Andrew Linn’s FBA Machine Review: Why The FBA Machine Should Set Up Your Amazon Store

July 27, 2023

The FBA Machine program is a course created by Andrew Linn. It teaches individuals who either want to start or scale their business in Amazon FBA through its valuable tools and training. The program also features a team of experts and virtual assistants who will help guide you in the process of setting up your Amazon account. With unique strategies, such as 2-Step Dropship and 2D Barcode, the initiative will also allow you to reduce errors that come from establishing a wholesale business on the platform.

Selling wholesale on Amazon can be quite taxing, especially if you’re not equipped with the right tools. The same is true for those who do not have any tactics yet on choosing the right products, dealing with suppliers and distributors, and other eCommerce strategies. These are accessible when you choose to be accompanied by the FBA Machine program.

The Local Lead Generation, however, is a business model that can be more attractive and valuable. Unlike Amazon FBA and the wholesale business, it is less saturated and only comes with minimal undertakings. All you need to do to earn passively is organically rank your clients’ sites on Google!

The FBA Machine Review: Pros and Cons


Free use of Sales.Support software for three months

2D Barcode

2-Step Dropshipping

A team of experts and virtual assistants


Less control on the operations

Essential skills on selling wholesale and managing infrastructure you want to develop may be lost in the process


Not disclosed


Not disclosed


The FBA Machine has a following on Facebook

Refund Policy

Not disclosed


The FBA Machine was founded in 2020


The FBA Machine has 2.61K YouTube subscribers and 353 Facebook members

4 Reasons Why The FBA Machine Should Set Up Your Amazon Store

1. Amazon Jail and potential suspension

While setting up an Amazon account involves a simple procedure, one minor mistake can be critical. This leads to Amazon reviewing your submission for months; worse, it can lead to your account being suspended. Having someone who is efficient in filling out the process can help you avoid the hassle.

2. Access to list of suppliers and distributors

Tha FBA Machine program allows its subscribers to access a long list of reputable suppliers and distributors. With its pre-approved supplier list, you’ll be able to save time and effort looking for these. Ultimately, this allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

3. The value of choosing profitable products right off the bat

Another provision that comes from having someone to set up your Amazon store with the help of the FBA Machine program is the luxury of choosing profitable items. As soon as you’ve enlisted your business under the training, the program will help you figure out just which among the thousands of products will be advantageous to your business.

4. Streamlining of shipments

The FBA Machine program also features a hands-off shipment creation made possible by its automated 3PL integration. The said process boasts an option to make use of its procedure on preparing and packing or shipping products. This doesn’t only automate shipments but also allows you to waste no time and reduce errors in the long run.


Enlisting help from a 3PL service such as the FBA Machine can do a lot of wonders for your Amazon business, especially on order fulfillment. Such a service can also aid you in managing your sales growth at the start of your business, while also resolving issues that may arise as soon as your store is set up.

Still, there may be some pitfalls down the line that you need to consider when you’re finally decided to get into seeking support from these firms. This goes for individuals who are not sure yet what order volume they will be focusing on. Meanwhile, be prepared for upfront costs that come from 3PLs. 

Who is Andrew Linn?

Andrew Linn has over 20 years of experience on the Amazon Wholesale business model. During this time, Linn has also optimized his skills on handling multiple warehouses around the United States. With this under his belt, he managed to figure out some of the more efficient ways to sell wholesale on the platform.

Prior to becoming one of the important figures on Amazon Wholesale today, Linn swears by the fact that he only had $3K credit under his name. Still, he was able to travel around the world full time while living the life that he wanted. Despite his successes in life, Linn is motivated to do more. He also wants his followers to accomplish the same. Currently, he's a Udemy instructor.

What is the FBA Machine course?

The FBA Machine course is intended for individuals who want to establish a business in Amazon FBA. Along with Sales Support, the program will provide the tools and training relevant to jumpstart or scale your business.

The FBA Machine course will also help you in setting up your Amazon FBA account with the aid of its team of experts. Apart from setting your account up, they will also help you connect with suppliers and distributors. During this, the course will likewise accompany you in finding only the profitable products in any category. 

The course also guarantees its subscribers to make their first purchase orders. In this way, they can become more equipped, especially when doing product research, while learning to place their products in Amazon warehouses. The FBA Machine also boasts the mentorship of highly qualified virtual assistants.

What does the FBA Machine program include?

The FBA Machine program includes tools and training all necessary to either start or expand your Amazon FBA business. Here are the inclusions should you choose to partake the said course:

  • 2-Step Dropship

The 2-Step Dropship is the FBA Machine’s alternative to ensuring that your Amazon account doesn’t get suspended due to mistakes on packaging. The two-step process only involves you shipping your products to one of its warehouses where they will be repackaged using a generic package. They will also be shipped out on the same day. The process only costs $2 per box.

  • 2D Barcode

The 2D Barcode feature allows users to simply label and pack their products to whichever order they like. This is deemed to be innovative as you don’t have to enter box content and keep track as to which products go in individual boxes. Finally, this process typically allows your products to be received by Amazon fulfillment centers earlier than usual.

  • Sales.Support Software

The FBA Machine course also comes with a free three months worth of guidance from Sales.Support software. The system has many features needed to get your business up and running efficiently. Some of these include repricer, catalog analyzer, inventory management tools, and CRM.

Who is the FBA Machine course for?

The FBA Machine course is for Amazon Wholesale business people who do not have adequate expertise yet. With a 3PL service that comes with the program, you’ll be accompanied by a team of experts who are efficient enough to move your products and so on.

Amazon Wholesalers who also want to get their shipping and storage rates reduced can also benefit from the FBA Machine program. Finally, the program can be beneficial to people who only want personal attention to their products. With the FBA Machine’s dedicated team of experts and virtual assistants, you can be confident that your sales growth is managed, while any issues are resolved should they arise.

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The Downsides of The FBA Machine Setting Up Your Amazon Store

While there are many benefits associated with the FBA Machine, especially when setting up your Amazon store, there are also downsides that you need to take into account when considering its services. One of these is loss of control of your brand and a major part of its operations. When you finally entrust your business with a third-party logistics provider, you relinquish a great deal of faith to this organization for functions that directly impact customer satisfaction.

Whenever you’re involved with a highly regulated industry or that your business requires hyper-specific needs, such as a temperature-controlled delivery and a cold storage, these providers may not suit your business. And as these services may already have hundreds of customers they are attending to daily, they may not address your concerns as urgently as you’d want them to.

Apart from upfront costs that you’d like to consider when acquiring these services, providers such as the FBA Machine might also bring more costs down the line. This is especially true when your business starts to expand and consumes more services.

The Challenge of Starting an Amazon FBA Business in 2023

The Amazon FBA business can be an incredible tool to streamline operations while also freeing up your time. The latter can be really handy for individuals who want to focus on the other tasks in their business. And while the tool can be quite advantageous, the business model isn’t for every seller out there. Here are some challenges when starting an Amazon FBA business this year:

  1. If you’re planning to grow your own brand, the Amazon FBA may limit your branding strategies as the service places its branding on the packaging and not yours.

  2. There’s also a lack of control once you get to deal with the Amazon FBA. Business owners may experience such roadblock as the business model deals with shopping, shipping, and fulfillment processes. 

  3. You may also not like how Amazon does its inventory organization. With the Amazon FBA, you’re at the mercy of their methods that can prove problematic when managing stocks.

Why Local Lead Generation is still the better business model

When it comes to generating passive income, the business model behind Local Lead Generation is still the better one. Unlike Amazon FBA, it doesn’t come with laborious product preparation requirements, which can be exhausting especially when you’re doing wholesale. 

The competition in the Local Lead Generation business is also less saturated. The focus is only localized and all you need to do is find these clients and get their website ranked organically on Google. Ultimately, you will have more control over your operations, while polishing your skills on customer service. 

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