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The Six Figure Mentors Review 2024 – How legit is it?

March 23, 2020

sfm homepage

Here is my updated 2020 review of the Six Figure Mentors program.

I’ll cover all the deets, from A-Z, so you’ll have a complete picture of what is included.

Plus, I’ll also give you my honest opinion on affiliate marketing in general, and .. is it still even a legit way to make money in this new decade? 

I won’t hold back. I want you to be aware of the pros and cons of the program and get a solid outside perspective.

The opinions and comments about The Six Figure Mentors are my own.

  • I am not an affiliate (see any links to that course here? NOPE). 
  • I am a respected entrepreneur who started out working a 9-5 (hated every minute) and got into many different online money making courses (I make the majority of my residual 50k/m from local lead generation) so I could break free. 
  • Lead gen is how I have reached a 50k + monthly income, was able to say #byebyeboss, and travel the world. But no doubt, I have been down many paths to get to where I am now.

I just want to help others out there determine the path that is right for them. So sit back and enjoy!

With that all said and out of the way, let’s get into it.

What is the Six Figure Mentors program?

Six Figure Mentors was started by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.

These gentlemen have had a few programs that they started in the past that just didn’t do so well.

To some, that is the true story of a growing entrepreneur, and to others it might be a bit alarming. 

This program states they will provide you with a platform that offers all the tools and training you need to start an online affiliate business.

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you should be making high commissions on high ticket items.

This is a good point. Why waste your time playing small ball? I agree. 

They recommend that their members focus on the high ticket products only for this reason. 

They have an impressive Facebook following with over 12,000 members. 

The main just of the course is that you will earn the high commissions using an affiliate link that leads customers to products they may be searching for.

During the beginning stages of the training you are introduced to several modules.

I’ll list them for you:

Module 1 – Affiliate marketing

Module 1 introduces you to the world of affiliate marketing.

This is for the newbies. Maybe you are just learning about different ways to make online moolah and you’ve heard the term affiliate marketing being thrown around but you couldn’t really explain the process to anyone else.

This is a good foundation for someone like that. 

The module goes into how to build websites, create lists, how to advertise online and why you should aim for high ticket items as opposed to low ones.

Module 2 – Planning strategies and goals

Module 2 goes into planning your strategy and goals for yourself and your business.

In this module you will prepare what is called your blueprint and set a plan to make the blueprint work for you.

A well planned strategy is so important for successful endeavors.

Module 3 – Marketing your new business

Module 3 discusses the marketing aspect of your new business.

This module gets into how different marketing strategies will help your business in different ways. Should you go with FB ads to drive traffic? Google ads? Instagram? SEO?

Module 4 – The foundations of Marketing

Module 4 talks about marketing foundations.

Here you will learn how to lay out your marketing strategies so that your business can be successful. This is where you connect the dots.

Module 5 – Advertising

Module 5 is all about advertising.

Now that you have already laid the groundwork, you can start working to drive in the traffic.

All of the above modules are also supported by further webinar training and videos.

What is included in my Membership?

Just like most affiliate programs you find online, there are levels to the membership.

To draw you in, they offer a free account membership.

That includes 7 training videos that claim to help you build your first profitable business.

What do I get

You also have access to weekly webinars and your very own 1 on 1 consultant that will be there for you every step you take.

The above free membership can then be upgraded to 3 different other packages.

How much does it cost?

The Intro Membership application costs $29.95 plus $25.00 per month.

Wait! An application fee? Yes.

Stuart mentions that you have to be accepted into the program.

During the application process, Stuart evaluates you to make sure you are a right fit for the program.

The Basic Membership runs $297.00 startup plus $97.00 per month.

With this membership you are part of the community.

You have access to the modules of the program and weekly live training.

You also have access to your 1 on 1 Six Figure Mentors Coach.

The Elite Membership costs $2,500.00 per year plus $97.00 per month.

Now this is the meat and potatoes of the program.

You get to be trained by Stuart and Jay themselves.

You also can qualify to be an affiliate to sell The Six Figure Mentors system for high profits.

But to get into it a little deeper, there are levels to their affiliate program as well.

The levels are silver, gold, platinum and black.

positives and negatives

What are the Pros and Cons?

Just like anything else, there are pros and cons.

The pros to this program are that you get a nice FREE account to let you dip your toes in before you dive off the board.

Affiliate marketing has been proven to work, but you have to be ready to spend money in order to make money.

The training is easy to follow and really helps you understand what you are getting into.

The cons of Six Figure Mentors is also the training.

Stuart Ross

I feel you can find very similar training videos like this for free online...

Affiliate marketing is no longer a secret and the techniques and strategies to make it work successfully are being shared daily on platforms like YouTube.

That means more and more people are going to get into it which means higher competition etc.

Just not so “evergreen” of a business, which is what you want if you truly want long and reliable term passive income. 

How about that application fee?

Jay Kubassek

I mean you have to pay for the appointment to learn more about the program before buying?

That doesn’t sit right with me.

It seems to me that there is just too much pressure to purchase the Elite membership.

That is ultimately where they want you to be.

Is Six Figure Mentors worth it?

If you have the money to dump into a program and additionally have the money to invest in the ads and marketing that this program needs to succeed then yes it is worth it.

The packages as I mentioned before can be pricey.

Not many folks have that much start up capital for a business, let alone a new one they are just getting to know.

Not to mention the application fee.

Will you even be approved?

There are just so many resources out there and other programs who could teach you about affiliate marketing for almost half the price.

Yes it seems like a great way to make that change in your life, but can you afford it?

Back in 2014 I was looking for a way to get out of the the 9-5 grind.

I wanted to start working for myself and scaling my own business.

I looked into affiliate marketing and e-commerce but I eventually found the lead gen biz.

What really attracted me to the lead gen biz was the fact that there really was little cost upfront.

In order to make affiliate marketing work, you need to invest in ads and put some money in.

I was not in that position.

I was getting paid minimum wage at a job I truly disliked.

I was not happy stepping into that store and clocking in, knowing I was giving away 8 hours or more of my life to make someone else money.

I wanted a change.

Then, lead generation helped me make that change.

With the lead gen model, I was able to build some websites, use some awesome SEO strategies, and sit back and watch the money come in.

No ads, no fussing with returns, just generating leads for small businesses who needed the work.

success meme

It wasn’t easy when I first started though.

I spent the time and energy needed to make this work.

Yes it does take time and attention to get started, it’s not a magic trick.

In order to succeed with your lead gens you have to build them and optimize them correctly.

But once you do that and you start getting your first calls, you get this overwhelming sensation of how you could really make a living doing lead gens.

Your lead gens use Google’s free traffic to bring you in leads for your clients.

I was immediately hooked and started building lead gens for different states and niches.

I was in love with what I was doing.

The best part was that it was working.

Make 52k a month using small business lead generation sites (without being an affiliate) 2020?

Many folks want to start a business, but don’t want to put the work in.

It’s true if you can start your business and get it rolling, you can just sit back and reap the benefits, but you have to get there first.

I’m sure you have seen the ads online about how you can use affiliate marketing funnels to make you big money.

Funnels + affiliate marketing can = money, but you have to be prepared to invest big money as well.

Remember you are buying ads and ads are not cheap.

The more funds you put into an ad campaign, the more you can make.

Most folks want to get into a new business, but don’t really have the money like that.

This is why the lead generation system is so awesome.

You don’t have to build funnels or invest in ads.

You simply build yourself a nice looking website and apply some SEO optimization and let Google’s traffic do the rest.

It’s not a very difficult system to understand and put into effect.

I have seen parents teach their pre-teen kids to do it.

Yes. Seriously.

When I first started I found a program that really put everything into perspective.

It taught me so many new things that I added to my bank of knowledge.

I considered myself educated in the lead gen biz and my sites proved that.

I was so comfortable with what I was doing, that I was able to kick my old job to the curb.

I put all of my time and energy into the program and my sites.

I started building site after site and in time started making the type of money I only dreamed of.

It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

That was back in 2014, here I am now, making 52k a month.

$52k A MONTH!

All my hard work paid off.

Some of my lead gen sites from 2014 still stand today making me great money with little upkeep.

My limo service site alone makes me $750 a month.

That’s just from one site.

Now you see why I wanted to scale.

Limo Lead Gen

You don’t just have to take my word for it. If you Google “lansing limo services” and visit the very first site that is displayed in the search results, you will notice something interesting.


You are reading that right, that is my name at the bottom of that #1 ranked webpage.

That’s just one of my pages of many that are ranked at the top.

Lansing limo footer Ippei Leads

If you made it to this point, then it is safe to say you are interested in checking out this coaching program.

The lead generation business can be the best move you ever made.Just as it was for me.

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