Terry Dean’s My Marketing Coach Review: Why Is Online Marketing Important?

April 5, 2024

My Marketing Coach is a coaching platform that offers several online marketing courses including email newsletters, funnels, landing pages, and ad automation. The platform also teaches the disciplines of effective marketing and why you will only need to work one hour a day while earning up to 6-figures. Online marketing helps businesses reach a wider audience with social media, email, and websites to promote products or services. This approach is cost-effective and allows for direct interaction with customers, making it easier to understand their needs and preferences.

The only reviews we found online were the testimonials on Terry Dean's website. The people who used his platform say his products are exceptional in helping them grow their business in a few weeks to a few months without having to work late hours. Some have made up to $100,000 a month using solely on Terry Dean's coaching.

In this review, we will go through each of My Marketing Coach's courses. These include the Golden Glove Persuasion Map, Authority Lists & Traffic, 1-Hour Work Day, 21 Money Multipliers, Magnetic Mentoring, Client Funnel Formula, Autoresponder Alchemy, and One-On-One Coaching With Terry Dean.

My Marketing Coach Pros and Cons


Terry Dean is a credible online marketing coach since 1996.

Covers many business operations and techniques regardless of your niche.

Terry Dean provides you with coaching and advice through email daily at 8am EST.

His business model is doable in less than a corporate employee's standard 8-hour shift.


Terry Dean's coaching sessions through phone call only happens twice in a month, 45 minutes each.

Some business practices require updates based on current trends.

No reviews outside his testimonials


My Marketing Coach has several prices: Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ is $99, Authority Lists & Traffic is $198, 1-Hour Work Day is $99, 21 Money Multipliers is $79, Magnetic Mentoring is $499, Client Funnel Formula is $199, Autoresponder Alchemy is $179, and One-On-One Coaching With Terry Dean costs $600 (email coaching only) or $1,200 (email coaching and 45-minute phone sessions)


My Marketing Coach is self-paced


My Marketing Coach puts you in his email list of over 135,000 subscribers.

Refund Policy

My Marketing Coach has a 30-day refund for each course.


My Marketing Coach was established in 2006.


Terry Dean is a well-known online marketing coach and is considered as one of the pioneers of online coaching. He has worked with multiple clients to help grow their businesses and earn six figures every month.

Why Is Online Marketing Important?

Online marketing is important because the internet is a great place for businesses to meet and talk to customers in a parasocial engagement: the one-sided relationship where consumers feel connected to a brand or influencer despite no direct interaction. Such is the secret to Terry Dean's way of making money and if you choose to purchase his courses, he will give you everything you must know in the business model. You need a marketing coach, especially if you want to grow as digital marketers because it has been an effective method to attract customers to provide solutions to their problems, be it physical products or important advice. He's been doing online coaching for more than a decade, which makes him valuable in his line of work. In My Marketing Coach, he explains how online marketing is also often cheaper and more flexible than traditional methods like newspaper ads or billboards. 

According to a PR Newswire report, digital marketing could reach $786.2 billion by 2026. If you are starting just now or need to grow your income, it's best to step your skills up as the marketing industry is more competitive than ever. While large marketing agencies earn up to $30 million annually, independent entrepreneurs may not have the same level of income. Over 70% of the industry makes less than $1.5 million a year.

Certain businesses rely solely on online marketing, such as Terry Dean's businesses. For example, affiliate marketing is when you earn money by promoting other people's stuff online. If someone buys something because of your promotion, you get a slice of the profit. Then there are marketing agencies that focus only on helping other businesses succeed online. They are experts in using the internet to get a business noticed, drawing in customers with smart strategies and creative ideas.

What Can You Learn From My Marketing Coach?

My Marketing Coach is a platform that has marketing coaching services for various business models. You can choose to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, content marketing, digital advertising, and social media marketing. The platform covers as many models as it can to cater to your online business needs.

Golden Glove Persuasion Map™

Golden Glove Persuasion Map provides video training and guides, customizable templates, strategies for clear, authentic marketing messages, techniques for deeper emotional connections with buyers. This system improves your marketing's effectiveness by focusing on authenticity and emotional engagement.

Module 1 – Golden Glove Persuasion Map™: 5 Step Formula

  • Understand how to evaluate the conversion power of digital content quickly.
  • Learn why people decide to buy and how to influence that decision.
  • Create clear, empathetic messages to attract ideal clients.
  • Using status and suggestive imagery to influence purchasing decisions.
  • Implementing scarcity and deadlines ethically to boost sales.

Module 2 – Golden Glove Accelerators: 6 Step-By-Step Methods

  • Implement the Golden Glove Persuasion Map to enhance online conversions.
  • Gain insights from reviewing high-converting content and creating new offers.
  • To identify and fix conversion issues quickly.
  • Strategies for increasing credibility and trust online.
  • Simple changes to offers for significant sales increases.
  • Creating compelling courses or coaching programs.
  • Reverse engineering competitors for profit multiplication.
  • Positioning oneself as a trusted figure rather than a mere seller.
  • Categorizing buying segments for targeted marketing.
  • Enhancing credibility with pre-results demonstrations.
  • Using templates and frameworks for effective email marketing and video scripting.
  • Strategies for successful Facebook and Youtube advertising.

Module 3 – InfoCopy Profit Map: Proven Formula

  • Focus on writing high-converting copy for educational content.
  • Delve deeper into understanding clients' buying motivations.
  • Techniques for adopting clients' language and emotional triggers.
  • Writing compelling headlines and evaluating story effectiveness.
  • Creating courses based on well-researched client needs.
  • Enhancing bullets with emotional appeal and clarity.
  • A 13-step formula for long-copy suited for educational offers.
  • Integrating believable elements into storytelling for stronger connections.
  • Strategies for setting premium pricing while delivering value.

Bonus #1 – Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ Guide

  • A comprehensive guide to assessing and improving the persuasive power of content.

Bonus #2 – Client X-Ray

  • Techniques for deep market research to understand and empathize with clients.

Bonus #3 – Magic Bullets

  • Templates and strategies for writing impactful, curiosity-driven bullet points.

Bonus #4 – Irresistible Offers

  • An 8-step guide to creating compelling offers that significantly boost sales.

Bonus #5 – Cure for Proof Hiding Disease

  • Methods for adding credibility and proof to offers, even for beginners.

Bonus #6 – Storytelling Code

  • Guidance on using storytelling to connect deeply with clients and enhance sales.

Bonus #7 – Slides From All the Video Lessons

  • Access to all educational materials for reference and in-depth study.


  • $99

Authority Lists & Traffic

Authority Lists & Traffic focuses on innovative strategies for building large and responsive email lists in 2024. It emphasizes creating a personalized list-building blueprint that aligns with individual preferences and strengths, even for beginners without prior experience or marketing budgets.

Module 1 – Buyer Lead Magnets

  • Learn to attract pre-qualified buyers with irresistible lead magnets.
  • Discover how to create lead magnets that pre-sell and position you as the go-to choice.
  • Understand the importance of qualifying leads for higher conversion.
  • Explore multiple lead magnet formats and quick creation strategies.
  • How to Join the Mentorship Group Discord Server

Module 2 – Optin Flood

  • Maximize subscriber generation with effective landing pages and opt-in forms.
  • Learn from successful split tests to improve conversion.
  • Understand various opt-in strategies like squeeze pages and content upgrades.
  • Gain insights on simple funnel setup for immediate sales.

Module 3 – List Building Blueprint

  • Simplify list building with a tailored system that suits your style.
  • Identify quick, easy, and enjoyable list building methods.
  • Differentiate between enthusiast and transactional markets for targeted strategies.
  • Learn to outsource unfitting tasks for efficiency and lifestyle freedom.

Module 4 – Authority Formula

  • Utilize content marketing to draw in pre-qualified buyers.
  • Determine the most effective content platforms for your audience.
  • Adopt a step-by-step blogging system for brand establishment.
  • Understand content optimization for SEO and subscriber attraction.

Module 5 – List Avalanche

  • Accelerate list growth with paid advertising and self-liquidating offers.
  • Learn budget-friendly strategies to start and scale paid ads.
  • Explore targeting options on Google, Youtube, and Facebook for ideal buyers.
  • Master retargeting for maximized return-on-ad-spend.

Module 6 – Referral Magic

  • Grow your list through referrals and joint ventures.
  • Leverage others' resources for list building with zero risk.
  • Understand the high conversion and retention rates of referred leads.
  • Learn strategies for establishing referral partnerships and systems.

Bonus #1 – Authority Lists & Traffic

  • Comprehensive guide on building a large email list of buyers across various markets.
  • Includes tested tweaks for enhancing lead generation from different channels.

Bonus #2 – Lead Magnet Money Multipliers

  • Detailed instructions for crafting lead magnets that sell and captivate.
  • Offers template headlines and tips for effective landing pages.

Bonus #3 – Joint Venture Lifestyle

  • Develops a mindset for leveraging joint ventures for list growth.
  • Teaches how to establish mutually beneficial referral deals.

Bonus #4 – Referral Madness

  • Presents multiple referral systems for rapid subscriber increase.
  • Shares successful case studies of massive list growth through referrals.

Bonus #5 – Free Traffic Blogging Formula

  • Guides on using blogging for sustained list growth and buyer traffic.
  • Covers SEO techniques, content promotion, and scaling strategies.

Bonus #6 – Free Youtube Traffic, Subscribers, and Income Formula

  • Shows how to leverage Youtube for list building and positioning as an authority.
  • Includes content creation tips, video optimization, and viewer engagement strategies.

Bonus #7 – Big Buyer Lists FAST With Summits

  • Explains how to organize online summits for explosive list growth and authority building.
  • Shares insights on attracting expert speakers and monetizing the event.

Bonus #8 – Introvert’s 60-Minute Social Media Guide

  • Provides efficient social media strategies for list building without the hustle.
  • Suitable for all personality types seeking impactful online presence.

Bonus #9 – Youtube Ads Accelerator

  • Step-by-step guide to setting up successful Youtube ad campaigns for list building.
  • Includes video script examples and optimization tips for scaling.

Bonus #10 – Traffic Ascendancy Unleashed

  • Focuses on building a unique online identity to attract high-value customers.
  • Emphasizes delivering experiences and establishing a magic thread in all communications.

Bonus #11 – Wholesale Banner Ads

  • Teaches how to buy ads at wholesale prices directly from relevant websites.
  • Includes negotiation strategies, ad creation, and tracking for optimal results.

Bonus #12 – Million Dollar Traffic Blueprint + Spreadsheet

  • Offers a customized approach to selecting the best traffic generation methods.
  • Includes a scoring spreadsheet to help decide on the most effective strategies for your business.


  • $198

1-Hour Work Day

1-Hour Work Day presents an approach for online entrepreneurs to boost their profits while reducing their working hours, potentially to one hour per day. It discusses the pitfalls of hustle culture and the importance of focusing on high-value activities and delegation.

Module 1 – Freedom Lifestyle Design

  • Shift from an employee to an investor mindset for a value-driven business.
  • Simplify your business and remove limitations to serve a larger audience.
  • Rekindle motivation and enjoy a simplified, fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.
  • Learn from common entrepreneurial mistakes and adopt effective solutions.
  • Align your business with a mission for focus and energy.

Module 2 – More Profits in Less Time

  • Implement top strategies for efficiency and increased profits.
  • Master content creation, email management, and course creation for time savings.
  • Optimize daily routines for energy and productivity.
  • Use strategic questioning to focus on high-impact opportunities.

Module 3 – Lean Dream Team

  • Transition from solo efforts to leveraging a team for growth and efficiency.
  • Understand team dynamics at various business stages.
  • Discover effective recruitment and management strategies.
  • Create systems for consistent business operation and growth.

Bonus #1 – 1 Hour Work Day

  • Explore managing an online business with just 1 hour of work per day.
  • Learn to build and utilize a team for sustained business operation.

Bonus #2 – 4 Simple Steps to a FREEDOM Business

  • Discover a 4-step plan for a simple, manageable, and profitable online business.
  • Gain clarity with a focus on essential business elements for freedom and success.

Bonus #3 – Create Checklists to Get More Done

  • Utilize systems and checklists for efficiency and better results.
  • Learn the components of effective checklists for various business activities.

Bonus #4 – Entrepreneurs Overwhelm Cure

  • Address entrepreneurial overwhelm with focused questioning and simplification.
  • Apply time-saving hacks and prioritize for a streamlined business approach.

Bonus #5 – Freedom Business Blueprint

  • Design a personalized business blueprint aligned with your vision and goals.
  • Conduct a thorough review and planning process for strategic growth.

Bonus #6 – Lazy Person’s Guide to Multiplying Your Time

  • Leverage current activities for future benefits and time multiplication.
  • Focus on actions that provide long-term value and efficiency.


  • $99

21 Money Multipliers

21 Money Multipliers introduces Terry Dean's expertise in boosting business profits through 21 proven strategies. The program offers a mix of short videos and a detailed PDF guide, designed for easy implementation. It provides insights into profitable online business practices, sales optimization, and customer engagement, showcasing Terry Dean's expertise in boosting business profits through 21 proven strategies.

Secrets You’ll Discover

  • Simplify the process to a profitable online business with 3 steps.
  • Understand the reality of conversion rates and choose the right funnel.
  • Framework for creating messages that resonate with customers.
  • Simple website change to potentially double or triple sales.
  • Avoid common website mistakes that hurt leads and sales.
  • Quick method for generating compelling headlines.
  • Importance of credibility in headlines and overall messaging.
  • Increase profits without raising prices or traffic.
  • Efficient creation of high-converting sales videos.
  • Email strategies to boost sales and attract new customers.
  • Improve order form conversions to reduce cart abandonment.
  • Authority-building techniques for all communication forms.
  • Leverage coupon codes for sales increase.
  • Create effective order bumps and upsells.
  • Lead magnets that provide value and promote sales.
  • Optimize early customer interactions for immediate sales.
  • Segment email lists for tailored marketing messages.
  • Ad strategies for high engagement and ROI.
  • Improve website performance with analytics.
  • Write headlines targeting customer emotions.
  • Enhance customer experiences to increase lifetime value.

Bonus #1 – Ultimate Guide to Million Dollar Funnels

  • Explore 3 high-converting website funnels.
  • Over 101 ways to optimize funnels for profits.
  • Squeeze page optimization techniques for leads and sales.
  • Copywriting hacks and shopping cart optimization.
  • Strategies for irresistible offers, effective emails, and more.

Bonus #2 – Scaling From 6 to 7 Figures

  • Insights into the mindset and actions of 7-figure entrepreneurs.
  • Questions to prepare for scaling your business.
  • Focus areas and bottlenecks in scaling.
  • Systems for growth and transition from worker to CEO.

Bonus #3 – How to Go From 6 to 7 Figures With Doberman Dan

  • Additional perspectives on scaling businesses to 7 figures.
  • Interview covering optimization strategies and mental challenges.
  • Insights into overcoming self-sabotage and building effective systems.
  • Includes a comprehensive audio interview and transcript.


  • $79

Magnetic Mentoring

Magnetic Mentoring is designed for coaches, consultants, and experts looking to build and scale their coaching practices. It emphasizes the importance of attracting high-value clients, creating a signature coaching system, and leveraging one's expertise to maximize income while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Module 1 – Identify Your Ideal High Value Clients

  • High-ticket offers can be easier to sell than low-ticket ones.
  • The 100x Solution focuses on earning significantly more by targeting high-value clients.
  • Use 8 qualifying questions to choose your ideal audience.
  • Find your unique 'genius' by leveraging personal skills and experiences.
  • Learn your customers' buying language to attract them effectively.
  • Uncover hidden buying motivations with 5 free methods.
  • Create clear messages to attract and repel the right clients.
  • Eliminate competition by detailing the problems you solve uniquely.
  • High-ticket earnings often come from smaller, focused audiences.

Module 2 – Create Your Signature System

  • Design programs for client progression and enhanced results.
  • Create 'Quick Wins' for client motivation and long-term engagement.
  • Develop a unique system that sells in any niche.
  • Simplify your program to focus on impactful results.
  • Add value to charge higher prices and deliver better client outcomes.
  • Ensure your system stands out in crowded markets.
  • Use proven templates for compelling program titles.

Module 3 – Package for a 6 or 7 Figure Practice

  • Start earning big with a small or nonexistent list.
  • Determine the initial number of clients and when to expand.
  • Simplify payment collection to avoid financial issues.
  • Create an evergreen, high-ticket program for scalable client service.
  • Package your program to attract ideal clients and deliver results.
  • Simplify your system to ensure client focus and results.
  • Use group programs for income multiplication and higher-ticket offers.
  • Foster a strong community sense for higher client retention.

Module 4 – Automate Client Conversions

  • Shift from free discovery sessions to pre-qualified, pre-paid clients.
  • Utilize email as a primary tool for client attraction and qualification.
  • Implement an application process to filter ideal clients.
  • Close effectively on the phone with only ready-to-buy prospects.
  • Create conversion-focused messages and webinars.
  • Offer valuable content in webinars to attract clients.

Module 5 – Attract High Value Clients

  • Adopt a mindset shift for a significant return on online activities.
  • Use 14 free sources for client attraction.
  • Leverage paid advertising effectively.
  • Produce authority content to draw high-value clients.
  • Generate endless content ideas from your audience.
  • Establish a manageable content calendar.
  • Utilize joint ventures for a steady flow of new clients.
  • Ensure every piece of content is targeted at high-value clients.

Module 6 – Create Client Transformations

  • Motivate clients for quick implementation and results.
  • Design your coaching for personal freedom and client capacity.
  • Use group calls for client motivation and mutual support.
  • Overcome inner fears to unlock coaching potential.
  • Enhance long-term client retention.
  • Handle client expectations effectively for satisfaction.
  • Transition clients smoothly from 1:1 to group coaching.
  • Filter out unfit clients early and manage group interactions.

Bonus #1 – Million Dollar Coaching Round Table

  • Insights from 3 successful coaches on high-ticket coaching.
  • Topics include client attraction, pricing, and creating impactful programs.
  • Includes a Coaching Toolbox with practical resources like contracts.

Bonus #2 – Just-Add-Water Webinar Template

  • Dan's proven webinar template for selling products and services.
  • Designed to attract clients by providing valuable content.
  • Can be customized for any market or niche.

Bonus #3 – Mentoring Millions

  • Strategies for offering premium-priced services.
  • Tips on selecting coaching topics and attracting clients.
  • Examples of effective email marketing for coaching services.

Bonus #4 – Your $100,000 Premium Offer

  • Encourages a mindset shift from a 'broke mindset' to premium pricing.
  • Challenges to create a high-value offer to reset pricing strategies.

Bonus #5 – Client X-Ray

  • Techniques for deeply understanding client desires and fears.
  • Guides on developing empathy and connecting with clients on a deeper level.

Bonus #6 – Bestselling Titles Made Simple

  • Insights on creating compelling titles for books and programs.
  • Includes formulas and a scoring system for title effectiveness.

Bonus #7 – High Ticket Formula

  • Guidance on selling high-ticket items more effectively.
  • Strategies for letting clients sell themselves on premium offers.

Bonus #8 – BIG Money & Happy Clients With Coaching

  • Advice on incorporating coaching into any business for increased profits.
  • Highlights the benefits of adding a personal touch in an automated world.

Bonus #9 – Million Dollar Webinar Formula

  • A step-by-step guide for creating webinars that convert.
  • Emphasizes the power of personal connection in sales presentations.

Bonus #10 – 1% Solution

  • Identifies emotional triggers for selling premium offers.
  • Focuses on creating memorable experiences for affluent customers.

Bonus #11 – Pricing Magic

  • Strategies for setting fair and profitable prices for products and services.
  • Encourages targeting higher-end customers for better margins and value delivery.

Bonus #12 – Newsletters and Memberships

  • Explains the importance of continuity programs for stable monthly income.
  • Describes how to strengthen client relationships through memberships.

Bonus #13 – Q&A Group Implementation Webinar Recording

  • Answers common questions about implementing high-ticket coaching programs.
  • Offers insights on niche selection, credibility building, and transitioning to group coaching.


  • $499

Client Funnel Formula

Client Funnel Formula is a bundle that helps entrepreneurs leverage Amazon as a powerful platform to attract high-value clients, particularly through publishing and selling books. It highlights Amazon's effectiveness in boosting credibility and generating sales, compared to traditional online advertising.

Module 1: Amazon Funnel Formula

  • High-ticket offers can be easier to sell than low-ticket ones on Amazon.
  • Learn to optimize books for Amazon's algorithm for consistent sales.
  • Avoid common author mistakes for better book performance.
  • Use Amazon ads for profit and lead generation for other products.
  • Leverage Amazon's credibility to boost your own product sales.
  • Determine the ideal length for your book for maximum profit.
  • Understand the importance of one-star reviews for authenticity.
  • Discover strategies for turning a single idea into multiple income streams.
  • Learn to position 'content upgrades' in your book for capturing email addresses.
  • Convert book purchasers into high-value clients for your business.

Module 2: Podcast Traffic Unleashed

  • Podcast listeners are loyal, affluent, and educated, ideal for high-value client acquisition.
  • Being a podcast guest is a perfect strategy to complement the Amazon Funnel Formula.
  • Learn how to find relevant podcasts and deliver engaging interviews.
  • Understand how to turn podcast appearances into book sales and high-quality leads.
  • Discover methods for making podcast hosts endorse your products or services.
  • Use infotainment to make interviews interesting and engaging.
  • Create an attractive 'one-sheet' to get podcast hosts' attention.
  • Optimize your website to be more appealing to podcast hosts.
  • Learn to create effective Lead Magnets to capture leads from podcast audiences.
  • Find out how to produce high-quality sound for a better listener experience.

Module 3: Book in a Weekend

  • Quick methods to create impactful non-fiction books without traditional writing.
  • Ideal for fast-paced content creation and delivering value to customers.
  • Focus on narrow topics and audiences for better profitability.
  • Overcome perfectionism and procrastination in book writing.
  • Learn a step-by-step formula for efficient and enjoyable book writing.
  • Discover how to outline your book's core message for clarity and focus.
  • Utilize mind mapping for a more effective content creation process.
  • Learn strategies to finish your book quickly, including weekend writing sprints.
  • Incorporate 'micro-stories' for engagement and to strengthen your message.
  • Explore alternative methods for book creation without traditional writing.

Bonus 1: Amazon Funnel Formula Manual

  • Contains 93 pages from premium print newsletters.
  • Includes topics on Amazon Funnel Formula, attracting leads from Kindle, podcast guesting, and fast writing techniques.
  • Serves as a reference guide throughout the Amazon Funnel system.
  • Revisit for continuous growth in authority and profits.

Bonus 2: Best Selling Titles Made Simple

  • A 21-page guide from a premium newsletter issue.
  • Explores the impact of effective titles on book sales.
  • Provides examples of successful titles and their creation processes.
  • Includes 8 title-creating formulas and a title-scoring system.

Bonus 3: Podcast Guest Traffic Unleashed

  • A 22-page transcript of an interview with Dr. Glenn Livingston.
  • Shares insights from over 200 podcast appearances.
  • Highlights the value of podcast leads, especially in competitive markets.
  • Reveals strategies for leveraging podcast guesting for substantial subscriber growth.


  • $199

Autoresponder Alchemy

Autoresponder Alchemy is a bundle designed to enhance email marketing effectiveness, emphasizing the significant return on investment that email marketing can yield. It offers a collection of 80 template emails proven to drive sales, alongside a course that covers various aspects of email marketing, from crafting messages to advanced strategies.

Module 1 – Model My Million Dollar Emails

  • Learn to create profitable emails by modeling successful ones.
  • Understand the importance of engaging and emotionally driven content.
  • Discover the "Dynamic Duo" for effective subject lines.
  • Learn the right content type that generates responses.

Module 2 – Hidden Reason Why Prospects BUY

  • Explore the underlying reasons behind customer purchases.
  • Use 'magic words' to influence buying decisions.
  • Rekindle passion for your customers to enhance marketing efforts.
  • Utilize "spy" techniques for uncovering effective marketing language.

Module 3 – Email "Super Hero" Method

  • Apply personal branding strategies to differentiate your emails.
  • Learn from comic book heroes to develop a memorable brand.
  • Decide between personal and company branding based on goals.
  • Increase value perception to escape commodity pricing.

Module 4 – 30 Minute Emails

  • Focus on creating emails quickly for consistent communication.
  • Use the "slippery slide" principle for smooth reader journeys.
  • Discover hacks for writing emails more efficiently.
  • Choose between HTML and Plain Text based on your strategy.

Module 5 – Money-On-Demand Offers

  • Make every email contribute to client acquisition and revenue.
  • Learn to launch special offers for immediate income boosts.
  • Implement automated limited-time specials in email campaigns.
  • Maximize launches with pre-launch sequences and affiliate strategies.

Module 6 – Advanced Email Strategies

  • Dive into advanced tactics for seasoned marketers.
  • Segment your list for targeted and effective communication.
  • Master email tracking and testing for optimal performance.
  • Leverage subscriber surveys for insights and immediate profits.

Bonus #1 – Your First 10,000 Subscribers

  • Strategies for building a list of buyers from scratch.
  • Covers both free and paid methods for list growth.
  • Emphasizes the importance of targeting buyers, not just subscribers.

Bonus #2 – Creating Email Wealth Funnels

  • Move beyond the outdated $1 per subscriber per month metric.
  • Develop a comprehensive offer strategy for maximum income.
  • Includes upsells, high-ticket offers, and backend strategies for wealth generation.


  • $179

What Is the One-On-One Coaching With Terry Dean?

One-On-One Coaching with Terry Dean is the daily mentorship where he teaches you personally on how to improve your marketing strategies. The topics can range from sales funnels to effective copywriting, depending on whatever he thinks you need the most.

The program has two types of mentorship:

  • Written posts in daily emails for $600
  • 45-minute phone call sessions with Terry Dean, twice a month, for $1,200.

Terry emails every 8 am EST Thursday while the phone session depends on his schedule.

Who Is My Marketing Coach For?

My Marketing Coach is for any individual looking to open an online business and do it properly with the help of a credible marketing coach. It also works with any small business owner who wants to bring in more customers online.

Digital marketing can get overwhelming but with Terry Dean's mentorship, anyone can do some of the most effective and tested business strategies like SEO, social media advertising, affiliate marketing, and email copywriting.

What Are the Reviews For My Marketing Coach?

There are no recent reviews for My Marketing Coach outside the testimonials found in his official website. The clients that paid for Terry Dean's mentorship said he has been a great help in growing their online business profits. 

Some customers claimed they made $56,000 in 3 months after finishing his books, while others made more than $100,000 in a year. However, they admit that they had to put a lot of time and money into making it happen but with the help of My Marketing Coach books.

For example, a client named Marcus Santamaria of SynergySpanish said that he used to put so much effort into email marketing, but never got results. After consulting with Terry Dean, he made triple more sales while using one effective email.

His platform helps students to achieve what he promises: financial freedom and a happy life.

my-marketing-coach 2

Is My Marketing Coach Worth It?

My Marketing Coach is worth it if you plan on taking digital marketing seriously. The platform has a wide variety of courses to choose from, which makes it unique compared to other gurus providing marketing coaching services. The students said that they did not need any other coaches than Terry Dean because he has everything prepared for them. Within weeks, they saw results from their training, helping them grown up to six figures in a year. 

A marketing coach will teach you everything you need to know about how to increase your website's traffic, get more customers with the best sales pitch, and keep them coming back. It may seem like every marketing coach is all and the same, however, Terry Dean has been in the business since 1996, making him a well-established person for marketing consultancy.

Who Is Terry Dean?


Terry Dean is a marketing coach based in Ocala, Florida, United States. His specialties include writing, copywriting, information product creation, SEO, advertising, and coaching. Terry began his journey as a start-up entrepreneur, launching his first web business in 1996. This venture quickly became successful, allowing him to leave his job as a pizza delivery worker. By 1998, he was sharing his expertise at internet business conferences. In 2004, after selling his business, Terry took a brief retirement.

In 2006, Terry founded MyMarketingCoach, LLC, to help entrepreneurs build profitable businesses without sacrificing their personal lives. His company is built on the principles that it's possible to have a profitable business, enjoy free time with family, and love both your business and your life. His slogan, “Earn More. Work Less. Enjoy Life!” encapsulates his philosophy towards online business and marketing coaching.

Is Online Marketing Worth It?

Online marketing is worth it because it can significantly boost your potential to make money through a global audience, without having to rent on billboards and newspapers. You can tailor your marketing strategies to specific segments and track the effectiveness of your campaigns in real time. By mastering online marketing, you can drive more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and ultimately enhance sales and profitability. According to Coursera, top online marketers working as freelance contractors for big companies like Apple, Amazon, and Coca-Cola can make around $50,800 to $78,232 every year.

However, keep in mind that online marketers that earn that much money have been in the industry for years. After scouring through Quora and X, a beginner online marketer can earn $60 to $120 per commission or $500 every month. That rate gradually increases over time as you continue to work in the industry.

A marketing coach offers personalized service, strategies, and solutions tailored to the unique needs of a small business. Their expertise covers various aspects of online marketing, including SEO, social media, email marketing, and content creation. By working with a marketing coach, small business owners can develop effective marketing plans, optimize their online presence, and achieve their business goals.

My Recommended Business Model That Creates Passive Income

Local lead generation stands out as an incredibly low-cost business model, perfect for business owners looking to create a steady stream of passive income. This model bypasses the traditional expenses and complexities associated with running marketing campaigns. Instead, it focuses on connecting local businesses with potential customers actively searching for their services.

By leveraging local SEO, optimizing Google My Business listings, and utilizing other local online directories, you can generate leads effectively without the continuous need for direct marketing campaigns. This not only reduces costs but also provides a sustainable source of income, as local businesses are always in need of new customers. With local lead generation, you position yourself as a vital link between businesses and their potential clients, ensuring a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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