“There’s an Amazing Story Behind Every Story”

Patrick Bet David feels quite passionate about teaching young people valuable, useful and marketable skills to empower them in their quest for a life of value that he created Valuetainment Media LLC, a company that produces videos focused on spreading the word about the benefits of being your own boss.

One of the videos he produced gained such traction and online engagement that it racked 30 million views on YouTube.

Bet-David was left wondering why such a simple video could resonate with so many people. Then it came to him.

The truths exposed in the video were that every one fails at one time or another. Failure is a frequent visitor. But what’s important is to understand the challenges that accompany you in the journey and best them.

The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages was born out of Bet-David’s followers’ requests to condense the teachings in his famous video to a handy booklet. They loved the video so much they wanted it within easy reach in the form of a book.

Bet-David ensured that this new book release educates readers on how to build their own plan to success and how to stay on track.

He presents 6 points on the life path of a budding businessman, and most important on the list is how to stay focused despite constant distractions in life.  

Find your reason deep inside you, than thing that will make you walk through fire and do everything in your power to work endlessly towards success.

My reason has never been clearer the first time I came across a blogging website that mentioned a mentorship/coaching program that teaches students how to make money by harnessing the powers of digital marketing in the internet.

It seemed so long ago now, thinking of that fateful day in 2014 when I signed up to this coaching program, heart beating in my throat when I finally clicked the “Pay Here” button.

It’s been the best investment of my life so far. I earned back in less than 1 month what I put in, building websites for local small businesses and optimizing their presence on search engines through simple marketing techniques.

The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages was co-written with Thomas N. Ellsworth.

About the Author:

Patrick Bet-David immigrated to the United States together with his family when he was a young ten-year-old.

They were Christian natives of Iran and the country was undergoing massive religion-driven changes back in 1979.

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran, was trying to get treatment for his cancer when the revolution took hold back in Iran and things fell apart for the whole country.

The Iranian Revolution ushered intense fear for the future and instability. Many citizens fled overseas. One of these families were the Bet-Davids.

They landed in sunny California and the Bet-David children grew up Americanized.

Patrick served in the U.S. Army and upon leaving the military, worked hard to establish his own business, PHP Agency Inc. (People Helping People) which aimed to disrupt traditional life insurance coverage.

His business grew and is now a major player in the insurance, marketing and distribution industries.

Patrick has declared several times in his books and video appearances that he will continue to advocate for young people, educating and preparing them properly about the realities of adulthood, preparing for their financial future, and avoiding debt.

Patrick’s holdings is now worth US$70 million.

The Truth – Accepting Reality

Truth is sometimes hard to accept, that’s why some people hide behind the truth to pretend that their life is something else, their worries unrealistic.

Weakness makes a person hide behind the truth – that you’re just not doing everything within your power to become successful.

Maybe you’re not going after your dreams as hard anymore, lulled by complacency and a comfortable middle-class existence.

But behind all these pretenses lies the real score – your finances are a mess, your marriage is in shambles, your workplace is driving you crazy.

Think up of any common scenarios we encounter in our daily existence that makes us want to dull our senses and build a façade of normalcy, of make-believe.

Rather than face up to the real issue, the common step most people take is bury the problem and go around it until the problem becomes so big, it “explodes” and chars everything in its path.

That niggling hassle soon becomes a full-blown dilemma. But if a person is brave enough to accept reality and face the truth head-on, he will feel immediate relief.

When a person’s mind is at peace despite some mental discomfort, he can then commit to move forward no matter how awful his present position might be.

Face the temporary pain and use it as a tool to motivate you to carve a better path in the future no matter how many the obstacles.


A vision is a plan written down with a projected date of completion. It’s not merely a vague idea in your head with adjustable levels of intensity.

No. In truth a vision is a very detailed picture in your head of what you imagine your future to be. In order to achieve your vision, you need to exert effort, sacrifice, and a little bit of luck on your way to success.

Find out why your vision is important to you. To focus on what really matters to you at your innermost core and not just reflect on money, keep your target on what you want to do, not what you need to do. When you envision what you truly desire, the pictures will come naturally, vividly. The images will populate in your brain effortlessly.

Don’t set limitations, create BIG, almost impossible visions (according to your current mindset).

Elon Musk dreamed of reaching the stars. He might not make it there during his lifetime but he’s paving the way.

Vision boards are very helpful in keeping you focused towards your goal. Vision boards placed in prominent places throughout your home reminds you of your intention and purpose at all hours of the day.

It keeps the dream alive in your mind.


3 level of Commitment:

  • Part-Timer: they commit only 40 hours a week to work on their dreams, treating it like a job.
  • Full-Timer: they work 60 hours a week on their dreams, 20 hours more than the part-timers but still falling short of the time and effort needed to succeed.
  • All-the-Timer: there are the people consumed by their vision, taking massive action day in and day out, building networks, negotiating deals, laying down the structure for their business to take off.

These kind of hungry individuals don’t care about money, but they’re gung-ho about results.

Renowned tennis royalty Venus and Serena Williams are said to be practicing their strokes at 6:00 a.m. while the rest of the kids their age were still in bed. Yes, they started when they were 7 and 8 years old.

Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi worked the front desk at night while being a fulltime student at Yale, studying business in the daytime.

The commitment and work ethic required for a business to succeed can be brutal and almost beyond what a human being is capable of, and yet we produce successful business superstars every year.


The drive to keep fighting.

It means flexibility, or adaptability. The capacity of a person to bend but not break, to bounce back and recover its original shape.

Life is not all rainbows and roses; we’re expected to get thrown a few curve balls growing up.

The human spirit, in order to survive, must adapt to the stresses thrown its way and work around or through the stumbling blocks.

Failure is a part of life; we hope to succeed but we shouldn’t be surprised if we fail during our first few tries.

Be proud you at least had the courage to try rather than just be paralyzed by the fear of failing and not bother to try at all.

5 Steps to Build Resiliency

-Maintain a positive attitude: a critical component of building resilience.

-Establish a support network: friends and mentors can lift your spirits

-Take care of you: practice regular exercise and healthy diet

-Play to your strengths: find out what you’re good at, it will lead to more wins

-Be the doctor: regular meditation trains your brain to be resilient during challenges

The story of Al Unser Jr. is worth mentioning. He won the Indianapolis 500 car race twice, but it took him 10 years to win his first Indy 500 trophy.

Along the way, Unser would have doubts and lingering questions in his head asking himself if all the training is worth it. If he will ever win this coveted race. But he kept trying, until he finally won.

Commitment to your vision wins in the end.


Winning brings with it a good feeling, like you’re floating on top of the world. It’s the first taste of success, the universe’s response to everything you’ve been doing to move forward to your goal.

Validation gives entrepreneurs the traction to continue doing what they’re doing, now that they’re sure that results will come with continued effort.

It should be noted that most successful entrepreneurs are voracious readers, always chasing that fountain of wisdom to guide them unerringly towards their goal.

Drift or Drive

You have to choices in life: to drift from day to day without any specific goal in mind, or to drive through life while following an intentional framework.

Take that first step and drive. There is so much freedom in the USA and most people just take this freedom for granted.

One example of this principle is Andy Grove of Intel. He was the third employee of the now giant tech company Intel. He was born in Nazi-era Budapest and was called Andras Grof at birth.

To survive Nazi persecution, young Andy had to assume a new identity with his mother.

They finally managed to migrate to the U.S. in 1956, Nazi and Soviet occupation survivors both.

Andy focused on studying chemical engineering at the City College of New York. He eventually acquired a doctorate in chemical engineering from U.C. Berkeley in 1963.

Grove was a very capable, brilliant engineer and a highly focused business manager.

He wanted to improve his management skills so much he wrote 2 books about it: High Output Management (1983) and Only the Paranoid Survive (1999), both sought after by students of management.

Grove admitted in his biography that he was petrified with taking the mantle of leadership for his company, but he didn’t have a choice as the 2 original Intel founders, Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore, were unwilling to lead the company.

So having no choice but to make Intel succeed, Grove acquired the intense drive to lead Intel, never allowing it to drift.

Success is possible at all angles.


The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages is a short read filled with easily digestible advice and interesting real-life examples.

The stories interspersed within will inspire as you navigate your journey to entrepreneurial success.

Patrick Bet-David is an honest, passionate teacher who doesn’t hesitate to share his nuggets of wisdom to his readers. You will learn strategies on how to harness the concepts of Truth, Vision, Commitment, Resiliency, Validation and Drift/Drive to your advantage.

Straightforward and understandable.


This book must have been hurriedly written as there were a few typos that made it to print. Most noticeable was the misspelling of the word “inspire” which was written “insire” twice. Bet-David needs a better editor.

Some of the teachings sounded repetitive, a mere rehash of all other books on entrepreneurial success you might have read up before.

There were no new groundbreaking concepts the likes of which Napoleon Hill or Benjamin Graham brought to the book world.

Some contributors online also claim that Bet-David’s PHP Agency is an MLM and almost cult-ish in their practices. The anonymous post was written by a Texan who was tricked into attending one of Bet-David’s programs but regretted it later.


It’s still a great fast read and enjoyable to boot! If you’re stuck in an airport waiting for your next flight, this is the best short inspirational book to fill your time. Just don’t expect very in-depth discourse.

Take a look at this sweet Google search result which is dominated by my lead-generation website Lansing Limo.

This was the very first validation of success I experienced while halfway through my training program for lead-gen building.

This picture may appear undecipherable to some of you who don’t move around in the world of the internet much.

Let me describe it in very simple terms: I’ve basically dominated prime real estate in a Google results page for limo rental niche.

The very top results that appear in a search query gets the customers. The most visible birds get the worm, or something like that.

If you were planning your friend’s stag party or bachelorette ‘do, pressed for time, would you have the patience to scroll through all the search results for “limousine rental” all the way to the 6th or 7th pages?

If you’re like me, you answer no.

Ranking sites that appear on page 1 of Google will have your attention.

That’s basically what I do. I build responsive, simple but awesomely designed websites and, with proper optimization, dominate the market so well that my partner businesses would always pop up on the first page of a search engine query.

Dominate the digital real estate and you bring in more customer leads.

These skills which I learned from my mentor Dan, who runs the coaching program I signed up back in 2014 has brought me thousands of $$$ starting 5 years ago.

“Earn $50K+ Passive Income Per Month through Lead Generation in 2021”

When you really want to succeed, you won’t hesitate to hitch your wagon to an already successful star, pester him with all kinds of questions so you learn the stuff he knows.

Thankfully for me, I didn’t have to pester Dan too much on how to build a digital lead-generation empire. He willingly taught these techniques to me as part of his premiere lead-generation coaching class.

I was a good student and followed the teachings of my Sensei, and in turn I was rewarded with the kind of success I never imagined possible.

My business partners, usually owners of small local business, willingly pay me upwards of $750 per month to rent one or more of my ranking sites, grateful for the increased customer leads I bring in.

If not for their partnership with me, their busineeses’ websites would be buried on the 2nd pages of Google, or worse, the 3rd, 4th or 5th pages.

The invisible pages where no eyeballs ever land on their business sites.

There’s a popular joke among Internet marketers that run like this:

Q: Where is the best place to bury a body?

A: On page 2 of Google.

The joke falls flat, but you’ll get it when your sites are dominating page 1 too.

Limo Lead Generation Lansing MI GIF

Spend your time wisely and don’t be a corporate slave forever.

Join me in our elite lead generation coaching program today  and learn to build a business that’s very rewarding.

We have more than 4,000 members now, and the older ones who signed up with me years ago are killing it in their own agencies.

This program can teach you profitable marketing skills that require no huge capital outlay.

You can reach your dreams in a shorter time due to very dedicated mentors that meet up twice a week using video streaming.

It’s such a fun atmosphere that you don’t even realize you’re changing lives.

Get in the game.

Why Lead Generation Business Tops All Other Kinds of Internet Business

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