Ippei's Tools

Ippei's Keyword Research Tool

Enter your main keyword and this tool will give you 40 more highly relevant keyword that you should think about including in your content. Your content being rich in keywords is one of the basics of ranking in Google. Your content needs to show Google that it has higher information density than the competition. Make sure each keyword you decide to put into your content makes sense in the context. Do not just stick bunch of keywords without understanding the relationship between each keyword with the main keyword.

-> Ippei's Keyword Research Tool

Ippei's Homepage Outline Tool

This is for your local lead generation website.

Enter your niche & city, and this tool will help you outline what you can choose to put on the homepage. Homepage is the most critical page on your lead gen site. You do not have to include everything from this tool, however it does give you very good ideas on what you can choose to put especially to make your content stand out and be unique from the competition.

-> Ippei's Homepage Outline Tool

Ippei's Email Scraper (Prospecting Tool)

Enter your niche & city, and this tool will help you collect email addresses from every business listed on the map listing. The scraper can find emails even if its hidden on the site. This saves you a lot of time to having to find the email manually.

You now have the direct email to pitch your services such as web builds, SEO, lead generation, reputation management, more.

-> Ippei's Email Scraper Tool

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