Take a deep dive into ecom strategy. Without the best insight, most ecommerce sites struggle for conversions.

You can amplify your storefront with proven methods from leading industry experts. It all starts with Kon Social.

What is KonSocial?

KonSocial is a training bootcamp for ecom pros and newcomers. They have updated their content to include the best info on ecom performance.

Get training modules that cover every aspect of selling online. With this powerful intel you will be able to increase traffic. Enhance sales and see massive returns.

The eCommerce Accelerator will help anyone who needs a speedy profit in the online product space. As much as e-commerce rocks, I prefer the model that generates leads for local businesses. I really began this journey back in 2014. It is a very simple business strategy that makes everyone involved happy. Would you like to work from home and make money while helping small businesses?  I’ll tell you how I do it in a few…

The eCommerce Accelerator Summary

The training course takes you through three critical segments of ecommerce development.

The trainers at Kon Social will introduce you to product research at the highest level. Know what products sell and how you can leverage them for your storefront.

Then they take you into optimized storefront construction. Create the ultimate selling platform. Learn everything from user experience to image and copy.

This is all data driven information that ensures a powerful selling page.

The Kon Social team then takes you through marketing strategies. Learn how to promote and launch your campaigns so your products fly off their shelves.

Capture conversion success with social media, affiliate marketing and email marketing campaigns that makes conversions consistent and scalable.

Within all three of these powerful training segments you get amazing breakdowns of insider information only the experts know about.

·         Niche product research that outsells on Amazon

·         Drop ship methods that can me automated for steady revenue

·         Storefront page design that works every time for driving sales

·         Template marketing strategies that convert with Google, Facebook and YouTube

The great part of the course is that they walk you through every step in the process. You never have to guess what works. The experts at Kon Social have already done the trial and error and know the results.

End the days of testing. The course is called Accelerator for a good reason. The trainers at Kon Social get you up and running in no time.

You can begin researching niche markets that are highly profitable with the help of this crack team.

Your storefront will not be an experiment, rather a fully functioning and high performing page that will begin processing transactions almost immediately.

Know how to detect and reach out to the right audiences to fit your niche. The passionate team at Kon Social will show you how to develop audience personas that fit your product offering.

Create ad campaigns across platforms to build loyal followers. Maintain a consistent communication with these followers to maintain repeat purchases.

The Shopify drop-shipping business you build will be backed by ecom pros.

You will you start earning the income you deserve. You will also get the financial freedom to step away from the whole operation.

That’s because Kon Social will show you how to automate your platform for constant selling. You can go on vacation. Take a nap. Enjoy your life.

When you step back to your computer, your bank account will reveal how successfully Ecommerce Accelerator really is!

Making over $50K a month from home is easy. In a nutshell, setting up some sites that generate leads for local businesses is all you have to do.

This business model is seriously almost too simple.

You see, small business owners rarely understand the importance of an online presence.

Many people search on their phones every day for services and businesses.

We put our skills to good use. We build simple sites and get them ranked to the top of Google.

Every site you build and every tracking phone number is yours.

So everything you make is pure profit.

You forward the lead to the local business and they get a new customer.

They get paid and you get paid.

Simple right?

Your sites will not need to be added to or worked on much at all once they are ranked.  So you can devote more time to making more sites and more money.

True passive income.

I have over 80 sites running online across the US.

Each site pays me monthly and I must say I am HAPPY.

My tree care site has not been touched since 2014:

You’ll love what you are doing.

When you are making $2K pure profit from 1 site, you’ll want to keep building more sites.

The sites pay you on autopilot.

I’m still making these lead gen sites today.  I have yet to find a better passive income.

It’s an addiction, but a good one.

This is the very same lead gen class that I learned all of this from. It will teach you how to get started and how to be successful.

It features a growing community of winners and ongoing coaching. They both really go hand in hand in supporting you.

You will be so happy, you will not look back.

Don’t you feel you deserve a better life?

We know you do.

Now go out there and get it!

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