The Crypto Code Review 2024 | Can WaveBot by Joel Peterson & Adam Short Generate Passive Income Online?

November 3, 2023

The Crypto Code is a crypto trading program by Joel Peterson and Adam Short. Not to be mistaken with trading platform Crypto Code Pro, this program teaches students how they can make money via automated trading. Their popular features include The Crypto Code Mastermind course, the WaveBot software, and Premium Trade Alerts, among others. The company also offers workshops, live events, customer support, and online community for their members.  

Some people are making up to $4,000 per week in profits from The Crypto Codes tools and strategies. You do not need prior knowledge to trade with Crypto Code since they have software tools and expert advice to provide you with sound trading information. Our The Crypto Code review shows you the program’s pros and cons. We also dig deep and check out what people are saying about it online.

Of course, it is also worth noting that cryptocurrency’s market capitalization is currently at $1.1 trillion. Reports also say that Bitcoin’s market cap of $531 billion accounts this year is at about 40% of the total figure. This is actually much lower compared to 2021 when Bitcoin had only under 60%. 

So, can The Crypto Code help you start and grow your crypto business? We give you the facts and let you decide. Towards the end, we also share about a better business model you can consider to make stable, predictable passive income.

The Crypto Code: Pros and Cons


The training is ideal for different levels of traders. Beginners and advanced traders will find valuable insights and tools to take their crypto game to the next level.

It’s more than just a course. Aside from the lessons, Crypto Code also offers crypto trading alerts, trading bot software, live events, training videos, exclusive coaching, community support, and more.

The Facebook group is public. The Crypto Code - Learn Crypto group is open to the public, meaning anyone can check out who’s in the group and what they post. Interested people don’t have to pay any fee to join.

24/7 customer support. The program also provides members with an exclusive forum, a private live chat, and a rapid-response helpdesk. They also get a direct line to Joel and Adam.


The expensive price tag. At $1,997, Crypto Code is a major investment that may just be too costly for some learners. It also doesn’t help that the company does not offer refunds for the initial payment.

The Facebook group is fairly new. It was created just a year ago and the community is not as active. Although there are 1.3K members, most of the recent posts in the group are by Joel, plus there are only a few comments and reactions.

The lack of substantial reviews. Despite the company’s claims that they have thousands of successful students, there are only a few reviews and testimonials online. Plus most of what we see only talks about the program’s positive aspects since they’re affiliates of the program. Prospective students may find it difficult to trust Crypto Code if they can’t find balanced insights about the platform.


The Crypto Code costs an initial payment of $1,997 and then $97 per month. Accepted payment methods include credit card and crypto. Supported cryptocurrencies on Crypto Code include USDT (Tether), USDC (USD Coin), BUSD (Binance USD), ETC (Ethereum), DOGE (Dogecoin), and LTC (Litecoin).   

Refund Policy

The Crypto Code’s refund policy says they do not refund one-time payments. However, members may opt to cancel their monthly subscription by getting in touch with the support department.


The Crypto Code - Learn Crypto is the company’s official online community on Facebook. The public group was created on October 26, 2022. So far, they have 1,322 total members.


The Crypto Code doesn’t have a solid reputation yet. While there are student testimonials on the site and Facebook group, the top reviews we see online are written by course affiliates.

Can WaveBot generate passive income online?

WaveBot can generate passive income online. Based on the information we’ve gathered from the official Facebook group, we see how some members have earned extra cash with the crypto trading bot’s help.

Case in point, we learn about a certain Arian who benefited from WaveBot's features. 

Joel Peterson himself shared how he was able to do trades on the phone while on vacation. Apparently, he had a total profit of $1,396.76 within 7 days.

Responding to a post, Darrell Fordham said he "made over $200 on my WaveBots  in the past 2 weeks on a $3,000 investment." 

Meanwhile, Colby Wilkinson shared how he earned around $1.6K in profit after 3 months of using WaveBot. 

What is included in The Crypto Code?

The Crypto Code includes courses, workshops, software tools, coaching, community, and other cryptocurrency resources. 

The WaveBot Toolkit

Crypto Code members get access to WaveBot, a trading robot that allows users to earn crypto profits daily. According to the company, this easy-to-use tool analyzes the crypto market and helps users decide when to sell or buy tokens. The kit also includes:

Fast Start, a step-by-step video training for new WaveBot users.
Crypto Code’s 20 favorite coins, which gives users “20 individual income streams (they) can roll out immediately.”

Premium Trade Alerts

Premium Trade Alerts sends members trading signals to their accounts each week so they can “buy low and sell high.” Using this tool requires no previous experience, especially since the company provides an accompanying training. That way, members can easily learn how to turn a minimal capital “into a significant sum.” The company also promises the tool delivers “explosive growth” quickly because it has “an overall win rate of 84%.”

Crypto Deep Dive Training

This training course is for anyone who wants to grow their crypto knowledge. It includes 40 video lessons that “demystify and simplify” cryptocurrency. It covers everything from crypto history, blockchain technology, crypto safety, high-profit trading strategy, and more  

The Crypto Mastermind

The Crypto Mastermind is an exclusive community and coaching platform where members can get direct access to Joel Peterson, Adam Short, and the Crypto Code team. Users get access to:

  • An exclusive forum where they can interact and network with coaches and fellow members.
  • A private live-chat where they can seek real-time mentoring and support.
  • A “rapid-response helpdesk” where experts are ready to help members with any issues they encounter.

Crypto Secrets Livestream Bootcamp

Members also get free access to Crypto Code’s live events. Among others, the Crypto Secrets Livestream Bootcamp event includes:

  • 3 days of live sessions
  • Lectures and interviews
  • Face-to-face meetings with Joel, Adam, and others
  • A crypto playbook for “building true generational wealth”

Bonus #1: Crypto Secrets Bootcamp Full Recordings

This bonus grants users with the complete set of videos from the Crypto Secrets live event. With this, members can go through all the lessons and materials on their preferred time. This is ideal for members who are too busy to attend the live event or simply want to review the lessons.

Bonus #2: The VIP Portfolio Pass

With this, members get exclusive access to Joel and Adam’s personal crypto portfolio, allowing them to see the coins they’re holding. This bonus also includes a pie chart that shows the quantity of each token, along with real-time notification alerts whenever Joel and Adam sells or adds a token to their portfolio. They even share reasons and explain why they do it, so members can understand their strategies better.

Bonus #3: Profit Signal 2.0

The Crypto Code describes Profit Signal 2.0 as their “exclusive suite of proprietary TradingView indicators.” This alerts members about the best times to buy and sell specific cryptocurrencies for maximum profit. The tool does this by providing useful crypto information by analyzing “dozens of market factors.”

Bonus #4: Predictions Bot Beta

Users get access to the Predictions Bot beta, Crypto Code’s new software. This tool gives members “massive unfair advantage with crypto predictions,” which leads to greater profit. The company claims the software can generate “consistent 2x to 5x returns literally every 5 minutes throughout the day.”

Who is The Crypto Code for?

The Crypto Code is for beginners and advanced crypto traders alike. For example, the WaveBot Toolkit requires no technical experience to set up and use. According to the company, most of their successful users “were total beginners when they joined the program.”

Meanwhile, the Crypto Code University has video lessons for Crypto Beginners, Crypto Masters, and Crypto Trading Masters. The brand likewise assures “there’s something for everyone” for their Crypto Secrets Livestream Bootcamp events.

Is Crypto Code legit?

Crypto Code is a legit business. So far, we see no indications online that it is a scam. Outside of their website, however, we found a few mixed perspectives questioning the company’s legitimacy. 

On a YouTube review of Crypto Code by the Courtney channel, one user commented “I bought it 4 months ago. It’s really very good.” Another commenter dismisses the YouTuber’s glowing review, saying it’s “nothing more than a paid advertisement.”

On TrustPilot, The Crypto Code has a rating of 3.3 stars out of 2 reviews. Caroline warns people not to believe the company’s “Make $800 per day” advertisement. “This is not true for the ordinary trader with a small to medium account size,” the reviewer writes. “You need a lot of money to make $800 per day.”

What kind of profit can you expect from The Crypto Code?

The kind of profit people can expect from The Crypto Code is up to $800 per day or $4,000 per week. According to their website, Joel and Adam make as much in their own campaigns using WaveBot and other automated crypto trading tools. The company further declares that this “secret technology” is a hands-free, autopilot solution that consistently brings in crypto profits 24/7, regardless of market conditions. However, it should be noted that Crypto Code continues to emphasize that the system is not a get-rich-quick scheme and results may vary from one student to another.

What are WaveBot reviews?

WaveBot reviews are generally positive online. It should, however, be noted that most reviews are by affiliates of the program.

For example, crypto YouTuber Voskcoin posted a WaveBot and Crypto Code review on his channel. In the said video, he shared several examples of Joel Peterson’s WaveBot trades, showing how he has made daily profits of over $800. “Trading bots can help you get that trading exposure without (requiring) much time,” he said. 

The YouTuber took time to explore the software’s features and also mentioned about the WaveBotDex, an upcoming version of the tool. He likewise shares that Joel runs a monthly contest where he rewards 4 members with $500 in crypto each for making video or written testimonials about the program.

Voskcoin currently has 611K subscribers on his channel. He also discloses that the video review is a sponsored post.

What is the Crypto Profit Formula 2.0?

The Crypto Profit Formula 2.0 is a new workshop by The Crypto Code. It teaches learners how to generate “consistent and meaningful profits in crypto.” The company also promises the workshop will be easy to understand and implement, even for complete beginners who may have zero Bitcoin experience. “We’ll walk you through real-life case studies, showing how ordinary people, many of whom started with little to no knowledge in crypto, have transformed their financial destinies,” their site also reads.

This online workshop is a paid introduction to Crypto Code and is part of the sales funnel for the high ticket program. Access pass to the online workshop - plus other bonuses - costs $4.99.

Who is Joel Peterson?

Joel Peterson is a cryptocurrency expert from Utah. He discovered the internet in 2002 and then immediately started building an income online. In 2013, he helped launch one of the country’s first Bitcoin mining farms. As an experienced trader, he now runs The Crypto Code with Adam Short.

Joel lives in Saratoga Springs, UT with his wife. They have six children together. On social media, he has 1,999 followers on Facebook and 160 followers on X (Twitter). Additionally, he manages The Crypto Code - Learn Crypto channel on YouTube where they have 642 subscribers, so far.     

Who is Adam Short?

Adam Short is an online entrepreneur from Seattle, Washington. He was a former marketing analyst for Overture, one of the world’s first search engine companies. He began exploring internet entrepreneurship by establishing his first online business in 2005. In 2007, he started trading stocks. He would later discover crypto and purchase his first Bitcoin in 2017. Today, he runs The Crypto Code with Joel Peterson and serves as one of the administrators of The Crypto Code Facebook group.

Aside from his personal Facebook account, Adam doesn’t have any presence on social media. 

What does the Crypto Code claim?

The Crypto Code claims they earn up to $800 daily in crypto profits using auto trading technology. According to Joel and Adam, this is possible because they have “a secret strategy that works fast and profits consistently, whether the market is up or down.”

For Premium Trade Alerts, the company promises members can “enjoy maximum gains” by using their “battle-tested and proven 5-step research process.” The website further says it is “not uncommon” to turn $20 or $30 “into hundreds or even thousands of dollars, practically overnight.”

Meanwhile, Crypto Code markets Predictions Bot Beta as “a true game-changer” that allows users to “lock very easy profits very quickly over and over again.”

Debunking Crypto Code's claim

Despite Crypto Codes’ claims that their tools and resources can help members earn big profits, the company is clear they cannot guarantee results. But this sends mixed signals for prospective students who may want to sign up for membership. “There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people,” the company declares. “Our videos and training ARE NOT financial advice.”

“We have no way of knowing how well you will do,” the Earnings Disclaimer also specifically points out. “Therefore, we do not guarantee or imply that you will get rich, that you will do as well, or make any money at all.”

So yes, there’s really no saying if Crypto Code’s courses, mentorship, and automated trading software can bring anyone real profits. It’s always best to check with other resources and observe the latest market trends before making any trading decisions.

3 Challenges of Cryptocurrency Trading

1. Having a clear understanding of cryptocurrency is a must.

To make money in the industry, you first need to at least understand basic crypto terminologies and how the crypto market works.

“Cryptocurrency is a digital currency based on a network that is scattered across a huge number of computers,” according to Forbes. Its decentralized system makes it quicker and less expensive to do money transfers. Cryptocurrency trading is about buying and selling digital assets for a profit. You, as a crypto trader, take a financial position on a cryptocurrency’s price direction.

While Bitcoin robot or trading bot tools promise to take the burden off your shoulders by putting your investments into autopilot, it’s still important to have a clear market comprehension. That way, you can determine which strategies may work best - or may not work at all - for your campaign.

2. The crypto market can be extremely unpredictable.

While it’s possible to make money doing crypto, one thing prospective traders may want to know is its market volatility. Crypto is not a good investment if you do not have the knowledge and guts needed to survive an unpredictable industry. You’ll encounter amazingly high profits only to find out it has reached scary low levels in a short span of time.

Crypto is not trustworthy. In a poll conducted by Pew Research among Americans who know about cryptocurrency, we learn that 75% "have little or no faith in its reliability and safety." Up to 88% also said they are "not at all" or "not very" confident in crypto's reliability and safety.

While crypto can be profitable, they’re generally unregulated and so investments are not guaranteed. Some countries across the world have crypto-friendly regulations in place, such as Slovenia, Malta, Portugal, Singapore, and Switzerland. Meanwhile, some countries are entirely against cryptocurrency, including China, Nepal, Afghanistan, Morocco, Algeria, and others.

3. Newbies may fall victim to security risks.

One of the factors why people do crypto is that it allows them to make money online from anywhere in the world. However, it also comes with many risks. There’s always the danger of scams, hacking, phishing, and volatility.

Using trade bots can help but they are not always the best solution. A trading bot is a software program that executes trading cryptocurrency decisions, based on certain market indicators and parameters. However, bots are not perfect and may make mistakes in their predictions and decisions.

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Conclusion: Is cryptocurrency trading a safe way to make money online?

No, cryptocurrency trading is not a safe way to make money online. As mentioned, the cryptocurrency market can be risky and volatile. Many people have lost money from it. A Reuters report even points out that worldwide crypto market “remains badly scarred following the tumultuous collapse of crypto exchange FTX and other big players.” In fact, prices, volumes, and venture capital investments have all gone lower than their peak in 2021.         

In many ways, local lead generation is a better alternative to making money online than cryptocurrency training. Startup cost is significantly lower than starting a crypto trading venture, so it’s obviously less risky. As you build sites, rank them on Google, and rent them out to local business owners, you can look forward to making steady income from month to month. You won’t have to worry about market trends and volatility since there’s very little work required to keep your lead gen site on top of search engine results.    

Local lead generation

Case in point, this tree care website continues to make me $2,000 per month today since I launched it in 2015. It brings me income on autopilot as I deliver leads to a small business in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Today, I own several of these lead gen sites and I make up to $52,000 each month. Go check out our lead generation coaching program if you want to learn more.

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