Jake Leicht’s The Flip Secrets Review—5 Mistakes To Avoid When Using OPM For House Flipping

July 31, 2023

The Flip Secrets is an online program created by Jake Leicht that teaches you how to flip houses using other people’s money (OPM). OPM for house flipping is essentially using other people’s money to partially or fully finance, renovate, and sell properties.

The course teaches how to buy property at a low price and sell it at a higher price, creating an optimized profit margin. Jake Leicht claims that you can do this part-time, full-time, locally and remotely. All of this opportunity without having to use your own money, construction experience, or a real estate license. But, is house flipping using OPM the best way to generate wealth and passive income?

Physical real estate businesses are hard work. The hassle of working with other people and organizations can be overwhelming, not just for beginners. This is why I prefer the local lead generation business model. Compared to house flipping, local lead generation is digital real estate, where you don’t have to worry about the housing market and legal risks. It takes little to no capital to start, and services are always in demand.

The Flip Secrets Pros And Cons


Jake is an experienced house flipper

Streamlined house flipping course focused on OPM

Offers a Flip Kickstart Program for $7


No explicit program cost within the website

Can be overwhelming for beginners

The program is limited and is usually on waitlist

Resources are available online for FREE


The Flip Secrets Mentorship Program costs $11,000 to $30,000, according to testimonials online. However, no explicit costs are available on the website.

Refund Policy

The Flip Secrets offer no right to refund according to their terms and services.


There is no date explicitly mentioned on the site, but videos and testimonials have been circling around since 2018.


The Flip Secrets has a mixture of positive and negative reviews. Testimonials can be viewed on Jake Leicht’s Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit discussions.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Using OPM For House Flipping

  • Not Doing Enough Research - Flipping a house needs careful research and planning to make sure your project turns out profitable. You must research the local real estate market, the property’s potential value, and the cost of repairs and renovations before actualizing your potential profits.
  • Overestimating Potential Profits - Do not assume that you will make a significant profit on your flips unless you’re experienced in the field. Overestimation can lead to borrowing too much money from private lenders or investors. This can lead to you not being able to repay the loan if the property doesn’t sell quickly or at your set price.
  • Underestimating Renovation Costs - Renovations can be costly. You should never underestimate how much you should spend to make a profit. This can lead to overspending and can eat into your potential profits and ultimately result in losses.
  • Not Having A Solid Business Plan - Flipping a house is a legitimate business and you should have a solid business plan before starting. This should include your budget, timeline, and a marketing strategy to sell your property. Jake recommends you to lock in a deal first before pitching to a private lender. That way you can secure financing faster and it’s a win on both ends.
  • Failing To Manage Cash Flow - It’s important to manage cash flow carefully to make sure there is enough money to cover all necessary and emergency expenses, and repay your investor. Do not overspend, because this will limit your potential profits. Beginners are especially vulnerable to this for having little to no experience and it will lead to problems with finances down the road.

What Do I Get In The Flip Secrets?

In The Flip Secrets, you get the knowledge and expertise Jake Leicht will teach as an experienced house flipper using OPM. House flipping using OPM is a real estate investment strategy wherein you, as the house flipper, buy a property, renovate it, and sell it for profit. This is done with the agreement that a private lender will finance most, if not all, the expenses for the flip.

Common strategies used by successful house flippers, including Jake Leicht, are on the lookout for an undervalued, distressed property, or up-and-coming neighborhood properties with a high potential for appreciation. The Flip Secrets program will focus mainly on OPM-focused financing strategies like partnerships, hard money lenders, and private money lenders. Here’s what you get in the The Flip Secrets Mentorship Program:
  • Course 1: The OPM Playbook - Buying houses using other people’s money.
  • Course 2: Lead Generation Mastery - How to get properties sent to you while you sleep
  • Course 3: The Contractor Connection - Finding the best workers for the job (with Q&A)
  • Course 4: Exit Strategy Essentials - How to get out and get paid (with Q&A)
  • Lender/Contractor Documents And Templates
  • Pre-Built Lender/Contractor/Lead Generation Scripts
  • Tutorials - Real Life Implementations
  • My ULTIMATE ADVANTAGE Secret Weapon Flip Calculator
  • Access To A Couple Of My Best Private Lenders

The program will run for five weeks according to the application page and is open to beginner and experienced real estate investors and house flippers.

Who Created The Flip Secrets?

The Flip Secrets was created by Jake Leicht in 2018. After his first real estate deal in January 2012, Jake has now flipped over 900 properties using 100% OPM. The inspiration came to him when he was surrounded by people that are successful in their businesses. Around the same time, he quit his sales job hoping to start his own business. 

Jake Leicht is currently a dedicated house flipper, a featured speaker, and an advanced coach and mentor that has shared knowledge with thousands of real estate investors in house flipping using OPM.

Is The Flip Secrets Worth It?

The Flip Secrets is worth it if you’ve taken a lot of interest in real estate flipping. However, even though Jake Leicht will teach you a streamlined course on using OPM to flip houses, these resources are easily available online. 

As a beginner, even Jake said that it’s crazy to pay for a $15,000 course on house flipping. But after succeeding, he made it a mission to share his experiences with others like you—looking to start a business with little to no capital at all.

The Flip Secrets will teach you about finding the right property with a high potential, building a solid team, including a real estate agent, contractor, and attorney, and securing financing with OPM. Remember that flipping houses with OPM can be a high-risk, high-reward strategy. It is important to have a solid plan in place and work with experienced professionals to minimize your risks and maximize your returns.

If house flipping isn't for you, you can check out our Springboard to Wealth Review for effectively building a rental portfolio.

5 Risks In Flipping Houses With OPM

  • Increased Debt - When using OPM to finance your flip, you will be taking on debt that you may not repay if the project fails. Not repaying your loans can lead to legal action and a damaged credit score.
  • Limited Control - The lender may require specific contractors and timelines which may not be in your best interest. It’s important to have your plans laid out before having any form of agreement to avoid confusion and can do harm to the project.
  • Unexpected Costs - Discovering hidden problems that can add to your renovation cost is quite common. However, it is still a risk that reduces your potential profits in a project, especially in areas prone to natural occurrences.
  • Market Volatility - The real estate market can be volatile, and it’s possible that you won’t be able to sell the property for the price you are looking for—leading to losses in profits.
  • Legal Issues - Flipping houses involve legal and regulatory issues like zoning regulations, building codes, and permits. It would be better to exercise due diligence beforehand to avoid facing legal problems that can cause fines or legal actions.

It is important to weigh the risks and rewards of flipping homes using OPM. Working with experienced professionals to minimize your risks will ultimately lead to maximizing your real estate investing. But adding people to work with you means giving them proper compensation for the benefits you’ll receive.

You need to keep investing in the right people that will help you succeed in your house flipping business. Otherwise, you would have to build the knowledge and expertise to do the things they do, and that could take a really long time and money.

Why I Choose Local Lead Generation Over House Flipping Using OPM

I choose local lead generation over house flipping because it has lower capital requirements, lower risks, and greater scalability compared to house flipping using OPM. With local lead generation, you can start with minimal investment before eventually expanding by adding new clients and increasing your marketing efforts. 

House flipping needs a bigger capital and is more at risk with the market and finances. This could heavily limit your scalability. Even when using OPM, these risks will always be present and it’s up to your efforts and knowledge as a future real estate investor on how to minimize those risks.

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