the "Wisdom Process", a method involving defining choices, connecting with the Superconscious, and interpreting the messages received to guide your actions and decisions.

Who is the Superconscious Entrepreneur for?

The Superconscious Entrepreneur program is for:

business owners who want to reach or surpass the six-figure mark in their businesses

entrepreneurs who feel they are struggling to overcome obstacles

individuals looking to break free from limitations created by their minds

This program aims to change the way individuals rewire their minds to become magnets for everything they desire. It's about empowering entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses by learning the secrets of an effective magnetic mindset.

What Do People Say About Superconscious Entrepreneur?

Most people say that Superconscious Entrepreneur is expensive or overpriced. On platforms like Reddit, many users express skepticism and dissatisfaction. Some criticisms also suggest that his materials are not original, accusing him of plagiarizing content from other motivational coaches. However, there are also positive testimonials from individuals who claim benefits from his methods. This includes improved confidence in business interactions, relief from procrastination, and even healing from phobias and serious injuries.

One Redditor named sugar_3715 asked about the legitimacy of the Magnetic Mind Masterclass and most people responded with negative answers, accusing Chris as a fraud and calling his work a scam. Another Redditor, SkiWheel, mentioned that he tried the 5-day free Superconscious training and concluded that the organizer is not being upfront and direct with the pricing and he likened the program to a classic pyramid scheme.

Soft-Ask459, another Redditor, expressed his dissatisfaction with Chris's works. He and another Redditor, Primary_Isopod_942, Open_Education6410 , and Mysterious_way677, even suggested that his works and materials were rip offs and pirated from other motivational coaches and personal development trainers. The negative reviews do not end there, callipygousmom calls Chris Duncan a psychopath selling a multilevel marketing program with nothing special in it while Latter_Strain_8497 called him narcissist and fake.

One user, @user-qz6ml3hb9u,noticed that during his sessions, Chris and his colleagues often criticize some other people’s work and methods, which ironically where Chris claimed his works are based from. People occasionally compare his work to the work of Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer, who specializes in Superconscious Thought Induction.

Despite the abundance of negative reviews online, you can also find some positive claims about his courses outside his socials and web pages. One good example is from the story of grizzet who claimed that Chris Duncan’s method works for her. She also mentioned that Chris’s methods can be a little arrogant, but other than that, his Recode process had a positive impact on the Redditor’s sales call and made her more confident ‌. She also claimed that she had tried other motivational and personal development training before but did not receive the same effect.

Other testimonies from Canadianbcgal and Harleyistheyeeter said that they enjoyed the 5-day free course. Canadianbcgal also said that the recode process helped her from procrastinating and made her relax a little, while Harleyistheyeeter mentioned that she is getting a good experience and will take the certification course and become a coach.

Alone Pace 2374 mentioned that Chris Duncan's method healed him from claustrophobia and helped him recover from fatal injuries. This is not the only health miracle testimony based on Chris’s work. In his videos posted on different social pages, he also claimed to have effectively cured the fear of public speaking, blindness, diabetes, and other illnesses using his methods.

However, the disclaimer found in the Conscious Education website states that the case histories are for illustrative purposes only and do not imply any guarantee of the results. In 2021 , one video posted by Chris on his YouTube channel is a discussion with his mentor, Collete Streicher, about the Superconscious origins. Users @superconsciouscreator7636 and rebeccarichards7403 posted glowing comments about the two, highlighting how the programs changed their views in life and gave them extraordinary results.

Aside from these positive responses, you can also find more success stories from his website and social media pages.

Who is Christopher M. Duncan?

Christopher Michael Duncan is an author, entrepreneur, motivational and personal development coach, public speaker, teacher, and investor. He is the founder and CEO of Conscious Education, M2M Media, PointB Education, and Fast Track Business. Christopher has used various platforms, including books, public speaking engagements, social media, and online courses to share his knowledge and insights.

He is originally from New Zealand and is now living on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, with his wife and kid. Christopher centers his work on the belief that individuals can overcome their limitations and achieve their goals through consciously understanding and transforming their internal resistances. His journey into personal development and business success was not without its challenges. After graduating from university, he started a water filter company. Chris ventured into three other businesses before he settled with a solar panel business, earning him millions in over a year. However, the burnout he felt led him to close his business.

Together with his business partner/best friend/mentor, they created an education company earning $4.5 million that aims to teach others to become confident public speakers. However, in 2016, his business partner passed away, which scarred him and led him to explore and eventually master the realms of personal development, healing, and manifestation. He tried everything to rebuild their company, succeeded for a while, and then lost it again. This journey led to the creation of the Magnetic Mind Method, through which Duncan aims to teach others how to connect with their Superconscious, unlock their intuition, and consciously create the life they desire.

In 2018, he founded Conscious Education, which offers courses in intuition, transformation, manifestation, and coaching. He wrote two books on the subjects entitled: “You’re Not Broken” and “The Superconscious Path”. As mentioned in his website, his work is the combination of all the training he had about NLP and hypnosis, MAP method, Natural Success Secrets, Creative Structure, Matrix Energetix, Energy healing, visualization, and Transformative epigenetic meditation.

Chris Duncan has received many ClickFunnels awards, including three "Two Comma Club" awards and a Two Comma Club "X" Award, which recognizes funnels generating 8 figures. These awards highlight his success in generating significant revenue through his marketing funnels. He has also shared the stage with notable figures such as Tony Robbins and the Dalai Lama in a movie called “We Rise Up”. In 2021, Forbes' online magazine featured Chris as one of the 8 authors who shared secrets for a fruitful life in his book "You Not Broken". You can download the free book version from his Conscious Education website.

He is very active in his social media with over 16K followers on Facebook, 22.5K in Instagram, and 34.5K subscribers on YouTube. Aside from his free sessions online, he also runs a podcast called Conscious Education, which you can stream from Apple Podcast and Spotify. This podcast talks about the tools and techniques that can help you live a meaningful life and do what you love. 

Christopher M. Duncan’s Other Courses

What is the Magnetic Mind Certification?

The Magnetic Mind Certification is a training and certification for individuals interested in becoming Magnetic Mind Coaches. The science behind the magnetic mind method is based on neuroscience, alchemy and technology, according to Chris Duncan. He developed and refined this approach through over a decade of research, study, and practical application in personal development.

The Magnetic Mind Certification Training includes 5 modules. Module 1 covers creative mindset development, resistance management, and maintaining focus in coaching sessions. Module 2 includes aligning clients with their true identities, overcoming emotional blockages, and the Superconscious Recode. Modules 3-5 delve into handling advanced coaching challenges and providing extensive resources, such as meditations, session scripts, and many more. 

The Magnetic Mind Certification Training offers 12 months of access to the Magnetic Mind Masterclass, weekly coaching, over 30 meditations, over 50 recorded recode sessions, live recodes, virtual events, and many more. After completing the training and passing the certification test, participants will receive a certification. 

Graduates of the training can teach the Magnetic Mind method to others. As a coach, they can help clients achieve personal transformation and success through the Magnetic Mind method. This certification is worth $19,995. The different paths you can take to get certified include certification training, superconscious transformation, magnetic mind masterclass, and focused certification. 

What is the Magnetic Mind Masterclass?

The Magnetic Mind Masterclass is a 12-month program that teaches you how to implement Chris Duncan’s superconscious creation process to achieve the things you love. This training cost $4995. It offers a comprehensive set of resources for personal development, including six virtual group coaching sessions per week for a year, and two years' access to an online university with extensive recode content.

Additional features include a Facebook community, private support , and networking. It also includes over 25 meditations, and specialized content such as morning rituals, 21-day challenge, and many more. Participants also benefit from weekly live sessions with top coaches and over 30 reprogramming visual meditation MP3s.

The Magnetic Mind System integrates Epigenetics and Quantum Physics principles to highlight the interconnectedness of the universe. It emphasizes the role of environmental factors in manifestation. Its cornerstone, the "Rapid Recode Process," involves a coach entering an intuitive state to synchronize with a client's energy, effectively dissolving energetic blocks to their desired outcomes.

What is the Rapid Recode Group Session?

The Rapid Recode Group Session is a personal development training designed to help you discover how to recode your inner blocks in just 5 steps. It helps individuals overcome limitations and manifest their desires through the power of the superconscious. It reprograms your mind and transforms any resistance you might have towards achieving your desired outcomes. This group session cost $49 - $495.

Additionally, Rapid Core Session offers a comprehensive package that includes a live transformation session with Chris, access to a two-hour replay of the workshop, an extensive online training library, three mind reprogramming visual meditation MP3s, and many more. 

In a live Rapid Recode demo by Chris posted on his Magnetic Mind website, he asked two guests, Joanne and Kate, who he claimed to have not heard of his method before, to sit in front of the crowd and close their eyes. He showed how he communicates the subconscious like a person to heal their fear of public speaking.

What is the Superconscious Mastery?

The Superconscious Mastery is a course offered by Chris Duncan that helps you master the intuitive skills and creative process to manifest things in your life. It aims to create a deep understanding and relationship with an individual’s superconscious, so you can create more money, build lasting relationships, and live life to the fullest.

The Superconscious Mastery course includes 3-day workshops, nine months of bi-monthly coaching with Chris and Hannah, and weekly Q&A session with Chris. Additionally, it offers a Superconscious Healer program, 12-month access to the Magnetic Mind Masterclass, over 100 hours of video content via an online university, a private support community, and many more.

The course is available in five different packages, ranging from one-on-one sessions with Chris Duncan priced at $63,000, to more affordable options like the basic Superconscious Mastery Course for $6,500.

What is the Superconscious Transformation?

The Superconscious Transformation program is a 90-day program that aims to teach students to master the alchemy of change. It teaches participants the Superconscious Recode Process through both one-on-one and group settings.

The course covers the scientific principles behind the recode process and provides secrets to transforming others. It includes a 3-day workshop, 12 months of coaching with four sessions each month, regular practice sessions, group activities, and live Q&A coaching calls. Participants will also have access to an online university featuring past sessions and recordings, along with full recordings of all live events and sessions.

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate that qualifies them to perform the recode process. The course is available in three payment packages: a onetime payment of $3,995 AUD, five monthly payments of $999 AUD each, or 52 weekly payments of $99 AUD each.

What is the Superconscious Intuition?

The Superconscious Intuition program from Chris Duncan’s Conscious Education page helps students become more intuitive and more self-conscious. It enhances students' intuition and self-awareness. The curriculum delves into connecting with the Superconscious, using existing communication channels and developing an intuitive structure. 

The program includes 3-day workshops, three months of bi-monthly coaching, a weekly Q&A call with Chris Duncan every Thursday, on-demand replays of the workshops, and access to the Superconscious Healer Program. Participants can choose from three payment plans: a single payment of $3,995, five monthly payments of $999, or 52 weekly payments of $99.

What is the Superconscious Creator?

The Superconscious Creator is a 90-day intensive program that aims to empower participants by teaching them how to manifest their ideas into reality. This is through understanding and utilizing their superconscious. The course focuses on mastering structural tension to manifest with precision. It covers essential topics such as personal power, discovering one's true nature and purpose, and refining the creative process. 

Included in the program are 3-day workshop, weekly two-hour live coaching sessions with Chris, three months of coaching support, access to an online training library, and a bonus access to the Magnetic Mind Masterclass University.

The program comes in  three payment options: a single prepay discount price of $3,995, a monthly payment plan of $999 for five months, and a weekly payment plan of $99 for 52 weeks. 

Why Local Lead Generation Works Even if you are not Superconscious?

Local lead generation works effectively even without being "Superconscious" because it simply focuses on identifying and attracting potential customers within a specific local area through tailored marketing strategies. You don’t need your superconscious to engage local businesses and offer solutions relevant to their needs. Personal development courses like the Superconscious Entrepreneur often lack transparency in terms of ROI. It is difficult to fully associate all your success directly with it.  

Generating local leads remains a more reliable method for earning passive income than alternatives because of its inherent stability and predictability. This approach avoids many common pitfalls associated with other strategies for passive income, such as continually adapting to changing market demands, dealing with oversaturation, engaging in ongoing research, and facing challenges in acquiring new clients. In addition, it is often very easy to measure the returns of your investments. Local lead generation is action-oriented, giving you guide on how to actually earn. 


Local lead generation stands out because of its low maintenance requirements and scalability. It works by creating websites and organically ranking in local search results to attract leads. You can then lease these websites to local businesses for $500 to $3,000 a month. This business model offers a passive revenue stream that is scalable to over $50,000 monthly.

If you’re seeking an online business with fewer risks and a passive income with greater control over your potential earnings, then local lead generation is definitely the path to take.

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